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  • This season proved to be the last straw for me. The point of this show,imo,has been lost in the haze of drunken castmates willing to repeat the same boring scenerio's as past seasons. Apparently the words watch,learn,grow,and change never occured to thes

    It started with the San Diego cast, and has been steadily drowning in quick sand ever since. Now, a show I once looked forward to watching every week, I can't even stand to let run in the background while I'm doing something else. Another season of annoying roomates in this less than thrilling place and location, was the final straw for me. I find nothing extraordinary about any of these new cast members, and It sickens me to think of the rich fools who cast them, and how much money they make to do nothing. It makes me wonder if this particular cast was picked from a lottery or worse yet, at random? At least that would explain it. But seriously, I think even a lottery would have produced better results than the seven grains of sand who were cast. Also, the houses seem to be getting uglier as time goes on, with cheesy and tacky and the themes. Here's an idea, let me pick the next cast. It would save Mtv tons of money and at least I know how to differentiate between an interesting personality and a rock! And for these cast-mates to play through the same old boring scenario's as if they've never seen or bothered to learn from their predecessors is just lame. You can't take Bob1 out and exchange him for Bob2, change the scenery, the town, and expect me to be impressed. Here's an bout finding some kids next time who have a promising future. An even bigger bout they dont drink or do the club thing. Oh my god, what a concept. I'd much rather watch a dedicated young person resisting the temptations to be a drunken fool on camera. And what's the deal with all these Boston dudes? Is this another friend or relative of ct and David? Hmmm....makes you wonder. But hey, whatever, I'm just one voice, one opinion, and if the people behind the life of this show want to slowly lead it to it's death, so be it. If this is all they have to offer for entertainment, I'd rather watch paint dry anyway. The only thing I have to dread now is the horror of having to see these morons on future rr/rw challenges.
  • Someone needs to throw this garbage in the trash.

    The time of reality television has come and gone. Matter of fact, the time for this horrendous piece of a show had come after season 3. This show needs to go away and never to be seen again or run on daily marathons on MTV. No one wants to watch it anymore. No one cares. You are a music television station, give your viewers music.

    The Real World is nothing more than sex for 30 minutes. That is all it is anymore. No more complex individuals. Just a bunch of knobs who go out get drunk and sleep around.

    The Real World is no more. Retitle the show to The World As The Producers See It and Edit It.
  • this show has lost its way

    what happened? once upon a time there were real people on this show with real problems and real lives. now its just a pack of underfed fashion models and wannabe flash in the pan celebrities who indulge in prefabricated drama. this show has degenerated into a fourth rate soap opera. this show is way past its prime and its time to stop celebrating mediocrity and and catering to the lowest common denominator.
  • i never got into it.... i dont think i ever will.

    Some of my friends watch the real world, but i never really was interested in it... i watch an episode or 2 every season, just to see if id like it... i never do tho... oh well... theres plenty of shows i do like to watch instead and i know lots of people who do enjoy the show...

    Change the channel please what the hell why is this gay ass stupid show still on ? Cancel it already its way past its prime !!! ( im just filling in the rest of this box ) ( im just filling in the rest of this box ) for real though please cancel this show. Please cancel this show please !!
  • One of the worst and most pointless shows on television. Only for pre pubescent girls, and no brain partiers.

    I actually watched the season premiere of this show... and it was one of the worst and most frustratingly stupid and sophmoric viewing experiences of my life. I really don't know who wastes there time watching this shit... You can skip the show; because I'll give you a description of how this and every real world goes: Go to Bar, get drunk, big fight with random people for no reason, girl cheates on boyfriend with every guy in the house, drama, get drunk, drama, fight, drama, getting along, more drama, drunk, fight, cry because its all over. Wow what a great show... yeah right.
  • This is the tv show that ruined american television forever, the jersey shore of the early 1990's

    This show not only was the downfall of MTV, But the downfall of television as a whole, I Still can't believe that people think this is a good show, this is not, this is shameful trash beyond believe, eric nies was the DJ Pauly D of the 1990's, Yes I Said it, he and the rest of his cronies that brought us trash that should be the dumpster for decades, this is just truly shameful trash and I Hate to say this, but this is a failure and it should be, Because people are so much into this mess, why.
  • Good concept that has been bastardized beyond recognition.

