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  • I love this show, but sometimes the scripted part is too obvious.

    I love this show, but sometimes the scripted part is too obvious. I am not liking Real World Key West as much as I have liked other seasons. I love the cast, except Tyler, but I just think the interactions are all too scripted.

    Speaking of Tyler.. who does he think he is. He is an ****, in my opinon. I hate when he says \"You know those cute, annoying puppies that pee on the carpet? Svetlana is that puppy. She needs to be punished, and that\'s why I punished her.\" What is wrong with him? He\'s the one who wrote a burn book. I think hes an **** hole.. he needs to be punished.

    My favorite season was the Real World Boston, probably. I also liked Real World Austin.
  • the real world many don\'t like but I like all the flaws and the conflict in key west,everyone lash out and bicker be my guest.

    It\'s a fun reality show to watch because of all the conflict and flaws they have.In Key West, every episode their **** and it\'s radical, I hope some slaps happen and the drunkness and make-out between roomies even still could happen, it\'s still not done and anything could happen between any of the 7 castmates.I\'ve seen all the Key West episodes that have aired and I\'m hooked I hope I like Denver just as much or I hope that I like it even more than KeY West never saw anyothers but now I\'m hooked and whatnot so gibe the Mtv show a chance please!!!!
  • best reality show ever

    the real world is my favorite reality show i started watching the real world when austin came on it was so good and now key west is on and that one is good to but i think austin was better and next season the real world is going to denver i hope its really good i cant wait i wounder if austin is coming to DVD i hope so thats the best season
  • Is this show supposed to have a point?

    I really don't understand this show. It is completely pointless. It is the life of a couple people and their job. Ok... Is it really necessary to have a show about this. Sure it's the real world, but why watch someone elses story while you could be making your own. I thought that this show was a complete waste of time. For people that like to snoop in others' buisness this show is perfect for them. Otherwise all this show does is show you the life of a couple of people whining along the way. If you enjoy this show I have to admit I sincerely feel sorry for you. Maybe you can change my opinion if you explain the point.
  • Seven strangers, picked to live in a house, and have their lives taped.

    I like real world, there's drama, and conflict, and horny people. I don't think it's as much of a real world, because in my real world, nobody gives people a house, a huge house, for months, nobody pays anybodys bills, electricity, water, nobody gives people cool jobs, nobody gives people trips to other countries. So I had a a thought, what if instead of giving a house to people with homes, they could give a huge house to homeless people for a few months, and they can do all the things that the other kids do, and they can share their homeless stories in the confessional. They can save the money they earn from mtv, and their job to get them on their feet, and they can go on vacation and have a lot of fun, from this they can go onto challenges and appearances, and not be homeless anymore, if they do it right. But I watch real world, I am most likely going to keep watching real world, key west isn't all that great, but I still watch it. I know they are supposed to cause drama but, that one guy on key west Tyler, all I can say is, that if you try hard enough to make someone look bad, then eventually they will catch on, and gang up on you. Speaking of gang up this season is like find a weak link in someone, and go after it, because they've done it to just about everyone except Jose. Speaking of Jose, Jose is the level-headed one of the season, now if Jose wasn't there, If the level headed one wasn't there on the show, how much drama would there be?
  • once a good show

    i used to really like this show. the first season or so were actually great social experiments. take people from different cultures and see how they interact with one another. now it's just another crappy reality show. it's all about them getting wasted and trying to have sex with one another. and don't forget there's always that one in the bunch that has a higher social concience. tree hugger, or religious fanatic. it really makes me sick now.
  • They worry about the most tiny, unimportant things about life. Real world however does a good job in showing how wusy people can get.

    The past real world seasons were alot better. But I will base this review off current seasons which is currently a bunch of garbage. The roommates are stupid and whine more then my little sister. They worry about the most tiny, unimportant things about life. Real world however does a good job in showing how wusy people can get. Ex. Paula's food diet and eating problems and her drinking? So what? Does she have a disease? No. Is she poor and lives on the streets? No. So why is she whinning and moaping about some nonsense when she is to blame for her life "little" situations. You can blantly see that Real world over dramatizes every situation the roommates go through. To Sluvanna's (however you spell it) immaturatity problem to the manipulatiing gay guy. Yeah ..the guy. And the ugly diva wanna be Janelle. Furthermore, Real World picks people who dont have "real" problems. Most of the time its just petty relationships the people have. Its sort of insulting to have ignorant people on a show with minor problems and think its the end of the world and call the show "real world". Its not real and its not harsh. Get a real cast with real issues.
  • Not my favorite, going downhill.

