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  • Kelly is so misguided

    Does this woman really think everyone hates Heather and loves her? She has a drinking problem and is violent. Heather is mature and the main one who keeps the group in line. I can't stand Kelly!
  • kelly is aloud mouth pig

    kelly must go we all watch the show but she is very bad uses words we do not want to here and if she doesnt go we will she is just too sick to listen to everyone swears but she is bad!!!! tired of hearing how rich she is send her to a doctor she needs a cure!!! love the rest!!!!

  • Be more grateful and less hateful

    . Stop whining so much about how IVF hurts and makes you bloated, blah blah. Think about ho many childless people in the world would LOVE to have IVF but do not have the money to do so. Your husband really doesn't want any more kids which is obvious. He is just doing it to placate you. And there are literally millions of kids waiting to be adopted. But of course, you rich OC people would never consider giving a child who really needs a home, because they wouldn't be your
  • Wet Toast

    If Bravo recast every single player on this show including the casting director this show might have a chance. Debrow's not bad. Loved Keogh, AND her kids. These guys have interesting lives. Loved Vicki's kids- they're gone. Loose the geriatrics and get some young blood. Philadelphia, Pa

  • Meghan and Vicki Drama

    Meghan is a troubler maker 200% and needs to stop causing trouble and starting drama.

    Vicki, drop Brooks. You are such a NEEDY person I want to vomit. Stop all the plastic surgery too. The whining you do is to much you need some help. Brooks is lying to you and you are so needy you are blind.

    Meghan, it was NOT your place to check into people's business because if some one checked into your gold digging butt you wont like being exposed. And you are not a good step mom when you're the age the your husbands daughter miss nosey-bot Listening to you bark orders and all you do is laughable. Your husband should divorce you before its to late. Sad it isn't love. You're arm candy and you're a gold digger.

    Tam, grow up, ugh....
  • Ugh, Meghan

    She is an ugly pig!?! How does her husband stand her!! Please get her off the show !!!!
  • Vicki

    I seldom post my opinions, but I just have to know if I'm the only person who finds Vicki to be the rudest, snobbish, most self -serving, arrogant, ignorant, participate on a reality show to date? My rating reflects my opinion after I take Vicki out of the equation, she would be rated 0.0.
  • Vicki the old witch

    I think Vicki can't come to the truth about her phony boy toy to go and c the records of what his cancer report says. She wants to mother someone, and does not want to c the truth about her boy toy. She's a nasty, visicious old women and she should leave the show and bring on younger women. Henry Penta
  • about shannon

    She's definitely got an eating disorder constantly talking about fattening food, you never see her eat anything on the show, only drinking. Her children are brats and if I hear her talking about her husband's affair one more time I think I'm going to have to stop watching the show. How can she comment on someone having 14 bathrooms being too many when she herself has 13? Really? Honestly if I were her husband I would run as fast as I could. This is the first time I have ever wrote my opinion about anyone online because I just had to put it out there. I wish her well she's going to need it. I couldn't believe what you look like after the pool party in the morning with no makeup on , it just comes to show you how money and makeup can make you look fabulous. But it also shows you that money can't buy you happiness. Such a shame she has everything to be happy for l in life and yet she is so miserable.
  • I'm Young and Dumb

    Really new member "Meghan" everyone is old as well as your rich husband??? From us old ppl, you need get a life, grow up, and hubby needs quit liking little girls...
  • Rabbit killers

    How disgusting that they would show rabbits being killed, get a life!!

    They need to sort out their fake Botox faces before they worry about killing innocent animals.
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  • Terry quote - "The best thing is her face". Gag.

    At the party they asked the spouses what was the best thing about their spouse.

    Terry said it was Heather's face. Made me laugh.

    If he performed the surgery on Heather's face then I guess he would think it looked good but only as a clown in my opinion.

    Good show with some losers like "The Debows"
  • Terry Dubow & What's her face (wife)

    I want to know why- It's not being brought up about- When they were doing the ground breaking party. That Heather told the bull riding guy to turn it up higher when Tamera got on the bull- Then she fell off and hurt her arm- Heather was acting like she did not understand why Tamera fell off? Lying to Tamera she absolutly did not know- even after Tamera ask Heather did someone make it go faster- and Heather acted all dumb!!! Why is this not being mentioned? Did the Debrow's pay Tamera off - to keep her muth shut? Because he's a Doctor and Heather is trying to get work in Hollywood and their affraid it's going to ruin the Debrow name for future work??? did I hit the nail on the Do you want to take me down? Come On- You two are so fake!!! You also have to have someone apologize a hundred times- BUT- You don't accept it! Then you both can't apologize for much of what you do and if you do it's condensending!!! Heather news flash.. Asking someone to leave your house angry like thst and pointing at the door = kicking them out! So quit acting sooo "STUPID"! Yes, you might want to look that word up in the dictionary STUPID thats you Heather & Terry Dubrow!

