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Its soo fake!!

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    The Real Housewife's of New York City: So Fake!!

    OK. So im not trying to be mean, or and ignorant because truly that is not my intention. Im not poser or a showoff but this show is so fake. Like i was born in New York City. I was raised in the Caribbean but i have 7 years living here and its so not like the show portrait New Yorkers. Like i live in uptown Manhattan. And not everyone lives in the Upper East Side or Downtown Brooklyn. And not everyone goes to the Hampton's over the summer.

    There's traffic in New York but not as much for you to get out of a limo in a 100,000 dollar dress and walk the streets of new york because it will be crowded and uncomfortable.Not every kid in the city go to a private school, and most of all, not everything in NY is society. I get that you have money and that's understandable, good for you. But don't be so fake about your life. In NY there's a thing call the ghetto or the uptown or the Latinos and the Blacks and the Asians and this show doesn't seem to show that. Latinos in NY makes like half of the population here and so does the other races and i just don't see it being portrayed. I don't know if the Real Housewife's of Orange County was the same way.. but in New York its so not how it is. I don't know if you guys agree with me, but this is my opinion.

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