    This show is overated. It is watched by to many people. I have tried to watch this show over and over and over and over again and I get the same thing. I keep forgetting that it is on tuesdays. It is not the type of show that I would remember becuase nothing very exciting happens in it. The characters are getting worse as the show goes along and evryone always seems to fight. You don't have to take my opinion but, it isn't a show that is worth watching. Turn on some real T.V. that isn't just a bunch of people playing with the camera and screaming or crying.
  • Oh this show is so awsome. Even though this season is a bit boring compared to last season, doesnt mean I dont tune in evry tuesday.

    Oh this show is so awsome. Even though this season is a bit boring compared to last season, doesnt mean I dont tune in evry tuesday.

    The drama, who knew. All the rommates are almost totaly different from each other and the drama and fights that you didnt see coming. Oh this show is cool.
  • okay show

    i started watching the real world when they went to austin that season was awesome there was alot of drama like when danny and melinda fought when danny got punched in the eye when dannys mom died that was sad wes had some drama johana and meamia i think thats how you spell it but thatwas cool when they got arested and now the real is in ky west its not as god as austin but its okay the hurracains are pretty cool and i heard the next real world is going to denver i wonder if its going to be any good ??
  • Played out...

    This show, while still entertaining is more of the same. It was good with the first few seasons, but after Las Vegas lost entertainment value. I mean they did about everything thinkable in Las Vegas than they try to make us accept the other mediocre seasons. I don't buy them, and I no longer take interest in the show. It is always the same formula...

    The Quiet One, The Gay One, the Depressed/Punk Rock one, the frat/prep, and the hot chick.

    I think that they should either try to do something new, like have it set in a different country, or just pull the cord...
  • The start of reality tv

    Back in 1992, MTV would "claim" the first reality tv
    Show of its kind with The Real World with people from different backgrounds but also different points of view
    Living together and how they liked living together.
    At first they are all nice and sweet. Then they get sick of
    One another. Wanting to get out of each other's hair! Very funny and ahead of its time.
    But IMO, it is going downhill fast!
  • Where reality first started!

    RW, has been on since the early 90s, and it never fails to amaze the heck out of people. From it's high drama, sex, and parties viewers have to love what they see. To put 7 young early 20 year olds in a house, in a big city, and giving them a job is so high intense waiting to happen. I've been watching this show since I was 7, that's right I started out young, but now that I'm an adult it never gets old.
  • Great show! Love the drama! I love it so much i joined an awesome game! Here's the link - . You should deff. join! -Breeza

    This show is probably my favorite show ever!

    Here's my impression on my faves.

    LOCATION - Key West = Awesome! Beautiful and exciting city!

    Tyler- Seems very mean to Svetlana, but he's very funny. Just too Bossy.
    Janelle- Seems like the biggest b*tch out of the girls. She is Tyler's shadow. But i love her.

    Great show! Love the drama! I love it so much i joined an awesome game! Here's the link - . You should deff. join!

  • Not that great anymore

    Is it just me or has the Real World, as a series, gotten really crappy? I've been a fan for about a decade now (I started with Seattle or Boston, whichever came first), and I usually watch it no matter how lame it is, but they're on season 17 now!!! Haven't they learned that people want more for their time? I don't want to see some 19 year old rich girl whining about her boyfriend for half an hour! I don't want to see the roommates getting hammered every...single...episode (and I mean every episode).

    I'm issuing a plea to The Real World and Mtv:

    Please make the show better or when season 18 rolls around, you may lose a long time viewer.
  • Light and fluffy, but entertaining.

