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  • TRUE Reality Television...At its FINEST

    Now this is REAL reality televison. Regardless if the people are pre-arranged so that they will clash with each other and start a drama hell storm, THATS THE POINT!!!!

    We want to see the drama - reality tv has branched out so much - yet The Real World keeps it classy - six better than average looking people with the one occasional weirdo all in one house to test their patience. i luv it

    One of the only true ORIGINAL reality shows where the end results are new friends and bonds and not a cash prize.

    Sorry...But it doesn't get better than this guys - reality wise at least =)
  • good good drama make outs break ups it is so good gotta love the real world so many fights and drama so many good looking ladies i give this show a 10 its great gotta love the show its awesome :D hope it keeps on to get to season 50 thats would be good

    a great great show i love this show it is pretty good on my opinion they just need to make more real world\'s but in puerto rico and jamaica places on the carribean it would be a good season if it was there and up to now it is a great show my rating is 10 its good a lot of drama and real, the real world is good just thoso recommendations thats all i ask for :D and i hope i\'ll get on the real world sometime in my life i wish i could im just gonna be my self bye bye
  • the real world many don\'t like but I like all the flaws and the conflict in key west,everyone lash out and bicker be my guest.

    It\'s a fun reality show to watch because of all the conflict and flaws they have.In Key West, every episode their **** and it\'s radical, I hope some slaps happen and the drunkness and make-out between roomies even still could happen, it\'s still not done and anything could happen between any of the 7 castmates.I\'ve seen all the Key West episodes that have aired and I\'m hooked I hope I like Denver just as much or I hope that I like it even more than KeY West never saw anyothers but now I\'m hooked and whatnot so gibe the Mtv show a chance please!!!!
  • best reality show ever

    the real world is my favorite reality show i started watching the real world when austin came on it was so good and now key west is on and that one is good to but i think austin was better and next season the real world is going to denver i hope its really good i cant wait i wounder if austin is coming to DVD i hope so thats the best season
  • Great show! Love the drama! I love it so much i joined an awesome game! Here's the link - . You should deff. join! -Breeza

    This show is probably my favorite show ever!

    Here's my impression on my faves.

    LOCATION - Key West = Awesome! Beautiful and exciting city!

    Tyler- Seems very mean to Svetlana, but he's very funny. Just too Bossy.
    Janelle- Seems like the biggest b*tch out of the girls. She is Tyler's shadow. But i love her.

    Great show! Love the drama! I love it so much i joined an awesome game! Here's the link - . You should deff. join!

  • the real world is one of the greatest and oldest reality shows on television strangers from all different backgrounds are put together and live in a house with each's time to stop being polite and start getting real.

    this is by far the greatest show on tv. i never miss an episode and the show is so addicitve. i love it. none of the other reality tv shows can compare with the real world. it is the mother of all reality shows.i want to be apart of the show so badly but my mom doesnt want me taking a semster off for school.
  • nehemiah is like one of the FYNEST guy that has ever lived!!!!!!!!! he is FYNE!!!!!!!!!!

    nehemiah is soooooooo freakin' FYNE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i would so love to go out and or make out with !!!!!!!!!! ok i'm white so !!!!!!!!!!!!!! he is so freakin' sexy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and it's not like i'm gonna actualy gonna go out with him !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and my parents won't let me go out whith him cause he's b, my dad best friend for his whole life ( he's 44 ) is b !!!!!!!!!!!!!! besides i've gone out with 3 b guys with out my parents knowin' !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i ain't gonna listen to them when it comes to this !!!!!!!! i mean my dad always says you can't help who you fall in love with !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • this show gwet beter every season i love this season out of all of them

    i love this show it is the best show every this
    season is the best i love the people in the house danny is soooo hot wes is sooo not cute he does not look good at all i love the house it is soo big i love the rooms i was sooo sad when danny\'s mom died i was crying
  • i love the real world!

    i just started watching it and i love it! I love all the drama that is going on, fights, romance, I love it! people say its boring but i dont think its boring at all! The Real World Austin is the best season to me i love it so much drama in this season!
  • I love this show! It keeps me comming back each week looking for more!

    I have been watching real world since I could last remeber, I think the first time I really got into the show was when the season was in Hawii. I was always more into the road rules and the enjoyment of the challenges and the things they had to do. But now I can say I'm into the real world, I love this season. I didn't think any season could even come close the San Diego One *That is one of my favorite ones*! But As I watch, I was wrong. I don't dislike any person on this season, they all are out too enjoy the time they are there and have a good time. Danny who has been through so much is still on the show, which is amazing but I'm also glad he's back, and back to be with Melinda. I Can watch the reruns for this season all day long, exception of the epasoide with danny's mother. I just hope the next season will be just as good.
  • The true story of 7 strangers picked to live in a house. . .

