The Real McCoys

Season 1 Episode 28

Kate's Career

Aired Thursday 8:30 PM Apr 10, 1958 on ABC



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    • Luke; Little Luke, you put that frog back in your pocket, where it belongs!

    • Grampa: Why, back in West Virginy, when a woman married a McCoy, she didn't become no hired hand. She become one of the share and enjoy the family life, like...plowin' the fields and sloppin' the hogs and pitchin' hay and shoein' the horses. We give her the love and respect she deserves!
      Luke: Yeah, I know. Aunt Emma got so exhausted from all that love and respect...she died when she was forty!

    • Grampa (to Kate): Have you ever wanted for anything since you've become a McCoy? Why, you've got everything a woman could hope got a kitchen with runnin' water, inside wash tubs, a foldin' ironin' board, a egg beater, a new carpet sweeper, a can opener that's fixed to the just better count your blessings!

  • Notes

    • Hy Averback received an Emmy Award nomination (Best Direction of a Single Program of a Comedy Series) for this episode.

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