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  • The Real World - 2 Punk Rock 4 This: The Real World San Diego Reunion
    The eight cast members reunite and discuss their experience. Some unseen footage is also shown, such as an unaired trip to Mexico during the time that Charlie was part of the cast.
  • San Diego: Episode 26
    "It's our last day in the big blue house. Tomorrow night, seven people who have grown close are going to be scattered all over the country again," Randy. Things are winding down in San Diego. A week before they move out, Brad says he already feels like he is losing something. The roommates agree that Cameran has learned a lot while in the Real World house, but Brad is walking away unsure about what he learned. Jacquese thinks they have all learned something about life and people and how to deal with certain situations. Cameran says Jamie has taught her that she can stand up for herself in a classy way, while Robin has taught her, "if all else fails, hit". Cameran's joking of course, but she is referring to the very real incident with Cameran and The Marine who didn't take too kindly to getting a girl's knuckle in his bicep. Brad notes that Robin's personality has really mellowed a lot since she got to San Diego. Brad, Cameran and Robin decide to go out to a club to get their party on one more time before they scatter. At da club, when the bouncer checks Cammie's fake ID, Brad wigs out and decides to grab the ID, hand it to Cammie and then instruct her to run. This prompts several mean-looking bouncers to descend upon Brad and threaten to arrest him for a misdemeanor. Meanwhile, Robin and Cammie take off so they don't get in trouble. Cammie doesn't understand that Brad was just trying to look out for her. Luckily he was able to talk his way out of getting arrested. A day before they all move out, Robin goes to court to learn her fate. Turns out they made her an offer to lower the charge to disturbing the peace. She will be fined, but won't go to jail. Robin is pleased. Frankie calls to talk to Jacquese, who narrates that he misses his "road dog." Frankie says she has no regrets about leaving the house. The roommates sit out on their patio and reminisce about the good times they've had. Brad recommends saving the "emotional sh-t" for the last day and party like rock stars that night. Robin is first to leave on the final day. Cameran describes Robin as the "older, party girl sister" that she never had. Robin hopes she and Mike can continue to have a relationship long distance. Randy is looking forward to going home so he can apply what he has learned in San Diego to his regular life. He takes a water taxi outta there. Charlie is next to leave and despite his short time in the house, he says he will miss everyone. Brad narrates that Jamie takes what you say to her to heart and she responds from the heart and that's what makes her such a good person. Jacquese says he has learned to forgive people and not hold grudges. When they leave, only Cammie and Brad remain. "I never thought I'd make out with a Northern boy and I did," Cammie narrates. Ah, but she did. More than once. Brad narrates that Real World is finding out what you want to do with yourself; finding out where you fit in. Brad and Cammie hug each other goodbye and while Cammie leaves in a taxi, Brad hops on his bike and rides off into the San Diego sunset.moreless
  • The #@%& They Should Have Shown
    We see the deleted footage from RW:SD.
  • No Bonus For You
    No Bonus For You
    Episode 25
    Charlie's "girlfriend" Laura comes for a visit and Charlie decides to spend his time with his lady rather than go to work. All the roommates need their bonus, so they actually make a concerted effort to get to work on time, only to find out that Troy is going to penalize them because Charlie has apparently skipped out on work that day without clearing it with the boss-man. Apparently, Charlie has told Jamie that he talked to Troy and asked for his permission not to work while his gal pal was in San Diego. Troy claims this is not true and the roommates are pissed. While the roomies are at work, Charlie and Laura spend their valuable time together by wrestling on the Love Sac. Cameran confronts her wayward roommate when they get home, but Charlie still maintains that he told Troy he would not be at work. When Charlie calls Troy to clear up the misunderstanding, Troy says he was really never clear if Charlie was coming to work or not. Brad could tell by Charlie's tone of voice that he never called Troy in the first place. You know, "Liar, liar, pants on fire" kind of stuff. Cameran is very pissed that she didn't get her bonus, so she decides retaliate by breaking Charlie's guitar. Real mature, Cameran; and mean to boot! Cameran's attitude is: Charlie made her lose fifty dollars, so she can break his guitar. Now they are even. But Cameran's guilty conscience eventually kicks in and she tells him that she "accidentally" broke his guitar. Charlie does a great job of remaining calm and not kicking her ass. He informs her that it could cost $800 to fix his melodic chick magnet. Trying to look remorseful and helpful, Cameran searches the Internet for a "guitar fixer", but now Charlie says it might not be able to be fixed. Charlie narrates that his guitar is like a friend to him and wishes Laura could stay longer and help him get through the guitar crisis by rolling around on the Love Sac. Charlie's week goes from bad to worse when Troy has him scrape off the name of the boat with only a heat gun and his finger nails, in order to make up for missing work the other day.moreless
