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  • Season 16 is a lot like season 14

    i noticed that season 16 and season 14 are a like in soo many with the achohal and the hook-ups. and this should be the best season yet!!! did any one notice that melinda and danny and brad and cameron are like the same exept that melinda admitted that she liked danny.
  • Young kids with dreams of stardom, bar fights and drunken hook-ups are back again. This time in Austin, Texas. Yes there is still one girl and one boy with a good head on there shoulders thrown into the mix to counsel the less-bright. But how long until i

    This is very familiar every season. A house full of loud, drunk, fun-loving youngsters playing grown-up and realizing it\'s not all it\'s cracked up to be. There\'s the obvious outsiders, who try to get along with the frat boys and the sorority sisters until usually a alcohol-indused mix of homesickness and different backgrounds and lifestyles collide into another famous ratings-grabbing fight for MTV to rerun over and over until you find yourself wishing for the next season to just hurry up and take over.
    It is beyond me why, anyone would want to put themselves in this situation, the only thing I can think of is that now with the real world/road rules battles, gauntletts, and infernos for former castmates to make a comeback in. It is now possible for former cast members to live on these shows, I have lost track how many times I have seen Veronica, Mike(Miz), and Eric on the battles. These people have no reason to ever work again, just eat sleep, bitch and fight and let the cameras in on everything. I think in years to come MTV will have played a major part in the making of the new American dream, which is being cast in a show that will have multiple spin-offs, remakes, and platforms for future entertainment jobs.
    So when will this all be too much? For me, never.
  • Needs fine-tuning, but maybe not the kind that most shows need. I watched Real World: Austin, and let me just say that the "real" part of it wasn't there.

    Reality shows never should have joined TV, they are wastes of time. Most of them, atleast. I only like two, and that's because they aren't AS scripted as every other show on television. Everything is scripted now, including the Real World. It always follows a formula, and god forbid they all just get along. I know that that wouldn't be a show, but doesn't that just prove it's scripted?
  • Seven people (ages 18-?) are randomly picked to live in a nice house where drama and chaos occur while they are trying to complete a given job for months.

    Being one of the first reality shows to come out on television, it is safe to say that the Real World is an original tv show. Although, it can be annoying to debate in your mind whether the drama is scripted, partially scripted, or totally unscripted, this show is hard not to get into once you cross it during your channel-surfing. This show's viewers find it interesting and humorous to watch crazy drama come between immoral, random, young adults.
  • The same seven types of strangers live in a house and do the same predictable things.

    Remember the good old days of the first three season. When it seemed that this show could once be called a documentary? A social experiment? I remember watching that first season, amazed that people were having conversations about race on MTV. I really respected the shows creators for that and I was only 10 years old! Now I'm 24 and am disgusted by the shows steady descent into a seedy hook up show.
  • Once a show about a life changing experience. Now a show about booze, fights, sex, and drama.

    Okay, so this show was once "orignal" in a sense that it paved the way for most reality shows now. Every season followed a new group of strangers and each season brang something new.

    That's not how it's like anymore. Ever since the Las Vegas season, the show kept bringing the same old three things over and over again: Sex, Hook-ups and Fights. The show has changed from an eye-opening and life-changing experience, into a fat seven-person orgy.

    If anyone wants to watch this show in it's true nature, then watch the first eight seasons of the show.

    Change the channel please what the hell why is this gay ass stupid show still on ? Cancel it already its way past its prime !!! ( im just filling in the rest of this box ) ( im just filling in the rest of this box ) for real though please cancel this show. Please cancel this show please !!
  • It's a great show!

    The Real World Austin is great! It's probably going to be one of the best seasons of The Real World. It's awesome!

    Everyone is getting along. Rachel and Melinda are making out in the hot tub. Then they all shower together.

    The second night is even better when they go out and Danny gets punched in the face.... thanks to Nehemiah!
  • One of the worst and most pointless shows on television. Only for pre pubescent girls, and no brain partiers.

    I actually watched the season premiere of this show... and it was one of the worst and most frustratingly stupid and sophmoric viewing experiences of my life. I really don't know who wastes there time watching this shit... You can skip the show; because I'll give you a description of how this and every real world goes: Go to Bar, get drunk, big fight with random people for no reason, girl cheates on boyfriend with every guy in the house, drama, get drunk, drama, fight, drama, getting along, more drama, drunk, fight, cry because its all over. Wow what a great show... yeah right.
  • My passion

    I cant miss a show when the season is on. I hope they do one for DC that would be cool. I love the show. I think watching other people making a mess of there self is funny LOL. Its like dang what would there parents think. ove the show
  • Loosing its steam quickly.

    I guess the older I get, the more downhill this show seems to go. The last season I fully watched was Chicago and then it was going down like the Titanic. Vegas was an embarrassment as was Paris. San Diego was a little better. I was in and out of the Philadelphia season and who knows what Austin will bring. This season looks like it will be better than the past few have been.
  • This season should be the best season yet! The premere was crazy!

    7 people are picked to live in a house together in Austin, Texas. This is the 15th Real World season and should be the best one yet. This cast reminds me of the RR: San Diego cast because of their partying and drinking, as well as getting into some fights.
  • The Real World truely gets better every season.

    Today June 21, 2005 was the season premiere of The Real World Austin and already it had me excited and wanting more. This episode was jam-packed with action. More action and drama on the first episode than I have every seen on any other first episode of The Real World. In my opinion this season just might be the best yet.
  • A show about seven strangers picked to live together and get real.

    Umm...The Real World is okay now. I loved the Real World when they first came out. The earlier seasons were much better than now I think. They are getting sorry with the recent epsiodoes. It's not as good as it used to be. I hope that they do better with this new cast and new season.
  • Every season of this show is differnet and sometimes it can be a interesting show (San Diego) and other times it can be boring (London). But this show is the first of its kind it really started the genre of reality was there was nothing like this on befo

    I have been watching this show this I was in my early teens and has been a staple of my TV viewing. Lately it seems that every other season is a awesome season so Austin should turn out to be a great one. San Diego has been my personal favorite it had the right mix of people and drama. I have noticed that when they can a younger set of roomates (this upcoming season no one is older then 23) it tends to do better and is more interesting. Philadelphia no one was younger then 21 and while it had its good moments it wasn't the best season. All in all this is a great show with normally great drama and highly entertaining.
  • It Rox!

    The Real World is SUCH a great show! I love it to death! The new season is gonna be awesome! I saw previews for it, and it looks SO eciting to watch! That's the only show I run home to watch! I can't wait until June 21st when the 15th season kicks off!
  • each season gets a little boring!

    Hope the next season is full of fights and drama like the old seasons! Real World Philadlphia, left a lot to be desired! Chicago was great! New Orleans even better! I was glued to my tv in past seasons but the last season left me high and dry - the cast was just too boring and too goody goody save for Karamo!

    I saw this show when I was younger...about three years ago and thought it was so stupid. then I watched The Real World San Diego then Real World Philadelphia and LOVED them both!!! I can't wait for The Real World Austin Texas June 21st. It looks soooo good. Looks like its going to be one of the wildest seasons yet!
  • chicago was my first season

    wow when did MTV start the real world? i know i was like one. my first season i saw was chicago. that will always be my season. i love the longest running reality show ever. i really don\'t know how people can always hate on it. i got all my friends addicted to it too. and they love me for it.
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