    I can't help but like this show. I realize that it's not the most intelligent thing on TV, but for some reason this show is just addicting. Perhaps because it is an escape from reality. This is perhaps the ORIGINAL reality TV show, and while many will argue (and I agree) that reality TV isn't really "real", The Real World at least keeps it simple. No stupid challenges, no voting people off, none of the stuff that makes other "reality" shows completely horrible. It's plain and simple. 7 unique, albeit perhaps a bit stereotypical, young adults are thrown into a house with little to no responsibilty, and shenanigans of course ensue. While I frequently find myself asking "Why do I waste my time on this show?" I find that it is just a piece of television that I can truly enjoy. I can sit down and watch people whose problems are smaller than mine make a bigger deal out of their small problems than I do with my big problems. It's rather soothing to watch something like that.
  • Awesome! but need more.

    This show is a very good show and I love to watch it but after 17 seasons they need to change soemthing about. Although there isn't much you could change it need to add soemthing to bring in more viewers as some have gone over the seasons. Other wise this is a good show and I love watching it.
  • THis Show Sucks

    I hate all reality shows. Not only that but they are not reality. I believe that people who watch these types of shows are really dumbing down society. And even worse are the people that are behinde making these types of shows. I just wish that one day these people will sit back and reilize that they are making america dumber. And america, stop watching this garbage. I Love Tv, but I refuse to watch something that is so unoriginal that they can't even muster up a script. Now my last attact is that these are NOT Reality Shows. These are NON SCRIPTED SHOWS. or GAME SHOWS. Get it right.

    "Quote Nevermore"
  • As much as I used to enjoy this show I think it's time for it to go.

    When I first started watching this show they were on the season with the Chicago cast. I can definitely say that that was one of my favorite seasons. The next best seasons were San Diego & Austin. But after seeing the Philadelphia season I realized that maybe it was time for this show to go. It sometimes feels like there is too much fighting & hooking up & it seems like that's all it's about now.
  • 16 seasons = very old.

    I have not been watching this for very long. I started at season 10, which I liked, but after that it was the same. Every season the same stuff happens, drunk people, arrested people, and boring people. All they do is talk and get in trouble, which can be mildly interesting. On the positive note I still watch this show, and I will continue to watch for at least one more season, but after that it might get a little boring. Although I am not the biggest fan of this show, I like road rules and the challenges are always very cool. Overall, a good show, but on its way down.
  • Can't we find something better do do with our time than follow other people's lives? Don't we have lives of our own we can watch?

    MTV. The Music Television Network. Marrying the combo, and my loves, of music and television. But MTV's appeal to "music" (or lack thereof) is dissapointing. I will not be whiny and say "Bad show! Bad show! It's satonic! For the love of God, change the channel! I hate this show! Don't watch it because I say so!"
    Yeah, I know you don't care what I think, nor do I care what you think about my favorite shows.
    But just think what better you could do with your time than watch a couple people living together getting into bar fights.
  • the real world is one of the greatest and oldest reality shows on television strangers from all different backgrounds are put together and live in a house with each's time to stop being polite and start getting real.

    this is by far the greatest show on tv. i never miss an episode and the show is so addicitve. i love it. none of the other reality tv shows can compare with the real world. it is the mother of all reality shows.i want to be apart of the show so badly but my mom doesnt want me taking a semster off for school.
  • Take a group of strangers (girls and guys) and pick them to live inside of a house for 3-4 months and there's bound to be friction. Above all reality TV shows, this one is my favorite and is probably considered the first ever reality TV show besides Peop

    I started watching 'The Real World' in 1992 when it debuted on MTV. In 1992 there were no 'reality' TV shows like there is today, unless you want to count People's Court.

    The first season was in New York. There's been 12 different locations of 'The Real World' as of this typing besides the first season in New York and the 10th season in New York as well.

    When 'The Real World' first started out, the show wasn't focused on the group of guys and girls drinking and partying all the time. Now that seems to be the focus and I think the show has lost focus about what it's suppose to be about.

    90% of all the arguments on the show are now due in part to someone consuming too much alcohol and getting into an argument with the rest of the house mates. It wasn't like that for the first few seasons of 'The Real World.'

    It's gotten to the point where some of the house mates are now arrested and get locked up behind bars for the night or so. I think being in jail and drinking too much alcohol is what the show is focused on now.

    There's bound to be friction between a house of people without even taking a sip of alcohol.