  • Overboard
    Episode 24
    Jacquese explains that he didn't meet his dad until he was in second or third grade and they are currently estranged. His mom played a significant role in his life and Jacquese really looks up to her; and strives to make her proud of him. At dinner with Jaime, Jacquese breaks down because he has so much built up anger from not knowing his dad and not being able to learn from his dad. He feels like he missed out on a lot by not having a father in his life. When Jacquese's mom arrives for a visit, the roommates instantly love the young, hip lady. Jacquese and his mom talk about his father. Jacquese notes he has never had a chance to tell her father how he really feels about him. Jacquese's mom recommends he open up to his dad and begin to let go of his anger. "Forgiveness is not for the person you are forgiving; forgiveness is for you," she wisely tells her son. Jacquese doesn't see how he could ever have an opportunity to tell his dad how his feels anyway, but when his mom leaves San Diego, she encourages him try and mend this with his father. Jacquese finally decides it is time to call his dad, but isn't sure his dad is ready to hear him. It turns out that his dad is very open to sitting down with him and listening to what Jacquese has to say. Over the phone, Jacquese tells his dad some things that are on his mind and his dad tells him to think about "the now", not the past. Jacquese is happy he took the first step towards mending some of the issues he has with his father. The roommates are pissed they have to go to work, while new arrival Charlie is super psyched to sail. The roommates have to be at work at 10:30 a.m., but of course, it doesn't look like they will make it on time. The roommates arrive at work at 10:45 a.m. which means they will not get their $50 bonus that day. Cameran, who would have been on time if she didn't have to wait for her roommates, verbalizes her disgust, "I could be havin' a steak dinner tonight, but I'm not." Robin and Cameran don't feel like working, so they devise an elaborate plan to fall in the water together so they can get sent home. After carefully removing keys and cigarettes from their pockets, they can't quite get up the guts to do it. But when the finally do, Jamie rushes to their rescue and so does their boss, who pulls them out of the water. Cameran does all she can to keep from cracking up. My roommates are on a very professional level," Jamie defends. Meanwhile, back at the house, Cameran and Robin hope that no one finds out that they orchestrated the incident to get out of work. At dinner with her friends that same night, Jaime puts all of the evidence together and suddenly realizes that Robin and Cameran probably jumped in the water on purpose. Scandalous! Jamie informs her roommates of her discovery by way of an animated re-enactment of the incident. The roommates give Cam and Robin a hard time about it the following day down at the docks, but they continue to deny any foul play.moreless
  • And The Winner Is...
    With Frankie gone, the six housemates wonder if another roommate will arrive. Cameran would rather it just be the six of them from here on out, while Brad wonders if their seventh roommate might be an ape. Brad is on the phone with his kinda, sorta girlfriend Andrea when Cameran calls out to him asking if he is coming into the hot tub. Andrea is not pleased and thinks that Cameran is a shady chick even though Brad tries to tell Annie that there isn't anything going on between him and Cameran. The housemates finally get word that they will, in fact, be getting a new roommate and three candidates will be arriving at the house today so they can interview them. They current housemates will collectively decide who their new roomie will be. Bobby a dude with a neatly quaffed fro arrives for his interview looking too cool for school. He tries to be funny, while Jacquese slouches in his chair thinking about how he doesn't like this "kat." And when Bobby says he wants to be "part of something big" a red flag goes up in Jaime's head, plus she doesn't like his cockiness. It's not looking good for poor Bobby. Their second candidate, Brad arrives, and they notice that he seems down to earth and mellow. Brad (the guy who already lives in the blue house, not the new one) doesn't like him solely because he has his name. That could get confusing, we'll give him that. So The Brad leaves and Charlie from Idaho is the third and last potential roommate. He tells the roommates he's originally from Yugoslavia, which makes him interesting and he plays guitar, which makes him cool. After he leaves, the roommates discuss who they like best, but it's unclear who they will choose. That night, Charlie, Brad