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Wednesday 10:00 PM on MTV - Music Television Premiered May 21, 1992 In Season





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  • After Season 12, there is nothing exciting to watch!

    When The Real World started in 1992, I was 2 years old...needless to say I didn't watch the first 5 seasons when they originally aired. Although eventually I did see seasons 1-3 which were good. I remember watching seasons 6 and 7 although rarely since the kids "weren't allowed" to watch The Real World. Oh my!!

    Season 8 in Hawaii and 12 in Vegas = Classic!
    Seasons 8-12 were the best.

    9 (New Orleans) was awesome. It's New Orleans, c'mon!!
    10 (Back to NY) This season belonged to Coral.
    11 (Chicago) was great! You either loved or hated Aneesea.
    13 (Paris) Big disappointment after just watching Las Vegas.
    14 (San Diego) was the last season I watched fully and by now I'm only watching it out of's like a drug... I kept coming back in hopes of an amazing season like Vegas. Soon, I realized that wasn't going to happen.
    15 (Philadelphia) was actually a decent season, the first few episodes that I watched anyway.
    16 (Austin) I've only seen a few episodes of Austin and by now all of the excitement of watching The Real World has left me. Which is why I have not watched seasons 17-19. Although when I found out 20 would be in Hollywood, I knew I had to watch. Why hadn't they gone to Hollywood sooner??So I'm watching Hollywood, but we'll see if I get past the 3rd episode and this is the last season I will ever watch.