The Real World - Season 12

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Episode Guide

  • 10/1/02
    This year, The Real Worlders' job is to throw parties. Sounds tough, right? Actually, it is, as they are responsible for providing much of the entertainment for the Palms' signature club, Rain. Everyone is very excited about the prospect of getting to promote and plan these kinds of events. Everyone, that is, except for Brynn who is less about the job and more about dancing and having a good time. Brynn is all about fun...and fun means hanging out until the wee hours of the morning with a bartender and then vomiting in the middle of orientation for the new job. Yay, fun! She informs her roommates that they need to kick her in the butt to keep her motivated or else she's going to end up screwing up work because she doesn't really care about the gig. Meanwhile, Arissa is missing her boyfriend. Missing his touch, missing sleeping with someone else in her bed and now, all of a sudden, she's finding Steve kind of cute. Steve? She snuggles with him on his bed for awhile but leaves before she can get herself into trouble. She informs Irulan that she's worried that she's going to hook up with him and hurt Dario. Irulan wonders if Arissa thought she was going to be faithful her entire time in Las Vegas. Arissa says she knew it was going to be hard but that she wants to try. Later, Frank then asks Arissa if she's hooking up with Steven and Arissa is sure that Irulan has been putting her business out there for all to see and she's not happy about it. When Irulan and Arissa confront Frank about what he said, he apologizes but tells Steven it was because he didn't want to cause drama and not because he was really sorry.moreless
  • 11/19/02
    Steven's best friend from back home comes to visit. John's a great guy, a lot of fun and gets along well with everyone. John is also gay. Having someone in the loft who is gay is making Alton more than a little uncomfortable. He explains that he was almost molested when he was younger and that his perceptions about homosexuals have been negatively shaped by a few tragic incidents. Brynn, whose father is also gay, pulls down her usual walls and has an open and honest conversation with Alton in an attempt to discover why he feels the way he does. The revelations she shares about her father and her past gives Alton reason to rethink his fears and beliefs. Later at the Ghostbar, where the cast is promoting an event, a random guy grabs Alton in the crotch. Alton's initial instinct is to punch the guy but instead he calms down and decides to talk it out. As he explains to the embarrassed offender, "You can't grab my balls, brother." Meanwhile, Steven attempts to sweet talk some sorority girls when he notices that Trishelle is upset. Trishelle claims she isn't falling for Steven--but her claims aren't fooling anybody. "I absolutely think Trishelle has feelings for Steven," said Frank. When Steven tries to break it off, she gets angry with him and the two almost immediately get back together. Alton has a dream in which he imagines Trishelle is pregnant. And in the non-dream world, it just so happens that Trishelle really is late. Seems like the situation is rapidly becoming about more than casual sex.moreless
  • Las Vegas: Episode 13
    In an attempt to help the roomies work together better, their boss, Mark, sends them to an all-day team-building workshop with the overly perky, "Awesome Ann." Forced together for a whole day of old-fashioned bonding and some self-improvement techniques--the roommates end up with more than they bargained for. Throughout this day of learning, Arissa begins to open up. She learns to trust others and herself. "I am headed on a road of self-discovery, ready to trust," she says. Having fought just a few hours earlier, Steven and Arissa end the night with a hug and an agreement to help each other and be friends. Meanwhile, Alton and Trishelle come to grips with their feelings concerning loved ones they have lost and Steven feels content exactly where he is. The exercises performed at the workshop have only confirmed for him all he has learned over the past few years. "I feel bad that I'm not being touched as much as everyone else," he says. "The seminar for me is basically just a reaffirmation of what a great job my ex-wife did in molding me into a better person."moreless
  • 12/10/02
    Brynn's been spending a lot of time with Mo. Mo'a a cool guy. The rest of her roommates like him. It should be happy happy fun time. The problem is that Brynn's also been talking a lot with Austin, a boy she met a week before coming to Vegas. Brynn likes Austin too. He's really chill, he smells nice, and he makes her feel special. When Austin comes to visit, Brynn's caught in a kind of love triangle. As she explains, "She's going out with two boys and she can have both of them." Meanwhile, Trishelle still hasn't taken a pregnancy test to find out why she is late and nauseous. The girls pled with her to take the test but she keeps putting it off until Steven buys her one. Steven is ready for whatever may come. He thinks he'd make a great dad and while being a father wasn't something he planned on doing right now, he'd be happy about it. Frank reminds him though that while it would be a gorgeous kid, it might not be so smart because Steven and Trishelle "are both dumb as rocks." However, Trishelle takes the test and it comes back negative. After spending a week with Austin, Brynn realizes that he's the one for her. She's sad to see him leave and later, over the phone, the two decide to commit to each other. The time she spent with him was her happiest time in Vegas and she realizes that she does deserve love and does deserve to be treated like Austin treats her.moreless
  • Las Vegas: Episode 12