    You think if you have money it's going to get you out of trouble? It will catch up to you! It's called Karma!.. Now let's get back to you telling the bull riding guy to turn the machine up higher when Tamera got on! No... we did not forget Heather!
  • Bullys

    I really think Tamara and Gretchen are queen bitches and they are bullies it is shocking that they are allowed to act the way they do
  • But out Briana and whimpy husband

    I have never written in one of these things but after watching the 3rd reunion I wanted to come thru the roof when Briana was controlling who Vicki can see. I am sure that Briana has made some bad decisions in her life and I am sure Vicki stood by her all the way but nooooo Briana has to be in control and have it her way. Why not just love her Mom where she is at warts and all. Oh and how about Vicki allowing Briana to have that much almighty if I did what my kids wanted me to do I would be crazy. I am not sure what Brooks did but short of hitting, cheating on Vicki he deserves just a little forgiveness maybe.....

    it is pretty bad also when I think the normal one if there is one is Gretchen. She stood for what she thought was her destiny and these people just can't let her be happy.

    For all of you who think this is what housewife's of Orange County are really like, it is not. I am a 58 year old Huntington Beach woman and don't let their attire fool ya because most of us walk around in flip flops and shorts...... Go to a mall there South Coast or Fashion Island I cant guarntee you there will not be a bunch of women in 10 inch heels walking around. Fake blonds with big boobs, do I watch this show????????????? I am not sure.
  • You are better than this, America!

    This show is about a bunch of gold digging high-dollar prostitutes who could not make it in the entertainment Industry so they each did the next best thing: marry some schmuck for his money. Now they live in a superficial, loveless world, spending the bulk of their time stroking egos, recovering from their most recent nip & tuck, and attending charity galas because the

    All of these women should be deported.
  • Lydia

    I hope they replace her fast worst wife in yrs. she is clearly gunning for Gretchen from the get go. Can we say jealousy . She does need a cheeseburger it was not a big deal . Geeess these women and their issues. Wake up bravo Lydia is not right for the show .
  • Icky Vicky likes it sticky and pissy

    I never bought into Vicky's self-rightiousness. I intuit that behind that "perfect" working woman faade, speech pattern, and her puritanical self image, therein lies a dirty, low class cow and a raging whore. The only reason she had Don around was to keep her car washed. She showed how creepy she is by dumping on Heather and Gretchen the first night in Puerto Vallarta. I wonder what a clean, classy, gal like Heather feels about these nasty sex toy obscessed broads now. Who in their right mind would even like that dirty Vicky, let alone hang with is one old-ass, stank ass slut
  • love alexis

    tamra is such a nasty cow who thinks she is better than the rest but clearly has nothing. you all should leave alexis alone.. vickie is such a nice person but tamra just brings you down. alexis is a nice person but i dont think its fair people ganging up on her..
  • housewivesfan

    Tamra is such a bitch! I can't believe how Tamra, Gretchen, and Heather are ganging up on Alexis and accusing her of being fake and materialistic!! They are all materialistic and fake. Tamra claims to be so "Happy" but who acts like that when they are so happy? She is only happy for getting attention and happy to tear others down rather than focusing on how to be nice. What's up with her hair??? Eew, she is so ugly and probably just jealous of Alexis. Take off your ugly wig Tamra, you are a BIG BULLY! Stop trying to tear everyone down and look in the mirror. YOU are UGLY and FAKE!!! And SO jealous of everyone else. And by the way, Eddie seems nice but he is ugly too. Simon should be so happy to be rid of Tamra. She is trash.
  • overview

    I actually despise Tamra and Vickie, they are disgusting humans, Tamra is such a stuck up, jealous horrible girl and i actually feel sorry for Simon, and vickie is just as bad, she is vile. amazing how her children are actually lovely. Don should leave her, she doesnt deserve someone like him. I really like lyn, Jeana, and gretchen I think Lyn is lovely, down to earth and ambitious, her kids are a bit annoying but meh. Gretchen is beautiful and Tamra is so jealous of her its hilarious. I don't know about Slade.... I think he seems nice, but just seems like he might manipulate Gretchen. Love Jeana although her kids are so rude to her, she deserves more respect. :) wahooo !!!
  • Interesting review on Real Housewives

    Interesting review on Real Housewives
  • I wish I could be on the reunion show with you to skanks!!!!

