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The characters NONprogression...always with the same crap...

Which person has non-progressed the most?

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    It is just me or is anyone else getting sick of everyones annoying and pointless drama?

    I'm sorry but I just feel the need to say this is a damn shame that they are still going on about the same bull**** after 13 episodes....

    Shavoun: First off, this chick needs to get beat down by the right people cuz if any of those guys were my guy and some dumb trick like this threw anything or smashed anything at them, claiming drunken rage? I'd claim the same and tear her a new one. I always feel so bad for the guys because they can't hit her of course but what she needs is a good smackdown and I betyou her "drunken" rage will calm way down. Secondly, From day one all we heard about from this bigboobed bimbo was David. "I love david...but I can't deal with him" "I miss david...but I'm not gonna deal with his control issues." "I left David...but I still love him." And then she goes and flirts with Isaac...a few days later sleeps with some random dude? WTF?!! Talking about getting David off her mind? My ass!!! I hate this kind of stupid bimbo logic. If you wanna get someone off your mind don't spend every waking hour talking about him, analyzing him, WEARING THE RING HE GAVE YOU!!!! It's pointless nonsense!! And now, surprise surprise, she contacts David and instead of being grateful for like two milliseconds that the chick you claim to love is speaking to you again, what does he do? "COME HOME NOW!!!!" what a friggin jack***!!!! But in my book David and this bimbo deserve each other so if she goes home for his sorry controlling ass, good riddance!!!

    Kelly-Anne: Kelly Anne is such a firestarter. Ever since day one all she does is run from person to person starting **** and frankly I'm sick of it and someone needs to call her on her crap. She was pretty much in the same boat as Shavoun when it came to that Sutton character, but at least she dumped him so that's a step in the right direction-or did he dump her-. And I was also rather pleased that she stopped flirting with Dunbar...but now, based on previews for next week. It's looking like she's gonna screw over Cohutta just to be a slut *tsk, tsk, tsk* what a shame...

    Cohutta: Poor guy. I actually like Cohutta but I only have one complaint about him: Baby boy? Why oh why did you have to try and be with Kelly Anne? You should've known she was gonna screw you over...poor guy. I just hope that before the shows over Cohutta gets with a decent girl who won't mess with him and diss him for the first thing that will hump her...

    Isaac: Isaac is pretty much the only guy in the house who i have nothing to say anything about. Isaac's pretty cool...although I probably wouldn't date him...he seems a little too indifferent. But if I was in the house I probably would cuz he's the only guys personality that I could deal with. Cohutta okay, but he's a little too country, even for this semi-country girl.

    Trisha: mmm, mmm, mmm, what can I say about this idiot?...that hasn't already been said. All I know is if I was Trisha I wouldn't be broadcasting the fact that I was a devout christian. I'm not even christian, but I sympathize big time with them when someone who seems to have the mentality of a 3 yr old tries to broadcast the fact that she is such a STRONG follower of the faith. What a joke. The way she dresses, looks, carries herself? she should keep her cross tucked deep inside her shirt and not be broadcasting it about like she's some testament to christian faith. I'm not saying that just because she's christian she has to be perfect, but come on? Trisha/Trasha is a big disappoint, for blondes, females, american women, people from her hometown, any friends, boyfriends, siblings, uncles, aunts, and any one else who has the unfortunate experience of coming in contact with this I can't help but pray for the christian group she supposedly represents.

    Dunbar: Wow, what a waste of skin. dunbar is such a sorry sack of Sh** I can't even talk about him without getting angry. He is such an over the top jackass that it's not funny. The whole scene with Parisa and the blanket? WTF is his f***in problem?!!! He just likes to start trouble and get sh** started that's not needed. All he had do was just leave her alone. you're not her boss and besides that all she was doing was wrapping up in a blanket but noooooo. Here comes stupid hotheaded Dunbar to start trouble for no F***in reason. OOOOOOOO!!!! Anyways, I feel so sorry for his girlfriend to have to stoop so low as to deal with someone like him for a boyfriend. She seemed smart, pretty, and fairly honest-member how she told Dunbar that he does tend to be mean "at times"?-and to think that she has to deal with Dunbar? it's tragic...Neways, I am glad though that Dunbar happens to blow off the most steam on Parisa because she can handle his bull and she knos how to stand up for herself...

    Parisa: This girl is pretty cool with me. She and Isaac are definitely my favorite when it comes to the opposites sexes. But at the same time there are 3 vital mistakes she made that I just have to speak on. 1. Liking Dunbar 2. Befriending Dunbar 3. Hooking up with Alex. Parisa seemed so awesome...until Alex. I mean really and truly it's not that I blame her for wanting him or whatever and of course i definitely don't blame her when it comes to Trisha and all her sh**, but as far as my opinion goes it fell like 60% when I saw that she was actually willing to put herself out there and actually semi-beg for an obvious conniving jackass like him, and any mess that comes from it I can't really blame anyone but her because she of all people should know better...And as for befriending Dunbar, there's only so much sh** that you can take off of a "friend" and if I don't see Parisa like straight off just TELL DUNBAR THE F*** OFF, like she did with Trisha, I'm gonna have to take her down another few notches because Dunbar is no one to befriend and certainly not treating her like that...

    Well, that's opinion on everyones progression...anyone else?

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    I agree with you for the most part.

    Shavoun: If you want to talk about progression, she has degressed the most since the start of the show. She seems so cool in the beginning but now we're seeing who she truly is. And I don't think men should hit women, but if she continues to throw things and someone does hit her, I won't be mad or think less of whoever hit her. She wants to talk about what a "real man" is all the time, but someone needs to let her know what a "real woman" is.

    Kelly-Anne: She's been playing both sides of the fence. She acts like she's Parisa's friend, but we all know she's on the same girl-code bullsh*t that the other two are on. She became more likeable when she showed some interest in Cohutta, but that likability is dwingling each week.

    Trisha: At least she's been consistent. She was a b*tch in the beginning and she's ab*tch now. Everything she does contradicts her religion. She's quick to criticize everyone. I remember seeing her push Parisa in one of the previews, and I hope that's the episode that she gets her as* whooped.

    Parisa:I like her. I don't really have any problems with her, although she came come off as a know-it-all sometimes. She could have handled the Alex thing a little bit better. She should have been straight up and called him on his lies because she seemed like she wanted something more than a hook-up. That all seems to be over anyway and maybe she'll find someone else.

    Dunbar: I hated him in the first handful of episodes and started to like him when they went to that gay festival. He can be cool at times but it's obvious that he has problems controlling his temper. He needs to chill on all the anger and agression directed towards Parisa. I didn't like the way he acted in the last episode. Now the way I feel about his is a week-to-week thing.

    Isaac & Cohutta: I have no problems with the coolest people in the house. Actually, let me change that. I have a problem with the way they've handled Shavoun's throwing tantrums. I bet if they had chin-checked her she would learn a lesson about throwing things.

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