The Real Housewives of New York City

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  • Season 5

    I have been watching RHWNYC for a couple years now, and I preferred it over the other Real Housewives shows. It's one thing that Bethenny left, and Sonja stepped in. Even Cindy was an okay addition for the one season, but now it's gone too far. Now that Kelly, Jill and Alex have been given the ax, their replacements don't seem too amazing. I personally loved Kookoo Kellys crazy antics, and Jill was one of my favorites despite how lots of people think she's a backstabbing bitch. Alex, however pissed me off, and I actually got a nasty letter from her AND Simon when I posted a review about them. Isn't that sad? The only reason they could have kept Alex on, is just for people to make fun of her. That would have been okay. Jill and Kelly, I miss them on the show.

    But in the end, I guess that all the women have been gradually dropping like flies and at this point there Kelly, Jill and Luann were on one side, and Sonja, Ramona and Alex (shudder) were on the other, and so much crap happened between the two sides that it's difficult to imagine anything different coming from that group. But we'll never know I guess.

    There is more to come this season but so far, I'm not impressed. The last episode was boring as hell, and maybe it's because we're getting to know, Carolle, Aviva and Heather. Heather is probably the most interesting so far because she and Ramona already have problems, and she seems to dismiss her right off the bat. Aviva reminds me of RH of beverly hills girls, because she obviously has had botox and has been under the knife a couple times. She doesn't seem to have anything too interesting to bring to the table, and I know that she doesn't get along with Ramona and Sonja later in the season, but still she just seems boring and kind of annoying to look at. Carolle is the same way, I mean...look at her face? She looks like her lips have been smashed, and her cheeks have been pinched. She says she worked with CBS news or something? Then wrote about her widow? Now she's writing about sex and dating. Come on, who cares? She's a princess? Okay, whatever, any girl can be a princess if she finds a stupid prince. It doesn't matter. She's like, oh yeah I'm seeing this roady of aerosmith, and I like to be all hippy like like...peace and love and all that shit. She bores me, and she's annoying already.

    At this point, who cares to meet new "housewives". I know I don't. Maybe one at a time, but not all at once. Bravo made a dumb decision and I bet there will be less viewers and I don't see a season 6 coming. Maybe there will be more views when the meltdowns occur. Andy Cowen made a stupid decision by giving Kelly and Jill the ax. You also wonder how much is orchestrated like any reality show.

    Ramona--Ramona is to Pinot Grigio as a fly is to shit. She is rude, and excuses herself by saying, "I have the unfiltered mouth". You sure do, and you need to check yourself into detox or rehab, because you drink like an old crusty fish. You need a reality check, you deny everything you do wrong, and if you get caught doing something wrong, or if you said something rude you say, "It wasn't my intention to hurt you". Bullshit then why did you say it? She's so caught up in her delusion that she has a perfect life selling her cheap looking jewelry and skincare line, and come on...Mario has been cheating. If I were him, I know I would. Someone needs to slap Ramona is the face.

    Luann, I like her. But she also needs to actually do something. She desperately clings to her title, even though the count has been gone for a long time. I like Jacques. He's so weird but also kind of good looking so it's funny to see his reaction to things. Luann, get over yourself, you aren't going to get pregnant. Why don't you do something useful with yourself? I don't know how long it will be until she scares Jacques away.

    Sonja, you dried up vag. but for real. This show is made so you can hate some of them or all of them. But, when it comes to the new girls, I really don't care. But I will stay tuned.