and Bobby arrive for the ultimate test. Can they hang and party with the current six housemates. They play pool, shoot hoops and, of course, drink. As the night wears on, the roommates think that Bobby and Brad have tried too hard to impress them, but it appears the race is between Brad and Charlie. The next morning, Cameran breaks the news to Bobby and Brad that they were not chosen. Happy-go-lucky Charlie is psyched to be their new roommate. Getting back to the long distance duo, Brad gets an email from Andrea saying she went out with a guy a couple times and she kinda, sorta kissed him. Even if they are broken up, this is not what Brad wants to hear. Brad throws out the ol' "if it was meant to be, it was meant to be" line and, then, he tells her that he thinks they should maybe go explore life separately, "for real." When they talk again later, a jealous Andrea demands to know what's going on with him and Cameran. Brad tries to assure her that nothing is going on, but she doesn't buy it. After five years of dating, they are finding it hard to separate and go their separate ways, even though that might be the best thing for them.moreless
  • Goodbye Juliet
    Goodbye Juliet
    Episode 22
    Frankie asks her young sister, Mamie, what she would do in her situation and Mamie says she would stay in San Diego, even if she was unhappy, but that's what makes her different from Frankie. Frankie hopes that she will be told by the producer that she can go home, clear her head and then come back to San Diego. She really doesn't want to give up and is anxious and nervous to learn about her fate. Kevin, the producer, says they want her to stay, but he understands if she has to leave, BUT she won't be able to come back if she leaves. "I just don't see myself getting happy here," Frankie says in response. Kevin asks her to sleep on her decision. Frankie fills her roommates in on the situation and explains that each of them have found a really good friend in someone at the house; someone they can be their self around. She believes the six other roommates have bonded on a much different level. Jacquese is hurt by this comment because he feels like he has been there for Frankie time and time again, but she does not acknowledge that. Cameran asks what the real Frankie is like and Frankie responds by saying she is typically a happy person. Robin doesn't believe her and thinks she's coping out. Robin would love to see Frankie show the world who she is in her last two months in San Diego, instead of choosing to go home. "This just isn't for me. I thought it would be cool, but it's not." Frankie says she thought she wanted to start over and have something new for her life, but she realizes that everything that she's ever had at home is really everything she ever wanted, so she decides to go home and surprise her boyfriend. Frankie talks to Dave on Halloween and reminds him it was their first date ever. The girls think that Frankie is really leaving because of Dave. Frankie insists this is not true. Meanwhile, Frankie's mom is trying to be supportive even though she doesn't agree with her daughter's decision. But after an argument on the phone, her mom tells her she will not drive her to the location of Dave's concert and Frankie is pissed. Frankie dresses up as Juliet because later that evening, she will be meeting her boyfriend at a concert where he will be dressed up as Romeo. Brad thinks this is romantic as hell and he knows that Frankie came out here and risked her relationship and now she is going home to salvage what she can. Frankie says her "going home" is her way of admitting that she screwed up. She will now face what she did and make it better. Jacquese is really going to miss her and he hopes that she can find what makes her happy. The roommates bid her adieu at the airport and go back to the house to commence their Halloween celebration. The housemates get dressed up for the holiday and start the night off by throwing pumpkins off the balcony. Some of the roommates note that now that Frankie is gone, it already seems like a weight has been lifted off of everyone shoulders. Frankie generated a lot of negative energy, which brought the other roommates down. Two days later, Frankie hasn't even called her former roommates and Jacquese is taking her departure really hard. Four days later, she still hasn't called and the roommates are starting to think that she doesn't really care about them. Cameran remembers when they first arrived in San Diego that Frankie says she was good at two things: being sad and running away. Finally, Frankie calls the house and tells Cameran what happened with Dave and she sounds really happy, but Cameran doesn't really believe that Frankie is as happy as she claims to be. During their conversation, Cameran gets the sense that Frankie was basically saying that she is much too smart to be on the Real World.moreless
  • The End is Near
    The End is Near
    Episode 21
