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  • The Real World Paris Reunion Special
  • Paris: Episode 25
    Paris: Episode 25
    Episode 25
    What do you get when you combine an argument over who ate who's pizza and a super-sized order of sappiness unleashed at a fondue restaurant? Why, you get the season finale of Real World Paris. All-American Ace sums up his experience in Paris by packing his things in a box that reads: "Going back to Normalville." Felling a little sappier, Christina writes "Bye Bye Paris" and includes a frown face to get her sentiment across. Once the packing is done, CT and Ace hit the hot tub and talk about how they miss gas stations and how great it will be when they don't have to see anymore croissants and girls who don't speak English. Ace is looking forward to southern belles, Georgia peaches, waffles and bacon--not necessarily in that order. Leah coos over pictures of her and Giuseppe. She says she does not expect much from their relationship since she lives in NY and he resides in Italy, but it was a very romantic and fun time that she'll never forget. One more time: Didn't he cheat on his girlfriend to be with Leah? Oh well, that Italian boy is cute as a pizza pie and has the most pinchable cheeks ever. Apparently over her bout of sweetness, Leah barks at CT, telling him not to order the pizza because he'll F it up. Now that's the Leah we know and love. She doesn't trust the boys to order the right pizza. When the girls are gone, Ace suggests they eat all of the pizzas just to piss off the girls. Knowing they would be in the s-t (brick) house if they did that, they grab the empty pizza boxes from the other night and lay them all over the lawn where they are getting some sun and "pretend" like they ate all their pizza instead. Adam wisely notes that this prank could either be a dud or it could work so well that they could get in trouble. The three girls arrive home and Leah wonders if the boys are wasted after she sees a box of pizza in the bushes. CT tells Princess Leah that he thinks he ate about three pizzas and she informs him that he ate one pizza too many. CT enjoys the prank and doesn't stop egging her on. Pointing to the ground, Leah sniffs, "That right there is a thin crust pizza and you guys ate it." She can't believe how inconsiderate they have been. Adam has the common sense to stop the joke and Leah doesn't find it funny at all. "You don't f--- around with the girls' pizza, dude," Ace concludes. "That is a death sentence." The roommates arrive at the office for their last day of work and boss-man Brice thanks them for their essays and acts surprised about how they did such a great job with them. If you're keeping track, this is the happiest and most animated we have seen Brice to date. Adam give props to Brice, saying he thinks he did a good job dealing with all of their personalities. One essay stood out to him, so Brice decides to read a portion of Mallory's work, which is about Ace adjusting to Paris. Brice conducts one-on-one meetings with all seven of the roommates and star student Mallory goes first. He tells her this is her one chance to come clean if she didn't do all the work. She says she did it. Brice asks the same question of CT and he explains that he and his teammate didn't visit the Chateau Versailles. When Brice digs a little deeper by asking if that was the only one he fudged on, CT gives an unconvincing, "I think that's it" as his answer. Brice explains he's not trying to bust him, he just wants to know because he doesn't want to publish items that weren't done the way they should have been done. Getting off on a technicality, Leah says she told Brice that she researched and wrote everything she did for Frommer's. She explains that she was able to say yes to this question, because he did not ask if she visited each place. Ace prepares the hot tub for everyone and Leah whines, "If CT gets in, I'm getting out." Ace, Leah, Adam and Christina get naked and a little buck wild in the Jacuzzi. Mallory doesn't participate, but she takes photographs that these guys are surely going to want the negatives from once they sober up. Perhaps thinking people might not have heard her the first time, Leah ups the ante and says if CT gets in the hot tub, she will have a stroke. Feeling down about the way Leah is attacking him, CT barks back, "The last thing I want to do is see you naked!" CT is so tired of Leah's antics he decides not to go out to dinner with the group on their last night. CT says he's just not feeling it. He doesn't feel the same love that the others do and he wishes things were different. The six former strangers have dinner at a fondue restaurant. Leah admits to feeling bad about being part of the reason that CT is withdrawing himself from the group. Ace hugs Mallory and tells her he is going to miss his little Parisian angel. They tease each other back and forth and Leah looks grossed out by their cuteness. Ace makes a cheesy toast about how some ships are made of metal, but the best ship is friendship. Somehow the toast sounds charming when said with his trademark southern drawl. When they get back to the house, Ace and Adam gather all the pillows from the chateau and put them in the living room to make a "fort o' fun." As the day draws to a close, CT is thinking maybe he overreacted and Leah thinks she was too hard on CT, so she writes him a letter that begins with "What's up Brother?" and looks more like something she'd write in a high school yearbook. Mallory says she doesn't want to go to bed because that means tomorrow will come. Ace tells her he'll miss her and she echoes his sentiments. They fall asleep among the pillows and morning does arrive. As they all get ready, Ace sits in the hot tub. Ace says somewhere along the road this place started to feel like a home. It may have been a culture shock coming to Paris, but it will be a culture shock returning home as well. Simon says in the past he has tended to look at things he doesn't have rather than what he does. He thinks none of them really realize how lucky they are. The seven friends stand outside the chateau and wait for the cars arrive to take them to the airport. Simon's car arrives first and he sheds some tears as he says goodbye to Mallory and Christina. Simon and Ace hug. Simon is Ace's first gay friend and he's glad he met him. Christina is next to leave and they all share a group hug. Both Leah and CT admit they are putting the past behind them and are leaving as friends. Ace says he hopes Adam finds that special girl he's been looking for and CT hopes Leah will find love so she can raise a family. Adam says his time here in Paris has actually made him appreciate his home more. Leah says she has learned things that she's wanted to learn her whole life and Adam has given her the tools she needs to learn how to forgive, while Mallory has been her reward for letting go. Before he leaves, CT gives Mallory a great big hug. Similar to Simon, CT learned that it's not about getting what you want; it's wanting what you have. Mallory and Ace are the only two left and they share a hug. Mallory says she will miss his humor and their secret romance. Ace fights back tears in the car. Mallory goes back into the house and sheds a few tears before her car comes to take her home. Simon returned to Ireland and he's still together with Tkisko. Christina returned to her job in Las Vegas and is planning to attend graduate school. Adam went home to live with his mother in LA and is still composing rhymes. Leah went home and learned she has no health problems. She has not visited Florence or Giuseppe. CT is living at home while attending college; he and Jamie are no longer together. Ace resumed running his three bars in Georgia. Mallory visited Ace in Georgia...with no cameras present.moreless
  • Paris: Episode 24
    Paris: Episode 24
    Episode 24
    Ever since Kate visited Ace in Paris, they have been having a hard time. When All-American Ace calls his sweetheart, he either gets an answering machine or she only wants to talk for a few minutes, so he's finally putting two and two together and is pretty sure that their time is up. To make matters worse, Kate sent Ace a strongly worded email that upset him so much that when Adam comes over to play around while Ace on the computer, Ace tells him he needs a second. Seriously. Unfortunately, this is not the first time a girl has ditched him that he really liked. So what does Ace do to cheer himself up? He spends a $1000 at the strip club and had a grand ol' time. Ace says he got 10 lap dances from a girl from Kansas. He told the strippers he was a multi-millionaire. After bragging about his escapades to the girls at the chateau, Ace crawls into bed with Mallory and asks to snuggle with her. The weather is nice in Paris, so they all sit on their front lawn and get some sun. This week they are working on day trips and excursions for Frommer's and CT is planning on going to Chateau Versailles. But the sun is nice and the roommates blow off their assignments. Leah is so over her travel writing job that she jokes her day trip is right on the front lawn. She's tired of doing reviews. Adam, Mallory and Christina complain on the train about how everyone is getting lazier and lazier with every assignment, which makes it hard to get excited about completing their work. Mallory is frustrated because some people are just looking online to complete their assignments, when the point is to really get out into the city to experience things themselves. Christina, on the other hand, feels privileged to have this kind of a job that so many people would kill for. The trio travels to a castle and they explore it and then write about it. Looking for some direction, CT calls his dad to tell him that he and Leah were supposed to go to Chateau Versailles, but since she doesn't want to go, they are just going to go online and base their article on what they read on the Internet. CT says he feels bad about lying to David at Frommer's because he's been so good to him. His dad suggests CT just go and do it himself, but CT says he didn't plan ahead and give himself enough time to go see the Chateau. CT debates over how he's going to handle the situation. CT decides to take the tour of Chateau Versailles…online. That night Ace says he is taking everyone to his "favorite place in the world". That would be a strip club. CT decides to stay home to finish his assignment. Poor, innocent Mallory didn't know what she was getting herself into and she concludes that strip clubs are a little dirty. Mallory starts making fun of all the girls and this pisses Ace off and he tells her he did not force her to be here. Leah theorizes that Mallory is really annoyed that Ace is checking out all of these ladies because she still has a little crush on him. Ace even thinks that Mallory is jealous. Mallory is convinced she is not jealous. She says that in the beginning she thought she liked Ace a lot, but has since realized they are very different. Based on Ace's behavior, Mallory thinks he is really in need of a girl right now. CT tells Leah they have to get their stories straight about when they visited Chateau Versailles in case David or Brice asks them. Christina helps Leah finish her review by giving her information about the Chateau from a "cheating book". Happy with his work, Ace nominates himself as best point person. At the Frommer's office they go over their day trips and Brice asks if everyone actually went on the day trips/excursions and they all say "yes". He says he can tell because there is so much information in their articles than there had been before. Way to pull one over on the Brice-man! CT feels terrible about lying to everyone, but he's gotta eat, man. Leah receives kudos for her facts, but Brice says she didn't make it personal like her other reviews. Just when they think they are busted, Brice busts out with compliments and says they have all really come a long way in their travel writing. Turns out Mallory is actually confused about how she feels about Ace. Sometimes she likes him, sometimes she doesn't and she's trying to sort it out. What a better way than a drunken game of Jenga! Ace shares his newly created Jenga game with Christina and Mallory. In confessional, Ace says he and Mallory can kinda tell that they like each other, but they just haven't been able to figure it out what to do with that. Watch out, when the alcohol flows, Mallory gets a little more flirty with Acey-face. Ace crawls into bed with Mallory and they share some smooches. The next day Ace tells Mallory that every time they kiss, Mallory doesn't talk to him for two or three days and he wonders if she feels weird around him. She insists that's not true. Mallory decides she really likes hanging out with Ace and is going to focus on hanging out with him the rest of their time in Paris. Ace says that if he wasn't dating Kate when he first came into the house, it would have been "neat" if he and Mallory had a little romance in Paris. When Mallory gives Ace a piggy back ride, he jokes that she is the girl he's been dreaming of: blue eyes, brown hair, tall, who can carry a man around. "Piece o' heaven right here," he drawls.moreless