    I watched season one faithfully and it was refreshing to see real people outside of their comfort zones. Now it's simply a big game of who can be the most obnoxious, sleazy and cruel. Let's spin the wheel to see who will sleep with who tonight! There isn't anything new to be seen and a lot of repeated scenarios that are clearly set-ups. Just because they haven't got the good sense to be embarrassed by showing themselves in the most unflattering light doesn't mean they shouldn't be embarrassed. I imagine that a lot of their family members are, at least. Do the "real people" get "real" penicillin at the end of the season? I certainly hope so.
  • The show that started reality TV and took music off MTV, may they burn in hell

    Remember the 80's when MTV was cool, was the most influential channel on TV and practically made music careers? Then this cutting edge channel did something that seemed cutting edge for the time, make a show about young people living in various cities around the world and just watch them. No actos or scripts, just them going out, getting drunk, having sex, etc..

    Brilliant right? Uh, no. Oh the show that spawned everything wrong with TV, destroyed MTV and gave viewers hours and hours of horrible reality dreck. Soon after its premier, MTV figured out the idiots watching their channel would watch this garbage instead of having to pay musicians for, like, videos and stuff. The morons on the show were "do anything for their 15 minutes of infamy" and they didn't even have to pay them. It was a race to the bottom since with other channels benching real drama and comedy for cheapo reality.

    Unlike some (VERY FEW!) reality shows like Survivor and Amazing Race, the Real World has no reddeming qualities to it. This is the type of show that Jumped the Shark from day one. Every single moron on the show has been repulsive. The first few seasons the people were repulsive for being preachy bores or pretend jerks (i.e. Puck), now they are repulsive for being bland, preening wannabes that despite all evidence to the contrary, think that this show is a springboard to better things. Based on the zero actual celebrities this show has produced over like 20 years, thats a pretty rotten batting average.

    Every season is completely the same..pretty boys/girls shallow as hell drink alot, think they are the first ones to discover the concept, and pine away with each other after promising "I will not cheat on the show" Of course they will, because they want to look like idiots on TV and without the pining and the drinking the show would be watching regular people do nothing..wait that is the show! People entertained by this probably also like watching their screensavers.

    Gets one star because I can't put zero, maybe the worst thing ever on TV as a whole. They may have been worse moments on other shows, but pound for pound over 20 years of dreck gets it into the hall of fame of crappy.
  • THis Show Sucks

    I hate all reality shows. Not only that but they are not reality. I believe that people who watch these types of shows are really dumbing down society. And even worse are the people that are behinde making these types of shows. I just wish that one day these people will sit back and reilize that they are making america dumber. And america, stop watching this garbage. I Love Tv, but I refuse to watch something that is so unoriginal that they can't even muster up a script. Now my last attact is that these are NOT Reality Shows. These are NON SCRIPTED SHOWS. or GAME SHOWS. Get it right.

    "Quote Nevermore"
  • A show about 7 (prearranged) strangers. The producers intentionally pick people that will clash. The result? A bunch of people drinking, fighting and hooking up.

    This show was good for the first couple of seasons that I watched, but it's worn out. This show is definitely for the young immature high school crowd. The Real World has been going downhill for a while, but the season where I actually stopped watching was RW Key West. Maybe it's due to the fact that I actually have a real life. I don't need to watch losers on a "reality" TV show create pointless drama with each other. Especially when the lame drama is created by the producers. The only positive thing I have to write about this show is that they have some pretty cool music. Someone over at MTV has decided that the music MTV plays sucks. So, they throw in the good bands whenever they can - background music for sucky shows. Although, the music isn't a good enough reason to tune in to this tired show.
  • Needs fine-tuning, but maybe not the kind that most shows need. I watched Real World: Austin, and let me just say that the "real" part of it wasn't there.