    Frankie says it took her a while to realize that her roommates are not her friends and she doesn't need them anyway. "When I'm fed up, I'm a huge bitch," Frankie threatens. Cameran notes that Frankie clearly cannot make herself happy in San Diego and Robin says it seems like Frankie just doesn't want to be happy. Frankie admits that being an outcast and not having friends was the hardest thing for Frankie growing up. Frankie's mom, stepdad and sister are all coming to visit and while Frankie is really excited, at the same time, she is sad and doesn't know why. Frankie says her mind is a mess right now and is searching for someone close to her to help her out with these inner battles. When her family arrives, Frankie narrates that her sister, Mamie, is like her second mom even though she is ten years younger than her. Frankie is telling her family that she can't stand living in the house anymore and she doesn't like her roommates. It's hard for her to be the outcast of the group. Meanwhile, Jamie's mom comes to visit and Jamie hopes that she can provide her mom with a great one day vacation. All of the roommates are very polite when they meet Jamie's mom because Jamie has requested that they don't "scare her." While getting a tour of the house, her mom is immediately concerned that she showers with the boys. Jamie enjoys sharing her San Diego life with her mom, but since she can't speak Korean that well, it's difficult. Jamie tells her mom that she will help her mom and dad out once she finishes college. She would like to pay them back for all they have done for her. By the end of the trip, Jamie feels like she and her mom have grown closer. This is the first time she has ever had a conversation with her mom and now she is motivated to learn Korean. Frankie is really bummed she can't make Dave's Halloween show and this just makes her more sad because she will also be missing the one year anniversary of their first date. Frankie cries to her mom saying she hates all her roommates and they hate her. Cameran says they don't hate her; they are just fed up with dealing with her. Frankie wants to leave the house, but worries that her mom is going to be pissed that she has backed out on a commitment. She doesn't want to disappoint her mom. Frankie's sister, Mamie, is upset that her sister is not happy and opens up to Cameran, saying she doesn't think Frankie would be happy at home either. Frankie has been trying to get happy for a long time. Frankie tells Brad that she has lived in a constant state of anxiety since she's been here. She doesn't feel like she can live every day to its fullest in San Diego because the things that are important to her are not here, so she feels like she is wasting time. What's the point in prolonging things that don't make you happy, she wonders. Frankie calls Kevin, the Real World Producer to tell him that she either needs to go home for good or go home to clear her head. Kevin says they will talk tomorrow and see what they can work out. Meanwhile, Frankie crashes on her bed and tries to evaluate what she's doing in San Diego and why she's not happy.moreless
  • Who Are You?
    Who Are You?
    Episode 20
    Mike and Robin cuddle on the deck and Robin narrates that she is at the point in her life where she is ready to get serious about someone. She notes that all she has ever done with Mike is kiss. Randy continues his streak of dispensing bad advice and tells Robin that if she waits too long to do the booty dance with Mike, he might take his business somewhere else. Randy's friends (Nick, Sean and Jessica) from Boston arrive for a visit. Randy explains that he and Jessica have worked together and as long as they've known each other, there has always been sort of a connection and attraction. Mike, Robin, Randy's buddies and the rest of the roommates get their drink on. Jacquese notes that Mike doesn't really know Robin and how much of a drama queen she can be. When they go out to a club, Robin has a few shots and apparently tells Mike that she loves him. "It feels like we've been together forever," Robin slurs. Next thing we know, Robin is telling Mike that she wants to spend the rest of her life with him. Then, Mike asks her to marry him. "We're both drunk," Mike says coming to his senses. They go back into the bar where Robin does more shots and soon she starts acting like the belligerent, self destructive gal that all the other roommates know and don't love. Mike asks if this is how Robin always is and then angrily storms off. Robin chases after him asking him not to leave her. All the roommates except Robin go home and get into the hot tub. Randy gets cozy with his longtime friend Jessica, who apparently has no dental problems, and Jamie notes that she finally approves of one of Randy's gal pals. Meanwhile, Robin crawls into a cab, which drives her to Mike's car. She hops in, but he requests that she get out. "Do you know who you are?" he asks her angrily. Robin won't leave. Randy sets up a huge tent outside on their sandy volleyball court so that she and Jessica and other random people can sleep outside. Meanwhile, Jamie is worried about Robin and where she might be. Turns out, Randy never realized how much he missed having a girlfriend until Jessica showed up. That night Randy and Jessica get it on, while Randy narrates that this relationship is like a life raft for him. Where does he come up with