The Real Hustle (UK)

Friday 8:30 PM on BBC Three Premiered Feb 09, 2006 In Season


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  • This show is simply a brilliant insight into what kind of scams and tricks are being done under our noses. Always brilliant to watch as it really shows you how to avoid becoming a victim of some of the simplest cons!

    The Real Hustle is a very informative show that always provides an opening eye into the world of scamming. Every episode is always jam-packed full of scams and tricks that are constantly being played on the public, and the three main actors of this show - Alex, Paul and Jess re-enact many of these cons on unsuspecting people, showing the consequences and affects that it has on those people afterwards. It really is a relief to watch a certain type of scam which looks so convincing and easy for our society to fall for, and then see the way that is done explained, and then how to avoid the situation altogether.

    Every episode is a real eye-opener for us viewers, and it's put together in a way where you see the reactions as real, but there's always a real lesson to be learnt every episode.
    A+ stuff.
  • It's great!

    The person who started up this show is a genius in my fair and honest opinion, it definately sets itself apart from the rubbish (in my opinion anyway, and I'm sure alot will agree with me) reality tv shows out there.

    The show is definately watchable, and usually I tune in to this show weekly if I am home with nothing to do.

    Its great to really see what can be done to you out in the big bad world, and is truely a real eye opener for the lesser minded individuals out there.

    For those who have seen this will agree that it isnt a bad show at all.