The Real Wedding Crashers

NBC (ended 2007)


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  • The show concept was great. Take bride and groom. Find out their guests biggest flaws, pet peeves, and tendencies. Target those issues as any good friend would do in the name of humor!

    If this show was hosted "America's Funniest Home Video" style it would have been a huge hit. Unfortunately the producers decided to have the actors narrate the show on track over the show instead of having the actors live, with a studio audience, setting up each clip, and getting audience reaction real time while showing the clips. When watching this at home without a bunch of people around laughing, you started to feel very bad about all the things that were going wrong and start to forget that the bride and groom are in on the joke. Overall the actors were great. The reactions were priceless and I really think they should bring it back with the studio audience and host for a second run.

    Part of the appeal of these types of shows is the animated, funny set up that breaks up all the "bad" things that are happening to these people.
  • This show is awesome. It is light and funny and we all need some laughter in this world!!!

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  • Oh, lets give it a shot.

    I know that this seems alot like Punk'd, but I've only seen one epp, so I cant really judge yet. I think Kutcher did well with his shows, but this isnt the most original idea. I'm not saying I dont find some parts funny, because I do, and it was interesting, and the actors played thier parts believe-alby too. But not totally sure how long the show will be able to last.
  • Tries to be funny... but never ever succeeded

    This show is just plain stupid... "this wedding has been officially crashed" what a stupid line. Of all the reality shows of 2007, this is the worst show. I have no words to describe the utter stupidity of it, but I'll try: Take one part Punked and add 2 parts all the wedding reality shows before this... then find bad actors to be the crashers (believing themselves to be Owen and Vince) then add unbelievably unfunny situations, and you have a show that is abysmal. It must be the most unfunny show ever. I did not even smile. I hope it will be taken off the air. But then again, we now live in a "Idiocracy", so I will not count on it.
  • This is the kind of crap that belongs on E! VH-1 or MTV not NBC.

    I wasnt a huge fan of The Black Donnellys but this mindless nonsense, following on the heels of Thank God Youre Here, makes TBD look better by the day. The fact is was made by the producers of Punk'd is a good indication of how bad this show is - unless you happen to like Punk'd.

    Im not sure which is worse, this show or "Armed and Famous" by CBS that ran during the Jericho mid season break. Sigh..... Just watching bits of The Fake Wedding Crashers was painful - it was like I could feel my brain cells dying. It was worse than when relatives make you watch home movies/videos of ancient weddings. And who would actually want to turn their own wedding into some kind of bizarre circus that is then broadcast for all the world to see? If any relative of mine did this I would call the men in the white coats to take them away for a nice vacation in padded cells.

    They follow up a show like Heroes with a brain dead show like this? Did Sylar steal the brains of the producers and writers of this show? Im also not a huge fan of Heroes, but this show is absolutely awful!! Hopefully this show will CRASH and BURN in the ratings and it will be spirited off to E!, VH-1 or MTV... away with you !!!!