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Are they Really Friends

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    I have to admit I watch the Real HWONY but please you can not tell me they were friends before the show? Does anyone know if these ladies were put together just for the show. Kelly doesn'tknow any of them. If they were just throw together for this show and are not firends then why oh why would you want this group at a party. I watch because in some way if makes me feel good, that just because you are rich deson't mean your Rich! Friends like that OMG I take soccer Mom in the suburbs anytime.

    Even the two closest friends Jill and Bethanny are not always kind to each other when interviewed. I think they all wanted to do the show because they all can make money and be famous, Bethany puts Skinny Girl in every conversation, Luanne and Bethanny promoting their books. Crazy Ramona selling everything, and I don't beleive her made up mineral oil is why she does not have wrinkles. Remeber the run away Bride who said she was kidnapped because she din't want to bet married. Well to quote Howard Stern he said any ones eyes that you can see the entire eye (white all around) is a sign of craziness. Her husband ass too but to put up with Ramona I think they are a good match.

    Simon and the wife, forget her name because she if forgetable. What do they do for a living? If Simon makes so much money why doesn Nude wife stay home with her boys since they go out every night. And on her Birthday it is a surprise to go Home and celebrate with your Children! Those two belong together. Hate the earrings too, big deal to long and ugly. Jill drops $16,000 on a pocket book. OMG how does that designer justify selling a bag for that kind of money. I am guessing Jill has the most money! Sorry Countess!

    Kelly is fake I maybe crazy she is a tall beautiful woman but some how she reminds me of a man, ( I know crazy)! I agree with Bethanny the way she walks in a room and says"Hi" would drive me to the hills.

    Lastly Countess Luanne, I do not think she has a good heart she so in love with herself. would not want her advice. She is in the Dark ages, take it from me, women make more then men and they can pay for a dinner. This is America, does Luanne not know she looks like an idiot about bragging she is a Countness, (and only by marriage) she is a Muggle. If she cares about being a Countess so much why doesn't she go back to England or where ever her title is from and use it there because in America we do not care. Her husband is invisible and she acts like Queen Elizabeth towards her Children, cold.

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