  • Paris: Episode 23
    Paris: Episode 23
    Episode 23
    Adam is on the prowl again. Christina says Adam is such a pimp because he brings new girls in the house all the time. He has recently met a nice girl named Lamyae who is a German, studying "tourism." She doesn't speak English that well, but maybe that's for the best. Adam and Lamyae make their way back to the chateau and crawl under the covers. Despite previous failed attempts at exclusivity, Adam confesses that he thinks they are getting closer to that exclusive type of relationship. When Adam turns into Nelly and tells her she's so hot, he wants to take her closes off, she says, "Never." Whoa! That throws him for a loop, but of course that makes her more desirable. At the Frommer's office, Brice tells the roommates that their next assignment involves reviewing hotels and they need to make a reservation at one of them and all seven of them have to stay there so they can review it. The group arrives at a hotel in Paris to get a feel for the establishment. Brice and David help them with their tour and Leah invites them to come over the chateau for dinner to thank them for all they've done. Playing pool, Adam opens up to Ace and says he and Lamyae are allowed to see other people since they are sleeping together, but he knows Lamyae isn't and he feels a little bad about that. Not a lot bad, just a little. Even Adam and Lamyae discuss the fact that they are young and don't want to get involved in a relationship right now. Because he's not sure how he feels about Lamyae, he decides to hang out with some other girls to really put things in perspective. Apparently that "perspective" includes Adam bringing home Ashley and heading straight to the bedroom. Adam says hooking up with Ashley was his last ditch effort to prove that he isn't in a relationship and he's free. Always making a fool of himself in situations where he has to say good-bye, Adam suggests that when he gets back to LA he and Ashley go to Santa Barbara. Ashley brushes off the suggestion by saying, "We'll figure it out; you have fun." Bu-bye. As soon as Ashley leaves, Adam realizes he's not over Lamyae, but he doesn't know what he wants. He makes plans to see her before they all stay at the hotel for their Frommer's assignment. He also tells his roommates that he hooked up with Ashley and felt really bad about it, so he told Lamyae and she was actually cool with it, which makes him want her more. What guy wouldn't want a girl who didn't mind him hooking up with other girls? Remember how Lamyae can't understand English that well?" Well, she misinterpreted what Adam told her about "the other woman" and when she learns that as soon as she and Adam broke up, he slept with Ashley, Lamyae says she would have never come out with him tonight. Now Adam really feels like an ass. Adam maintains that he will never lie to a girl if he is seeing someone else and that's why he told Lamyae the truth. When Adam tells his roommates what happened, they all giggle at the hilarity of the situation. Mallory and Leah begin to plan the dinner for Brice and David and all the girls go shopping at an outdoor market. Apparently CT bumped into Lamyae yesterday and extended an invitation to the big dinner party without consulting Adam first. So when she calls to confirm, Adam has to talk her out of coming, but it doesn't quite work. Who knows why she wants to see Adam again any way? She complains that this is the second time she's been invited to hang out with him and he's flaked, but again, still wants to see him anyway. The girls of the house prepare the huge meal they have planned. Ace jokes he could cook some grilled cheese sandwiches. When David and Brice arrive, they tour the house and are very impressed. Brice brings a note that one of the housemates wrote that says "Brice is being salty!" CT says bringing Brice over for dinner was a nice gesture and he says the girls did a great job with the meal and preparations. Adam goes for a late night walk with Lamyae and her friend Islane. When Adam tells Lamyae that it is hard for him to make plans ahead of time, Lamyae calls him a jerk and makes fun of him by saying he follows Ace around like a little dog. Realizing Lamyae might not just be poking fun, Adam begins to get offended. Later, inside the house, Adam says he's not very much fun today when they try to convince him to go out drinking. Adam says it would be great to meet Lamyae in three or four years, but he's not ready for any kind of commitment now.moreless
  • Paris: Episode 22
    Paris: Episode 22
    Episode 22
    CT is on the s-t list again. Simon tells his roommates about how CT put him into a headlock while they were taking a picture. It wasn't a friendly, brotherly headlock, it actually hurt. Adam said CT was clearly aggressive and going after Simon, but thought Simon had himself handled because he walked away from the situation after telling CT to screw off. That wasn't good enough, though, because Simon wondered why Adam or Ace didn't back him up and tell CT to stop being such an idiot. Leah makes it known that she would have stepped in and said something to CT if she was there. Suddenly, the conversation turns to the incident in Switzerland where Mallory brings up the fact that people in the house have a problem with Leah. Apparently, Leah hasn't been able to let go of this, so she storms out at the room. Mallory tells Simon she is pissed that Leah can't let anything go, so Mallory speaks with Leah in the bathroom and asks why she brought up the incident in Switzerland again. Mallory's hurt and feels like Leah is still holding a grudge. Leah simply says she's not interested in being friends with people who talk about her behind her back. Mallory says she didn't feel like anything she said got through to Leah. "I'm not five," Leah shoots back. At this point, Mallory just decides to give up on the conversation. Leah talks to her friend Stephanie, who will be visiting soon, on the phone and tells her she would throw herself off the fifth floor of the house if she wasn't looking forward to her visit. Ace and Adam hang out with some girls at a bar and Ace tells the women how Adam's mom wrote the lyrics to "Brickhouse" and his dad sang and played trumpet with the Commodores. The girls inquire about the meaning of "Brickhouse." Adam is happy to explain. Later, Adam's sister calls to tell him that their Dad did what he had always threatened to do. He moved out and got an apartment and didn't tell anyone what he was doing. Adam says his parents have been fighting for 20 years, but this new development still surprises him. When Adam goes into confessional, he has a very difficult time expressing what he's feeling. Stephanie arrives and shows Leah pictures of her dog and then gives Leah a letter from her mom and doctor. Leah lets Stephanie console her after she learns that she might have pre-cancerous cells. Meanwhile, Adam talks to his mom about what's going on back home. Adam tells her that he had a good childhood and assures her that she did everything right. Feeling better, Leah is happy to have her best friend in Paris and they tour the city. David, the consultant at Frommer's invites the entire group to his house for dinner. After dinner, Leah opens up to Christina because she realizes she needs to lean on someone and tells her what the letter from her doctor said. When she tells Christina that she might have the beginning stages of cervical cancer, Christina has no idea what to do or say. Christina gets teary and asks Leah why she didn't tell her about this earlier. Leah said she was still processing the news. Leah says it takes her time to open up to people because she has to process what she's feeling first. Leah thinks that it could be an error and wants to look into it further. The idea of not being able to have kids scares Leah and when they return to the chateau, Christina comes outside to comfort Leah who is crying. Simon and Mallory want to help Leah but don't know what's wrong because Christina promised not to reveal why Leah is upset. Simon says he doesn't understand a lot of the things that Leah goes through, but he wants to so he can help her. Once infatuated with Mal, Adam loves hearing her advice and opens up to her about what's going on with his parents. He says he has always had a tight-knit family so this recent news has been hard to swallow. To help him vent, he wrote a song about it and he shares it with Mal. Adam says his dad may have been a terrible husband, but he was a good father. Adam knows he could never turn his back on his father. Thinking Leah was upset about her situation with her, Mal wrote a note to Leah to apologize for their past problems. Christina sees that as a clear indication that Mallory wants to rekindle their friendship. Leah admits to Christina that she's so easily affected by other people and Leah thinks Mallory should let go of some things too. Leah admits to forgetting that Mallory is younger than her and never lived away from home. Mallory and Leah have dinner, where Leah finally tells her why she was so mad at Mallory. Leah says she was a very angry child and she didn't have her real dad around and her step dad always took her mom's side. Because of this, Leah always felt rejected. They talk about how they both have trouble being vulnerable. Leah is recognizing that part of forgiving is letting things go. Once they work things out, Leah says it's nice to be with Mallory again. Mallory says she wanted to be there for Leah. Leah feels better now that Mallory knows what she has been going through the past few days. "Thank God I live with people who can teach me things [that] I don't know when I would have learned," Leah smiles.moreless
  • Paris: Episode 21
    Paris: Episode 21
    Episode 21
    Leah thought she lost that loving feeling, but with Giuseppe in her life, she realizes it's not gone, gone, gone, wooooh. For a long time, Leah really thought that no one was going to love her as much as her ex-boyfriend. Then she went to Florence and met Giuseppe. Then she is summoned back to Florence to spend time with the cutie-patootie (didn't he have a girlfriend?!) They smooch on the streets of in Italy. Leah says that with Giuseppe, she can let her guard down and be herself. He says he loves her and Leah says "that's fun." Ah, amore at its best. Apparently not feeling a bit nostalgic about her trip to Paris, Jamie calls CT after she arrives home and asks him if he has been talking more s-t about her since she left. He said he felt like she was playing games with him. "I said some dumb things," CT admits. Jamie says those "dumb things" hurt her feelings, but CT just wonders which one of his roommates ratted him out. Jamie won't say because she doesn't want to cause a fight with him and his roommates. CT guesses it was Tina and naturally assumes she was just trying to make things "worse" for him and Jamie. CT tells his cousin Mike about all the conflict he is having with his roommates. CT feels like he's shown more respect that he's gotten in return. Mikes notes that CT doesn't hold grudges like he used to back home and says CT has a big heart. Aw, maybe he should date Mike; they get along well. When Leah and Christina return home, CT sends them message by giving them the silent treatment because he doesn't want to play "buddy-buddy" with them while he's pissed. They have no clue what's going on and don't seem phased by his lack of verbiage. Adam's friend Samir, who he's known since the 6th grade, arrives. Adam says it's nice to have someone around that he's really tight with. Samir meets the roommates and Leah immediately takes a liking to him because he's happy and beaming and she thinks he's cute. Later in the kitchen, Leah asks CT how things are with Jamie. CT tells her he didn't appreciate learning that Leah told Jamie about the conversation in the hot tub. And he tells Leah that Christina was trying to warn Jamie about him. Meanwhile, Christina admits that she and CT have the rockiest relationship in the house. Knowing they could probably benefit from talking things through, CT invites Christina to lunch. Adam is pleased to find Leah and Samir hanging out in the hot tub together. Mallory, who probably just wants Leah out of her hair, says it looks like they have similar personalities and approves of their budding flirtation. Next thing you know, Leah and Samir's budding romance turns into a steamy shower scene. Leah and Samir go out clubbing with Simon later that night and continue to flirt with each other. Leah tells Simon that she misses Giuseppe and Simon brushes it off saying she misses the "idea of him." Next thing you know, Simon is saying he realizes their European romance is probably a bit more serious than he thought it was. In the wee hours of the night, Leah and Samir try to hail a cab, while Simon gets sick on the street from drinking too much. When they get home, he is still puking. Leah takes care of him and then crawls into bed with him. Samir comes into the bedroom looking for a little action, but Leah is happy to be cuddled up with the Simonister. The next day, CT and Christina head to lunch and talk about CT's relationship with the other people in the house. CT admits he's private, while Christina remarks that she thought it was sad that she learned more about him in 15 minutes from someone else. CT says he doesn't trust anyone, while Christina doesn't understand how he can say he feels alone when he never opens himself up to anyone. CT tells Christina that he thought maybe, kinda, sorta, she was telling Jamie bad things about him. Christina explains that Wendy told her that CT feels alone in the house and she told Wendy that sometimes CT puts that on himself. Christina is impressed that CT is more willing to listen to her opinion. He discusses everything with her in a very calm manner. She admits that he has a lot to say; you just have to take the time to listen. Over a beer, Adam shares his giddiness about Samir being able to pull some of the roommates out of their shell, namely Leah. He ruins the moment by saying something cheesy about bringing West Coast love to the East Coast girl along with some indistinguishable grunts. Dude, stop while you're ahead and don't start quoting Spiderman again. Back at home, Leah talks to Giuseppe via phone and he says he misses her. She doesn't love him yet, but she loves the way he makes her feel. Ah, "love takes time," as Mariah Carey once observed. Leah thinks about pursuing something with Giuseppe, but also wants to be free to do anything she wants. Time to insert the "cake and eat it too", metaphor.moreless
