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  • Yes, it's a whole bunch of rich people basically.

    I like the show. They have your typical, single mom, they have your young dumb wife, and they have all the party animals you need. I enjoy watching the show. It seems very raw, and unrehearsed.
    I love it that they let you see that not only us city people have major problems, so do people in quiet suburbia.
  • I'm Usually Not A Big Fan Of Reality TV Shows, But This Got Me Hooked!

    I rarely watch reality tv but I started watching "The Real Housewives Of Orange County" because of Jeana Keough. In the 1980s, when she was known as Jeana Tomasino, she was Playboy's November 1980 Playmate of the Month and a staple on television and in movies. She gained cult icon status by being one of 'The Eliminator' girls in a series of ZZTop MTV videos ("Legs," "Sharp Dressed Man," "Gimme All Your Lovin'"), and had notables roles in films like "10 To Midnight" with Charles Bronson and the classic teen romp "The Beach Girls." On the small screen she guest-starred on classic shows like "T.J. Hooker," "Cheers," and "The A-Team." I was surprised to see what Jeana is up to these days, so this show was a treat for me. But I eventually got immersed into the situations all of the housewives were into. Vicki annoyed me the most - poor girl couldn't accept getting older and what a control freak! Lauri, poor girl, had to deal with her bratty daughter Ashley and her juvi hall son Josh, not to mention a lecherous sort-of boyfriend named Steve. Kimberly, I truly felt bad for with her skin cancer, and her son Travis is adorable. Jeana is definitely making mad coin by being a real estate agent, though her hubby Matt was rarely around the entire series. Her handsome son Shane however became an instant mini-celebrity on-line. And the beautiful Jo, engaged to the controlling Slade, provided constant dramatics with her partying with her gal pals and defying Slade's request to be a stay-at-home fiancee. I was fascinated - and sometimes horrified - by the luxurious lifestyles led by these families! Still, it's an interesting and sometimes humorous look at the glamorous life of these wealthy women and their families. Plus, of course, it was great to see Jeana again!
  • Another guilty pleasure...

    As I seemed to have become quite a reality junkie these past few months, The Real Housewives of Orange County did not escape my attention. I watched the series the entire way through and was quite engaged with the characters. Perhaps there was, sometimes, a little wishful thinking on my part, too. I can only imagine living the opulent lifestyles of these women. While there is a fair bit a farce and pretentiousness on these episodes, they can't be faulted for living the life they know. As people, I'm rooting for their health, happiness, and have hopes that their children will find their own sucesses in this world. I'd love to see a second season of this show.
  • It\'s about what real women in Orange County life is like. It\'s pretty good, but you get annoyed by the kids. The women are pretty nice though.

    It\'s so good! I don\'t like to admit it though. Everyone is really rich, but everyone has their own problems. It\'s good to know no matter who you are something isn\'t right. It actually protrays a good Reality Show. \"The Hills\", \"The OC\" are so dumb. This is refreashing for people who have more taste than wacthing bratty teenagers getting what ever they want. One of my favorite mom\'s is one who is a divorce\' and my least favorite mom is the ex-playboy. I feel sorry for the other moms though because they don\'t get as much show tme as the others.
  • A rip-off of Laguna Beach and Footballers' Wives.

    As one of Bravo's most popular shows, The Real Housewives of Orange County follows adventures of Jo, Vicki, Lauri, Jeana, and newcomer Tammy as they maneuver through the choppy waters of Orange County's wealthiest community.

    The show is basically a cross between The O.C. slash Laguna Beach slash Footballers' Wives. There is really nothing original about this show. The only thing that is interesting about Real Housewives is watching the five main characters go about their daily lives and somehow find a reason to complain. I mean they do nothing except spend money. How hard can these women possibly complain as much as they do when they are growing up more money than they know what to do with and are living a life of leisure?

    Nonetheless, it's still funny to watch!
  • Guilty, guilty, guilty pleasure.

