The Real World

Wednesday 10:00 PM on MTV - Music Television Premiered May 21, 1992 In Season





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  • A show about 7 (prearranged) strangers. The producers intentionally pick people that will clash. The result? A bunch of people drinking, fighting and hooking up.

    This show was good for the first couple of seasons that I watched, but it's worn out. This show is definitely for the young immature high school crowd. The Real World has been going downhill for a while, but the season where I actually stopped watching was RW Key West. Maybe it's due to the fact that I actually have a real life. I don't need to watch losers on a "reality" TV show create pointless drama with each other. Especially when the lame drama is created by the producers. The only positive thing I have to write about this show is that they have some pretty cool music. Someone over at MTV has decided that the music MTV plays sucks. So, they throw in the good bands whenever they can - background music for sucky shows. Although, the music isn't a good enough reason to tune in to this tired show.