    All Frank wants is a good girl. But when you're hanging out with Steven in Strip Clubs and spending all your time performing and promoting in sexy clubs, the "good girls", at least in Frank's mind, are hard to come by. That is until he meets Melanie, a nice southern lady in town for Spring Break. The two hit it off and have a great time together. They end up back in the suite searching for a little privacy. Not wanting to disturb Alton, they go into the confessional for some closed door kissing. When Brynn enters the dark room, she sees what she thinks is a naked ass and proceeds to tell her roommates that someone's having sex in the confessional. Arissa, having had enough of the public displays nakedness by Alton, proceeds to go ballistic. Yelling throughout the sweet, "whoever is in the confessional having sex better get their skank out of there." When Frank comes out, she's shocked. After he puts Melanie in a cab, he pulls Arissa aside and the two have it out. Arissa admits that she was wrong and apologizes profusely. Frank is happy with the outcome but is overjoyed when Arissa goes the extra mile and apologizes to Melanie over the phone. He didn't think she had to do that but is incredibly glad she did. Meanwhile, surprise surprise, a real world cast is having trouble at work. Their performances go over very well but they seem to be unable to promote properly. When their latest performance "Lust" is seen by a very small crowd, Marc decides that something has to change. He informs them that they will be doing a teambuilding exercise soon and that if that doesn't help, he's going to have to take more drastic action.moreless
  • Las Vegas: Episode 10
    Gabe arrives in the loft the day after Irulan attempted to get it on with Alton. Irulan is just happy to see her man, while Alton worries about whether she will inform Gabe of what's gone down. After a few days of bliss, Irulan finally reveals her secret to him. After talking with Alton and having a number conversations with Irulan, Gabe tells Irulan that he's cool with what went on, but that the situation "was still bothering" her and Alton. Gabe, being a pretty perceptive guy, senses that Alton is still silently pining for her. Alton doesn't want to hurt Gabe or get hurt himself but he consistently talks to Frank about his attraction to her. Thankfully, Alton's mother Molinda is in town to distract him. The roommates love Molina and are seem happy to have a grown up around for a few days. But he visit is not all fun and games. Molina unfortunately brings a number of legal papers that Alton must sign regarding the case against the man who abducted and killed his younger brother years ago.moreless
  • Las Vegas: Episode 8
    "I love her and I feel that I shouldn't," Alton says about Melissa, his ex, and that is their relationship as succinctly as one could put it. With the pregnancy scare and lingering doubts about her fidelity, Alton is confused as to why he is still holding out waiting for her. In the midst of his frustration, Alton goes clubbing and ends up meeting, and hooking up with, a girl who won first place in the Ghetto Fabulous Bikini Contest. They get naked in the communal bathtub which leaves Arissa with a bad taste in her mouth. Arissa confronts Alton and lets him know that she has lost respect for him. Alton apologizes and the two later discuss how he's going to deal with the "Melissa" situation. Alton ends up calling her to confess his sexual conquest and she reveals that she did, in fact, cheat on him when they were together. It's news that serves to end the relationship. Meanwhile, Brynn is broke. The paycheck from her job at Rain isn't cutting it, so she is forced to look for something else to help pay her bills. Since she loves to dance, she decides to try out to become a Go-Go dancer. After the audition she feels that she doesn't have a chance, but to her surprise Jean from Rain calls to tell her that one of the regular girls couldn't perform and wanted to know if Brynn could fill in. For the first time in a long time, Brynn is excited and happy to be in Vegas. On her first night, Brynn amazes the crowd, and her roommates, with her dancing ability. "Brynn's hot," Frank explains, "this is Brynn's calling. She should be a Go-Go dancer for the rest of her life."moreless
  • Las Vegas: Episode 7
    In case you didn't already know, with this group, It's good to be bad. After successfully walking the catwalk, the Real Worlders get to be devils or angels for Rain's "Good To Be Bad" event. Brynn and Steven are decked out in devilishly delicious attire, while Irulan and Alton are perfect little angels. But, instead of the traditional guy-girl dance partners, Brynn and Irulan decide to sex it up a bit and do a sensual ski dance with each other, while Steven and Alton do some very heterosexual man dancing. Alton has to deal with some of his fears about appearing "gay" and battles with Jean over the outfits he wants him to wear. While Alton has to be dragged kicking and screaming to the performance, Brynn is all about it. "I like to be the center of attention," says Brynn. "I'm not always, but I like it when I am." Trishelle, on the other hand, quickly backs out of the performance and doesn't even do a good job of promoting the event. Putting her work duties on the back burner, Trishelle decides she'd rather flirt with the bartender. The rest of the girls feel like she's not pulling her weight and they are tired of her "dumb as rocks" routine. They vent in the confessional while Trishelle listens outside. She confronts them about it but they don't back down and Arissa's honest critique gets to Trishelle and she decides that she's going to start working harder.moreless
  • Las Vegas: Episode 6
    Trishelle and Steven have a connection. She loves the way he makes her feel. He loves the way her breasts feel. It's a match made in heaven. Unless, you're Brynn. She wants Steven and can't have him. She shares a room with Trishelle and that is the room in which the couple most often knocks boots. It's not the most ideal situation. Hey, Jealousy! But perhaps that's a little unfair. The level of kertanking between Steven and Trishelle has reached such high proportions that Frank can't sleep and Irulan must encourage them to not spread their bootissy juices throughout other areas of the house. Frank even goes so far as to suggest that Brynn switch places with Steven so that the couple could have some privacy. Brynn doesn't like that idea. In fact, she doesn't like a lot of what's going on and after an exchange of words with Steven, throws a fork at him. The incident explodes as Steven feels attacked and Alton agrees that if the fork had hit him in his face instead of his arm, it could have caused physical damage. Irulan and Arissa try to keep Brynn and Steven separate but as Steven gets more riled up about what happened, Brynn can't control herself and attacks him again, pushing him while he yells insults at her. After being separated again, Steven decides he can't take this anymore and calls Tracy, The Real World Producer, and asks to have Brynn removed from the suite. Tracy informs him that it's the cast's decision. Nobody wants to see Brynn leave but they all agree that Steven is the one who has to decide. After a heated discussion, he tells Brynn, "I want you gone." Everyone thinks that it's over and that Brynn has to start packing to go home. Everyone except Arissa who talks to a calmed-down Steven and convinces him to give it more thought and to talk it out with Brynn. After a long chat in the smoking lounge, the first time the two roommates have ever really had a civil conversation, they realize they have a lot more in common than they thought and that the situation isn't as dire as once believed. Steven decides that he can't send her home now and the two hug to the cheers and applause of the rest of the roomies.moreless