    This show is amazing! Like I said in my review about Laguna Beach, this show is very real and shows what actually happens to people. This season is very different then any others that I've seen though because of the injury that causes Danny to leave. It just broke my heart when he got the call from his father that said that his mother had died, then he leaves and Melinda's heart is broken. This is definately one of my favorite shows.
  • This show is da bomb! It makes me laugh,it makes me cry,everything! I really like 2005's season With Melinda, Danny, Nehemiah,etc. This is the best season so far! My fave character so far on this season is Danny and Melinda! They are the perfect couple! W

    The Real World gets better every season! It seems fun! I would like to get on there one day but see I can't have a boyfriend back at home if I want to do some of the tricks they been doin behind their boyfriend/girlfriend's back!lol I really consider Melinda a fake because if she loves Danny she wouldn't have kissed Wes! Danny is a sweet guy and he really didn't deserve the things that happen to him! His eye, Melinda, then his mom! Thats sick! I would've cried o hard jsut like him! I really felt the pain! I triend to hold my tears back! No, really!
  • Follow the lives of seven strangers living in the same house in one big city.

    The Real World: Austin is my favorite season so far. I feel sorry for Danny because he has had trhe most bad luck. He had a fractured eye and his mother dies. I just hope he comes back to the show. Plus, there are so many parties. It's great! I also enjoy Real World/Road Rules Challenge. REAL WORLD ROX!
  • I love this show, the drama is the best part!! Danny and Melinda have been hooking up alot, but Danny's mom just died. It was really sad!! He took time off to be with his family, and Melinda is worrying that he might not be back. 5 stars!!!

    It's one of the best shows, the drama is really good, not too much, but enough. The comedy is funny with Nehemiah and Wes hooking up with all the girls.And there's alot of love going around with Melinda and Danny, Danny who's mom just died took time off of the show!
  • Is it bad to admit I've seen ever episode of every season?

    It's kinda hard to belive they made it up to season 16, when this show finally comes to an end I will most likely cry. It was the first show like it and it's still the best. Yes the drama is pumped up by the producer and crew but it still makes great tv. It's kind of like a car wreck, you know you shouldn't look but you just can't help it.

    I have to say my favorite episode of all time was season 8 Hawaii 's first episode where Teck and Ruthie are locked outside and go skinny-dipping.
  • i like it its interesting

    i really like it its a good show and the first season i watched was san fransisco and taht got me tottaly hooked!!!! but philly kinda brought it down a little but now this season has tottaly made up for it !!!! i think its a good idea to put people in a hoouse and see how they react and i wish i was old wenough to be on it i would love to go on it and meet new people taht would be so cool i hope mtv buys 20 more seasons cuz they only bought 20 seasons from the bunim/murray and its gona end if they dont!!!!
  • Season 16 is a lot like season 14

    i noticed that season 16 and season 14 are a like in soo many with the achohal and the hook-ups. and this should be the best season yet!!! did any one notice that melinda and danny and brad and cameron are like the same exept that melinda admitted that she liked danny.
  • It's a great show!

    The Real World Austin is great! It's probably going to be one of the best seasons of The Real World. It's awesome!

    Everyone is getting along. Rachel and Melinda are making out in the hot tub. Then they all shower together.

    The second night is even better when they go out and Danny gets punched in the face.... thanks to Nehemiah!
  • This season should be the best season yet! The premere was crazy!

    7 people are picked to live in a house together in Austin, Texas. This is the 15th Real World season and should be the best one yet. This cast reminds me of the RR: San Diego cast because of their partying and drinking, as well as getting into some fights.
  • The Real World truely gets better every season.

    Today June 21, 2005 was the season premiere of The Real World Austin and already it had me excited and wanting more. This episode was jam-packed with action. More action and drama on the first episode than I have every seen on any other first episode of The Real World. In my opinion this season just might be the best yet.
  • It Rox!

    The Real World is SUCH a great show! I love it to death! The new season is gonna be awesome! I saw previews for it, and it looks SO eciting to watch! That's the only show I run home to watch! I can't wait until June 21st when the 15th season kicks off!
  • chicago was my first season

    wow when did MTV start the real world? i know i was like one. my first season i saw was chicago. that will always be my season. i love the longest running reality show ever. i really don\'t know how people can always hate on it. i got all my friends addicted to it too. and they love me for it.
  • If you like the Denver season and want to book a cast member for an appearance check

    The Real World Denver has started out like the last several seasons getting drunk and the ensueing hook ups.

