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Episode 10: Pole Dancing and Pedro

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    Scott was too upset over Katelynn missing his birthday party. Simply talking to her would've prevented most of the drama from this episode.

    Locking the dishes is something I thought they should've done a while ago. Assigning dishes seems like the next best thing. It may seem childish but that's what happens when people are too lazy and pathetic to clean up.

    And, of course, Devin had to stick her loud mouth into something that didn't involve her. She's the biggest hypocrite in the house and I can't stand her.

    It was a cool idea having them get involved with the movie about Pedro. His story is what helped make the Real World. People complain about how boring this season is without realizing that sex and partying didn't make this show. The personal stories of the seven (now eight) people in the house are what made the show real.

    Scott is an amazing guy. I don't even live in the house and I was hoping that Katelynn went home. I wouldn't be as willing to give that much money to her after all they had been through. He's genuine.

    I feel sorry for Ryan already.

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