    For all you naysayers... This show is addictive! And I have NEVER been into reality shows- not REAl WORLD, not AMAZING RACE, not CRIBS, not AMERICAN IDOL. The first season I watched it here and there, but this second season, I truly cannot get enough. I have found myself hating some- JO- and really liking others- TAMMY and JEANA. They are funny, engaging women, borderline neurotics, Californians obsessed with vanity and property. Is that a bad thing? For television, no. Over the top, yeah. But who cares, when it is in the privacy of your own home, no one else around to judge whilst indulging in this TOTAL TREAT of a show.
  • This show chronicles of the lives of wives and their familes who all reside in Orange County. It is an interesting show and eye-opening look into the world of the rich life of others and the problems and things they go through from day to day.

    Personally, I love this show. I don't consider myself a vain person, but watching these women and their families is most definitely one of my guilty pleasures. Our aspirations are similar as far as riches and possessions go, and although some of the are or were connected to Hugh Hefner is some way, they actually went and got real jobs afterward, but life their live from my standpoint is still big of a dream life for me. Multiple houses or buying cars on a whim does not happen in my world, but regardless I love this show. Naturally with some rich kids, they have been spoiled and overindulged in certain things, but again I love the entire show. Basically this show provides insight into the lives of the rich but not so famous and I love it all.
  • Wow what a great show!!! This is one of my favorite shows ever!!! It's a show about the women of South Orange County and their lives!

    Ok so this is a great show! There are many critics of this show but really they are just pure idiots! I love this show! I live in the area where the show is filmed and im good friends with a few of the housewives and i think the show is a great example of our lives in orange county. I think alot of people are quick to judge this show as just a shalow example of the shallow life of us in south oc. But that is not it at all we live our lives with pride and awesomeness. So i hope you'll check it out and i know you will enjoy it!
    PS. Just to let you know they are filming a third season right now but this season the cameras will be more focused on the kids. That's what tammy told me. =)
  • Even though it makes you wish you had their lifestyles, I wouldn't trade my brains to be a rich, peroxide blonde.

    I have watched this show since the begining and found it facinating to see into the lives of these oh-so-spoiled orange countians (right?). The show follows around a few families who all seem to be in differet parts of their lives. Some have husbands for only expect a trophy wife every morning, one got divorced and is now forced to built up from scratch, once has a bussiness of her own while still seeming to organize the kids, and one you can't even call a housewife...Jo. Even though it probably is trash, its entertaining and makes you go "oh my..." at some of the things these people cook up.
  • Or, shall we say, "The Real Golddiggers of Orange County."

    All of these women are shallow golddiggers of the worst sort - speaking outwardly about caring and nurturing thier families while secretly plotting to increase their wealth and social standing by manipulating and emasculating the men in their lives. To these women only money and status matters. We see this when one of the ladies suprises her daughter on a date and asks her boyfriend what he does for a living. Upon discovering he is a truckdriver, she expresses concern that her attractive daughter will be marrying - if she does marry - beneath her status (i.e., bueatiful woman should only marry wealthy men). The real reason, of course, is that she fears her daughter's marriage to a lowbrow will drag her social status down a couple notches as well. But who am I to disagree with her reasoning? Regardless of what class we are in - and it is all about class, my friends - we all must abide by its rules or risk abandonment. In the class of the housewives of orange county wealth, beauty and youth trump everything else. These women are proud of being as phony as their silicon breasts.
  • the birthday cruise. Michael did not over react.

    I just had to write because we hear Lindsey say "Michael over reacted" to the food fight on the boat. We had a pleasure boat in that harbor for many years, and if that had happened on our boat my husband would have pulled right over to the Pavilion and off loaded those bad mannered creeps, and they could have found their own way home. To act like they did on a moving boat in the harbor is both dangerous and irresponsible. Accidents can, and do, happen out on the water and it's the captain's responsibility to see that everyone is safe while on his boat. Michael did not over react, he was being responsible. I would also bet that Michael will take a long, hard look at his relationship with Tammy because of Megan's behavior. Even tho she is now 21 and legal, he'll be seeing her and her friends at every holiday and special event gathering. Not a pretty picture.

