The Real World

Wednesday 10:00 PM on MTV - Music Television Premiered May 21, 1992 In Season





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  • Great idea but already worned out.

    This show was the trendsetter for all the reality shows that exist at this very moment. Although I did not see every season since the begining, because I was 5 years old back then, during my teenage years I didn't miss it. I have to say that my favorite seasons are New Orleans and Back to New York. I also watched Hawaii and Chicago. I loved watching the reruns of course and the marathons. And I loved seeing past seasons becase I know that they were the best. I'm sorry to say, though that the show hasn't had my attention for some years now. I think it has lost its charm. Maybe it is the new people, but I don't now. It seems people are too aware of reality and too fed up of it. For the first seasons this was a new thing and no one else was doing it so it was really real, but now I just don't like it. But anyway this was a good show until its downfall.