  • Paris: Episode 20
    Paris: Episode 20
    Episode 20
    CT and ex-girlfriend Jamie tour the sights of Paris and he says having her here is making his trip more enjoyable. He admits that he doesn't want to let her go because he feels less alone when she's here. Christina learns that CT told Jamie's friend Wendy that he feels very alone in the house. This makes her sad, but Christina says she doesn't feel like she knows CT at all. She can't predict anything that he does, ever. Simon explains they are tired of getting their buttons pushed by CT. Mallory says she sees a good person in CT, especially when Jamie's here, but it's still hard to deal with him. The rift between Mallory and Leah also continues. Mallory is tired of feeling like she's always being judged by Leah. Christina advises Mallory to decide whether her friendship with Leah is either worth saving or not. Giuseppe, the cute boy from Italia, sends Leah a care package and invites her to return to Florence for a visit and some nookie. Giddy with glee, Leah asks Simon if he will go. He's really is not interested, but figures it will be something he'll probably will have to do. Leah tells Christina about the trip to Florence and she said she has to find out whether or not her friend is coming Paris that weekend. Sounds kinda like an excuse. Even though Leah and former gal-pal Mal are on the outs, Leah coos, "If no one goes will you still come with me?" Mal says yes, but tells her flat-out that she'd rather not. In a fun game of "Telephone," CT learns from Jamie, who heard from Wendy who learned from Christina that Christina is afraid to talk to CT about issues she has with him. Concerned about their relationship, CT goes straight to the source to make things better. Christina says when she tries to talk to CT, she feels he thinks he always has to verbally defend himself. She also says he's physically aggressive, but she's never been scared that he's going to hurt her. From the stairs, Jamie and Wendy listen in on the conversation. Christina he admits he can be really sweet and charming and that's the side of him that she likes. Christina worries that whatever she told Wendy might have been blown out of proportion because she has never been scared of CT, physically. Wendy feels bad for passing on the information to CT and now Jamie is pissed that CT went to Christina with information Wendy told him on the QT. See what happens when you put seven strangers in a house and then add two more? CT thinks it was important to fix things with Christina and that was a priority. He doesn't want to hear Jamie lecture him about what he did wrong. CT goes for a long walk to cool off. "The great thing about Giuseppe is that he adores me," Leah announces. Because everyone is whining about not wanting to go, Christina decides to step up and go to Florence as Leah's shopping chaperone. CT tells Jamie he's tired of arguing and wants to know if he and Jamie should stay together and work this out. Jamie sulks during this conversation and finally he gets her to crack a smile and he lights up and gives her a big hug. Later in the day, CT hangs out with his cousin Mike at the Frommer's office. They are drinking and being silly. Before he left the house, CT tells Jamie he will be home at 11:30 a.m., but he doesn't call Jamie until 2:30 p.m. and she wonders where he's been. On the phone, CT suggests she goes to the Louvre by herself and he says and they'll talk about "it" after. She hangs up the phone and Mike tells CT, dude, he should have hung up on her first. Back at the house, the intoxicated duo of Mike and CT frolic in the Jacuzzi and Mike tells CT, dude, he should get rid of Jamie. Love Doctor Mike says that if Jamie really loved CT she wouldn't have gone to the Louvre without him. Leah overhears the conversation and realizes CT is being heavily influenced because of Mike presence. CT thinks Jamie is just looking for a reason to get mad at him and is tired of her 'tude. CT tells her that she offended him and she has no idea how. Apparently he doesn't appreciate her getting mad when he tried to patch up any issues between him and Christina. Drunkenly annoyed with the whole situation, he tells her pack her s--t and go. Leah prepares for her trip to Florence. Mallory says she is not planning on telling Leah why she doesn't want to go to Florence cuz she wants to avoid having an argument. On the way to the train, Leah and Christina say how they can't believe how CT has been treating Jamie. At the airport, Jamie warns CT that she wants to talk about the conversation Leah overhead in the Jacuzzi when she gets home. CT feels like his roommates are trying to cut him down. Later that night, when he plays pool with Ace he says he's going to confront his roommates about "stuff" that happened during Jamie's visit.moreless
  • Paris: Episode 19
    Paris: Episode 19
    Episode 19
    The guys of the house venture out to play basketball and Adam notices a lot of pent up anger and aggression in CT. CT complains that Adam is hacking the entire game and they argue. Later Adam confides in Ace that it's getting more and more difficult for him to be around CT because he "acts like a pompous jerk all the damn time." Meanwhile, CT is on the phone with his friend Knuckles telling him how Adam acts like a "clown." Where is the love? CT says he wasn't brought up the way everyone else in the house was brought up. Meaning he was brought up to be a "pompous jerk?" Not sure what he's getting at. Adam continues his rant and tells Ace how CT was wearing a pair of Adam's socks and trying to pass them off as his own; he theorizes that CT is a pathological liar. He may be right, he may be crazy. Apparently CT's drunken phone call to his ex a few weeks back didn't do too much damage, because CT says he and Jamie miss each other so she's going to come to Paris to visit. Maybe we'll get to see the sweet side of CT. But not before we get to see the ugly side. The conversation about CT's personality continues at the Frommer's office. Simon goes so far to say that CT does not deserve to live in the house because he's not nice to everyone. Adam doubts CT can change because he's so gruff and stubborn. Ace just wants to make everything better so he tells Adam and CT that they are going out to party. In da club, CT says he asks a guy at the bar to move over so he can pay for his drink. The guy comes back to the dance floor and call CT out. What is this, seventh grade? Ace says he is sure CT did not politely asked this guy to move and that's probably why he's pissed. CT and the guy from the bar take it outside and Ace and Adam follow as CT rants and raves. CT pushes Ace and Adam out of the way so he can continue to yell at the guy. CT gets in his face while the guy stands with his hands behind his back and the guy tells CT to stop shouting, so CT starts punching him. "If you want me to knock you out, dawg, I'll knock you straight out," CT growls. A crowd gathers and Ace finally is able to intervene. Adam apologizes to the people from the club, including the guy. Walking home, Adam tells CT he coulda just walked away and this further irritates CT. CT is done trying to "tolerate" his roommates and gets right in Adams face and says he's going to "work" Adam if he says he doesn't have his back. He calls him a coward and gives two big shoves. Recalling what he learned from the Taxi-Cab-driver-incident, Ace finally tells CT to quit it. Adam says he's been called everything in the book, but nothing bothers him as much as the word coward. What about "virgin"? Just teasing. Ace believes that CT feels that Adam talks badly about him behind his back and that's why he unloaded like this. CT just says he's "not feeling Adam anymore" and thinks Adam's a two-faced coward who can't rap. Ok, he only said the first two things. But CT is going to keep his temper in check so he doesn't blow up on Adam again or kick his ass. What, no more ass whoopings? Booooo. Adam says he cares about his relationship with CT, but he's not wrong in this situation. In the kitchen, Adam tells CT that people have been saying he should be getting an apology. CT shoots back, "I meant what I said and I'm not going to try and be your buddy anymore." CT starts to get worked up again, saying as soon as his friends leave, there's no point for him to be in the house. Later, CT finds comfort in former-fiend Leah and tells her about the incident. Leah basically says they are different from the other people in the house and she's on his side. He shows her this spot where he wants to take Jamie, overlooking the river. Switching into his cute-as-pie personality, CT says that since he won't be with Jamie for her birthday, he has decided to celebrate it the day she arrives in Paris. He decorates the house with balloons and asks his roommates to be in place when she arrives so they can sing happy birthday. He is extremely proud of himself for coming up with this idea and is really excited about the big surprise. When he greets Jamie at the airport, he picks her up and spins her right round, baby, like a record baby, right round round round and gives her a big hug. The roommates have a tough time getting up for the birthday surprise, but they manage to get into position, including a recently scorned Adam. While Jamie is there, Adam says CT reminds him of the guy he first met when he walked into the house. Even Leah is impressed that CT went out of his way to make Jamie's birthday special. Even though CT and Adam have some unresolved issues, Adam extends the olive branch and offers to help CT with his Frommer's work while Jamie is in town. Finally calmed down, CT says in his confessional that he feels bad about cutting Adam down and trying to start a fight with him. "I'm a nice guy right?" he prompts Jamie while they are lying in bed. Despite his rough, jagged edges, he still wants to make sure people think of him as a nice guy. She says yes, but not with a lot of conviction.moreless
  • Paris: Episode 18
    Paris: Episode 18
    Episode 18