    Vicky and Tamara I really wish I could have been on any reunion with either of you skanks. I would beat you both down. Especially youTamara... I wish I could get to know you and would wish you would bring ONE, JUST ONE word out of your mouth that concerned me or anyone I know, I would beat you like a dog.. You and Vicky who really looks like a MAN!!! talk to people like you are bad, I would break both of you nitwits down..And to DAN, let someone else have that MAN.. A Tamaras boy toy,,,messing with that OLD LOOKING HAGGGGGGG. He has to be desperate to mess with someone like you... To take care of your KIDS you HAGGGGGS
  • Orange County Housewives

    The worst orange county housewife is Vickie. It is time for her to go. She is so jealous of Gretchen and Alexis. She wanted a divorce as soon as soon as Tamra was getting one. She is constantly talking about Slade. I think she would jump at the chance to have him - but he is too smart for her. Vickie is such a phony. The day her divorce papers were served to Don (she was also having this party that she just COULD"t cancel), so with these phony crocidile tears and pouty face she braved it..UGH it was disgusting. She treated Don so bad and said he was to blame. She was the one at fault - she treated him so bad and was so cold., and blamed him for their troubles. Actually he is lucky to be rid of her. I feel sorry for the next guy, because she only seems to be in a relationship for a short period of time. When Andy played Gretchen singing the song she wrote, Vickie was so jealous - she just looked so evil at Gretchen and she never applauded her like the other ladies.

    The second worst one of the ladies is Tamra, but she is not near as bad as Vickie. Tamra does have a mean streak about herself, but she will admit things she has done.
  • Really????


    how are these women real? they are all about "he said she said" "what she got what i got" "who she has slept with who i have slept with" These lowlife plastic full of s*** whores should be put in a dark room with a saucer of milk and left to beat the botox out of each other they are all a disgrace to women and orange county

  • A bunch of old women? So What?

    The title may be a bit harsh, but I really don't understand why people like this show. From what I have seen, it is really a show that doesn't have any relation to the every day life of an average human being, but in fairness, there are plenty of other shows just like that. The thing that gets me is that while one or two of the women on the show are pretty hot, it isn't nearly enough to save the show from boring stories, exaggerated plots, and the same old problems that hinder most reality shows, which is redundency. Thank you.
  • I had a feeling the train wreck would continue in the episode I just watched "Naked Wasted." and it continues in real life for Gretchen Rossi too.

    I usually feel for a 'underdog' but it seems some of Gretchen's 'choices' of late haven't been all that smart for someone in the public eye. So things aren't going to great for Ms.Rossi, with a website , first airing 'toilet pics', then showing pics of a tattoo that appeared some time ago on her ring finger with another man's name (not her fiance who tragically passed from his cancer late last year), claiming this is the reason, a 'large' engagement ring was bought for the show, to cover it up, and then naked 'car' pics. The information remains on the site, whilst Rossi is threatening them legal action.

    If I had such a bad year as this woman seems to have had, I would get away from it all. In the most recent episode of "Naked Wasted" that I watched, it was cringeworthy, watching Gretchen getting all kinds of terrible drunk, and the evil plotting of Tamra to encourage this. There was raised eyebrows from all the other housewives all night long. At the time that the episode was filmed, Gretchen's fiance had told her he did not want to live anymore, as he was battling cancer. I think it is all kind of awful for others to plot her downfall when she was experiencing a very hard time in her personal life. If it was me, I would not do it on camera, as that is a lot of heart ache that is not good for reality tv!

    The only sane housewives left in my opinion are, Jeana Keough and newcomer Lynne Curtin, who the other housewives claim is 'high' on pot all the time.. really? So just because someone is sane and normal, then you must be a 'pothead.'

    Whatever the case, I really to get my fix and watch the rest of the season up to the reunion, which has already screened in the USA.
  • Ok First off these are "REAL WOMEN" Truly rags to riches stories of real women making it in the world. Coto's to all the OC women for all they have achieved. It shows how hard works does pay off.

    I do think media plays a big part in the emotions and opinions we gain from watching. I am sure that every housewife on the show has a good heart.
    I look up to strong women. being a stay at home mom and working towards starting my own business I can totally relate to this show.

    I see there is a casting call and dam it if I wasn't in Canada I would tell these folks to get my ass on the show. You want drama and a real housewive I'm your gal!!

    I must say Slade is a cutie. and too bad Jo was too young and not quite up to the whole stay at home thing. She is a sweet heart. Loves her. She is me 10 years agao. So I can relate to her life. In time she will be ready for all this. see is Slade is still waiting for her...

    or if he wants a real women now. I may be looking for a smart guy to fill some shoes. I am Jo 10 years older. hot, young but a mom already. But most important I am REAL!!

    I can;t wait for the new season to start. I absolutly love this show. So much I wish I were on it.
    Maybe I will run into Vicky in Lake Havasu. I have a house there. Wouldn;t that be fun... wooo hooo!!

    Cheers to y'all.
  • i totally love watching this program, but come on! i use to work and live in orange county and there are way better looking housewifes than these girls. vicky looks like shes turning 50! whos the producer of this show.

    i totally love watching this program, but come on! i use to work and live in orange county and there are way better looking housewifes than these girls. vicky looks like shes turning 50! whos the producer of this show. you need to find better and younger looking girls. and why is vicky the lead housewife on the show. shes ugly even with fake boobs! hope she doesnt return to the show next season. by far tamra is the hottest housewife. you need to build the show around her. get vicky out of the show! shes ugly and annoying. please!
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