The Real Housewives of New York City - Season 3

Monday 9:00 PM on Bravo Premiered Mar 04, 2008 Between Seasons


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Episode Guide

  • The Lost Footage 3
    Episode 18
    Lost footage from season three is featured.
  • Reunion, Part III
    Episode 17
    The ladies reunite in part three of the reunion.
  • Reunion, Part II
    Episode 16
    The housewives reunite to continue in the madness that is the Real Housewives reunion.
  • Reunion
    Episode 15
    The cast reunites to discuss the events of Season 3.
  • 6/3/10
    Jill and Bethenny meet for lunch. LuAnn is ready to release her new single. Everyone gathers for Ramona's big day.
  • Shunburn
    Episode 13
    The ladies are not surprised to find Kelly gone. Later, unannounced guests show up and LuAnn hears different sides of the story.
  • 5/20/10
    A Virgin Island getaway turns nasty when an argument breaks out between Kelly and Bethenny, ruining a peaceful breakfast and precipitating a meltdown for Kelly. Later, Bethenny cooks up dinner, but it's hard to swallow when there are yet more blowups.
  • 5/13/10
    The ladies bask in some fun in the sun when Ramona organizes a "renewal getaway." Still stung from her loss, Bethenny is comforted by the ladies. That is, until Kelly stirs up some drama. Meanwhile, LuAnn tunes up in the Big Apple by recording her song "Elegance Is Learned."
  • 5/6/10
    Tension runs high at LuAnn's "Cocktails and Couture" charity event between Jill and Alex. LuAnn, Ramona and Bobby urge Alex to apologize to Jill, but things don't go as planned. Jill confides to Kelly that she could be friends with Bethenny again but she's not so sure about Alex after their confrontation. Later, LuAnn invites Kelly, Jill and Sonja to do yoga at the Chopra Center where the women bond over marriage and divorce. LuAnn let's down her guard and shares how difficult the last year has been for her. Bethenny learns her father is very sick and she and Jason fly to Los Angeles to be with him during what might be his final days. LuAnn gets her chance to put her dating tips to the test as she goes out on a first date. Ramona announces that she is planning an all girls trip to the Virgin Islands to celebrate renewing her vows.moreless
  • Stay On Message
    Episode 9

    The ladies find a new friend in Jennifer Gilbert who is hired by Jill to help her plan a holiday party. Bethenny is shocked when she discovers that her pregnancy has been leaked on Jill gets wind of the news and quickly does a round of calls to find out if anyone has any more information. Bethenny receives an irritating text from Jill about the pregnancy and tells Alex to let Jill know that she's done with her. Alex already has her own axe to grind with Jill, so takes on this mission with all guns blazing. Everyone at the party is shocked at Alex' boldness when she confronts Jill. Meanwhile, Sonia has a consultation with a plastic surgeon and looks to her psychic for approval on the surgery.

  • 4/22/10
    Since she's decided to renew her vows with Mario, Ramona takes Avery out to lunch to ask her to be her maid of honor. Sonja and LuAnn are also in the Hamptons so Kelly joins them for a girls night out. Over drinks they dish about sex, relationships, marriage and a whole lot of other girl talk. Jill, her mother Gloria and her sister Lisa are busy in the city working on some anecdotes and words of wisdom for the upcoming book they are writing together; Secrets of a Jewish Mother. Bethenny is holding onto news that she decides to break first to an ecstatic Alex: she's engaged. Later, Kelly is hosting party where all the women attend. When Bethenny arrives Jill is clearly uncomfortable being in the same place as her so she gets up with LuAnn and walks away, thus missing the big announcement Bethenny shares with the rest of the gals.moreless
  • 4/15/10
    Socialite and single mom Sonja Morgan helps LuAnn throw a charity party. Meanwhile, Ramona proposes that she and Mario renew their wedding vows. Alex, Kelly and Ramona walk the runway at Brooklyn Fashion Weekend. Later, Bethenny discovers that she's pregnant.
  • The Ambush
    Episode 6
    With fall in full-swing, Kelly awkwardly attempts photographing random people on the streets of NYC she deems fashionable for an article she's writing for Gotham Magazine. Meanwhile, LuAnn remains close with Jill when she stays as a house guest at Casa de Zarin where the two mull over Bethenny and Kelly's new-found truce. And when Bethenny learns that her father is very sick, Alex pulls out all the stops to make Jill aware and help repair their fractured relationship. Can she get through to Jill in time for her to support Bethenny? Upon her return, Bethenny makes a desperate last ditch attempt to talk to Jill face-to-face, will Jill be ready to rebuild or will they come to blows yet-again?moreless
  • Hot Off The Press
    Episode 5
    Alex invites Ramona, Bethenny and Kelly to help her pick designers for Brooklyn fashion week, but during the meeting, Kelly confronts Ramona and Bethenny about how they treat her –will the meeting end on a sour note? Meanwhile, Kelly is elated when she meets a potential new suitor who must interview her for her Playboy article and spread. And tensions are at an all-time high when Bethenny discovers a gossip article about her damaged relationship with Jill and suspects that Jill's fingerprints all over it. When Bethenny calls Jill in an attempt to repair the damage between them, how will Jill respond?moreless
  • 3/25/10
    LuAnn and Bethenny have a confrontation. Ramona takes her daughter to a fashion show.
  • Fall In Manhattan
    Episode 3
    Kelly tells her daughters about the Playboy shoot. LuAnn hosts an event. LuAnn and Jill prod Alex for information.
  • 3/11/10
    LuAnn gets a surprise visit from Rosie. Ramona chastises Mario. Jason asks Bethenny to move in with him.
  • New Alliances
    Episode 1
    The highly anticipated third season of the Real Housewives of New York City is back and everyone's favorite big-apple ladies are spending their remaining summer days together in the Hamptons. However, friendships and alliances have shifted significantly. What happens when a fun day on Ramona's friend's yacht with the ladies turns sour, leaving Ramona in tears? And Jill shares that she is angry with Bethenny and that the two haven't spoken in months. Meanwhile, after having spent the summer falling in love, Bethenny has the opportunity of a lifetime, posing nude in a photo shoot for PETA. But when her and LuAnn meet for an afternoon cocktail to catch up, LuAnn comes with an agenda that leaves Bethenny blindsided.moreless