  • Las Vegas: Episode 5
    There's something going on between Marc and Irulan. Their not-so-subtle flirting is turning into them spending a lot of time together and some pretty heavy physical interaction. Because Marc is her boss, Irulan doesn't really know how to let him know that its going to far. And maybe, she wants it to go a little farther. While she doesn't find him hot, he is smart and funny and she's feeling a little lonely and missing Gabe and so the playful touching might be okay, they might even be able to sleep in the same bed together but she doesn't want anything more. When Marc tries to take it there, she is upset about it and the girls in the house start calling him a 'molester.' Alton, not wanting Marc to get a reputation he might not deserve, encourages Irulan to deal with the situation rather than spread rumors about him. Meanwhile, Frank, again, has put his foot in his mouth. While talking to a friend back home, he jokes about and with Arissa and its funny for awhile. When he calls Arissa the "black bitch of the house," though, the fun ends. Arissa is hurt not by the fact that he called her a bitch but that he added race to the equation. When she informs the roommates of the situation, Alton confronts Frank and after a brief conversation thinks he's squashed the situation. Arissa doesn't feel the same way. She wanted to deal with it in her own way. After she talks with Frank, the two agree that its over but Arissa refuses to hug him suggesting that maybe it isn't really finished.moreless
  • Las Vegas: Episode 18
    The gang is still in Australia and enjoying Australian life. Whether it's partying hard, parasailing or going topless on the beach, the Real Worlders are having a good time. Well, almost everyone is having a good time. Irulan is upset with Alton because he chose to room with the boys and has been flirting with girls while Down Under. She claims that she's done with him and doesn't want to spend time with him but after a night of partying she tells her roommates that she wants some big, fat *beep* from Alton. Alton has other ideas, however, as he tells Steven that that very same night he was giving big, fat *beep* to two women at the same time. Meanwhile, Arissa is having an incredible experience. Her time in Australia has been fruitful as she now realizes how enjoyable life can be. She has a new outlook and it doesn't seem to be changing, even when she returns to the hustle and bustle of Sin City. Irulan, however, having forgiven Alton again is also regretting her decision. Despite his claims that he loves her, he is still flirting with other women and denying that he had a threesome in Australia. The stress of the situation is too much for her and she decides that it's time to go home. Brynn will not accept that she's leaving however and tries desperately to convince her to stay. Will she stay or will she go?...To Be Continued.moreless
  • Las Vegas: Episode 17
    Jean surprises the cast with the revelation that they are going to Australia to do some promoting and performing for the Palms. Everyone is very excited as they realize that this will be an amazing vacation. They have to hustle to get ready and prepared for the trip, although Jean is not happy with how they are taking their job for granted. He reminds them that he can fire them and that there are serious repurcussions to getting kicked off the show! Meanwhile, Steven tells Trishelle that he loves her. He's drunk and they are lying in bed together though, so it doesn't count apparently. Trishelle, however, thinks it does count and Arissa agrees. "A drunk mouth speaks a sober mind" she says. Frank completely understands what Steven means, though. He surmises, "You love Trishelle like you love the sky." When Trishelle confronts Steven about the utterance, the two have a heart to heart and Steven decides for both of them that it's better if they don't date. Trishelle breaks down and finds comfort with Frank just as everyone leaves for Down Under. Frank and Trishelle are having a great time in Australia together while Steven spends time with the rest of the roommates. Alton tells Steven that he thinks Frank and Trishelle were making out and Trishelle confronts Steven wondering why he would care in the first place. The two have another discussion and decide that they can do the friends thing so long as they are honest with each other. Steven doesn't plan on sleeping with Trishelle anymore but he can't promise anything.moreless
  • Las Vegas: Episode 26
    After saying he wasn't going to sleep with Trishelle and then going back on his word, Steven realizes again that sex is the only thing he wants from her. He admits to Frank that he doesn't know when it went horribly wrong with Trishelle. He doesn't love her or want to date her but doesn't want to tell her any of this because he knows he'll hurt her feelings. Frank tells him he has to come clean. Meanwhile, Trishelle is convinced that Steven is just confused. When Steven finally decides to tell Trishelle how he's really feeling and that he likes "being friends," Trishelle gets upset and says that she's not going to take what he says to heart. While Trishelle and Steven are seemingly breaking up again, the other house relationship is hot and heavy. When Brynn is on the phone with Austin, she hears the sounds of sex coming from the muted walls of the confessional. Irulan and Alton come out and pretend like they were just having an innocent "conversation." Later that night, Irulan questions Alton's intentions because she doesn't want to get hurt again. Alton says that he's committed to her but Irulan isn't so sure. Her worries have merit as the very next day, Alton chats up Tatiana, a dancer he had met at Ra. Irulan is outraged that Alton would have the audacity to take Tatiana's phone number right in front of her with Irulan's own pen. Alton claims he took the woman's number only because he didn't want to be mean. Irulan doesn't understand why she is taking this from him and wonders what