    The roommates return to a messy house after their trip around Europe. Ace feels like he cleans the house more than anyone, but it's a thankless job and no one every notices his good deeds. On a recent cleaning escapade, he picked up Christina's clothes and put them in her closet, not realizing that some items were clean and some were ready to be washed. Christina unleashes her wrath, even though he meant no harm, and Ace tries to apologize. She retires to her closet to let out a yelp of frustration. Mistakenly thinking he was helping out again, Ace put Leah's clothes in the dryer which shrunk a good portion of them. Now she is not happy and Ace is feeling like no matter what he does, he's not helping. Feeling bummed about the tension in the house, Ace chooses not to show up to their Frommer's meeting, so CT and some of the other roommates, thinking they can get away with it, try and cover for him. Meanwhile, Ace's back at the chateau, talking to one of his buddies back home about how his roommates fight all the time and how he'd rather not be here. Suspecting the Real World posse is feeding him lies, Brice is all, what up with the Ace-Train? Is he in the hizzy or not? Adam breaks it down for the boss-man. "Ace was never here." Master B gives the budding travel writers a stern warning not to do something like that again. On the way home, CT and Leah guess which one of Ace's favorite activities they will find him doing at the house. Sleeping on the couch? Sitting in the Jacuzzi? Downloading music? Ace is not happy when he learns that his roommates tried to cover for him. He doesn't mind being honest about his flakiness. He tells Adam that he hates going into the office. When talking with Brice, he opens up about how he's been unhappy in France and homesick. Brice doesn't take pity and decides not to give him his salary for the week. Ace drawls to CT that he left a "wonderful, great life" for a place where his roommates argue all the time. Trying to put things in perspective, CT mentions how there are soldiers in Iraq who would probably rather be home with their families. Ace learns from his friend back in the U.S.A. that his country is on the brink of war. CT is worried about being a target in France because he is American. Christina worries about retaliation. Adam, Ace and CT discuss the impending war over a game of pool. Adam gets deep when he quotes Spider-Man. "With great power comes responsibility." Later in their room, Ace talks to Christina about how everyone talks behind everyone's backs and he's tired of the negativity that breeds. Christina is worried that he's not going to get out of his French funk. Ace says he feels like quitting, but he would probably feel worse if he were "beat by Paris" and one crazy taxi cab driver. The roommates watch the President's speech on video at the house. President Bush gives Iraq an ultimatum and it's clear that war could break out at any time. Ace and Adam think the speech was great. Leah says she attended 10 separate funerals for Sept.11 and is not pro-war. Simon says he doesn't have the same perspective since he is from Dublin because he was not personally affected by the Sept. 11th attacks. While everyone discusses their views, Simon and Leah bicker a bit over their differing opinions about the war. Later that evening, Simon tells Leah that if they ever fight, he's just going to say something right away so they can clear the air quickly. Ace finally decides to stick it out in Paris and find a way to be happier, but when he learns that Christina's been talking behind his back, he gets upset. "They have to have somebody to talk about," he grumbles about the girls. Rather than sitting them down and telling them what's been bothering him, he decides do something really nice for them. He writes all the girls individual notes and lays them on their freshly made beds with roses from their fake rose plants in the pool room. The girls find their room spotless, with their beds are made better than they day they moved in. Leah finds her note which basically says I'm sorry and I hope we can continue to be friends. Still not aware of the sting of her words, Leah can't believe that she treated him in a way that he though they weren't going to be friends. Mallory is blown away by his kindness too. Ace gets hugs from all of the girls and says to CT that doesn't know what he was thinking of going the fighting route, "that's not me." God Bless A.C.E. for having such a big heart and restoring peace in the household.moreless
  • Paris: Episode 17
    Paris: Episode 17
    Episode 17
    The roommates are excited to be in Rome and they tour the city with Leah's friend Matt from college and go out at night. "CT's so dumb," Leah says to Matt, loud enough for CT to hear. "I'm telling you, we live with seven people and six of us hate him." CT looks sad, but barely bats an eye because he knows to expect this from Leah. CT has an unexpected defense attorney in Matt who tells Leah that CT has been nothing but nice and he doesn't understand why she would say such a thing. By the end of the evening, even this guy Matt is embarrassed by her actions. Growing more and more pissed at Leah, Mallory thinks her comments about CT were "completely out of line." Christina has been avoiding being in Leah's presence because she is so loud. And Simon thinks Leah doesn't care about what other people think. After a night of obnoxiousness and drinking Leah has a tough time getting up to leave for Zermatt, Switzerland. Christina tells Leah on the train that she notices other people noticing her being loud. Leah maintains that she doesn't go out of her way to be obnoxiously loud. Leah says people have told her that she's loud in the past, but no one has ever gone to the extent that her roommates have to tell her. Simon tries to explain that they live and work with her and see her 24/7, so the circumstances are different. Leah even go so far as to say that being loud is something she really likes about herself and doesn't want to change. Adam notices a rift forming between the trio of Mallory, Simon and Christina and Leah. Mal, Simon and Christina discuss their issues with Leah in their hotel room. Mal thinks Leah doesn't even see how she's treating other people, while Simon worries that it's too late to make a difference. Simons says he doesn't confront Leah about the things that annoy him because he is afraid of hurting her. During the hotel room pow-wow, Mallory is very vocal about her disgust with Leah's behavior. Ace feels left out because he previously blew his knee out and cannot go skiing with them. "I'm going to kill myself," Simon says as he tries on snowboarding equipment. Simon, a young fashionista, is more interested in how cool his ski boots look than how is going to get down the mountain. Presumably primping, Simon takes an awfully long time to get his gear on. The group grows impatient as they wait for him, but he looks damn good walking out of the ski rental shop carrying a board that matches his red ski jacket. The roommates are amazed by the beauty of the mountain that they will be skiing on. Adam looks like an experienced snowboarder as he takes off downhill, while Mallory, Simon and Christina struggle to get down the mountain. "Simon looks very good on a snowboard as along as he's sitting down," notes Christina. Before the group goes to dinner, Leah does a silent cheer and a fist pump when she learns CT won't be joining them for supper. Mallory decides to confront Leah at dinner by saying, "You make us all really uncomfortable." A heated discussion ensues, even though Christina tries to tell them that this is inappropriate place to be having this discussion. Leah is surprised to hear that even her shopping buddy Simon is having problems with her. Some people from another table tell group to "shup up" and the roommates eventually get kicked out of a restaurant. Leah becomes incredibly confrontational. Mallory says she is ready to let it all out in front of her or behind her back. Leah goes back to the hotel and seeks comfort in an unlikely source. CT. He can certainly relate to her troubles, but no one expected him to actually let her cry a "rivah" on his shoulder. Turns out he is more than willing to listen. He even defends her and says that Mallory, Simon and Christina went too far. Adam is thoroughly confused as to why CT opened up his arms to Leah after she has been so mean to him. The roommates are upset that their vacation is ending on a bad note and as they leave to go back to Paris, Leah feels very alone. Back at the chateau, Mallory engages Leah in a discussion about their relationship. Mallory wants resolution between the two of them, but as she opens up to Leah about how she is hard to approach because of her disapproving looks, Leah defensively barks back and nothing is resolved.moreless
  • Paris: Episode 16
    Paris: Episode 16
    Episode 16
    The roommates take the train to Florence, Italy and step off into the Italian city de amore. They divide into groups to explore the city. Leah and Simon represent the shop-o-holics, while Ace, CT and Adam are the eating at a café exhibiting shop-o-phobic symptoms. Christina and Mallory fall somewhere between as they walk the streets of Florence while men flirt with them. They are surprised by how straightforward the Italians are. Over lunch, Leah admits to Simon that if a guy she met didn't drive a fancy car, the chances of him talking to her were "slim to none." When she met her boyfriend, he changed everything. Nothing else mattered except that she had him. They dated for three and a half years and it was the happiest and most confident that she's ever been. She says that she now feels that she is being held captive by this feeling of wondering whether or not she'll have that again. Simon uses a fashion metaphor to let her know he understands, it's like "wearing a really ugly suit, all the time." They entire group all meets up for dinner and Leah is quick to tease lady-killer Adam about how she's found a date already. She tells everyone that she met a hot waiter at lunch and they have plans tonight. Adam is happy that, finally, one of his other roommates has scored a date! Before her date with Giuseppe, Leah gets very nervous. CT becomes protective of her and tells her to stay in control. He says he's treating her like he would his sister and she appreciates his concern. At dinner, Giuseppe asks Leah if she has a boyfriend and then goes in for that kind of passionate kiss you expect from Italians. With a line right of the movies, he says that he wants her to remember him. Leah is in love with Italy because of her budding romance with Giuseppe, but rather than seeing the sites of his hometown on her second day, she goes shopping with Simon again. Simon sums up Leah's shop-o-holic ways best when he says she "would re-mortgage her house for a Gucci bag." Exploring the city, CT is really taken aback by the beauty of Florence and is very appreciative of what he's able to do and see. Once down on the French, southern-fried Ace, too, is beaming about how much he loves Florence. The group decides to go to Giuseppe's restaurant for dinner, while CT and Ace remain at the hotel to drink and play cards. Adam complains that CT is a completely different person when he drinks. The boys show up to dinner toasted and CT makes a scene and embarrasses Leah, who cowers at the table. Adam says that Leah may overreact to a lot of things, but this is not one of them. Since Ace can hold his liquor better, is astute enough to remove CT from the restaurant to make everyone happy. But it's really too late because Leah is already humiliated and nervous about how Giuseppe is going to react to her drunk roommates. But everything cool, because after dinner, Leah and her Italian stallion canoodle in a club together and she admits that she's falling for him. But their romance comes to a screeching halt when they are lying in bed together and Giuseppe admits to being a "bastard" for dating Leah because he already has a girlfriend. O sole Leah packs her bags and the group heads for Roma where there are plenty of other Italian fish in the sea.moreless
  • Paris: Episode 15
    Paris: Episode 15
    Episode 15
    The roommates receive information about their upcoming vacation and learn that they have the power to plan the entire trip. Prophet CT believes that this trip has the potential to either bring them all together or tear them all apart. Ace is excited to see the French Riviera for his birthday. Leah is psyched to go shopping at all the outlets in Italy. And the boys are looking forward to snowboarding in the Swiss Alps. But before they leave for their trip around Europe, they have another Frommer's assignment to complete. They are assigned to write about nightclubs and bars, which should be a piece of cake for these nightly party-goers. Christina is the point person and Brice encourages them to budget their time wisely and be in the office everyday so they can finish their work on time. Unfortunately, Mallory's cousin and aunt have come to Paris for a visit, but she's frustrated because she won't be able to spend much time with them. Even though their deadline has been moved up only a few hours, due to their vacation, everyone is feeling stressed out. Christina is requesting that they all have their reviews to her the night before, but not everyone meets her deadline and she complains about having to go into the office the next day. This whining comes after she has just asked CT if he will give her one of his reviews so she doesn't have to go out that night. CT seems a little reluctant to give it to her, but is the nice guy (so he doesn't have to deal with her wrath) and does it anyway. Later that day, she's giving CT a hard time for not having all of his reviews on time. CT stays up all night to finish his review and had it on the computer desktop the next morning for Christina. They all manage to turn in their reviews on time, get their bonus and pack for the trip. Leah is looking forward to the "gelato, boys and shopping" in Italy. Adam is looking forward to…what else? The women. STA Travel hands out their trip itineraries and tickets and the roommates begin to get excited about their trip around Europe. The group arrives at the train station and CT wanders off and ends up missing the train to Nice, France. The roommates don't realize this until their train has left the station. They are amused and worried about what might have happened to CT, but they conclude that he must be on another car or train. Quickly forgetting about their missing housemate, Mallory complains more about not having enough time to spend with her family. Adam, who was once smitten with her, is now completely annoyed by her and her complaints. Mallory's cousin and Aunt bump into a confused Ace at the hotel in Nice and seem surprised by the fact that they ended up at the same hotel as Mallory. Leah is immediately suspicious, but Mallory seems surprised to seem them. They talk about how it's, like, so random that they ended up in the exact same hotel. Everyone wonders if this is all an act. Mallory and Christina and her Aunt and cousin hang out on the beach and enjoy the day. Simon and Leah talk about how Mallory is pretending that seeing her aunt is a big coinkydink. Simon thinks it's inconsiderate that Mallory invited other people to join in on her holiday with her housemates. Ace turns 24 in the French Riviera and is happy to be spending it on vacation with his new friends. He requests that everyone along for one day so he can have a good time on his D.O.B. The result is Ace having a blast partying on his birthday and everyone does appear to get along for the evening, but they've got the entire rest of the trip to bicker and fight. CT arrives and everyone quizzes him about where he was, but all he does is joke about his disappearance. His roommates are, like, no, really, where the hell were you? Still no answers. Adam describes CT in a nutshell, "He wants us to be interested in him, but he doesn't want to give us the information." Simon theorizes that CT has some embarrassing story that explains why he missed the train and that's why he won't tell them what happened. Simon reminds Leah and Ace how CT "wants everything to seem like it's really cool and he just 'swaned' into Nice like nothing happened." The future Psychic Network employee describes what he thinks happens to CT and pretty much nails it on the head. CT admits in his confessional that he forgot is ticket and had to spend the night at the chateau and then take the first train out the following day.moreless
