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Season 9 : Episode 21

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Bravo brings you into the lives of five women and their families who live in one of the wealthiest communities in the country. They take the viewer into their lives to show their lives aren't always perfect.
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  • Terry quote - "The best thing is her face". Gag.

    At the party they asked the spouses what was the best thing about their spouse.

    Terry said it was Heather's face. Made me laugh.

    If he performed the surgery on Heather's face then I guess he would think it looked good but only as a clown in my opinion.

    Good show with some losers like "The Debows"
  • Terry Dubow & What's her face (wife)

    I want to know why- It's not being brought up about- When they were doing the ground breaking party. That Heather told the bull riding guy to turn it up higher when Tamera got on the bull- Then she fell off and hurt her arm- Heather was acting like she did not understand why Tamera fell off? Lying to Tamera she absolutly did not know- even after Tamera ask Heather did someone make it go faster- and Heather acted all dumb!!! Why is this not being mentioned? Did the Debrow's pay Tamera off - to keep her muth shut? Because he's a Doctor and Heather is trying to get work in Hollywood and their affraid it's going to ruin the Debrow name for future work??? did I hit the nail on the Do you want to take me down? Come On- You two are so fake!!! You also have to have someone apologize a hundred times- BUT- You don't accept it! Then you both can't apologize for much of what you do and if you do it's condensending!!! Heather news flash.. Asking someone to leave your house angry like thst and pointing at the door = kicking them out! So quit acting sooo "STUPID"! Yes, you might want to look that word up in the dictionary STUPID thats you Heather & Terry Dubrow!

    You think if you have money it's going to get you out of trouble? It will catch up to you! It's called Karma!.. Now let's get back to you telling the bull riding guy to turn the machine up higher when Tamera got on! No... we did not forget Heather!moreless
  • Bullys

    I really think Tamara and Gretchen are queen bitches and they are bullies it is shocking that they are allowed to act the way they do
  • But out Briana and whimpy husband

    I have never written in one of these things but after watching the 3rd reunion I wanted to come thru the roof when Briana was controlling who Vicki can see. I am sure that Briana has made some bad decisions in her life and I am sure Vicki stood by her all the way but nooooo Briana has to be in control and have it her way. Why not just love her Mom where she is at warts and all. Oh and how about Vicki allowing Briana to have that much almighty if I did what my kids wanted me to do I would be crazy. I am not sure what Brooks did but short of hitting, cheating on Vicki he deserves just a little forgiveness maybe.....

    it is pretty bad also when I think the normal one if there is one is Gretchen. She stood for what she thought was her destiny and these people just can't let her be happy.

    For all of you who think this is what housewife's of Orange County are really like, it is not. I am a 58 year old Huntington Beach woman and don't let their attire fool ya because most of us walk around in flip flops and shorts...... Go to a mall there South Coast or Fashion Island I cant guarntee you there will not be a bunch of women in 10 inch heels walking around. Fake blonds with big boobs, do I watch this show????????????? I am not sure.moreless

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