their relationship is really all about. She runs away from Alton needing time to figure things out. Soon, though, she is searching for him. She cries in his arms as they both realize they want to spend what little time left they have in Vegas together. Alton admits he's in love with her and wants a future and so they begin a committed relationship. Now that Steven is unencumbered with his relationship with Trishelle and Frank is ready to sow his wild oats, the two head out to Coyote Ugly to "meet the skanks." The guys bring the ladies home and Trishelle is not happy when they arrive. She immediately attaches herself to Steven, straddling him in front of his date. The Coyote Ugly ladies leave upset that Trishelle would disrespect them like that. The next night Steven is giving Trishelle the cold shoulder because every time he looks at her he sees the big, huge mistake he made. Trishelle decides she "can't do this anymore" and tells Alton that she has never been the chaser and is not going to start by chasing after Steven.moreless
  • Las Vegas: Episode 27
    Arissa is broken up with Dario but continues to talk with him. He is her best friend and she still needs his support and the connection he brings to her old life. He also is putting on the full-court press to get back together with her and it's making her reconsider her decision. When Irulan's best friend Dina arrives in town, however, things change. Dina knows Dario from school and she has a secret. She informs Arissa that Dario slept with another woman and got her pregnant and then proceeded to parade Arissa around the other woman without Arissa knowing who she was. Arissa is heartbroken by the information and calls Dario to get his side of the story. When he denies everything she tells him that she's slept around on him as well and hangs up. The next day, Arissa confesses to Dina that she lied when she told Dario that she had slept with someone else. She's been faithful but she wanted him to hurt like she was hurting. Dina suggests that she tell him the truth and Arissa agrees. She calls Dario and the two talk. Dario admits that it was his fault and they are once again civil to each other but Arissa now knows for sure that her romantic relationship with him is over. Meanwhile, Steven is helping Trishelle find a new man. This time it's Tyler, a model and all around great guy. Trishelle quickly falls head over heels for young Tyler and tells both her sister and Frank that she thinks she's in love. Having been through this with her before, Frank and Bunny aren't so sure. Steven, on the other hand, claims that he's happy she has found someone new to love and even takes credit for making it happen. Trishelle thinks it's still a bit of a front and that Steven gets jealous when Tyler's around but she is finally getting over Steven and the two are working hard at being just friends.moreless
  • Las Vegas: Episode 16
    It's Irulan's Birthday and she starts the day with tons of presents from her family and friends back at home. Her friend Mikey is in town and he's amazed that her mother would send her thong underwear. Lots of thong underwear and a set of roller blades. Irulan has an interesting family. She and Alton immediately go out to test her blades and it's still obvious that the two are much more than friends even if neither one wants to admit it. The roadblocks seem too large, the stakes too high, and so Alton is resigned to protecting his heart while Irulan continues to protect her relationship with Gabe. That night, though, Alton brings Irulan flowers and she's impressed and amazed with the gesture. They share a few quick kisses and proceed to celebrate her 22nd year with copious amounts of drink and gyration on the dance floor. The drunker Irulan gets, however, the more Alton's eyes start to wander. He notices Carrie, a school teacher he'd met before, and Irulan angrily tells him to go spend time with her. Mikey takes Irulan back up to the suite while Alton makes time with Carrie. They eventually end up in his bed to the surprise of Steven, Trishelle and Frank who are greeted in the morning by Alton's giant, naked "woo." Alton is able to get Carrie out of the house without Irulan seeing her but the rest of his roommates know about it. Brynn decides to tell Irulan about it. Irulan comes to the realization that she has feelings for Alton and that it does bother her. She confronts him about it and requests that he be honest with her. He claims that he has been. Realizing that this has become more serious than she once thought, Irulan calls Gabe and confesses that she's been kissing and sleeping in the bed with Alton. Gabe isn't happy about it but he understands and Irulan hangs up understanding why she loves him.moreless
  • 3/11/03
    Even though Arissa broke up with Dario weeks ago, he is still a big part of her life. The two have an intense phone call where Dario says that Arissa is the biggest problem in his life and that she sucks. They get into a yelling match where Arissa tells him that she won't let him say these things to her and that she won't talk to him about it until he realizes what he has said. Despite how upset she is, her lack of faith in men is restored when she meets Alex. She thinks he's the finest man she's ever known. Back in the suite, Brynn is suffering emotional distress and is having a lot of anxiety and panic attacks. When she tells her mom she's going crazy, her mom informs her that she went through the same thing and that it's hereditary. Brynn thinks she could be schizophrenic and is convinced something is seriously wrong, but her mom tries to reassure her that it's just nerves. Steven tells Brynn that she should go on medication because his mom and sister did and it was a big help for them. Brynn calls her mom again to talk about it but gets even more worried when she can't find her. She soon receives a card informing her that her mom has checked back into rehab. Brynn's extremely upset by the news and contemplates going home until her step dad reminds her that she wouldn't be able to see her mom, anyway. She and Trishelle bond over their similar emotional baggage with their mothers and Brynn writes a card to her mom telling her how much she cares and loves her. Meanwhile, Arissa is falling head over heels for Alex. Unfortunately, Alex is from California and is leaving Las Vegas. Shortly after he gets back home, though, Alex calls to tell Arissa he'll be coming back at the end of the week and wants to see her. On the night of his arrival, Arissa stands outside waiting for him. After 30 minutes pass and he still hasn't shown she returns upstairs to find 2 voicemails from Alex telling her he got cold feet. Arissa doesn't know what to think. She calls Dario and tells him everything and believes that fate kept Alex from coming back. After calling Alex to thank him for not getting on the plane, Arissa wonders if she should start things up with Dario again.moreless
