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Sonia is now getting under my skin...

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    Hi all,

    I am new, and this is my first post. I love love love Housewives of NYC..Love it !!!! BYW, my username is HW-Junkie, it doesn't stand for Heroin whatever Junkie, it really stands for HOUSEWIVES JUNKIE. lOVE most of the Housewives shows...not a huge fan of the Miami one but the others are great, but my fav by far is New York City...but it may be cause of Bethany and she's now gone, so we'll see if NYC remains my fav.....anywho....

    This season is Sonia's, second season, and now, in my humble opinion,thinks she has paid her dues for being the new girl on the New York block and now thinks her $hit no longer stinks......She is sooo phoney, will hump anything on 2 legs, is so self absorbed and she really is making me sick.I love how Alex tries to put her in her place....

    Anyway,thought I would make my first post and gonna readsomemore of some other posts.

    So, glad to be here...my husband will be thankful for this forum,as I have an outletfor my comments, andwon't talk his ear off as he's trying to sleep LOL


    PS Really reallymiss Bethany, but am happy she has her dreams coming true !

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