The Real Roseanne Show

ABC (ended 2003)


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Episode Guide

  • Season 1
    • I'm Not Roseanne Conner
    • Lowering the Barr
    • We Are Family
      We Are Family
      Episode 6
      Trying to smooth over the squabbles among her staff, Roseanne holds a big dinner party that doesn't help anything.
    • Stalking Brando
      Stalking Brando
      Episode 5
      Roseanne makes plans to get Marlon Brando as a guest on her cooking show, calling Ted to a meeting in her bed. Meanwhile Jeff and Jake become increasingly annoyed with Ted's treatment of them, and question his professionalism.
    • Lackeys and Drones
      The team Roseanne has put together manages to sell their concept of a "real" cooking show to the ABC Family Channel, which orders 13 episodes, but the first on-location shoot at Farmers Market does not go well. Roseanne decides she must reassert control over all the "lackeys and drones" she has hired.moreless
    • What's the Pitch?
      Roseanne's creative team tries to come up with a show that combines her dual interests in food and felonies. They travel to New York to "pitch" the show, but they strike out at both Court TV and the Food Network.
    • Roseanne Unbarred: Kinder, Gentler, Hungrier (2)
      Roseanne has to decide which Executive Producer she is going to use.
    • Roseanne Unbarred: Kinder, Gentler, Hungrier (1)
      Roseanne decides to come back to television, but needs an idea of a show.
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