  • Las Vegas: Episode 24
    Trishelle and Steven still don't know where they stand after the visit from Brian, but Steven is starting to realize that he might actually care about Trishelle and is finally speaking his mind. With his feelings out in the open, they decide to remain just friends, but Trishelle loves him and doesn't know how to deal with it. She wants to touch Steven and be intimate, but is unsure of where the boundaries are. Similarly, Irulan is having trouble accepting her feelings for Alton and letting go of her relationship with Gabe. Clinging to the security that Gabe has provided, Irulan tries to get in touch with him, but he's not buying. While out on the town, Alton and Irulan share some insights into their relationship. Before they can delve deeper, Alton gets a little out of control and knocks over the drinks of one of Frank's friends. Alton blames the woman for spilling the drinks and when another guy enters the situation, he ignores Frank's attempts to ease the tension. Alton nearly goes to blows with the guy and is upset because he feels like Frank didn't have his back. Back at the suite, Irulan and Alton agree that they have some unresolved feelings and consider getting back with each other. Meanwhile, it's Steven's birthday and Trishelle is working overtime to make it something special. During his birthday party, the boundaries that existed in the "friendship" of Steven and Trishelle are broken down and he whisks her from the party into the bedroom. In bed together, the couple tells each other that they love each other but the next morning, Steven remembers what he said, and is again confused about his true intentions with Trishelle.moreless
  • 2/25/03
    With tensions mounting between Trishelle and Steven after his not-so-nice confession that he likes the sex but just wants to be friends, Trishelle decides it's time to start dating again. She does just that with Brian, a guy she met right before coming to Vegas. The night Brian arrives, the love triangle chooses to go out to dinner together. At dinner, the similarities between Steven and Brian are obvious even to Trishelle. Brian can tell that there are unresolved feelings between the two. She tells Brian that she and Steven are just friends, but he knows better. Meanwhile, Arissa and Irulan would like to be making more money. Irulan offers up the idea of becoming cocktail waitresses at Skin, a new poolside bar scheduled to open in just a few days. The girls decide it would be fun--an opportunity to wear a bathing suit, get a tan, and make some quick cash. Decked out in their new uniforms, Irulan and Arissa head down to the pool for their first day of work, joking about smoking on the job. With Skin not yet open for business and the wind blowing fiercely, their manager has the ladies go change into some sweats and out of their bathing suits. When they return, they are put to work moving boxes, cleaning up trash, and stacking furniture as Skin prepares for its opening. Disappointed, the girls head home discouraged and looking forward to the club opening and the chance to make some tips. That night, Brian and Trishelle get an opportunity to get a little closer as they head out on the town for a romantic little date. As Brian puts the moves on Trishelle, she looks like putty in his hands, but confesses she just likes Brian as a friend. As the night comes to a close, Brian tells Trishelle he could see them dating exclusively, but she gets weirded out. When they get into Trishelle's room, her tune changes and they misbehave a little under the covers. In the other room, Steven's jealousy appears and he can't sleep knowing that Trishelle and Brian are in the bed together.moreless
  • Las Vegas: Episode 21
    As Frank realizes that Emily is perfect and how much he misses her, Trishelle admits that she's jealous and wishes she had someone to be there for her like that. The sexual tension mounts as Trishelle, Frank and Steven leave for L.A. so that Frank can interview for business school. Meanwhile, the roommates get their next job assignment and it's to assist in a photo shoot for Stuff Magazine. They have to interview women, ask sexual questions and find locations in the hotel that can be shot for the spread. While Arissa and Brynn work back at the Palms, the three arrive in LA and have a fun night out on the town that includes a mechanical bull and plenty of drinks. Trishelle is all over Frank and when they get back to where they are staying they go swimming and temptations erupt. Frank resists, though, and the next day, after having the interview and getting accepted to USC, the three fly back to Vegas. That night, the roommates go out and Trishelle, who claims she's attracted to Frank when she's drinking and dark out continues to act flirtatious. Frank gives in and kisses Trishelle. The next day Frank wakes up disappointed that he kissed Trishelle. He calls Emily and expects her to break up with him but instead she understands and wants to keep up the relationship. Frank and the roommates then go to work and the photo shoot goes great and so everyone is proud of themselves. Still thinking about the kiss though, Frank worries that he's not ready for a long-distance relationship and so calls Emily and eventually breaks up with her.moreless
  • 1/28/03
    Knowing that something happened in Australia and not wanting to be played, Irulan has packed her bags and is ready to go home. Alton questions the roommates about why she's leaving and Brynn explains that it's probably something that Alton did. Alton can't believe that she'd leave because of him and he claims he hasn't done anything wrong. He says everything that everyone is saying about him are all lies. Arissa, however, pulls Irulan aside and convinces her that she will look better and be happier if she doesn't let this get the best of her. She explains that they all have done something crazy in Vegas and they just need to accept it and walk out with their heads high. Begrudginly, Irulan agrees to stay. That doesn't mean that it's all good, though. Brynn and Arissa tell Irulan that Alton told Steven that he had a threesome in Australia and Irulan is so upset that she confronts him asking him to simply tell her the truth. Rather than admitting it though, Alton gets upset and defensive and turns it around onto Irulan explaining that nothing that he has done really matters because she has a boyfriend at home. The two leave things angry and unsettled but Irulan decides that it's important for her to tell Gabe everything that has happened. Gabe, not surprisingly, isn't amused and breaks up with her. After a night of drinking their sorrows away, Irulan and Alton end up back in the loft in the wee hours of the morning awake and inebriated. The two say what they really feel and end up having a playful, though violent, wrestling session destroying much of the loft in the process. The two are friends again but when Alton tries to sleep in Irulan's bed she forces him out. Apparently, she's not quite ready to let her guard down and get played again.moreless
