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  • This show is doing really bad every year.

    This show has been doing worse every year and they need to stop filming them. I think 17 seasons will be enough. Maybe they can make a few more if they make them international. I would watch it if the show is in Japan,China,or Australia. I think the Austin season is soooooooooo boring. No interesting people
  • Seven people live under the same roof and round out house for the Real World, where people gain valuable experience for how the real world operates or so it says on paper.

    I gotta say, most critics of the show are right on the money, the Real World has been getting dumber and dumber every season. The characters are getting more stereotypical, and the show's premise itself of "people getting real" towards each other is a lying joke in itself. First we usually get a barrage of stereotypes, the one black dude in the cast who feels "left out" from his all white cast, or that one more minority whose labeled as a troublemaker despite the fact that his roommates aren't any better.

    Another laughable thing is the cheating, gf and bf who in "serious relationship", more than half of the time end up cheating with their roomate. This season is really no different with characters like Melinda and Danny and Jo and Wes. The whole premise of the show for intentional
    purposes is not being followed and some of the
    roomates behave like they just got out of junior
    high school. I still tune it but merely for a laugh as the show has hit numerous lows and
    hasn't fully recovered.

  • this show gwet beter every season i love this season out of all of them

    i love this show it is the best show every this
    season is the best i love the people in the house danny is soooo hot wes is sooo not cute he does not look good at all i love the house it is soo big i love the rooms i was sooo sad when danny\'s mom died i was crying
  • Someone needs to throw this garbage in the trash.

    The time of reality television has come and gone. Matter of fact, the time for this horrendous piece of a show had come after season 3. This show needs to go away and never to be seen again or run on daily marathons on MTV. No one wants to watch it anymore. No one cares. You are a music television station, give your viewers music.

    The Real World is nothing more than sex for 30 minutes. That is all it is anymore. No more complex individuals. Just a bunch of knobs who go out get drunk and sleep around.

    The Real World is no more. Retitle the show to The World As The Producers See It and Edit It.
  • i love the real world!

    i just started watching it and i love it! I love all the drama that is going on, fights, romance, I love it! people say its boring but i dont think its boring at all! The Real World Austin is the best season to me i love it so much drama in this season!
  • I love this show! It keeps me comming back each week looking for more!

    I have been watching real world since I could last remeber, I think the first time I really got into the show was when the season was in Hawii. I was always more into the road rules and the enjoyment of the challenges and the things they had to do. But now I can say I'm into the real world, I love this season. I didn't think any season could even come close the San Diego One *That is one of my favorite ones*! But As I watch, I was wrong. I don't dislike any person on this season, they all are out too enjoy the time they are there and have a good time. Danny who has been through so much is still on the show, which is amazing but I'm also glad he's back, and back to be with Melinda. I Can watch the reruns for this season all day long, exception of the epasoide with danny's mother. I just hope the next season will be just as good.
  • This show is AWESOME!

    This show is AWESOME! I mean, these people are not actors or actress' they are normal people living life everyday to the fullest! There are some troubles in the show mostly this season with Danny but he still came back to the show. Overall I LOVE this show! It rocks!
  • Good show

    This is a pretty good show and I'll watch it when it's on but if you see an episode for the 2nd time then the episode gets boring and sometimes I think that it isn't real, but it would not be called the real world if it was fake right?
  • Seven strangers living together, some will fall in love and some will make others fall into pieces. Tune in to see what happens, who will fall for each others and who will hate and betray who.

    This is one of my personal favorite there's no words to describe this show. Its hot edge and out there. there's a lot of parting going on, fighting, hatred and betrayed jealous roomates, and a death accurs to a family member of one of the roomates. Now if he/she leaves will he/she return to the show. Things are gonna get pretty hot.
  • The true story of 7 strangers picked to live in a house. . .

    This show is amazing! Like I said in my review about Laguna Beach, this show is very real and shows what actually happens to people. This season is very different then any others that I've seen though because of the injury that causes Danny to leave. It just broke my heart when he got the call from his father that said that his mother had died, then he leaves and Melinda's heart is broken. This is definately one of my favorite shows.
  • Was once really good but now...

    The Real World used to be one of my favorite TV shows but after 16 seasons of the same exact thing it's just become repetitive. The same things happen every season but The Real World is like a train wreck. No matter how horrible it gets you can't take your eyes off of it.
  • This show is da bomb! It makes me laugh,it makes me cry,everything! I really like 2005's season With Melinda, Danny, Nehemiah,etc. This is the best season so far! My fave character so far on this season is Danny and Melinda! They are the perfect couple! W

    The Real World gets better every season! It seems fun! I would like to get on there one day but see I can't have a boyfriend back at home if I want to do some of the tricks they been doin behind their boyfriend/girlfriend's back!lol I really consider Melinda a fake because if she loves Danny she wouldn't have kissed Wes! Danny is a sweet guy and he really didn't deserve the things that happen to him! His eye, Melinda, then his mom! Thats sick! I would've cried o hard jsut like him! I really felt the pain! I triend to hold my tears back! No, really!
  • interesting!

    this show was horrible in past seasons, but this season, real world austin has been the most interesting one so far! there is SOOOO much drama with danny & melinda! danny's eye, danny's mom, melinda's ex, etc. etc. its soooo interesting this season! continue with interesting drama! i just hope that melinda and danny do stuff together AFTER the season was over!
  • Follow the lives of seven strangers living in the same house in one big city.