    What can i say. The show has me hooked!!!!! its amazing. I love all of the house wives. i really cant pic my fav. one. theres Jeana. who is totally cool. she seems like the kind of person who would help any one. weaher she new them or not. Then we have Lauri. Wow you are soooooo down to earth you love every min. of life. you are another person who seems like you would give any one ther shirt of you back. I love the fact that you are sooooo consurned about your family. thats really great. I love the fact that she used to be a farm girl. Thats totally cool. Then we have Quinn. Quinn is awseme. and she had a totally hott 26 years old "friend". I love the fact that she are so god loving. a lot of people say they are but really arnt and she is. Then we have Vicki. wow, lol, Vicki what can i say. i really think you make the show!!!! lol and i would really like it if you would do the scream next season. it just wouldnt be the same with out it. lol. Then we have Jo. i love the fact that you followed your dreams. and the fact that it worked out! i love you all and hope you have an amazing life!!!!! i wish i was living the O.C. life!!!!
  • I love the show, love the glam, love the women and their families.

    I was so disappointed in the actions of Vickie and Tamara on last night's show. They know that Gretchen is going through some emotional times, but they childishly and basically acted like they were in high school, trying to get Gretchen drunk. They were insensitive to Lynne and Gretchen in last week's show. I love the women and know that these things do go on in real life, but these women are supposedly "adults" and that wasn't a very adult prank to pull on television. I am just saddened by their behavior and wish they would act their age and status.
  • Vicki's so judgemental! Lynn is entitled to her opinion and Vicky should show some respect.Lynn's nice & the most down to earth. The show's filled w/ drama (normally revolves around Vicky not liking other people or their opinions).The show's addicting!

    I thought Gretchen was awesome up until she was so flirty with Tamra's son...if you are engaged you probably shouldnt be acting in ways you wouldn't normally act around your fiance. I think Lynn has some wild children but is the most down to earth and the least judgemental. She is entitled to her own opinion, however Vicky seems to think that anyone other than her is wrong no matter what; even if it is someone else's opinion. Opinion is not fact, and neither is Vicky. Jeana is neutral for the most part and stays out of the drama somehow. I do think she can be a little territorial like Vicky when it comes to Lynn. Lynn will just have to prove herself to them to gain their trust and respect (although I think Vicky is too stuck up to ever be respectful of anyone unless it benefits her). Tamra seemed sincere but her true colors are showing. She is an instigator and also judgemental and materialistic. She told Gretchen that vacation while her husband is in ICU would never be an option. My husband was in the hospital for a year and I did take a vacation for the weekend. You need to do that because having a loved one so sick is draining emotionally and physically. So Tamra CANNOT judge ever until she has been in those shoes. None of these girls are better than anyone, in fact they are much more materialistic. All of their flaws and funny quirks make this show so addicting!
  • the daily lives of the EXTREMELY well off housewives of orange county. running their own businesses, shopping, spa days, running their homes and gossipping about each other.

    this show is totally addicting! i wathced it one day when it was on after another one of bravo's reality show's (i'm additicted to almost all of their reality shows-yum-yum!), i was instantly hooked. you don't know until you start watching how hard working these women are, esp jeanna and vicki, who own their own businesses. now, after watching the previous 3 seasons, i don't get what vicki's problem is. does she really think that she has the right to be arbitraily mean to someone just because they're new to the group. gretchen is really sweet and is going through so much w/he fiancee having cancer. and lynne is just a nice gal trying to fit in. tamra is definately a 2 faced backstabber. nicey-nice to gretchen's face and then setting her up. then she and vicki get in gretchen and lynne's faces and tell them to shut up and they can't express their opinions because they're new and stealing their thunder. if they could just see past their obvious jealousy they would see the friendship gretchen and lynne are trying to offer. it wasn't like that in the past 3 seasons, everyone was accepted and acted like adults. so, for now, s 1-3 get a 9.5 and s 4 gets a 7.5. that is until all the housewives decide to grow up a little. even w/all the backbiting, still totally addicting and worth watching.
  • It is like watching a train wreck. It is all so horrible but you can't help watching.

    The women are uneducated, tacky, and fake. You wonder how they got to the position that they did. The Napa Valley episode where they go to Les Etoile is fascinating. They have the money to live the way they do but do not have the culture to understand what they are throwing their money at. They just want the most expensive of everything but are too ignorant to know the difference between the best and the 2nd best or even the 3rd. One of the women had never heard of scallops before? How can you live in a multi-million dollar home, go the finest restaurants but have no idea what a scallop is? I was almost expecting them to be demanding the restaurant's freshest wine - enough of the old stuff!