  • Paris: Episode 14
    Paris: Episode 14
    Episode 14
    Simon, Leah and Christina ridicule Mallory and her collection of shoes, which they think lack a certain femininity. "Who the hell pays attention to shoes?" Mallory asks. This comment elicits a look of horror from stylish Simon. Mallory admits that she just feels more comfortable in her sweaters and sweat pants and her clunky shoes. Stephanie, Adam's chick de jour, goes out with him and the roommates. Adam describes his new gal pal as a bit standoffish, but he's chalking it up to the fact that they are just getting to know each other. So he blows 500 Euro on her in one night, overdraws his account and is crossing his fingers that her standoffishness will now magically turn into a goodnight kiss. As they say goodnight, Adam moves in for the kiss and Stephanie opts for the shoulder pat and the "I had a really good time" line. She says goodbye with a French phrase that poor Adam is unfamiliar with. If he had attended a few more French classes, he might know that "A demain," means "until tomorrow" but instead he frets worrying it means "I don't like you." Or what if it means, "I want to sleep with you?" Somebody get this guy a phrasebook. Adam whines to Ace about how he didn't get a kiss on the second date. Always generous, Ace offers to snuggle with Adam if he takes him out. Not quite learning his lesson, Adam calls Stephanie to go out another night and she says she can't because she has to take a shower. This inspires Adam to compose a VMA-worthy rap about her "dodging his lips." And the more Adam thinks about it, the more pissed he gets about getting dissed on the kiss. He unloads on Ace, who tries to comfort him by talking about his past experience with women. The roommates meet up French professor Natalie to go on a shopping field trip so that they can learn the French word for "shoes" and "cash or credit." Ace could care less and does not take the assignment seriously. Always thinking of themselves, Leah and Christina utilize some good ol' fashioned peer pressure to convince Mallory to buy some pointy shoes that will make them less embarrassed to go out with her. Soon after her new purchase, Mallory goes out on the town for the first time with her new shoes and practically gets a blister within her first few steps. She whines and complains about how she can't walk in them but the girls tell her to suck it up. Their evening ends with Mallory flinging her shoe across the train station in a violent rage. OK, there was no violent rage, but it makes the shoe story sound more interesting. Adam and Stephanie have dinner again and as he pays the pricey bill, he asks Steph to tell his roommates that she paid. Trying to appear more attractive and kissable to his date, Adam breaks out into a monkey dance on the train and Stephanie looks mortified. The other roommates have been noticing that Stephanie, while seemly a nice girl, could quite possibly be a shady, gold-digger. So CT decides to take it upon himself to find out her intentions. When the duo gets back to the chateau, CT asks Stephanie if she "likes" Adam and Stephanie replies, "as a friend." Ouch. CT takes it step further and accuses her of taking advantage of Adam and his willingness to spend money on her. Feeling uncomfortable, Steph decides to leave while CT revels in his ability to get to the truth. At the train station, it's clear that Stephanie and Adam will not become an item, so he sends her on her way and goes back to the house to confront CT. But ultimately he remembers the trite, but true adage about how hot girls may come and go, but dudes are always there for you.moreless
  • Paris: Episode 13
    Paris: Episode 13
    Episode 13
    Ace is ready for a visit from his girlfriend Kate. "The roommates in the house are getting hotter and hotter," he jokes. "By god, Simon is starting to look good to me." His attraction to Simon aside, Ace is fairly confident that the drunken kisses he's shared with Mallory and Christina don't count and will not be an issue with Kate. He talks about how serious his feelings are for Kate and tells his roommates that, not only is she the prettiest girl he's every dated, she's the only girl he has dated that he can see marrying. Ace and Kate share an awkward greeting at the airport and he brings her back to the chateau to introduce her to the roommates. On the train ride to the house, Kate describes Ace as "kind of a boyfriend" which upsets Ace and sets the tone for the entire visit. Meanwhile, back at the chateau, Mallory tells Simon that she was supposed to clean Ace's room for 20 Euro, but since she's busy (doing what?), she asks Simon if he can fill in for her. Before he can say "Tkisco," Kate enters the house and Simon says "hello" and then hustles to clean the room before she sees it. The roommates greet Kate warmly with Adam trying to cop a feel when he hugs Kate, and Leah overacting her excitement of meeting the Southern Belle. Kate takes note of Ace's neat room, so Simon's maid service paid off. Christina offers to move into the guest room so Ace can get cuddly with Kate. But Kate politely refuses to sleep in the same bed with her hottie. She says something about making a promise to her grandmother. Poor Ace is missing Wal-Mart and Waffle House and now he can't snuggle with his girlfriend? "That's bulls--t, we're snuggling," he snaps playfully. The duo spends the next day visiting the touristy sites of Paris. At night they have a romantic moment at the top of the Eiffel Tower, but even though they are cute together, there seems to be a certain "je ne sais quoi" lacking in their relationship. Christina pulls a CT and makes an ass out of herself by getting plastered before she even makes it to the bar. Her roommates try and take care of her while she's out, but she becomes too emotional. CT finally helps her home and carries her into the château and tucks her into bed. The next morning he is very proud of a delectable fruit plate he makes for her. Christina is impressed with his actions and says she sees a 100 percent improvement--haven't we heard that exact phrase used to describe CT before? Ace and Kate have a heart-to-heart at a café and Kate reminds him that she's on a different career path from him. She also tells him that at some point he's going to have to grow up. Clearly suffering from Peter Pan syndrome, he doesn't see why he can't sleep late, play golf all day and work for two hours. Kate disapproves of his partying ways, which ends up making Ace feel bad about himself. On their last night together, Ace and Kate take a taxi home and are five Euros short on the fare because the driver got a little lost. Ace goes into the chateau to get the extra dough and when he returns the most confusing fight in Real World history ensues. The cab driver won't take the extra money. Ace sounds like he is near tears. "Take it." The driver replies, "Five Euro. Not for me." Huh? Frustrated with the language barrier and the driver's mixed signals, Ace's tears turn into anger and he shoves the driver (and Kate) and again instructs him to take the money. A fight nearly breaks out, but only threats are hurled. The taxi cab driver puts the extra money into Kate's coat pocket and spits on the ground as he walks away. Inside the house, Ace is upset that he let his anger get the best of him and that Kate was there to see it. He knows she doesn't put up with a lot of crap and is worried about how this will affect their relationship. Well, one good thing did come out of the fight. Kate decides to sleep in Ace's bed tonight. Too bad Ace is too pissed to snuggle. The two seem the most lovey-dovey at the airport before she leaves and on the train ride home alone, Ace looks miserable. Meanwhile the roommates discuss how they liked Kate, but they think she and Ace are total opposites, not to mention the fact that they didn't seem very affectionate with each other. The girls grill Ace later about whether or not he got any action during her visit and he admits that nothing happened. Guess he'll be adding another notch to his choking the chicken chart. Kate waited until she returned home to let Ace know how upset she was with what she witnessed on their last night together. Ace is no Adam, and is actually able to interpret the signals that Kate is sending. Ace thinks she is trying to find reasons to not talk to him or break up with him. Adam reminds Ace that if they do break up, there are plenty of girls in Paris that would love to get on the "Ace-Train." There's potential for another one of Adam's raps in there somewhere...moreless
  • Paris: Episode 12
    Paris: Episode 12
    Episode 12
    The roommates gather at the Frommer's office with advisor David, and in a conference call with boss man Brice, they learn they won't receive a bonus due to their incomplete assignment. CT puts on his best "What did I do?" face. Simon complains about the "all or nothing" rule and tells Brice that they actually gave CT all the "Tips & Finds" -then an argument ensues. Brice reiterates the need for them to communicate, while he probably has his secretary get the cast of Road Rules on the horn. Poor David tries out his best travel cheer to bring the group together, but there is too much tension in the air, and the roommates need more than a scribe to help them sort out their issues. Raising his voice, David chants, "Can we say that our energy is going to get positive now?" Leah shoots back a quick "No" and storms out, grumbling about not getting her 250 Euro bonus. Still reluctant to add the word "forgive" to her vocab, Leah wonders why she should let someone off the hook when they do something to piss her off. CT stays after to talk to David about the problems he's having with his roommates. Later that week, the unlikely duo meet up for lunch, where CT shows him a book he's been working on that he calls Women 101. Unbeknownst to his roommates, CT has been recording everything the girls have been saying to him, and he plans on putting all those "tips" on how to be a better guy into the book. "Never call your girlfriend while you're drunk. Don't brush your teeth in the kitchen sink. Don't rub your balls." These are some of CT's suggestions-which David has absolutely no reaction to. An oblivious CT is so excited about his idea that he doesn't notice and continues talking while David munches on his Chinese food. Trying desperately to get on the girls' good side, CT buys flowers (not the red tulip kind) for the Leah and Christina, but this time they don't buy into his charm. In fact, it makes things worse. (Since when has buying flowers for girls made things worse? Yep, he is deep in that doghouse.) Leah confides in Mallory and says that CT brings out "murderous feelings" in her, and sometimes she wants to "smother him in the middle of the night." Instead of calling the Parisian police, Mal listens calmly and doesn't seem concerned that she sleeps in the same room with someone who has murder on the brain. Simon and Mallory invite Adam to go with them to Queen, a gay bar in the city. At the club, Adam shakes his bon bon like a "damn monkey" after his roommates dare him to get up on stage. Following his spaz dance, a hunky gay man approaches him, offering him his sunglasses and a kiss on the cheek for his outstanding performance. Adam asks Simon to decode the meaning of the gift of sunglasses from a gay man. Simon, nearly laughing, assures him it doesn't mean anything. But Adam doesn't take any chances and hides behind Simon the rest of the night. The roommates notice a little extra spring in Simon's step as he waits for his boyfriend, Tkisco, to arrive in Paris for a visit. The two only met three weeks before Simon left for France, but they get along well while he's in town and talk about future plans together. After talking to his mom, CT decides that opening up to the girls might improve their relationship with him, so he tells his roommates that he's been having problems at home and is sorry he hasn't given them a chance to get to know him. Leah begins to witness vulnerability in CT, and it's changing the way she looks at him and acts toward him. Not aware that Leah once wanted to smother him in the middle of the night, CT opens up to her about his family and upbringing. He appreciates the fact that a once cold-hearted Leah is now taking an interest in his life, and he shows her the Women 101 book. She's in hysterics while reading his entries. On the train, Leah tells gal pal Mal that CT has been opening up to her and she is beginning to realize it takes work to get to know someone and it's, like, worth it. Leah even calls her hero, Pascual, and informs him that she is going to change the way she interacts with CT. She admits that she's been cruel to him and now wants to move past it. Do we have a whole new Leah on our hands? Tune in next week to find out...moreless
