The Real Housewives of New Jersey

Season 1 Episode 8

The Last Supper - Director's Cut

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Jun 18, 2009 on Bravo

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  • Singlehandly, the BEST "Housewives" epsidoe ever!

    The entire season was leading up to this episode, and the wait was well worth it. Though the season was short with 6 episodes, I'm sure the season and this episode has viewers thirsty for more. The table flipping incident in this episode "The Last Supper" was exciting viewing. The emotions was running high in this episode and it was addictive viewing. After having suspicions about Danielle all season, because of her 'past' and the 'book' I found in this episode I actually respect her, for bringing the 'issue' to 'the table' so to speak and confronting it, instead of hiding from it.

    I also respected Caroline, for being so loyal to her family and to her sister, she is one person, I would love to have on my side.

    I respected Jacqueline for, telling the truth, though it might of been against her 'family' and being true to her friend who was hurting.

    I respected Teresa, for flipping out, and sticking up for herself, it was damn entertaining.

    I had respect for Dina, I certainly like her as a mother, and that she wanted to protect her child from viewing the fight, but she was nervous the whole time... but yet still respect, I don't think the show has given me much reason to dislike her. I just know that her and Danielle will never mesh, and I don't think that is anyone's fault.

    I respect Albie and Christopher Manzo in this episode, and their strength of charactter, that Albie was concerned enought to want to protect Danielle, and aswell Christopher who wanted to calm Teresa during the table flipping (but was otherwise thrown accross the room!)

    This episode leaves me wanting to see the reunion and another season desperatly! I do hope Danielle will be included, they might not all be the best of friends and may even be enemies- but that makes it all the more interesting viewing!
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