    Reality shows never should have joined TV, they are wastes of time. Most of them, atleast. I only like two, and that's because they aren't AS scripted as every other show on television. Everything is scripted now, including the Real World. It always follows a formula, and god forbid they all just get along. I know that that wouldn't be a show, but doesn't that just prove it's scripted?
  • This show was cutting edge.... about 5 seasons ago.... Now its just total crap...

    The fact that this show is still on the air doesn't supprise me, Its all drama and gossip... And always have the most stuck up people in the cast, who don't even appreciate the fact that they live in a great country and don't respect anyone or anything (not even themselves). They have it easy and still they find something to b*tch about. I can almost see its appeal but, I look for more in my TV shows...
  • This show is startin to su*k!

    I rarely watch the new real world. come to think of it, i barely watched the old RW. But i do have a enough since to know that the show is going downhill and needs to end soon. Season 16 is only on its 4th or 5th episode and its a really bad season. I only watch to see the fights. It seems like every season there doing/talking about the same sh**. And that white dude who got his as* beat and that hot blonde girl annoy me! The blonde is nice to look at, but there relationship problems bore me!. Real World needs to end.
  • You gotta be kidding me! 18 seasons?

    Its was new and novel the first few seasons then it started going down hill. I stopped watching after the season with Puck.

    Every so often I see bits and pieces of it and now its just people who are chosen because they are suitably hot, borderline psychos to stir the pot and a normal person or two just to make it seem "real". While not scripted, its very orchestrated. Once it got that way I stopped watching; from what Ive seen since, that hasnt changed.

    Most people watch this show to A) See people fighting B) See people screwing C) Feel normal. Started out good, went downhill fast; now its just a big mess - it will probably end when someone dies or is badly injured and lawsuits fly.
  • once a good show

    i used to really like this show. the first season or so were actually great social experiments. take people from different cultures and see how they interact with one another. now it's just another crappy reality show. it's all about them getting wasted and trying to have sex with one another. and don't forget there's always that one in the bunch that has a higher social concience. tree hugger, or religious fanatic. it really makes me sick now.
  • Unreal World

    I laugh at the teens who watch this dribble and think this is what it's gonna be like when they leave mommy and daddy. Yep, that's it. You just move out and find a multi-million dollar house on the beach in San Diego and live with some buddies. No need to work, just worry about what your going to wear and go tonight or spend your time worrying about who is sleeping with who. It's that easy.
  • They worry about the most tiny, unimportant things about life. Real world however does a good job in showing how wusy people can get.

    The past real world seasons were alot better. But I will base this review off current seasons which is currently a bunch of garbage. The roommates are stupid and whine more then my little sister. They worry about the most tiny, unimportant things about life. Real world however does a good job in showing how wusy people can get. Ex. Paula's food diet and eating problems and her drinking? So what? Does she have a disease? No. Is she poor and lives on the streets? No. So why is she whinning and moaping about some nonsense when she is to blame for her life "little" situations. You can blantly see that Real world over dramatizes every situation the roommates go through. To Sluvanna's (however you spell it) immaturatity problem to the manipulatiing gay guy. Yeah ..the guy. And the ugly diva wanna be Janelle. Furthermore, Real World picks people who dont have "real" problems. Most of the time its just petty relationships the people have. Its sort of insulting to have ignorant people on a show with minor problems and think its the end of the world and call the show "real world". Its not real and its not harsh. Get a real cast with real issues.
  • Can't we find something better do do with our time than follow other people's lives? Don't we have lives of our own we can watch?

    MTV. The Music Television Network. Marrying the combo, and my loves, of music and television. But MTV's appeal to "music" (or lack thereof) is dissapointing. I will not be whiny and say "Bad show! Bad show! It's satonic! For the love of God, change the channel! I hate this show! Don't watch it because I say so!"
    Yeah, I know you don't care what I think, nor do I care what you think about my favorite shows.
    But just think what better you could do with your time than watch a couple people living together getting into bar fights.
  • The same seven types of strangers live in a house and do the same predictable things.