    Even though there's good and bad points to this show 13 years later, this is still one of my favorite shows.

    Enclosed is the 'official' website of MTV's The Real World.
  • Same drama, same plot, every season!

    The Real World is only known for it being the first reality show shown on television. To me this show is just all about 7 people across the United States giving free rent to a particular location in the country where they will be filmed for 5 months. The main thing about this show is people drinking and getting drunk and going to the clubs partying. Almost every single episode is like that. Another characteristic for this show is the drama. Every single Real World season shown consisted of some drama. Another component to the show is the involvement with the police. And there you go! This is what the Real World is all about. Which is pretty dull and boring if you ask me.
  • A horrible show about 7 horrible human beings

    After watching the finale, I had a really bad taste in my mouth. The show is unbarable to watch. While the show has shifted its focus to partying/drinking/hooking up, at least there were some colorful characters. This season was the exception. There was no one likeable in the cast.

    The Danny and Melinda Show is sickening and really, really fake.

    Rachel has problems. The fact that she uses her Iraq experience for every excuse just shows how mature she is. The fact that she was physically in Iraq doesn't command respect, it's what she has done.

    Wes and Neh are morons. I can't believe they were actually casted. Waste of flesh.

    This was easily the worst season of the Real World ever. bad casting.
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  • This season proved to be the last straw for me. The point of this show,imo,has been lost in the haze of drunken castmates willing to repeat the same boring scenerio's as past seasons. Apparently the words watch,learn,grow,and change never occured to thes

    It started with the San Diego cast, and has been steadily drowning in quick sand ever since. Now, a show I once looked forward to watching every week, I can't even stand to let run in the background while I'm doing something else. Another season of annoying roomates in this less than thrilling place and location, was the final straw for me. I find nothing extraordinary about any of these new cast members, and It sickens me to think of the rich fools who cast them, and how much money they make to do nothing. It makes me wonder if this particular cast was picked from a lottery or worse yet, at random? At least that would explain it. But seriously, I think even a lottery would have produced better results than the seven grains of sand who were cast. Also, the houses seem to be getting uglier as time goes on, with cheesy and tacky and the themes. Here's an idea, let me pick the next cast. It would save Mtv tons of money and at least I know how to differentiate between an interesting personality and a rock! And for these cast-mates to play through the same old boring scenario's as if they've never seen or bothered to learn from their predecessors is just lame. You can't take Bob1 out and exchange him for Bob2, change the scenery, the town, and expect me to be impressed. Here's an bout finding some kids next time who have a promising future. An even bigger bout they dont drink or do the club thing. Oh my god, what a concept. I'd much rather watch a dedicated young person resisting the temptations to be a drunken fool on camera. And what's the deal with all these Boston dudes? Is this another friend or relative of ct and David? Hmmm....makes you wonder. But hey, whatever, I'm just one voice, one opinion, and if the people behind the life of this show want to slowly lead it to it's death, so be it. If this is all they have to offer for entertainment, I'd rather watch paint dry anyway. The only thing I have to dread now is the horror of having to see these morons on future rr/rw challenges.
  • This is so much fun to watch!

    Oh my! I love this show!...I watched a few different episodes, but not this one as much. I like the people in this house, though, as far as I've seen. I don't really like the concept of the people living in the same house. It brings up so much drama. I dunno, it's a good show...
  • Wow, this show's getting crapier each season. Im not saying that is a bad reality show, in fact it was the first ever reality show ever aired(correct if wrong)and it has an original concept.

    What i want to see is less of the same thing, im ok with clubs but i want to see it more dynamic.
    The only one i watched really was Paris,San Diego and Philly; the last one is a little unoriginal.
    My recomendation would be more dynamism to the show.
  • Going Downhill, and FAST.

    This show is about 7 staranger picked to live in a house ... Ya'll know the opening. But I personally think that this show is starting to lose its touch. In the beginning it was very interesting, but now with all of these other reality shows it's not making the cut. This show has become very repeditive and redondent. I mean how many times are you going to do the same thing. It is time for this show to go. I remember when I first started watching it, it was so interesting following these 7 people. Now, not so much. Shows like Big Brother and others, are simpily killing this show, so lets get it off the air, or make some serious changes.
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