  • Paris: Episode 11
    Paris: Episode 11
    Episode 11
    After the night of the rowdy pool game, the roomies must get their assignment done and emailed to Brice by 6pm. No one, not even the goldfish, has confidence that CT (the point person) will get their reviews in on time. Christina continues to give CT the cold shoulder and is still bristling about the consequences of having a bed one floor beneath the pool table, so she talks to Adam about moving into his room. Of course, Adam welcomes the idea of having a hot chick as a roommate, but doesn't want any bad blood between him and CT as a result of the switch. Ace confides in Leah about Christina's issues with him and admits that sometimes the only person he thinks of is himself. She closes the conversation with what some might describe as excessive kissing and straddling of the Ace-miester who looks extremely uncomfortable. With an hour and thirteen minutes to go before the assignment is due Leah and Christina turn their reviews in and leave the chateau. Turns out, the group is short four "Finds." While his roommates begin to furiously scramble to come up a few more, CT does not seem to be working with any sense of urgency. He calmly continues to type up his review with only seconds to go before the deadline. CT clicks send and Brice ends up receiving an incomplete assignment on time. Leah arrives home and quizzes CT about the status of their assignment. CT indicates that their work was sent to Brice on time. Leah doubts his sincerity so she rings up boss-man Brice to ask if her, er, their work got in on time. He says he did receive their work on time. She proceeds to prattle on like Brice is her best friend from Long Island and tells him how Ace and CT were up late making noise. In the midst of her chatter, Brice informs her that while the assignment came in on time, it was incomplete. Leah gets that crazy look in her eyes whenever she finds out CT has laid a big fat lie. Actually, let's back up a bit. When Leah came home, she asked CT if the assignments were in on time and he said yes. Fact. She did not quiz him specifically about whether or not the assignment was complete. Fact. Fast forward to Leah stomping her way over to CT's room to confront him about what Brice has just revealed to her. As usual, CT feels attacked and immediately starts yelling back ("Wooo;" "It's not my fault;" "What do you want from me?" etc.) You know, the usual. Christina joins the conversation as well, but is much calmer than normal. After a lot of shouting, CT walks away and then returns to talk to them without lashing back. He says he is sincere about wanting to change and promises to treat his roommates better. While Leah and Christina are sick and tired of hearing his apologies, they accept this one and hope for the best. CT asks for some hugs and although the girls are reluctant, they agree and Leah even cracks a smile. Christina and Ace resolve their issues as well. With some prompting from Christina, Ace apologies for calling her a drama queen and he says that he'd like her to stay as his roommate. All issues have been resolved and the lights are out at the chateaumoreless
  • Paris: Episode 10
    Paris: Episode 10
    Episode 10
    Christina concludes that although they live together and work together, the roommates don't really know a lot about each other on a personal level. Ace illustrates her point by quizzing Christina on his little sister's name. She has no clue, yet CT informs her it's Kathleen. She is disturbed that CT knows a bit of information that she doesn't, but Ace lets her off the hook by telling her he doesn't really have a little sister. As punishment for the prank, Christina begins a flirty ketchup fight with Ace that ends with some huggin'. Ace admits he'd try and kiss or hook-up with Christina, but he'd never date her. Wasting no time, Ace crawls into bed with Christina to snuggle and asks for a kiss. She obliges, but when he asks if he can kiss her stomach, she denies him of the privilege. She boosts his ego by telling him that he's the best roommate she's ever had, though. Between flirting and partying, some work has to get done. CT does not attend a meeting at the Frommer's office, which provides the roommates with a prime opportunity to rag on him. Leah is psyched because this gives her the chance to tattle on CT to Brice. CT still feels alienated from the group and doesn't believe the respect he gives out comes back to him in return. He is hurt that he continues to hear them talking behind his back. Everyone is on edge since this is the first time they have to complete their assignments with the new rules. Ignoring the potential repercussions, some are not working hard to finish their assignments on time. Back at the home front, Christina is pissed that someone ate her eggs and The Great Egg Caper commences. After ranting and raving to whoever will listen, she attaches a note to the egg carton requesting that the MIA eggs be returned without being harmed. Turns out cute and cuddly Ace ate two of Christina's eggs, not peanut-butter snatching CT as we might have assumed. Ace inserts two lemons with smiley faces into the carton with his own note. Christina cracks up when she sees this display of cuteness and forgives him immediately. Looks like Christina is serving up a scoop of double standard. At least Christina is finally showing signs of realizing that she's not as easygoing as she once thought. She opens up to Ace about the things she wants to change about herself. Ace gets CT hammered so that he can beat him at pool game that goes into the wee hours of the morning. Christina tosses and turns all night because the pool table is right above her room and the boys are making a lot of noise. Finally she stomps upstairs to complain, but CT doesn't want to hear it and starts yelling at her ("Cry me a riv-ah!). Ace is staying out of the argument, and the rest of the roommates are woken up by CT and Christina's argument. Fed up, Christina says she's switching rooms. The next day, Ace tries to make peace with Christina, but she won't let her anger go, which prompts sweet Ace to snap and call her the most dramatic person he's every met. Christina is hurt by his accusation and reasserts her desire to change rooms. Find out next week if Ace is sent packing to the doghouse.moreless
  • Paris: Episode 9
    Paris: Episode 9
    Episode 9
    Mallory is tip-toeing around the house lately because she's afraid of Leah's evil looks and her wrath that ultimately follows. Mal confides in Tina about Leah's brashness and wonders what she should do about it. When the two get locked in the Frommer's office, Leah theorizes that they just wanted to get out of cleaning the house. Back at the house, Leah is orchestrating a massive clean-up of the chateau in preparation for her brother Pascual's visit. Leah gushes over her brother like he is the best thing since sliced baguettes. Among the things she calls him: her hero, a good soul, and her favorite person in the whole world. Behind her back, Leah calls Mallory lazy and dirty. Ace defends her honor by saying that Mallory is still young and will learn eventually. To Mallory's face, Leah isn't much nicer. "Mallory, I love you and I don't want to pick on you, but when there's a dish of candy out could you not put your apple core in it." Mallory does not appreciate the public humiliation. But really, who puts their apple core in a dish of candy? Leah doesn't stop at that and later barks at Mallory for leaving her empty Alka-Seltzer glasses around and complains that she hasn't cleaned the bathroom. Mallory is quickly distracted by Leah's wrath when the great Pascual arrives. Leah is certain everyone is going to love him. Little does she know Mallory might take that literally. Mallory gets on the horn and begins gushing to her friend about Pascual and his high level of maturity (he's a sophomore in high school!). But she feels like she can't do anything about her crush because Leah would "have her head." All she needs is a little alcohol and she'll forget that Pascual is forbidden fruit. Leah and her brother announce that they are going sightseeing and CT says he'd like to ride with them since he's going to the same area. Leah agrees to meet CT at the train station, but as soon as their train comes, they jump on without a second thought. After leaving the station, Pascual realizes they didn't wait for CT. Leah pretends like she's actually sorry for not waiting for him. At least Leah is honest enough to admit that Pascual is a better person than her. Minus Ace, who is nursing an injured knee, the roommates go out on Pascual's last night in Paris. An alcohol enhanced Mallory smooches Simon and in another second she's all over Pascual. Sitting in between Christina and Mallory, Pascual gets a lot of attention from both girls. Mallory demands that Christina cease her flirting with Pascual. Pissed, Christina shoots back, "You've got Ace." Then Christina dances over to Leah to tattle. Leah is now pissed. Who knew there was something so intriguing about a sophomore in high school with a goofy haircut that two college-age girls are fighting over him? The following morning, Leah & Pascual wake up late and rush to get to the airport. A bit confused by Mallory's crush on Pascual, Ace is suffering from the "but, what about me" syndrome. Ace can't figure Mallory out and appears to still have a crush on her, while perhaps Mallory has moved on. In order to have a better friendship with Leah, Mallory finally decides that she must confront Leah about her actions. They both get a lot of stuff out in the open and Leah apologizes for her harsh ways and says that she realizes that she's a "bully" and there are things she has to change about herself. She thanks Mallory for bringing them to light. They kiss and make up and share hugs in the train station.moreless
  • Paris: Episode 8
    Paris: Episode 8
    Episode 8
    Adam is still trying to pull chicks wherever he goes. Here a chick; there a chick; everywhere a chick-chick. The roommates are still wondering what Adam is trying to prove by meeting so many women. He says he is in constant search of "that feeling" that he gets when he's around girls. He claims that he is at his personal best the first 15 minutes people meet him, then it's all down hill from there. Adam meets Talayeh at a Paris club and is quickly smitten. He invites her back to the chateau and into his bed, but she informs him that she has been in Paris for six months and hasn't hooked up with anyone yet and she's not going to sleep with him that night. Adam's response to her confession? "It's hard cuz you're really, really hot." On their second date Adam spends the night at her house, but as they get closer, he's wary of the word "exclusive," so he goes out another night and kisses some chick named Anna. On the work front, Christina is worried about what Brice thinks of her reviews. They have a phone conversation and Brice basically tells her that she needs to improve her writing. He couldn't follow what she was trying to say and one part couldn't even be edited. Upset, and apparently in need of a Comp 101 review, she becomes determined to turn in better work because she wants Brice's approval and her bonus. CT is the point person for this week's assignment which involves reviewing attractions, and he is hoping that he can be the first to fulfill the duty of gathering the assignments and emailing them to Brice on time. In an unexpected turn of events, the Internet connection at the chateau is down on the day they have to turn in their travel articles, so Christina decides to go to the Frommer's office and send her reviews directly to Brice a good two and a half hours before the deadline. Adam is pissed at Christina's attempt to distinguish herself from the others, but Christina is paranoid that she's not going to get her bonus and doesn't mind pissing off her roommates if it means getting her 250 Euro. Back at home, the Internet is finally up and running and CT succeeds in getting all of their articles in on time, so they receive their salary and bonus, but the picture isn't all rosy. Brice is sensing that the roommates aren't working together so he creates an all or nothing scenario for them to follow for future deadlines. All articles must be turned in together. If just one is late, then they all suffer and will not receive their beer money. Knowing full well of their unreliability, the roommates complain about the new rule. During the courtship of Talayeh and Adam, Adam quickly turns into creepy stalker guy and calls her incessantly, despite Ace and CT's pleas to him to play hard-to-get. Talayeh doesn't seem put off by the eight phone calls a day, though, but ultimately it's Adam who quickly tires of the pursuit and decides he's not interested in a relationship, despite what he told his roommates two episodes ago. [Flashback - Leah: "Sex or relationship?" Adam: "Relationship, for sure!"] Adam is cold to Talayeh when he, Ace and CT run into her while they are having dinner. Ace scolds an indecisive Adam, "Be nice to her, she likes you and she's hot!" But no amount of coaxing from his roommates can convince Adam to get serious about one girl. So he meets up with Talayeh at the romantic setting of the Eiffel Tower to profess his undying inability to have a relationship with her. Minutes later, he's hitting on a confused flock of chicks near the Metro station.moreless