  • Las Vegas: Episode 15
    Dario's coming to town and Arissa couldn't be happier. The smile on her face when he arrives is brighter than the lights on the strip. She finally seems to be enjoying her time in Vegas. All that changes, however, when a woman calls her a bitch in Rain. Arissa feels threatened and goes after the name-caller, drawing blood and the possibility of being fired from her job. Meanwhile, Irulan has pitched a tent in the middle of the living room so that Dario and Arissa can have their privacy in the bedroom. Alton sees this as an opportunity to take his relationship with Irulan to the next level. Steven warns him about falling for her because Irulan is obviously committed to Gabe and while their "open relationship" might work for them it probably won't work for Alton. Alton agrees and says he's being careful but it's obvious that he's sprung on Irulan. Marc informs Arissa that she's not being fired but that what happened can never happen again. Dario tells Arissa that all she has to do is change. "You cannot go wrong," he pleads. "Change." Arissa, once again, sees that her time in Vegas is an opportunity to make her self and her life right and after another tearful Confessional, she hopes that she will finally take the steps necessary.moreless
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  • The Real World: Las Vegas Casting Special
  • Las Vegas: Episode 2
    As the boys work out in the hotel gym, the subject at hand is girls, girls, girls. Steven is still trying to convince Frank that he has it all sewn up with Trishelle while at the same time informing everyone that he's not attracted to Brynn. He'd "stick her" if the opportunity arose but he's not squirreling for her nuts. Meanwhile, Trishelle asks Brynn what she thinks about Frank. "What do YOU think about Frank?" Brynn retorts. Trishelle states that he has certain qualities that she looks for in a guy, but that she also finds herself physically attracted to Steven. "I really don't want to get involved with one of my roommates, but if it happens, it's out of my control," explains Trishelle. Later, a discussion takes place concerning Steven's wedding and bride, who he is newly separated from. Brynn could care less about Steven's nuptials. What's that got to do with her and her getting with him? While Brynn is bored with the married guy, Frank's opportunity to get closer to Trishelle arrives as she offers to let him nap with her. Too bad he won't shut up and snuggle. The roommates get all gussied-up and pop on over to Rain (The Palms' raging nightclub). They are having fun dancing and drinking, when things begin to get a little out of control. Trishelle and Steven, who are a tad inebriated, openly make out to the entertainment of Irulan, Brynn and Arissa. But perhaps Brynn is not really enjoying it as she jealous that Trishelle got to make out with Steven before her. Trishelle and Steven make out once again-but this time in Frank's presence. Trishelle, perhaps not as innocent as one would initially believe, and Steven, perhaps not the friend one might think, literally lean across Frank's lap as they lock lips. "I'm weak and stupid when it comes to women," explains Steven. Back at the hotel, the two love birds continue where they left off at the club and resign to one of the rooms for a little after party of their own while Frank stays in the confessional not quite sure what he's gotten himself into.moreless
  • Las Vegas: Episode 3
    Trishelle is a good girl. At least she was until she landed in Vegas with a young man named Steven. The intensity and excitement of being in this situation has had an unexpected effect -- our southern girl has gone wild! When she makes out with Brynn, she realizes that she may have stepped outside the bounds of what people at home expect of her and decides to soften the blow. She calls her stepsister and confesses to her sins and then asks her to inform her father. She hopes to avoid dealing with him directly but when he calls back he reprimands her and reminds her that she's not only representing herself but her family and that kissing girls, especially when she's not gay, is not the right way to go about it. Trishelle feels like crap after the call. All she wants is his approval and love but she seems unable to attain it. Meanwhile, Alton receives news from his ex-girlfriend that she might be pregnant. He's so not ready for that news. She doesn't know for sure but she's really late and she wanted to inform him. He wants to know why she is telling him before she knows the real deal. Irulan agrees. She thinks its kind of shady and that maybe ex-girl is trying to manipulate him. Alton doesn't know, he just knows he's not ready to be a father. But after he thinks about it, he realizes that if she were pregnant he would want her to keep the child and that he would go home and get a good job so that he could support his new family. Thankfully, none of that comes to pass as she calls him to let him know that it was a false alarm.moreless
  • Las Vegas: Episode 9
    The girls think Trishelle has a problem. She doesn't eat much or she'll eat a whole lot and then dissapear to the bathroom. They think that she has "issues with food." Irulan and Arissa, having both dealt with eating disorders in the past, want to help Trishelle deal with the situation but they don't know exactly how. And hey, maybe it's all conjecture and Trishelle doesn't really have a problem. Frank doesn't seem to think so and thinks that it's just about people needing drama in their lives. Arissa, however, has a heart-to-heart with Trishelle and they talk it out with both feeling better after the conversation. Meanwhile, Alton definitely has a problem. His "wood" has gotten so long that, apparently, he can no longer wear pants. Irulan is so mortified by this turn of events. If "mortified" is defined as horny and aggressive. Even with Gabe on his way to Sin City, Irulan pursues Alton who already has a crush on her. The two have a weak moment but Alton backs off. He wants to protect their friendship and Irulan's relationship. But he also wants to be a stand-up guy and wants to know if Irulan is going to tell Gabe about what has gone down. Especially because he is set to arrive that very same day.moreless