    The Real World: Austin is my favorite season so far. I feel sorry for Danny because he has had trhe most bad luck. He had a fractured eye and his mother dies. I just hope he comes back to the show. Plus, there are so many parties. It's great! I also enjoy Real World/Road Rules Challenge. REAL WORLD ROX!
  • this show has lost its way

    what happened? once upon a time there were real people on this show with real problems and real lives. now its just a pack of underfed fashion models and wannabe flash in the pan celebrities who indulge in prefabricated drama. this show has degenerated into a fourth rate soap opera. this show is way past its prime and its time to stop celebrating mediocrity and and catering to the lowest common denominator.
  • I love this show, the drama is the best part!! Danny and Melinda have been hooking up alot, but Danny's mom just died. It was really sad!! He took time off to be with his family, and Melinda is worrying that he might not be back. 5 stars!!!

    It's one of the best shows, the drama is really good, not too much, but enough. The comedy is funny with Nehemiah and Wes hooking up with all the girls.And there's alot of love going around with Melinda and Danny, Danny who's mom just died took time off of the show!
  • Not so real anymore.

    There's not much I can say about the Real World now. At one point, I loved it. I'd watch it with my sister all the time. The thing about the early seasons is the people were real. Chances are you could identify yourself with someone on the show. But all there is now is eye candy. Majority of the people are stereotypes; The Jock, The Jerk, The Princess, The Gossip, The Angry Black Guy/Girl, The Slut, and the Gay person.

    This season of Real World is an approvement from last season, but is not so good. So far, every episode has been about Danny/Melinda, and it's getting extremely annoying. Sooner or Later, Real World will lose it's fan base if it doesn't get back up to pace.
  • I think the real world is a good show.

    Awesome primere.So it's gonna be an awesome season. Imagine everythign that you have ever seen in Real World happening at once, that was this premeire. They did the drinking, and the hottubing. Two chicks made out,Danny and Wes formed a bond and so did Johanna and Lacy. So far there is a battle over Danny with Johanna and Melinda. We foudn out Lacy is a Virgin, and obiviously the prune of the group. Melinda is very free with her clothing, which seems to entertain both the veiwers as well as Danny and Wes. We find out that Johanna becomes a different person once drunk. She even starts a really chaotic night at the club. Danny got his head bashed in and needs surgery. and all of this was within the preimere episode.
  • Drama....LOVE IT!

    The Real World is a show that shows teens what NOT to do once they hit college years.Okay, Wes for example...he is a good guy and all by he is going to ASU. Arazona State Universerty. He can get really drunk sometimes and him and Neahmiah have the "Groupie drawer". OKAY...that's going just a little to far. Now, I give many props to Lacey because she is kind of like the mother of the group. I don't think I have ever seen her drunk on the show. Racheal...well she is another story. She likes the bouncer guy, but yet there is her boyfriend back at home. Now she says that they are "Taking a break" but I think that they are done! Okay girls...what about Danny? OMG! He is so cute. I love dude's with accents. Danny is a down home Boston boy who was here to have fun and HOEPFULLY leaen some lessons. Lesson number one for Danny, not to get into a fight where you could POSSIBLY lose and eye or come really close to it! I really don't know what to say about Nihmiah expect the thing about the groupie drawer. about Jo? She is a really cool girl, I think. Yes, she once liked Danny, but soon enough got over him when Melinda finally gave into him. Over all..its a good show! Thanks for your time!
  • This show was cutting edge.... about 5 seasons ago.... Now its just total crap...

    The fact that this show is still on the air doesn't supprise me, Its all drama and gossip... And always have the most stuck up people in the cast, who don't even appreciate the fact that they live in a great country and don't respect anyone or anything (not even themselves). They have it easy and still they find something to b*tch about. I can almost see its appeal but, I look for more in my TV shows...
  • The best reality show on TV.

    This is the best reality television show on tv.This show is fun,wild,and cool.It gets better every season.The locations are awesome.The jobs are cool.Theres not too much time in between seasons.It has all the categories in it. This show can be very dramatic,very funny,and very action packed,and very romantic.Why?Because its seven young adults in one house for nearly half a year. If i had to pick a reality show to be on it would be The Real World. This show is very influential.Everyone knows this show even if they have never watched it.This is a show that will be discussed still in 1OO years.
  • Is it bad to admit I've seen ever episode of every season?

