The Real McCoys

Season 1 Episode 39

You're Never Too Old

Aired Thursday 8:30 PM Jun 26, 1958 on ABC



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    • Grampa: I might a-knowed this was comin'on. Way back when the mule kicked ya in the head that time, instead of gettin' up and kickin' him back, ya got up and run off, cryin'.
      Luke: Grampa, I was only four years old!
      Grampa: The mule was only three! If I'd a-knowed you was gonna bring shame down on my head like this, why...I'd a-traded you and kept the mule!

    • Grampa (as Kate serves dinner): Well, I know it's a chicken, but what's it swimmin' in?
      Kate: It's a French recipe...I got it from school. It's called Coq Au's a chicken cooked in wine.
      Grampa: Well, I ain't gonna eat no chicken that has to get liquored-up to get the courage to come out here!

    • Grampa: Well, now...that was spoken like a true yellow-bellied husband. Luke, I'm warnin' ya, that woman's gonna have ya wearin' garters yet!

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