these analogies? Robin arrives back at the house with Mike at 5pm the following day and Frankie notices an unusual glow about her. Robin narrates that Mike told her the next morning that he was so glad she didn't leave his car and that she is an awesome girlfriend. In fact, she's glad they got into that fight because it brought them "closer together". Tee hee hee. Wink wink. Jacquese is real glad Mike is around because that means that's less of Robin the roommates have to deal with. Mike tells Robin she is a drama queen. Robin admits she drinks too much, but she doesn't want to reach that point of extreme drunkenness again. Robin is grateful for having Mike in her life right now. Mike and Robin sneak into the tent. Jamie and Brad go to peep on them, but run away screaming.moreless
  • Welcome to Paradise
    Welcome to Paradise
    Episode 19
    Frankie has issues with Robin and Cameran. Both of them irritate her. Mix in a 10 day trip to the Greek Isles and stir. It's not gonna be a pretty picture. Frankie immediately separates herself from the group once they arrive in Greece and this begins to ruin the enjoyment of the trip for the rest of the group. "I don't want to be here with these people," Frankie growls. She adds that she is going to be so bitchy that no one is going to want to talk to her for the next 10 days. The roommates visit the Acropolis and other famous sites. Yadda, yadda, yadda. Let's get to the juicy stuff. In Santorini, which Cameran describes as "something out of a book" and "the most beautiful place she has ever seen in her entire life." Frankie is still frustrated that she is not on this trip with her honey, Dave. This frustration is bound to make her pop. While they party at a club, Robin tries to get Brad and Cameran to kiss again, but when Brad goes in for the kiss, he is denied. He narrates that he worries that he and Cameran might miss out on something if they don't capitalize on their "good vibe." It's not long before they do end up kissing in the hot tub, but Cameran is till unsure of Brad. "I'm not making out with you anymore," Cameran drunkenly decides. Another drunken roommate, Robin, snaps at Cameran about losing a room key. Robin goes to complain to her arch enemy Frankie, who wonders where this drunken animosity comes from. "I got arrested for you," Robin decides to remind Cameran. As Robin hurls insults, Cameran cries in the bathroom and a huge fight ensues outside. Frankie uses this as her opportunity to release some of her pent up anger. Frankie tries to explain the full scope of what's going on by telling Cameran that, from the beginning, most of the other roommates have thought that Robin was to blame for getting Cameran into dicey situations that she wouldn't normally have been a part of. Brad doesn't believe that Frankie is actually trying to mend this argument and goes off on her, saying she is trying to be the "good cop" to both Robin and Cameran. This fuels Frankie's simmering anger. Robin enters the room to apologize to Cameran and they both cry. Then, they crawl into bed together and cuddle and all is forgiven. Maybe. The next morning, Frankie hears Randy and Brad talking about her behind her back and she becomes upset by their misrepresentation of her intentions. To release some tension, the boys go mopeding and giggle like a bunch of girls. It's hard for a guy to look tough on a moped, but some how Brad manages to pull it off. Jacquese, on the other hand, somehow manages to crash his scooter, but walks away from the accident unscathed. In Mykonos, the roommates sail and swim, while Frankie sulks. Later, Frankie blows up as she confronts her roommates about saying things behind each other's back. This instigates a huge fight because not all of the roommates are sober, namely Randy who is offended by the fact that Frankie claims he's drunk all the time. Nothing is resolved and Frankie decides to just grin and bear it until she can figure out how to deal with the situation.moreless
  • Truth or... Dare!
    Truth or... Dare!
    Episode 18
    Brad admits to Randy that he regrets his one night stand Jackie and wonders how he should handle that with his girlfriend (actually, they are on a break) Andrea. Randy advises him to not tell Andrea, while Brad explains that Andrea has been sending him poems and telling him he's the one for her. Ah, the guilt. Randy gets everyone together for a camping trip, but Frankie is not interested in spending a night out in the wild so she stays home. Randy is convinced the rest of the roommates will have a blast and meticulously plans the trip. When the group arrives at their campsite, Cameran jumps out of the car and runs right into a cactus. Brad helps her pull one of the stickers out of her leg and can't help but laugh. Once the tent is set up and the food is cooked, it becomes apparent there isn't much to do except sit around and talk, so they decide to drink and play truth or dare. The game is all about who would kiss who and who would do the booty dance with who. Cameran is shocked to learn that Brad would rather kiss her (in this moment) than his girlfriend Andrea. When all the roommates are in the tent, Cameran leans over and