    What this season will quickly become something with MUCH more substance and \"reality\" that has been missing since the Las Vegas season.

    MTV has high hopes for this season, hence the commercial and content blitz this year along with showing the premiere 3 times in a row.

    I work with this cast as well all the previous cast members and if you would like to book any of them for an appearance or lecture check out .

    ,MM Agency
  • Oh this show is so awsome. Even though this season is a bit boring compared to last season, doesnt mean I dont tune in evry tuesday.

    Oh this show is so awsome. Even though this season is a bit boring compared to last season, doesnt mean I dont tune in evry tuesday.

    The drama, who knew. All the rommates are almost totaly different from each other and the drama and fights that you didnt see coming. Oh this show is cool.
  • This show is about 7 people that move into a house and live together and they never meet each other.

    love the real world. man once you watch it you want to see what happends next.I gvie it about 5 stars beacause it is a great show and you will love it. I like the real world hollywood its has a lot of drama and fights and lots of love parts. The real world hollywood tells about the 7 people that move in want to be famous and they need to get along with all the other roommates. They need to start be comming real. the real world. trust me you will love this show. The real world rocks. The best tv show
  • This is so much fun to watch!

    Oh my! I love this show!...I watched a few different episodes, but not this one as much. I like the people in this house, though, as far as I've seen. I don't really like the concept of the people living in the same house. It brings up so much drama. I dunno, it's a good show...
  • This show is AWESOME!

    This show is AWESOME! I mean, these people are not actors or actress' they are normal people living life everyday to the fullest! There are some troubles in the show mostly this season with Danny but he still came back to the show. Overall I LOVE this show! It rocks!
  • Take a group of strangers (girls and guys) and pick them to live inside of a house for 3-4 months and there's bound to be friction. Above all reality TV shows, this one is my favorite and is probably considered the first ever reality TV show besides Peop

    I started watching 'The Real World' in 1992 when it debuted on MTV. In 1992 there were no 'reality' TV shows like there is today, unless you want to count People's Court.

    The first season was in New York. There's been 12 different locations of 'The Real World' as of this typing besides the first season in New York and the 10th season in New York as well.

    When 'The Real World' first started out, the show wasn't focused on the group of guys and girls drinking and partying all the time. Now that seems to be the focus and I think the show has lost focus about what it's suppose to be about.

    90% of all the arguments on the show are now due in part to someone consuming too much alcohol and getting into an argument with the rest of the house mates. It wasn't like that for the first few seasons of 'The Real World.'

    It's gotten to the point where some of the house mates are now arrested and get locked up behind bars for the night or so. I think being in jail and drinking too much alcohol is what the show is focused on now.

    There's bound to be friction between a house of people without even taking a sip of alcohol.

    Even though there's good and bad points to this show 13 years later, this is still one of my favorite shows.

    Enclosed is the 'official' website of MTV's The Real World.
  • Drama....LOVE IT!

    The Real World is a show that shows teens what NOT to do once they hit college years.Okay, Wes for example...he is a good guy and all by he is going to ASU. Arazona State Universerty. He can get really drunk sometimes and him and Neahmiah have the "Groupie drawer". OKAY...that's going just a little to far. Now, I give many props to Lacey because she is kind of like the mother of the group. I don't think I have ever seen her drunk on the show. Racheal...well she is another story. She likes the bouncer guy, but yet there is her boyfriend back at home. Now she says that they are "Taking a break" but I think that they are done! Okay girls...what about Danny? OMG! He is so cute. I love dude's with accents. Danny is a down home Boston boy who was here to have fun and HOEPFULLY leaen some lessons. Lesson number one for Danny, not to get into a fight where you could POSSIBLY lose and eye or come really close to it! I really don't know what to say about Nihmiah expect the thing about the groupie drawer. about Jo? She is a really cool girl, I think. Yes, she once liked Danny, but soon enough got over him when Melinda finally gave into him. Over all..its a good show! Thanks for your time!
  • "Seven strangers, picked to live in a house, live together and have their lives taped, to find out what happens when people stop being polite...and start getting real. The Real World..." What more can you say? Really? Drama, drama, drama - A

    Finding seven strangers of different backgrounds and of different personalities and shove them into a house to live together. What do you get? Drama. Girls rivaling each other to get the cute boys in the house. Each season, you fall in love with the "characters" of the Real World and think they can't possibly top it. But each season they prove us wrong. Who doesn't like watching the disfunctional life of young 'adults'? Each week we tune in to see who in the house hooks up, or which of the roommates will be battling each other. Give them a little alcohol, and sit back and watch the fire ignite.
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