  • Las Vegas: Episode 20
    Just as Arissa is making improvements in her life, her mom gives her a call and stirs things up. After yelling at Arissa and informing her that a woman who Arissa filed a restraining order against has filed one back, Arissa tries to reasonably explain to her mother that she has done nothing wrong. Arissa and her mom fight and so she gets off the phone and starts crying. Steven thinks that Arissa's family is "toxic" and that she should cut them off but Alton tells Arissa that she'll need them in the long run. While one roommate is upset, another is ecstatic. Frank complains to Brynn that he can't find anyone he's attracted to in Vegas and realizes he misses his ex-girlfriend Emily who is coming to visit. Instead of treating her like a friend like he planned, he is immediately romantic and the two seem to want to rekindle their relationship. The next day Emily leaves and Frank thinks about whether he should follow his heart or not and pursue something with Emily again. Meanwhile, it's Arissa's birthday and she chooses to go out to dinner with her roommates instead of with her uncle who is in town. Uncle Robert claims that she blew him off and he breaks her down much like her mother does. The two begrudgingly hug with Arissa deciding at that moment to not allow her family to berate and belittle her anymore. Arissa thanks her roommates for giving her the best birthday ever and has never felt so cared about before. Frank also ends the night on a happy note after he calls Emily and they agree to give their relationship a shot.moreless
  • Reunited: Casting Special
    The cast of Real World Las Vegas reunite in the Palms Hotel for another go around five years later.
  • Las Vegas: Episode 22
    Alton and Irulan don't like each other. She hates him. He doesn't hate her but he hates that he loves her. Get it? They really can't stand each other. But, apparently, they love hanging out with each other and kissing other people in each other's presence. It's very mature and adult of them that they can deal with each other being in new relationships so soon after their breakup. Except that it's exactly like 9th grade when you broke up with that one girl and then started kissing this other girl that she hated just because it would make her jealous. Alton dating Denise and Irulan dating Davin is just like that. Meanwhile, Arissa is realizing that in order for her to stand on her own two feet she's going to have to give up a lot of what she's used to at home in Boston. That may mean breaking up with Dario. After several teary-eyed phone conversations with him and discussions with her roommates she decides that it's best that they take some time apart so that she can figure out who she really is. Dario isn't very happy with that decision but when Arissa's cousin comes to visit, she thinks that it may be what's best for Arissa. Unfortunately for Alton, Denise is leaving Las Vegas to go to school in San Diego. Davin, to Irulan's chagrin, is developing feelings for her and she admits to herself that he is the rebound guy. He's a nice guy, though, and she doesn't want to hurt his feelings so she breaks it off with him quickly. So, once again, Irulan and Alton are unattached and spending time together. They are still fighting, however, and it's obvious that whatever emotions they have for each other aren't dissipating.moreless
  • Reunited: Bygones
    As the fight between Arissa and Alton nearly settles, Arissa sticks to her side of the story and accuses Alton of lying.
  • Reunited And It Feels So Awkward
    The roommates meet up again and it's even more awkward than the first time.
  • Las Vegas: Episode 28
    The group is packing up as their experience is coming to an end and it finally hits home that they are all about to leave. Arissa realizes how much she has changed but is scared that she'll revert back to old habits if she returns to Boston. These feelings are reconfirmed when her mother calls the suite drunk and harasses her. Irulan, too, is concerned about leaving Las Vegas because she doesn't want to say goodbye to Alton and she doesn't know where their relationship is headed. It's time for the final dinner and the roommates all cry and tell each other how much they love each other. Trishelle suggests that everyone should kiss and Steven admits that he has never kissed a black woman and wants to try it out with Arissa. Arissa says Steven is stunned by it all and Steven admits she's a really good kisser. After dinner, Arissa speaks to Michelle, a bartender and friend from Ghostbar, who invites her to live with her while she figures things out. The final day comes and everyone prepares to go home. Alton reveals that he is going to New York to spend more time with Irulan. The roommates get a thank you note from the Maloofs, the owners of the Palms, thanking them for their time and work and informing them that their last moments in Vegas together will be on a fabulous helicopter tour of the city. After the tour, the roommates wait in a room as one by one, a car shows up to take them away. Brynn leaves first and goes back to Portland where she is going to stay with Austin for a week. She admits that she's much more comfortable with herself now. Frank is moving to Los Angeles, going to USC and living with Steven. Alton plans on doing whatever's necessary to be with Irulan because he is in love. Irulan leaves next and then Steven who explains that he's leaving Austin for at least a year so he can figure things out. Arissa thanks Steven for always being there. He replies, "When else am I gonna have such beautiful roommates?" He and Trishelle have one last makeout session before he is driven away. Trishelle and Arissa admit to each other that they came into this expecting that their roommates would hate them and instead they are leaving The Real World with real friendships and real love.moreless
  • Reunited: Suite & Sour
    Trischelle throws Brynn a second bachelorette party. The guys go and party at their own suite.
