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Angry Boys and Dirty Girls

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    [1]Feb 26, 2009
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    Everyone in that house is at fault somehow. The complaints by the guys were legit; the way they went about conveying their grievances with the ladies was the problem.

    The ladies, for all of their talk about being adults and not needing anyone to tell them what to do, came off looking just as bad. If Katelynn and Devyn want to live like pigs, fine. They can leave their room looking however they please. When you're dealing with things that belong to everyone in the house, that movin' at your own pace sh*t doesn't fly. When people are coming right behind you to use dishes, sinks, or whatever, you need to show some respect for the rest of the house by cleaning after yourself.

    I wish Scott would've kept the key for the rest of the season or until those girls learn to clean up.

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    [2]Feb 27, 2009
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    As a guy I def. took the guys sides. The girls are all annoying and except for Baya have little to no personality. Everytime Devyn or Kate talks I just want to puke.
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    [3]Mar 11, 2009
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    I think the guys are being immature about the situation (although the idea of giving everyone a set of dishes isnt a bad idea). It especially made me mad in the episode where the boys complained about the girls talking about them behind their backs yet the boys do the same thing all the time.
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