The Real Housewives of Orange County

Season 1 Episode 5

Episode 4

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Apr 11, 2006 on Bravo

Episode Recap

Kimberly and Scott are looking for a new house. They are looking in the 3.5mil range, but Kimberly says they might want to go lower, so she doesn't have to cut out on all of the extra things they do. Seh also tells Scott about her Palm Springs trip, while contemplating the length of days to celebrate a 7yr olds birthday, go figure.

Laurie is still struggling. Things get worse. Her "responsible daughter" Ashley doesn't come to work. She goes home to ask why, and finds the ditsy girl outside wandering around like a lost puppy. She forgot to pay the down payment she promised she would pay when she drove away with thie car. So basically her mom has to pay $1500+ to bail the spoiled child out, after she said" I don't want to bail her out this time". That's not the worst of it. she goes to court, where she points out her hubby going in and said" this is the first time he has come to one of Josh's trials". Shoe goes in, only to find her son's stay will be a little longer,"because someone didn't do their job". Ths psych didn't come with the evaluation.

Jo takes Kimberly's advice and goes back to work. Slade doesn;t like that too much, so he hires a too-good-looking maid to clean up the nothing Jo needed to be home to clean. Jo meets Shane "the rabbit hunter" at Jeana's BBQ. She invites him over to hunt rabbits, which of course are nowhere to be found when he gets there. Slade comes home, and is unhappy to see Jo and Shane in the front yard waving a rifle. He doesn't like it that they get along so well. He tells her they should go "get a room".

Vicki and her family goes on a trip to their vacation home. They were having a good time out on the boat, until they get pulled over. The police did a complete safety check. Vicki decided she would try to flirt her way out of it, which didn't work. Her hubby didn't like that, so he scolded her. He felt he could have went to jail and had his boat taken away, because he had been drinking, which wasn't her fault, but she was joking around.