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    I saw this on another thread but all the nominiees were people from the last 4 or 5 seasons and god KNOWS there were wayyyy better people before las vegas. So here are the Real World Award Nominess:

    --Most Dramaitc:

    Amaya (Hawaii) Stephen (Seattle)

    Brooke (Denver)Dan (Miami)

    Melissa(New Orleans)Puck (San Fransicso)

    Leah(Paris) David (NewOrleans)

    --Most Changed over the season:

    Julie (New Orleans) Stephen (Denver)

    Paula (Key West) Theo (Chicago)

    Ruthie (Hawaii)Matt (New Orleans)

    Arissa (Las Vegas) Chris (Chicago)

    --Biggest Waste of space

    Mel (Philly) Simon (Paris)

    Jamie (San Diego) Malik (B2 New York)

    Nicole (B2 New York)Charlie (San Diego)

    Christina (Paris) Justin (Hawaii)

    --Biggest Slut

    Colie (Denver)Syrus (Boston)

    Trishelle (Las Vegas) Mike (Miami)

    Jenn (Denver) Alex (Denver)

    Melinda (Austin) Alton (Las Vegas)

    -- Hottest Roommate

    Lori (B2 New York) Eric (New York)

    Cameron (San Diego) Alton (Las Vegas)

    Mallory (Paris) Danny (New Orleans)

    Svetlana (Key West)Brad (San Diego)

    -- Biggest Hothead

    Heather (New York) Stephen (Seattle)

    Brooke (Denver) Tyrie (Denver)

    Rachel (Austin) CT (Paris)

    Coral (B2 New York)David (Los Angeles)

    -- Most Inspirational

    Jacinda (London)Pedro (San Fransisco)

    Rachel (San Fransisco) Chris (Chicago)

    Arissa (Las Vegas) Kevin (B2 New York)

    Frankie(San Diego) Jaquese (San Diego)

    -- Biggest B*tch

    Beth (Los Angeles)Wes (Austin)

    Irene (Seattle) Tyler (Key West)

    Coral (B2 New York) Karamo (Philly)

    Tonya (Chicago) CT (Paris)

    -- Most Likely to Take Home to Mom

    Kat (London) Jon (Los Angeles)

    Kelly(New Orleans) Sean (Boston)

    Jamie (San Diego) Jose (Key West)

    Rachel (B2 New York) Jaquese (San Diego)

    -- Cutest Couple/Hookup

    Kevin & Lori (B2 New York) Wes & Johanna (Austin)

    Brad & Cameron (San Diego) Alton & Irulan (Las Vegas)

    -- Most Hilarious

    Cynthia (Miami) Dan (Miami)

    Lindsay (Seattle)Jaquese (San Diego)

    Melissa (New Orleans) Jamie (New Orleans)

    Coral (B2 New York) Teck (Hawaii)

    -- Best Straight/Gay Guy Dynamic Duo

    Kelly & Danny (New Orleans) Brooke & Davis (Denver)

    Aneesa & Theo (Chicago) Sarah & Willy (Philly)

    -- Most Memorable

    Beth (Los Angeles) Teck (Hawaii)

    Coral (B2 New York)Eric (New York)

    Irene (Seattle)Puck (San Fransisco)

    Brooke (Denver) Mike (B2 New York)

    -- Biggest Ego

    Coral (B2 New York)Jason (Boston)

    Montana (Boston) David (New Orleans)

    Janelle (Key West) Wes (Austin)

    Kameelah (Boston)Tyler (Key West)

    -- Biggest Airhead

    Cameron (San Diego) Nathan (Seattle)

    Trishelle (Las Vegas)Brad (San Diego)

    Brooke (Denver) Ace (Paris)

    Svetlana(Chicago)MJ (Philly)

    -- Best Personality

    Janet (Seattle) Randy (San Diego)

    Sharon (London) Jon (Los Angeles)

    Lori (B2 New York) Zach (Key West)

    Jamie (San Diego) Sean (Boston)

    -- Biggest Partier

    Ruthie (Hawaii)Landon (Philly)

    Trishelle (Las Vegas) Davis (Denver)

    Jenn (Denver) John (Key West)

    Robin (San Diego) Ace (Paris)

    -- Most Emotionally Unstable

    Frankie (San Diego) Puck (San Fransisco)

    Brooke (Denver) Karamo (Philly)

    Amaya (Hawaii)Stephen (Seattle)

    Paula (Key West) Danny (Austin)

    -- Most Likely to do Challenges Forever

    Aneesa (Chicago)Brad (San Diego)

    Beth (Los Angeles)Alton (Las Vegas)

    Tonya (Chicago) CT (Paris)

    Robin (San Diego)Ace (Paris)

    -- Best Season

    Pick your own

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    [2]Sep 21, 2007
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    most dramatic: brooke (denver) & dan (miami)

    most changed: julie (new orleans) & stephen (denver)

    biggest waste of space: christina (paris) & simon (paris)

    biggest slut: jenn (denver) & syrus (boston)

    hottest roommate: lori (b2ny) & brad (san diego)

    biggest hothead: heather (new york) & ct (paris)

    most inspirational: arissa (las vegas) & pedro (san fran)

    biggest b****: coral (b2ny) & tyler (key west)

    most likely to take home to mom: kelly (new orleans) & jose (key west)

    cutest couple/hookup: alton & irulan (las vegas)

    most hilarious: melissa (new orleans) & jamie (new orleans)

    best straight/gay duo: sarah & willy (philly)

    most memorable: irene (seattle) & puck (san fran)

    biggest ego: janelle (key west) & tyler (key west)

    biggest airhead: trishelle (las vegas) & ace (paris)

    best personality: janet (seattle) & sean (boston)

    biggest partier: ruthie (hawaii) & ace (paris)

    most emo-unstable: brooke (denver) & stephen (seattle)

    most likely do challenges forever: aneesa (chicago) & brad (san diego)

    best season: new orleans

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