    Remember the good old days of the first three season. When it seemed that this show could once be called a documentary? A social experiment? I remember watching that first season, amazed that people were having conversations about race on MTV. I really respected the shows creators for that and I was only 10 years old! Now I'm 24 and am disgusted by the shows steady descent into a seedy hook up show.
  • Is this show supposed to have a point?

    I really don't understand this show. It is completely pointless. It is the life of a couple people and their job. Ok... Is it really necessary to have a show about this. Sure it's the real world, but why watch someone elses story while you could be making your own. I thought that this show was a complete waste of time. For people that like to snoop in others' buisness this show is perfect for them. Otherwise all this show does is show you the life of a couple of people whining along the way. If you enjoy this show I have to admit I sincerely feel sorry for you. Maybe you can change my opinion if you explain the point.
  • Not that great anymore

    Is it just me or has the Real World, as a series, gotten really crappy? I've been a fan for about a decade now (I started with Seattle or Boston, whichever came first), and I usually watch it no matter how lame it is, but they're on season 17 now!!! Haven't they learned that people want more for their time? I don't want to see some 19 year old rich girl whining about her boyfriend for half an hour! I don't want to see the roommates getting hammered every...single...episode (and I mean every episode).

    I'm issuing a plea to The Real World and Mtv:

    Please make the show better or when season 18 rolls around, you may lose a long time viewer.
  • Aaa... ok, what was that?!

    The thing that I find disturbing about this show is that viewers will actually think that these people are really acting like they normally would if the cameras weren't on. It's disturbing because the people who make this shows like to give a hip edge to everything that happens. They make it like it's alright to lie and act like a slut for the cameras, that's what you should do. Basically, it's for people who look good enough for the screen (for the most part) and want to be on television. You can translate that as people who want to work in the entertainment business in some way. A lot of them will host a special on MTV later on. You have people who want to be actors, musicians, and basically exploit themselves to do it. I don't believe what these people have to say, nor do I believe the motivation for their actions of things that supposidly happened. It all looks acted out. Badly acted. I guess it's easier to tell when you're over 25.

    I wouldn't be surprised if, even if these are the person's real names, that they share little incommon. Keep in mind, THe Monkees also kept their real names. But even some of their situations seem forced and completely riduculous. Like going over to Anne Rice's house is completely viable for any person off the street to do.
  • Not my favorite, going downhill.

    This show is overated. It is watched by to many people. I have tried to watch this show over and over and over and over again and I get the same thing. I keep forgetting that it is on tuesdays. It is not the type of show that I would remember becuase nothing very exciting happens in it. The characters are getting worse as the show goes along and evryone always seems to fight. You don't have to take my opinion but, it isn't a show that is worth watching. Turn on some real T.V. that isn't just a bunch of people playing with the camera and screaming or crying.
  • A horrible show about 7 horrible human beings

    After watching the finale, I had a really bad taste in my mouth. The show is unbarable to watch. While the show has shifted its focus to partying/drinking/hooking up, at least there were some colorful characters. This season was the exception. There was no one likeable in the cast.

    The Danny and Melinda Show is sickening and really, really fake.

    Rachel has problems. The fact that she uses her Iraq experience for every excuse just shows how mature she is. The fact that she was physically in Iraq doesn't command respect, it's what she has done.

    Wes and Neh are morons. I can't believe they were actually casted. Waste of flesh.

    This was easily the worst season of the Real World ever. bad casting.
  • I Love It For What I Used To Be

    I will be the first to admit that The Real World has passed its prime. What once was an intresting, contoversial riviting show has now become a cheep excuse for the promotion of sex and booze. I remember the classic seasons of the real world, (e.g. Boston, Chicago, San Francisco) had how they delt with imporant social issues be they racism, sexuality or class diffrences. These seasons had much more dynamic personalities, and relied more on the emotional realationships between cast members then the shock value of having drunken threesomes in the hot tub. I really wish that MTV would realize that they don't need to fill the show with garbage in order to make viewers watch each week. I also wish that the older seasons would be shown again, The Real World is/was a cultual icon for my generation and I wish that MTV would give it the treatment and respect it deserves.
  • Going Downhill, and FAST.