begins to kiss Brad or Brad leans over to kiss Cameran, depending on who you talk to. The roommates can't believe Brad and Cameran are finally hooking up, so they give the two lovebirds some privacy and roast some marshmallows. Cam notes that Brad is an "alright kisser." Brad opens up to Cameran, telling her he likes her. Cameran brushes him off, saying that she used to have a mad crush on him, but now that she's seen him in "action," she's not impressed with some things he chose to do here in San Diego, while he had a girlfriend back home. They argue about his one night stand and Brad says he would take that back if he could. Cameran narrates that even though she has kissed him, she already has set in her mind that Brad is not the guy she thought he was and hopes that things aren't weird between the two of them when they get back to the house. Brad says he was genuine with her and it's up to Cameran to decide whether or not she wants to pursue something. Randy gives more bad advice to Brad, saying he shouldn't talk to Cameran about what happened and just leave it up to alcohol to see what happens next time. All of Cameran's roommates know they are going to hook up again. The following day, the roommates arrive at STA Travel to learn they are going on vacation in Greece. While Cameran is jumping for joy, Frankie is yawning and looking bored. "Just because I don't jump up and down like Cameran doesn't mean that I'm not excited," Frankie explains. Her other roommates see her actions as negativity that could affect the group dynamics on the trip. Frankie spills the truth in her confessional, saying that she would rather go on this trip with Dave or her family because she is not very close to the roommates. That night, Brad decides to be a man and tell Andrea he hooked up with two girls and she is predictably bummed to hear this news. Brad is more preoccupied with what is going to happen with him and Cameran, though. With a trip to paradise coming up, will Brad and Cameran be able to keep their hands off each other?moreless
  • Happy At Last
    Happy At Last
    Episode 17
    Brad grills Frankie about her relationship with Adam. Frankie calls Adam a hipster with hats and lingo and she is not down with that. "I wish that Dave would come out here so you guys would know what I'm about," Frankie sighs. Ms. Hello Kitty pleads with Dave to come out and he agrees because he doesn't want to give up on their relationship too easily. Frankie also wants to know if Dave is committed to helping her fix her screw up. On the day that Dave is supposed to arrive, Adam practically whines on the phone when he Frankie says she can't see him today. His recent behavior irritates Frankie, but she knows it's not the time to tell him to bug off because that might jeopardize her visit with Dave. She decides to not be nice and not be mean. Adam achieves stalker status when he just happens to show up at the Hustler store at 10am after Frankie had mentioned to him that's where she and Jaime where headed. Shows his admiration for the Frankster by giving her a Hello Kitty beaded coin purse. Frankie, understandably, admits that she does not trust Adam enough to know that he won't follow her to the airport if she tells him where he's headed today, so she leaves that info out. At the airport, Frankie explains to Jaime that it's possible Dave won't show up due to superstition, but the pale, bleach blonde due arrives in sunny San Diego and Frankie gives him a giant hug. Frankie says that seeing him and touching him on this day is the most intense feeling Frankie's ever had in her life. Her smile is bright and she's practically skipping. The roommates meet Dave and Cameran astutely notices that the Davester is skinny, pierced, and "interesting young man". The only roommate bearing gifts, Jamie gives Dave a whip as a "welcome to the house" present and he is pleased. Dave and Frankie walk arm in arm at the beach, even though they both know there are issues they are avoiding. Adam knows Frankie has been dodging him and when he calls the house looking for her, Jamie lets him know that Frankie's out with Dave. "I wanna meet him," Adam says. Raising an eyebrow, Jamie does not think this is a good idea and hopes that he doesn't just show up at the house. Dave says he can forgive Frankie even though she did the wrong thing. He won't forget what she did and is worried his girl is stringing Adam along. They seem to smooth things over. By the end of his visit, Cameran can see past the tattoos and realizes how much Dave loves Frankie. "I'm glad we got to hang, I'm glad I got to see you, I'm mostly glad you still love me," Dave says as he arrives at the airport to go home. Frankie hopes everyone has had a chance to understand why she is involved with Dave. She also feels like the hurtful things she has done while in San Diego are in the past and now she and Dave are starting to move forward. After Dave leaves, Frankie takes a hard stance with Adam on the phone, telling him she can not be friends with him, nor talk to him anymore because she doesn't want to hurt Dave anymore than she already has. "Ok, that's cool," Adam says.moreless
  • Don't Hate the Player...