  • Paris: Episode 7
    Paris: Episode 7
    Episode 7
    Valentine's Day is near and if amour with a side of drama tickles your fancy, then there's plenty of that at The Real World chateau on this lover's holiday. Pre-V-Day, CT knocks down the girls' straightening iron in his morning stupor. Leah tells him to pick it up. CT makes fun of Leah because she's telling him what to do. Leah thinks CT has no regard for other people's things. Christina chimes in that CT is the most difficult person to live with in the house. Despite Leah's insults, CT refuses to pick up the straightening iron. Ah, love is in the air. CT says he feels like the girls have been on his case too much and he doesn't understand what he needs to do to get them to like him. Ace suggests that he should just be a little more understanding and considerate of his roommates. Leah calls her mom for comfort and complains about the difficulties she's been having with CT's hygienic care, or lack thereof. She wonders, "Should I still be nice to him even if I don't mean it?" Still be nice to him? Which episode was she nice to him? Leah finally confronts CT with the problems she's been having with him. CT tells her that he feels like she's constantly talking down to him. Then he breaks down his assessment of her personality in an enjoyable rhyme, "I think you're self-centered; you can be materialistic. You're superficial, artificial. You talk behind people's backs. You're selfish and you're spoiled. I think I pretty much nailed them on the head. Bang!" Never one to keep her opinion to herself, Christina rips into the convo with her complaints and CT grows uncomfortable with all the yelling. Feeling alone, CT gives his ex-girlfriend Jamie a call after partying and she is not happy to hear from the drunken Bostonian. Then he calls another friend back home and asks him to send Jamie flowers as a favor, despite the fact that she had just told him that wasn't such a good idea. This is the first time Ace has ever had a girlfriend during Valentine's Day. He reminds himself that he has to send his southern belle, Kate, flowers. "A hundreds roses," he says, "Do you think that's too much? The more the better!" Sounds of women falling at Ace's feet are heard 'round the globe. On V-Day, huge bouquets of flowers are delivered to the house for Christina and Leah and this is the beginning of what will go down in Parisian history as the Great Tulip Scandal. Ace peaks at the cards which list Christopher's name as the sender, so Ace goes around the house announcing the good deed to his roommates. A befuddled CT doesn't have a clue as to how his name got on the card. He figures he might have had them sent while he was drunk the other night. He even calls his Dad to find out if he had done him a favor and sent flowers to the girls on his behalf to help patch things up. Meanwhile, the girls are being girls and oohing and aahing all over the tulips and soon after they are cooing all over CT and he is eating it up. For three whole days, the girls are huggin' and kissin' on CT and even making attempts at bonding with him. Leah plays pool with him for cryin' out loud. A bunch of red tulips have magically altered the mood in the house and they have given CT parole from his sentence in the doghouse. Adam is the only one who suspects that CT did not send the flowers because he overheard CT's conversation with his dad. It soon becomes clear to everyone, including CT that the fun will eventually end. Ace makes the most astute observation, "The girls are just going to ream him for this for the duration." And so the flower fun comes to a screeching halt when Leah reads an email from her friend Christopher back home who is wondering if she got the tulips he sent. Shocked and appalled, Leah is mostly psyched that she finally caught CT in one of his lies. Ace learns the truth about the Great Tulip Scandal and gives CT a heads up about the fact that the girls now know who the real sender is. CT then tries to play it off like he was still unsure about who sent the flowers and tells the girls that he sent an email to his friends asking who sent the flowers and apparently "no one did." The girls don't buy his last-ditch effort to defend his honor. They are disappointed in CT's behavior and he is sent back to the doghouse with his tail between his legs.moreless
  • Paris: Episode 6
    Paris: Episode 6
    Episode 6
    The roommates receive their first assignment for Frommer's. They must review different shopping districts and stores in Paris. Brice instructs them that he must receive all of their assignments together by a 6 p.m. deadline. Adam wonders what the odds are that they will get their assignment done on time. "Zero, zilch, slim or none?" Adam votes for none and it looks like his prediction will come true. Most of the roommates are seen procrastinating on getting started on their projects. Princess Leah has been crowned as the point person, meaning it is her job to collect the roommates' completed assignments and email them to Brice before their deadline. A phlegmy Mallory and Simon get an extension on their shopping reviews since they are both terribly sick. They manage to keep their spirits up by goofing off at home. If you're a woman in Paris, watch out, Adam's on the prowl. Actually, if you are within a 50 mile radius of Adam, watch out; he could be throwing his digits your way. It really seems that Adam is trying to "pull a chick" everywhere he goes and we learn that Adam's type appears to be women with indistinguishable faces. Adam meets up with high school friend Cidney and they go clubbing with a group of friends in the city. Adam quickly gets chummy with Cidney's friend, a mysterious Blurry Woman (think Monet) on the dance floor. The Blurry Woman (aka BW) dances almost as poorly as Adam does, so they seem like a good match. BW has an oral presentation (no pun intended, really!) to give in three hours and her friends convince her to just stay up all night. BW concludes that traveling back to the Chateau with Adam in the wee hours of the morning, putting her at least and hour and a half away from her class, is a responsible decision. Perhaps BW needs someone to rehearse her oral presentation (pun intended) in front of? Adam says, bottom line, he wants to hook up, but quickly adds that he treats all women with respect and dignity. Their sexual antics wake up a confused Christina who comes to the conclusion that someone is getting a "piece of ass." Of course, the lovebirds wake up late and Adam walks a fuming BW to the train station. He bumbles several attempts to apologize to BW, and she barely speaks to him on the walk. The roommates basically wait until the 11th hour to finish all their work for Frommer's. Ace spends an hour watching TV at McDonald's knowing his deadline is just three hours away and later joins CT and Christina who are working feverishly at the Frommer's office to finish writing. Leah and Adam complete their reviews on time and receive the others after 6pm, formatted incorrectly. At about five minutes to 6 p.m., Leah debates about whether she should send hers and Adam's in on time rather than do as she was instructed and send them all together, which means they'd all be late. Adam urges her to send theirs on time, but Leah displays some semblance of a conscience and doesn't feel quite right about that. Ah, but that moment if fleeting and she sends them anyway and doesn't tell the roommates, thinking it is understood. The next day, Leah still feels bad and she thinks they let Brice down, so she's afraid to take his call the next day. Brice keeps his lecture short and says that Leah and Adam will get the bonus and everyone gets their salary. Leah tries to apologize to the roommates for sending her assignment in on time, but CT is quick to come to her defense and tell her she did the right thing. He gives her a big smooch on the cheek to enforce his statement. Adam leaves an unconvincing message for BW, saying he wants to see her again, but he doesn't leave his phone number. Ace giggles nearby at Adam's pathetic phone message. The roommates are confused by Adam and why he works so hard to meet "every woman in the world." They think he just wants to hook up, but he says, no way, he's looking for a relationship all the way, man. But what he says and what he does definitely contradict each other.moreless
  • Paris: Episode 5
    Paris: Episode 5
    Episode 5
    Wondering when things were gonna get petty in Paris? How about, like, right now. "You know, I haven't taken a hot shower since I've been here," Leah barks at CT. CT doesn't seem to show much consideration for his roommates and Leah just loves bossing people around. Still pleading ignorance, Mallory tells Leah that she had no clue how disrespectful she was the other night. Ace says that it's the best time he had since scarfing down a Quarter-Pounder at Mickey Dees. OK, not really. But he did say it was the best night out that he's had since he arrived in France. This makes Mallory happy and she temporarily forgets about how out of control she was. Some of the roommates get ready for the opening of the club, which means Ace will be donning his monkey suit for the occasion. Leah is now barking hair styling orders at CT while he fixes Ace's hair. Ace looks embarrassed to be in the middle of such a fuss. Leah chooses this as her opportunity to unload all of her frustration onto CT. CT says that he was "right" about how he was fixing Ace's hair. And Leah shoots back with, "You're the most educated one in the house, you're always right." Low blow, Leah, low blow! CT is bummed that the roommates don't seem like they are trying to get to know him. Later in the episode, CT gets Leah back by chasing her around the Frommer's office with a fresh booger on his finger. She nearly pukes from the whole drama-filled ordeal and calls CT "vile." The Simon/Mallory/Leah trio continue to make fun of CT long after he's left the house, but Mallory later worries that Leah's harsh words are causing the others to jump on the CT-bashing bandwagon. At the club, Christina is dancing on the stage very erotically and suggestively, with CT, Ace and Adam egging her on and offering her a dollar bill for the dance. Being a cocktail waitress back in Vegas, Christina is offended by the fact that the boys are hollerin' at her like she is a stripper. Somebody buy Christina a drink before she sticks her Gator boot up CT's nose. As a result of this incident, we learn that Leah's not the only one who's got a problem with CT. Things are also bubbling between Christina and CT, and not in a good, drinking-champagne-in-the-hot-tub kind of way. CT gets into a skirmish with Christina about who's eating whose food and who's drinking whose alcohol and who's leaving their stuff where it shouldn't be. Meanwhile, Ace opens up to his friend back home about kissing Mallory and being worried about how that drunken smooch will affect Kate. His buddy helps him realize that he needs to be "Ace on Nine," meaning he should just be himself and do whatever he wants to do while he's in Paris. Mallory's feeling guilty too and wants to tell Leah about the kiss that she can't remember. Leah is finally picking up on the fact that Mallory has a crush on Ace. Uh, duh. Post-kiss, Mallory seems to be holding back on her feelings about Ace. We know she's attracted to him, but she's confused about what she feels beyond that. Clearly nervous about telling Leah about "the kiss," Mal tries to cushion the blow by pretending that she thought Leah had already kissed Ace. Leah's reaction to the news is pretty mellow considering her tendency towards flying off the handle. Christina and CT finally have it out in the pool room. Or rather, CT listens while Christina unloads on him. He apologizes and asks her what he can do to make it better. Christina is not convinced that CT really got what she was saying, but she's hoping for the best. Leah weighs in, "I don't think that anything he does is genuine. He doesn't mean it. He apologizes and he doesn't mean it." Adam and CT clean the entire kitchen. And CT says he's gonna try real hard.moreless
