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Ashley Jacqueline's daughter

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    She's SO spoiled!! Jacqueline and her husband have done so much for her and she takes it for granted!!!

    "Hello you're not above the law. You can get in a lot of trouble for attacking someone."

    And I think she was lying about thinking that Danielle hit her mom cause when she was walking over to pull her hair she was being all cute trying to be bad. She was bragging about it. Danielle is crazy, it's like she's mentally ill. Why would you do that to someone who is mentally ill?

    And when she was talking back to her mom I just wanted to slap her. And when she was rolling her eyes when her dad was talking to her. She reminds me of my older sister. They think they can talk to their parents however they want. Have some respect.

    Danielle was right when she said that she needs to learn a lesson.

    And Danielle needs help.

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