    The girls talk about what their guy roommates would be like in bed and wonder who the first one to have sex in the house will be. Cameran reiterates that she likes guys who have manners and are gentlemanly. "You gonna tuck it in?" she drawls when asking Brad what he's going to do with his neatly pressed shirt. Just like your trucker hats is trendy, it's also cool to leave your shirt untucked, Cameran. Come on, get with it. Out at a bar, Brad hits it off real well with a blonde named Jackie who is into fast cars and bikes. Cameran has her own opinion and narrates that Jackie seems to be a little "loose". Brad flips out when Jackie shows him her "ride" and they decide to go back to the house together. Meanwhile, Cameran is ranting and raving at the house, saying she hates boys. Then, she takes to eating peanut butter "Puck style". Frankie narrates that Brad has poor taste in women, except for Cameran. Brad seems to attract dumb, easily influenced girls. Now at the house, Blonde decides to offer some unsolicited advice to the Real Worlders, saying that they have to change their personality in order to find out who they really are. That's deep. "It's very hard to find words to describe the humor that we are getting out of this dumb girl in front of us," Cameran laughs. "Don't men want normal women?" Jamie seriously wonders. When Brad and Jackie take it to the bedroom, the roommates know exactly what's going to happen. Boom, Bazooka Joe! Cameran takes her "flip out" further and the roommates try and get her to mellow out. "Don't hate the player, hate the game," Jamie advises. Clearly jealous as hell, Cameran declares she has no respect for Brad, while Brad thinks Camie is acting immature. Brad notes that while he's cool with Jackie sleeping over, he's not looking for a relationship. He just misses having someone in his life and is trying to fill that void. Cameran is still complaining about Brad's behavior the next morning and after blonde leaves, Brad tells his roommates that he knows that Jackie got a little wacky on the late night, but he swears she was cool as hell when she was sober. Cameran pouts on the couch while Brad recounts the clown down. Later in the day, the girls steal the yellow SUV to go to the amusement park and leave the boys stuck at home. Out with the ladies, Cameran proclaims that Brad she is no longer interested in Brad because she is now officially repulsed by him. Cameran narrates that it's hard for her to trust guys, especially since her dad had an affair. Brad regrets what happened with Jackie and knows it probably put a damper on what could happen with Cameran, but he's a big believer in whatever is going to happen, will happen.moreless
  • Emotional Distress
    Emotional Distress
    Episode 15
    This episode of The Real World deals with the problem of self-injury or cutting. It contains behavior which some may find disturbing. Unfortunately, this is a behavior that occurs amongst America's youth and it's a sign of the severe emotional distress under which many of them live. A great deal can be learned by looking honestly at this problem. Frankie doesn't exactly know how she should handle the fact that she kissed Adam. She decides to call up Dave to tell him that no matter what happens, she loves him more than anything. While the sentiment of that statement may sound sweet, Dave is suspicious that something is up and he's right on target. Frankie confesses to kissing Adam and Dave "kinda has a problem with her making out with that dude." Frankie insists that it was only one drunken mistake. Dave thinks that she might do it again and believes she should have her freedom and decides not to visit her in San Diego. Dave pages Frankie while she's out with Jamie and they drive home so Frankie can call him back, but when she tries to contact him, his phone rings and rings and Frankie becomes increasingly emotional. She feels lonely, miserable and frustrated, so she heads to the bathroom. When she comes out she drops a knife and Jamie realizes that her roommate has just been cutting herself. When Jamie questions Frankie about it, Frankie says she is fine; she just had to cut off a tag on her pants. Frankie narrates that she is not in a place where she is capable of having a conversation with Jamie now about why she cuts. When Cameran finds out what happened, she wonders if Frankie is capable of killing herself. Jamie goes on the Internet to learn about self-mutilators, people who cut or harm a part of their body in order to relieve emotional pain. She locates some support groups for cutters in San Diego. That night, Jaime crawls into bed with Frankie and asks her if this was the first time she has done that since she has been in San Diego. Frankie narrates that every day she has thought about cutting herself so she can feel better, but she has only cut herself once. Frankie tells Jamie not to let her actions scare her. Frankie suggests they talk about it tomorrow and Jamie pleads with Frankie to not cut again while she's in San Diego. The girls go out for a late night dinner to talk to Frankie, who tells them she's outta there the minute she feels judged. Frankie explains that she's been cutting since she was 13 and while she used to do it every day, she has probably done it four times in the last three years. Eventually Frankie feels like she is getting ganged up on and she shuts down. She doesn't want her roommates to try and change or fix her. Jamie is now realizing that it was a mistake to allow the other roommates to come out with her and Frankie. Frankie explains that Dave is the only