The Real World

Wednesday 10:00 PM on MTV - Music Television Premiered May 21, 1992 In Season





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  • The show that started reality TV and took music off MTV, may they burn in hell

    Remember the 80's when MTV was cool, was the most influential channel on TV and practically made music careers? Then this cutting edge channel did something that seemed cutting edge for the time, make a show about young people living in various cities around the world and just watch them. No actos or scripts, just them going out, getting drunk, having sex, etc..

    Brilliant right? Uh, no. Oh the show that spawned everything wrong with TV, destroyed MTV and gave viewers hours and hours of horrible reality dreck. Soon after its premier, MTV figured out the idiots watching their channel would watch this garbage instead of having to pay musicians for, like, videos and stuff. The morons on the show were "do anything for their 15 minutes of infamy" and they didn't even have to pay them. It was a race to the bottom since with other channels benching real drama and comedy for cheapo reality.

    Unlike some (VERY FEW!) reality shows like Survivor and Amazing Race, the Real World has no reddeming qualities to it. This is the type of show that Jumped the Shark from day one. Every single moron on the show has been repulsive. The first few seasons the people were repulsive for being preachy bores or pretend jerks (i.e. Puck), now they are repulsive for being bland, preening wannabes that despite all evidence to the contrary, think that this show is a springboard to better things. Based on the zero actual celebrities this show has produced over like 20 years, thats a pretty rotten batting average.

    Every season is completely the same..pretty boys/girls shallow as hell drink alot, think they are the first ones to discover the concept, and pine away with each other after promising "I will not cheat on the show" Of course they will, because they want to look like idiots on TV and without the pining and the drinking the show would be watching regular people do nothing..wait that is the show! People entertained by this probably also like watching their screensavers.

    Gets one star because I can't put zero, maybe the worst thing ever on TV as a whole. They may have been worse moments on other shows, but pound for pound over 20 years of dreck gets it into the hall of fame of crappy.