  • Paris: Episode 4
    Paris: Episode 4
    Episode 4
    Ace and Mallory frolic in the snow like two lovebirds. Mallory later insists to Simon that she will not act on her feelings for Ace. Translation: She's not going to act on her feelings while she's sober or while the cameras are around. Unhappy with the tension that's building in the house, Ace decides to bring some of his Southern home to France and that apparently involves a garbage can and an "ass-load" of alcohol. Being a professional bartender, one would expect that Ace could mix a drink in a large IKEA garbage can with the best of them. He doesn't disappoint. The Trash Can Saloon is open for business and Ace challenges Mallory to a drinking contest. Others soon join in, but Mallory is confident she can drink everyone under the table. Adam steals Leah away for a moment to apologize to her. A stone-faced Leah does not make it easy for him, plus she explains that in "real life" she would just cut him out of her life and not feel bad about it. She has never forgiven anyone for anything--ever. (What?!) But because they are stuck living together, she decides to make an effort to forgive Adam. Donning her Viking hat, she and Adam share a tense hug and they return to the par-tay, which has turned into a limbo contest with Ace sporting a hula skirt. The night ends with Mallory inviting Ace to sleep in her bed, while he reads an email from Kate. The next night Adam is meeting some friends in Paris. Adam starts acting weird because he realizes his roommates are going to make him late. He's pacing and cursing and ranting. He even refers to his roommates "you damn monkeys" more than once. We'll just move on to the juicy stuff. Ace admits in the confessional that he might be falling in love with Mallory. Mallory admits in her confessional that she's very attracted to Ace. Cut to Ace and Mallory separating from the group with some lame excuse about how Mallory has to go to the bathroom. Mallory and Ace proceed to get trashed and then try the old Real World trick of bolting from the camera crew. Mallory laments that the cameras are bugging her and tells them to leave by flipping them off. Ace notes that Mallory is such a different person when the cameras aren't around--she's very flirty. They attempt to ditch the crew and when they think they are all alone, they share a brief kiss. Clearly concerned about her virgin image, Mallory says they should date "behind the scenes" and only kiss when they are off camera. Juicy, right? The duo arrives home after 6 a.m. and announces that Mal has lost her purse which also contains Leah's passport. The roommates are not pleased with her irresponsibility. Mallory presumably calls her mom for a little comforting, but her mom turns on the guilt trip and tells Mal that she has to make her family proud and that she can't give into the temptations of drinking because she's not strong enough. Ouch. CT and Ace help Mallory recover the purse the next day and all of its contents are intact. Feeling bad about her behavior, Mallory ominously reports, "I deserve to be exposed, because I've been hiding for way to long." Later that day, Ace reminds Mallory that they kissed the night before and Mallory claims she doesn't remember, but she doesn't act surprised when she learns they locked lips. Worried about Kate's reaction, Ace wonders if he made a mistake. Mallory assures him that it should be no big deal. Anyone wanna call up Kate and ask her? Ace doesn't want to miss out on "experiences" in Paris, while Mallory is unsure about how she feels about Ace and more worried about the repercussions that will linger after the show is over.moreless
  • Paris: Episode 3
    Paris: Episode 3
    Episode 3
    Christina insists that she'd much rather date a guy who can cook her eggs exactly the way she likes them, rather than a guy who's good in bed. It's got something to do with attention to detail… Yeah, the roommates don't buy it either and faster than you can say "Egg McMuffin," sexual tension begins to sizzle between Christina and CT. Christina says CT has the hottest body in the house and we all know what CT thinks of Christina's bangin' bawdy. Oh my Gawd. Christina takes her analogy a step further and demonstrates to CT exactly how she likes her eggs fried. CT gets the distinct impression that she's giving him a step-by-step manual on how to get to her heart. CT enjoys flirting with Christina and admits he's been practicing making her egg…just in case. Meanwhile, southern-fried Ace is having a hard time adjusting to the Parisian lifestyle and cuisine. He'd much rather be driving a SUV while sinking his teeth into a Royale with Cheese that's "super-sized with America." He looks like he's about to cry when he confesses that he misses Wal-Mart and Waffle House. Wah, wah, waaah. Deep down, he knows he's not giving France a chance. Ace has had no problem adapting to the alcohol in Paris and encourages his roommates to keep up with him, including CT. So when the cocktails he serves before going out get CT drunker than he's ever been, he takes full responsibility. Christina gets all motherly and stuff and takes care of a stumbling and babbling CT as they walk the streets of Paris. Still fuming about all things French, Ace lashes out at a Parisian motorist who almost runs the group over in a crosswalk. The roommates find out they will be working for Frommer's guidebooks and assisting in the compilation of information for a student travel guide on Europe. They learn that they will also be getting French lessons so that they can adapt to the city better. All of the roommates are excited about the job, except, of course, Ace. The editors at Frommer's impress upon him that learning the language and maintaining an open mind are essential if he wants to learn anything about the French culture. CT, Christina and Ace take a nocturnal dip in the Jacuzzi and after Christina gets a little tipsy, she starts throwing herself at CT. They wind up snuggling in bed together, but what happens after that is left up to our imagination. CT does admit that if he didn't live with Christina, he'd "close the deal." So it looks like the only thing Christina will be getting from CT in the near future is an egg sandwich. After some thought, Ace acknowledges that learning the French language will be a good experience for him. He officially snaps out of his French-funk after he tours the Grande Arche de la Defense. "I'm not saying another negative thing about Paris," he declares while munching on a Chicken McNugget. One step at a time…moreless
  • Paris: Episode 2
    Paris: Episode 2
    Episode 2
    The new roommates are out partying until the wee hours of the morning at a club called Le Paris. The girls get wild by dancing on the bar and Leah, puffing on a cigarette, flirts with Ace. She informs him she wants to bite his butt, but probably should kiss him first. Ace makes it clear that he's not into girls who smoke and rebuffs her advances. Meanwhile, Adam flirts fruitlessly with Mallory. His "subtle" advances are not winning her over. Back at the chateau, Ace reveals to Leah that his mother died of breast cancer a few years ago, which prompts Leah to make a decision to quit smoking. She tells Mallory that she feels like she's spitting in Ace's face every time she lights up. Ace is proud of Leah for trying to quit. Adam finally comes to the realization that he doesn't have a "snowflake's chance in hell" with Mallory, so instead of being mature about it, he proceeds to act bitter and angry towards some of his cast mates. Mallory shrugs off his antics, but later it's Leah who ends up getting hurt. Ace can't stand the tension that Adam is bringing into the house, so he proceeds to fill up the hot tub so everyone can wind down after a night out. While Ace is having a contest with Christina to see who can hold their breath underwater the longest, Leah uses the opportunity to make good on an earlier promise and takes a bite out of Ace's booty. Ace's response to Leah's bold move is pretty nonchalant. Later, Leah overhears Ace on the phone telling Kate, a girl back home, that he loves her so much. They mutually decide not to date anyone while they are apart and Kate agrees to come to Paris for a visit. Leah laments the fact that there are now certain boundaries with Ace that she just can't cross. Could butt-biting be one of them? Still feeling bitter about the Mallory situation, Adam now lashes out at Leah telling her that she could never get a guy like Ace. She is humiliated and leaves the heated conversation crying, but Ace is quick to comfort her. Meanwhile, Mallory attempts to enlighten Adam on why his comments hurt Leah so much and he admits that he should think before he talks because his mouth has been getting him into trouble his whole life. Leah cries herself to sleep and somehow we know there will surely be more tears, tension and titillation on this season of The Real World: Paris.moreless
  • Paris: Episode 1
    Paris: Episode 1
    Episode 1
    This season, The Real World cast members find themselves jetting off to Europe for a stay at a chateau in the romantic setting of Paris, France. We first meet Mallory, an 18 year old virgin from Chicago, who finishes packing her bags while her mom worries about her new adventure. This athletic girl gave up a soccer scholarship to do something spontaneous, like say, for instance…live in Paris for five months. Next we encounter CT who is from a suburb of Boston. Mallory's initial impression of CT is that he seems little bit full of himself. The two greet and then attempt to find the Paris trains. Mallory looks embarrassed as CT brazenly approaches many people asking directions to the Paris trains. The duo finally finds the train to the Le Vesinet neighborhood, where their chateau is located. On the train Mallory talks about visiting the Louvre, while CT uses the ride as an opportunity to hit on her. First to arrive, CT and Mallory bound up the steps of the chateau and they explore the massive space like kids in a candy store. Next we meet Ace, a small town guy who's used to being a big fish in a little pond. Leah, who just finished college in New York, greets him on a bridge that has a stunning view of the Eiffel tower. Leah is taken by his southern accent and is immediately struck by how much he reminds her of someone she "used to be in love with." Ace immediately shows his humorous side by confessing that the only French he knows is from a French play he was in: "Look, there's the big bad wolf." They get a little lost in the subway system but eventually arrive at the house and are welcomed by CT and Mallory. Christina, a Las Vegas resident who's "not a stripper," and Adam, the son of a band member of the Commodores, also meet up on the streets of Paris and proceed to ask for directions to their chateau from various people. The language barrier poses a problem and at one point Adam receives directions in French, and while he appears to understand everything that is being said to him, he admits to Christina that he didn't "have the foggiest idea" what was just said to him. We learn that Adam graduated from Stanford and while he's an excellent student, his biggest challenge in life is women. An Irish bloke named Simon enters into the picture and reveals that his "main anxiety is meeting the other house mates." He thinks that living with six Americans will be more of a culture shock than living in Paris. When Christina and Adam arrive, the seven strangers are finally all together and everybody begins to check each other out for hook-up potential. Adam notices that all the guys are hotter than him, but that doesn't keep him from developing a big time crush on Mallory. He wants his "wife to look like that," he swoons. Ace thinks that Mallory is stunning too and CT says that Christina's body is "on fiya" (Bostonian for "fire"). And Leah is already telling the girls that she's after Ace. Rooms are chosen easily and quickly, without much fuss. CT and Adam bunk together, while Christina and Ace shack up. Leah, Mallory & Simon chose to live in a room together and it is clear that Leah and Simon have an instant bond. Once the rooms are chosen, everyone starts to unpack. Determined to keep the conflict to a minimum in the house, Ace shows off his box of Carrot Top props that he describes as "bare essentials" to "lighten the mood." The items include a Viking hat and tennis rackets; CT brought his own props to help ease the inevitable tension-boxing gloves. The seven roommates soon begin buzzing about whether or not Simon is gay, with Christina confronting him later at the Metro station and getting confirmation of the rumors. She assures him that everyone is cool with it. The roomies prepare for their first night out and as they walk down the streets of The City of Light, they all marvel at the fact that they are in Paris.moreless