The Real Housewives of New Jersey

Sunday 10:00 PM on Bravo Premiered May 12, 2009 Between Seasons





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  • After one episode, you're HOOKED!!

    I love love love this show!! Sor far, it's the only 'Real Housewives' series I've watched (I will be watching the first episode of Orange County tomorrow on ITV2 so we'll see how it goes! :D) so I reckon it will always be a personal fave. I think I first watched this is the summer, maybe shortly before, and it was the first season's reunion episodes. When I watched it, I HAD to know more! The series stars Danielle, the one the women have a strong distaste for; Caroline, the matriarch; Dina, Caroline's younger sister who was a workaholic; Jacqueline, the nice one; and Teresa, the fiery diva who doesn't care how much she spends! I've watched the whole of the second series which was fab, and I have 2 episodes left to watch for the first season. I am looking forward with catching up on the glam ladies lives when it next airs in the UK!! Ciao!! :) xxx