  • Reunited: Ninja Stars
    A party is thrown for Trishelle's new movie Ninja Cheerleaders and everyone gets to see a sneak peak.
  • 9/17/02
    When seven strangers are picked to live in a city famous for its showgirls, gambling and partying at all hours of the day-anything can happen. This season on The Real World, Steven, Trishelle, Irulan, Alton, Frank, Arissa and Brynn are livin' it up in Las Vegas. Steven and Trishelle are the first to arrive. They scope out their new living arrangements on the 28th floor of the recently built Palms hotel, and continue to chat it up while they wait for the rest of their roommates. Trishelle, a seemingly naïve, sweet girl from Cut Off, Louisiana, is excited for the new friendships and experiences that await her. "I'm excited to get the chance to live with people of other races," she informs her new roommates. Brynn, the final member to show up at the hotel (and someone who claims she gets whatever she wants), is a little disappointed to discover that she has to share her living space-and the guys-with three attractive women. "I was kind of hoping that there was going to be someone who wasn't that cute," she gripes. "But, they're all hot." After all the roomies have met, they draw numbers from a hat to decide where they will be sleeping for the next couple of months. Since Alton is aware that Irulan and Arissa would like to room together, he scores major points by offering to switch rooms with one of the girls. Later at the Ghost Bar (The Palms' hot nightspot that overlooks the Vegas strip), Frank finds himself attracted to Trishelle. Steven meanwhile, reassures Frank that there is nothing to worry about. He claims that if Trishelle plays her cards right, her and Frank will be together in no time. With "Sin City" as a backdrop for these eclectic individuals-sparks are sure to fly, hearts are guaranteed to be broken, and chaos will most definitely occur.moreless
  • Reunited: Let The Games Begin
    Everyone heads to the casino for a game of poker.
  • Reunited: The Dating Game
    Everyone tries to find Frank the right girl.
  • Reunited: Last Call
    The end of The Real World: Las Vegas has come again and everyone must face that they have to go their separate ways.
  • Episode 7
    Episode 7
    The house has to promote for an angels and devils party but Trishelle's work ethic and Alton's homophobia make for a difficult time.
  • Episode 8
    Episode 8
    Alton stirs trouble with the roommates when he brings a random girl home for quality time in the hot tub.
  • Episode 9
    Episode 9
    The girls worry that Trishelle has an eating disorder and Irulan finds herself attracted to Alton.
  • Episode 10
    Episode 10
    Irulan's boyfriend Gabe pays her a visit and she debates on whether to come clean about her hook-up with Alton. Plus, Alton's mom stops by for a visit.
  • Episode 12
    Episode 12
    When Frank macks it with a random girl in the confessional, Arissa causes a commotion.
  • Episode 6
    Episode 6
    Brynn's jealousy of Steven and Trishelle explodes, and when the argument turns physical Brynn may have to leave the house.
  • Episode 5
    Episode 5
    Irulan becomes uncomfortable when her boss gets frisky and a comment from Frank sends Arissa reeling.
  • Episode 1
    Episode 1
    The seven strangers make their way to Las Vegas and move into their suite at the Palms Hotel and Casino.
  • Episode 2
    Episode 2
    When two roommates start hooking up, the other housemates have a hard time hiding their jealousy.
  • Episode 3
    Episode 3
    Too much partying and debauchery has some of the roommates wanting to slow things down.
  • Episode 13
    Episode 13
    The Real Worlders have an emotional team building session and Arissa faces her trust issues head on.
  • Episode 15
    Episode 15
    When a girl in the club hits on her boyfriend, Dario, Arissa starts a fight and draws blood.
  • Episode 16
    Episode 16
    On Irulan's birthday, Alton brings home another girl.
  • Episode 26
    Episode 26
    Steven pushes Trishelle away and Alton decides to make his relationship with Irulan official.
  • Episode 27
    Episode 27
    Trishelle opens her heart to a new man and Arissa finds out some unfortunate info about Dario.
  • Episode 28
    Episode 28
    The roommates get ready to leave Sin City and map out their future plans.
  • Episode 24
    Episode 24
    Things heat up when Steven and Trishelle can no longer remain just friends. Irulan has trouble saying no to Alton when he puts his feelings out in the open.
  • Episode 23
    Episode 23
    Irulan, Arissa, Steven, and Trishelle get jobs at a new bar and Steven decides to come clean as he tells Trishelle he as feelings for her.
  • Episode 17
    Episode 17
    Steven and Trishelle call it quits and the roommates head down under on a vacation to Australia.
  • Episode 19
    Episode 19
    The Irulan-Alton drama comes to a head and the two battle out their differences in a wrestling match.
  • Episode 20
    Episode 20
    The roommates throw Arissa a big birthday bash but her demanding family gets in the way of her happiness.
  • Episode 21
    Episode 21
    Frank interviews for business school and finally makes a move on Trishelle.
  • Episode 22
    Episode 22
    Alton and Irulan end their rebound relationships and make an effort to rebuild their friendship. Arissa calls Dario to tell him she needs some space.