    Its sad to see how yall complain about not having enough, want to trade lives with me. lol
    i just want to have enough to pay my bills, and make it to my next appointment at m.d anderson in houston texas. having rhumatoid arthiritis, leukemia and diabetes is not easy and not having enough money to pay medical expenses makes it worse. so be thankfull that you have the lifestyle that yall do. i am only 35 and disable so i watch your show and dream. lol its just good to see that people do things that we are not ever gone to be able to do in our lifetime.
  • i totally love watching this program, but come on! i use to work and live in orange county and there are way better looking housewifes than these girls. vicky looks like shes turning 50! whos the producer of this show.

    i totally love watching this program, but come on! i use to work and live in orange county and there are way better looking housewifes than these girls. vicky looks like shes turning 50! whos the producer of this show. you need to find better and younger looking girls. and why is vicky the lead housewife on the show. shes ugly even with fake boobs! hope she doesnt return to the show next season. by far tamra is the hottest housewife. you need to build the show around her. get vicky out of the show! shes ugly and annoying. please!
  • Ok First off these are "REAL WOMEN" Truly rags to riches stories of real women making it in the world. Coto's to all the OC women for all they have achieved. It shows how hard works does pay off.

    I do think media plays a big part in the emotions and opinions we gain from watching. I am sure that every housewife on the show has a good heart.
    I look up to strong women. being a stay at home mom and working towards starting my own business I can totally relate to this show.

    I see there is a casting call and dam it if I wasn't in Canada I would tell these folks to get my ass on the show. You want drama and a real housewive I'm your gal!!

    I must say Slade is a cutie. and too bad Jo was too young and not quite up to the whole stay at home thing. She is a sweet heart. Loves her. She is me 10 years agao. So I can relate to her life. In time she will be ready for all this. see is Slade is still waiting for her...

    or if he wants a real women now. I may be looking for a smart guy to fill some shoes. I am Jo 10 years older. hot, young but a mom already. But most important I am REAL!!

    I can;t wait for the new season to start. I absolutly love this show. So much I wish I were on it.
    Maybe I will run into Vicky in Lake Havasu. I have a house there. Wouldn;t that be fun... wooo hooo!!

    Cheers to y'all.
  • I had a feeling the train wreck would continue in the episode I just watched "Naked Wasted." and it continues in real life for Gretchen Rossi too.

    I usually feel for a 'underdog' but it seems some of Gretchen's 'choices' of late haven't been all that smart for someone in the public eye. So things aren't going to great for Ms.Rossi, with a website , first airing 'toilet pics', then showing pics of a tattoo that appeared some time ago on her ring finger with another man's name (not her fiance who tragically passed from his cancer late last year), claiming this is the reason, a 'large' engagement ring was bought for the show, to cover it up, and then naked 'car' pics. The information remains on the site, whilst Rossi is threatening them legal action.

    If I had such a bad year as this woman seems to have had, I would get away from it all. In the most recent episode of "Naked Wasted" that I watched, it was cringeworthy, watching Gretchen getting all kinds of terrible drunk, and the evil plotting of Tamra to encourage this. There was raised eyebrows from all the other housewives all night long. At the time that the episode was filmed, Gretchen's fiance had told her he did not want to live anymore, as he was battling cancer. I think it is all kind of awful for others to plot her downfall when she was experiencing a very hard time in her personal life. If it was me, I would not do it on camera, as that is a lot of heart ache that is not good for reality tv!

    The only sane housewives left in my opinion are, Jeana Keough and newcomer Lynne Curtin, who the other housewives claim is 'high' on pot all the time.. really? So just because someone is sane and normal, then you must be a 'pothead.'

    Whatever the case, I really to get my fix and watch the rest of the season up to the reunion, which has already screened in the USA.
  • A bunch of old women? So What?