    It's kinda hard to belive they made it up to season 16, when this show finally comes to an end I will most likely cry. It was the first show like it and it's still the best. Yes the drama is pumped up by the producer and crew but it still makes great tv. It's kind of like a car wreck, you know you shouldn't look but you just can't help it.

    I have to say my favorite episode of all time was season 8 Hawaii 's first episode where Teck and Ruthie are locked outside and go skinny-dipping.
  • i never got into it.... i dont think i ever will.

    Some of my friends watch the real world, but i never really was interested in it... i watch an episode or 2 every season, just to see if id like it... i never do tho... oh well... theres plenty of shows i do like to watch instead and i know lots of people who do enjoy the show...
  • interesting but MTV plays it way 2 often

    this is a great show but MTV just plays it way 2 much like the 1st 5 times a week is good but they play it like 10 times a week nd it just starts getting like er stop airing it! my personal favorite season of the real world that got my interested in watching it is the real world: san diego i completely loved that season i think its the best ive seen! its not the best show their is but its still a decent show thats worth 30 min. of your time so sit down every tuesday at 10pm and watch this show you wont regret it.
  • This show is startin to su*k!

    I rarely watch the new real world. come to think of it, i barely watched the old RW. But i do have a enough since to know that the show is going downhill and needs to end soon. Season 16 is only on its 4th or 5th episode and its a really bad season. I only watch to see the fights. It seems like every season there doing/talking about the same sh**. And that white dude who got his as* beat and that hot blonde girl annoy me! The blonde is nice to look at, but there relationship problems bore me!. Real World needs to end.
  • i like it its interesting

    i really like it its a good show and the first season i watched was san fransisco and taht got me tottaly hooked!!!! but philly kinda brought it down a little but now this season has tottaly made up for it !!!! i think its a good idea to put people in a hoouse and see how they react and i wish i was old wenough to be on it i would love to go on it and meet new people taht would be so cool i hope mtv buys 20 more seasons cuz they only bought 20 seasons from the bunim/murray and its gona end if they dont!!!!
  • This show should be on air for many years to come...

    I've read how viewers (including fans) have said that this show has changed a lot since it started; that now, what producers do is pick a bucnh of good-looking people and send them to a surreal house in some city. To begin with, that's what it's supposed to happen, they wouldn't be living in a boring city in a small country house, and they wouldn't pick a bunch of unattractive people because they're just not attractive (the noun says it all). I think it has been great since it started and I just can't get enough of it, I'm glad that now they do 2 seasons per year. Of course, it will be constantly changes as the years go by because youth people do that, 21 year-old people now are different than 21 year-old people back in 1995, that's how it's supposed to be! So don't be surprised if you watch the show, if you are in your early or middle 30's and don't like the show anymore...'cause you are living in THE REAL WORLD!!!
  • "This is the true story of seven strangers picked to live in a house and have their lives taped Find out what happens when people stop being polite and start getting real" And one thing's for sure, it's not always pretty...

    With all the low quality reality shows on air all around the globe in recent years, it is hard to give the 'reality genre' much credit. Shows such as 'Big Brother', 'Survivor' and 'I'm a celebrity...' have been duplicated in several countries and have, in my personal opinion, given reality shows a bad name. Contestants of such shows now play up to the camera, and there is not much of the 'real' left to show. Britain's recent 'Celebrity Love Island' is a prime example. Yet throughout all 16 seasons, 'The Real World' has stayed what it is supposed to be- real. Of course we as an audience don't see all that goes on, but at least with this show we don't sit there watching the 24 hour live web cam in the hope of catching something resembling soft porn. 'The Real World' has managed to stay stylish, the same way it began, and has become a classic high quality, enjoyable show no 'Big Brother' season can keep up with.
  • "Seven strangers, picked to live in a house, live together and have their lives taped, to find out what happens when people stop being polite...and start getting real. The Real World..." What more can you say? Really? Drama, drama, drama - A

    Finding seven strangers of different backgrounds and of different personalities and shove them into a house to live together. What do you get? Drama. Girls rivaling each other to get the cute boys in the house. Each season, you fall in love with the "characters" of the Real World and think they can't possibly top it. But each season they prove us wrong. Who doesn't like watching the disfunctional life of young 'adults'? Each week we tune in to see who in the house hooks up, or which of the roommates will be battling each other. Give them a little alcohol, and sit back and watch the fire ignite.
  • this show rox!

    i luv this show so much!!!i thought the last season in philly waz good, but austin is insane! there's so much drama every day, it rox. every season is more intence than the next. the people r hot, and the hook ups r hotter. (i kno i suck at reviews, but o well).
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