    This show is about 7 staranger picked to live in a house ... Ya'll know the opening. But I personally think that this show is starting to lose its touch. In the beginning it was very interesting, but now with all of these other reality shows it's not making the cut. This show has become very repeditive and redondent. I mean how many times are you going to do the same thing. It is time for this show to go. I remember when I first started watching it, it was so interesting following these 7 people. Now, not so much. Shows like Big Brother and others, are simpily killing this show, so lets get it off the air, or make some serious changes.
  • Seven people live under the same roof and round out house for the Real World, where people gain valuable experience for how the real world operates or so it says on paper.

    I gotta say, most critics of the show are right on the money, the Real World has been getting dumber and dumber every season. The characters are getting more stereotypical, and the show's premise itself of "people getting real" towards each other is a lying joke in itself. First we usually get a barrage of stereotypes, the one black dude in the cast who feels "left out" from his all white cast, or that one more minority whose labeled as a troublemaker despite the fact that his roommates aren't any better.

    Another laughable thing is the cheating, gf and bf who in "serious relationship", more than half of the time end up cheating with their roomate. This season is really no different with characters like Melinda and Danny and Jo and Wes. The whole premise of the show for intentional
    purposes is not being followed and some of the
    roomates behave like they just got out of junior
    high school. I still tune it but merely for a laugh as the show has hit numerous lows and
    hasn't fully recovered.

  • THE REAL WORLD _They all go home

    I am not a racist and I do not think Jenna is either. Jenna is young, raised in the south among racist family members probably but I'm not going to say that for sure because I don't know her family. CeeJa , now on the other hand , she was dealt a bad hand from the get go but that doesn't excuse her from beating Jenna, especially knowing that Jenna has been a victim of domestic violence. Now don't take my next comment a racist comment, I just call it as I see it. Some Black people will use the " I'm Black " card to whine, bitch, and holler racial discrimination or racial Black people can do that, why can't people of all races do that? Black people have all Black colleges, White people don't. If white people did the black people would holler it's racist. I have a Black son in law, several black nieces and nephews and cousins all of which I love to pieces but I'm am sick to death of hearing black people complain that they don't get something because they are black, or they get arrested because they are PEOPLE ---SHUT THE HECK UP ! ! ! You already get food stamps that I a disabled white nurse can't get, unless I check the box that asks me what is my race and I check black or latino then I get approved. Yes this has happened. When my friend checked white one day she got turned down. The very next day she checked Black and she was automatically approved, Now tell me who is being discriminatory? My own Black son in law said Black people ( not all of them) complain too much when they need to quit making names for themselves by robbing people, killing one another, and get up off of their asses and get a job just like he did and they need to finish school like he did and quit blaming white people for shit that happened 253 years ago. White people didn't make them slaves first, if they would read the history books, other tribes used them as slaves first and then sold them to the British who then sold them to the Southern states in the US. until the Civil War. The first Slaves were the JEWS, and Moses set them free, SO QUIT YOUR BITCHING CEEJA ! ! ! YOU JUST SHOWED YOUR TRUE COLORS WHEN PUNCHED JENNA. _
  • Not so Real

    The Real World is often criticized for not being a great example of what the 'real world' actually is, and although this season had great drama and fights, it definitely did not live up to it's name. Putting seven strangers in a $8 million dollar mansion in San Diego for three months does not exactly show the audience what the real world is like. This season, to show they are like real people, they were given a job. This job was no desk job; they were given the opportunity to work for The House of Blues. Out of the twelve episodes, there were about only four that actually showed them doing 'work'. The rest of the episodes that mentioned House of Blues were ones where one of the housemates was sleeping with their boss. Other seasons of The Real World did a better job depicting reality, like the New Orleans season; their job included working at a homeless shelter and re-constructing a house that was destroyed during Katrina. The only reality depicted in San Diego involved two off the housemates; a lesbian and bisexual. Throughout the season they are shown struggling to get the rest of their housemates to accept them for who they are, something people do in everyday life. Even though that seems like good reality, it was the only reality that San Diego portrayed.
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