    The title may be a bit harsh, but I really don't understand why people like this show. From what I have seen, it is really a show that doesn't have any relation to the every day life of an average human being, but in fairness, there are plenty of other shows just like that. The thing that gets me is that while one or two of the women on the show are pretty hot, it isn't nearly enough to save the show from boring stories, exaggerated plots, and the same old problems that hinder most reality shows, which is redundency. Thank you.
  • Really????


    how are these women real? they are all about "he said she said" "what she got what i got" "who she has slept with who i have slept with" These lowlife plastic full of s*** whores should be put in a dark room with a saucer of milk and left to beat the botox out of each other they are all a disgrace to women and orange county

  • Orange County Housewives

    The worst orange county housewife is Vickie. It is time for her to go. She is so jealous of Gretchen and Alexis. She wanted a divorce as soon as soon as Tamra was getting one. She is constantly talking about Slade. I think she would jump at the chance to have him - but he is too smart for her. Vickie is such a phony. The day her divorce papers were served to Don (she was also having this party that she just COULD"t cancel), so with these phony crocidile tears and pouty face she braved it..UGH it was disgusting. She treated Don so bad and said he was to blame. She was the one at fault - she treated him so bad and was so cold., and blamed him for their troubles. Actually he is lucky to be rid of her. I feel sorry for the next guy, because she only seems to be in a relationship for a short period of time. When Andy played Gretchen singing the song she wrote, Vickie was so jealous - she just looked so evil at Gretchen and she never applauded her like the other ladies.

    The second worst one of the ladies is Tamra, but she is not near as bad as Vickie. Tamra does have a mean streak about herself, but she will admit things she has done.
  • I wish I could be on the reunion show with you to skanks!!!!

    Vicky and Tamara I really wish I could have been on any reunion with either of you skanks. I would beat you both down. Especially youTamara... I wish I could get to know you and would wish you would bring ONE, JUST ONE word out of your mouth that concerned me or anyone I know, I would beat you like a dog.. You and Vicky who really looks like a MAN!!! talk to people like you are bad, I would break both of you nitwits down..And to DAN, let someone else have that MAN.. A Tamaras boy toy,,,messing with that OLD LOOKING HAGGGGGGG. He has to be desperate to mess with someone like you... To take care of your KIDS you HAGGGGGS
  • Interesting review on Real Housewives

    Interesting review on Real Housewives
  • overview

    I actually despise Tamra and Vickie, they are disgusting humans, Tamra is such a stuck up, jealous horrible girl and i actually feel sorry for Simon, and vickie is just as bad, she is vile. amazing how her children are actually lovely. Don should leave her, she doesnt deserve someone like him. I really like lyn, Jeana, and gretchen I think Lyn is lovely, down to earth and ambitious, her kids are a bit annoying but meh. Gretchen is beautiful and Tamra is so jealous of her its hilarious. I don't know about Slade.... I think he seems nice, but just seems like he might manipulate Gretchen. Love Jeana although her kids are so rude to her, she deserves more respect. :) wahooo !!!
  • housewivesfan

    Tamra is such a bitch! I can't believe how Tamra, Gretchen, and Heather are ganging up on Alexis and accusing her of being fake and materialistic!! They are all materialistic and fake. Tamra claims to be so "Happy" but who acts like that when they are so happy? She is only happy for getting attention and happy to tear others down rather than focusing on how to be nice. What's up with her hair??? Eew, she is so ugly and probably just jealous of Alexis. Take off your ugly wig Tamra, you are a BIG BULLY! Stop trying to tear everyone down and look in the mirror. YOU are UGLY and FAKE!!! And SO jealous of everyone else. And by the way, Eddie seems nice but he is ugly too. Simon should be so happy to be rid of Tamra. She is trash.
  • love alexis

    tamra is such a nasty cow who thinks she is better than the rest but clearly has nothing. you all should leave alexis alone.. vickie is such a nice person but tamra just brings you down. alexis is a nice person but i dont think its fair people ganging up on her..
  • Icky Vicky likes it sticky and pissy

    I never bought into Vicky's self-rightiousness. I intuit that behind that "perfect" working woman faade, speech pattern, and her puritanical self image, therein lies a dirty, low class cow and a raging whore. The only reason she had Don around was to keep her car washed. She showed how creepy she is by dumping on Heather and Gretchen the first night in Puerto Vallarta. I wonder what a clean, classy, gal like Heather feels about these nasty sex toy obscessed broads now. Who in their right mind would even like that dirty Vicky, let alone hang with is one old-ass, stank ass slut
  • Lydia

    I hope they replace her fast worst wife in yrs. she is clearly gunning for Gretchen from the get go. Can we say jealousy . She does need a cheeseburger it was not a big deal . Geeess these women and their issues. Wake up bravo Lydia is not right for the show .
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