The Real Hustle (UK)

Friday 8:30 PM on BBC Three Premiered Feb 09, 2006 In Season


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  • Season 11
    • Celebrity Chancers, Episode 8

      Lucien Laviscount joins the team this week as he been comes an antique dealer and helps Rob get a his hands on a pair of handcuffs used by Houdini which he makes the mark pay for. While Alex loses his USB stick and offer a £100 reward and gets a mark to pay the reward for him.

    • Celebrity Chancers, Episode 7

      Marcus Patrick joins the team this week as they go treasure hunting in someone's back garden and then steal something valuable from the marks house. While Alex and Jess sell iPads in a pub before splitting up the marks and escaping.

    • Celebrity Chancers, Episode 6

      Gemma Atkinson joins the team this week as she becomes an advert creator using 4 sports cars that they have hired and they plan on stealing all 4 of them. While Paul and Jess go to sell laptops and then leave with it.

    • Celebrity Chancers, Episode 5

      Jody Latham joins the team this week as he helps Alex and Paul to sell a card for £22000 where the mark only has to pay £6000 and Polly and Alex leave some catch in the street and when Paul finds it he gets rewarded by another man.

    • Celebrity Chancers, Episode 4

      Laura Hamilton joins the team this week as Jess in accused of stealing £1500 from Alex and Paul which just so happens to be the same amount of money in the marks pocket. While Alex gets a man's phone number then proceeds to text the man saying that he's at petrol station and forgotten his wallet and gets him to pay for it.

    • Celebrity Chancers, Episode 3

      Nihal Arthanayake joins the team this week as they sell a bronze statue that belongs to a museum to a mark without the museums guard even finding out. While Jess finds a engagement ring which was lost and asks a guys help in claiming the reward money since she can't hang around.

    • Celebrity Chancers, Episode 2

      Sam Faiers joins the team this week as they borrow a unsold house for the day to sell a brand new 3DTV and Sam and Alex have a argument saying that he taking the car due to the divorce leading to offer the car to the marks for only £5000. While Polly gets someone to look after her bags and Alex and Paul get a sniffer dog gets a scent on Polly's bags which 5 minutes later leaves him bagless.

    • Celebrity Chancers, Episode 1

      Shane Lynch joins the team this week as he becomes a begger to bring in a couple of marks who have their currency exchanged and telling them it might be fake but turns out that Alex and Jess might be Fake and Shane and Paul bring them in to try and catch them in the act with more than £1000 then they could get a £5000 reward.

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