person that she can talk to who can understand her during this difficult time. When she calls him, she tells him that she cut herself and he says that he promised not to do that if she wouldn't do it either. Jamie tells Frankie that she'll be there for her if she needs someone. "It takes a very strong person to find a way to deal with pain," say Frankie. Realizing she has to deal with her problems, she decides to see a therapist. Frankie asks Jamie to go with her to her first appointment. Frankie meets with a mental health therapist and she explains her situation. The therapist says the key is managing emotion. Frankie learns her reaction to pain before her realization of the problem is backwards and she must learn how to flip-flop those two. Frankie leaves the meeting with this piece of information and hopes that at some point she can deal with the problems that plague her in a level headed manner. In this episode, Frankie makes an effort to learn more about her problem. Unfortunately, many people with similar problems don't seek help. It's important to understand that Frankie's behavior is a sign of severe emotional distress. Cutting is never an appropriate way to manage emotions and is always a sign of someone who needs immediate professional assistance. If you or someone you know is cutting, please get them help. Treatment works.moreless
  • The Snake vs. The Mouse
    The roommates learn that they have an opportunity to earn some extra money on the boat and they are psyched, but the way it works is that they all have to participate--if one person screws up, then none of them will get the money. The roommates notice a growing tension between Frankie and Robin. Brad thinks he has the two figured out. Frankie is the chill punk rock chick who hates cheerleaders and Robin is the high energy cheerleader that chill punk rock chicks hate. Jacquese says he would like to see Robin and Frankie get out their aggressions by wrestling…not for his personal enjoyment, but so Robin and Frankie can try and be friends. Robin seems clueless to the fact that Frankie dislikes her and says there has never been a time in her life when someone hasn't liked her. The girls go to the pet store to where Frankie looks for a pet. She checks out a Burmese python and Cameran is not happy. The pet store owner brings out his full size Burmese python that weighs 220 pounds and the girls freak out. Despite the fact that she'll need a freakin' zoo to house this snake in a few years, Frankie decides to go with the python anyway. When she arrives home with the snake, she puts the live feeder mouse in her Hello Kitty-themed tin and, unbeknownst to her, she is slowly suffocating Stuart Little. Thankfully, the mouse survives, but when she tries to feed it to her pet snake, the snake doesn't go for it. Robin asks if she can keep the mouse since the snake has spared him from certain death. Frankie theorizes that Robin wants to save the cute little feeder mouse because it's a dramatic situation that draws attention to her. Meanwhile, back at the house, Brad gets an e-mail from his parents asking him to move out when he returns from San Diego. Perviously, Brad got into an accident on his motorcycle and his parents are tired of his reckless behavior. Brad's day gets worse when he gets a box of his clothes from his parents and his bills. Only pulling in $200 a week from working on the boat (and probably spending a lot of that on partying), Brad does not know how he's going to pay his bills. Brad talks to his father and tells him that he's not sure if he wants to move "downtown" because he's not sure what he wants to do with his life. His father encourages him to start making some decisions. Brad narrates that he got an accounting degree because he thought his dad would think it was prestigious. Jacquese notes that the snake and the mouse are like Frankie and Robin. Frankie says if Robin keeps playing up the whole symbolism, she's gonna feed the little sucker to her snake. Brad tells Randy and Cameran that good grades and the amount of money you make means everything to his father. Brad doesn't feel like he and his father ever bonded as friends. Brad just wants to find a career that will make him happy in the future. When he talks to his mom, she suggests that he sell his bike. Brad narrates that no matter what's going on in his life, nothing matters when he is on that bike. Robin sets up a little home for Marilyn the Mouse and Frankie is still rolling her eyes at Robin's need to take care of this mouse. Robin tells the other roommates that the only way she can get along with Frankie is if she agrees with everything she says, but she worries that eventually she'll blow up. When the girls discuss what type of girl Randy likes to date, Frankie insults Robin by insinuating that she likes one night stands. "She drives me nuts," Frankie screams to Jacquese later. Robin says the only thing she and Robin have in common is that they both like pink, they like to party and they like Marilyn Monroe. Jacquese thinks that at some point, their dislike for each other will turn physical.moreless
  • Dentally Challenged
    Dentally Challenged
    Episode 13
    When the alarm clock goes off in the Real World house, most of the roommates are puzzled by this unfamiliar sound and are slow to get up. Cameran explains the slowness. Most of them don't like their job on the sailboat. Cameran hates it and dreads it. Every time they have to go to work, Jamie gets stressed out and frustrated. She wants to be on time and is tired of the other roommates' attitudes. When they arrive at the harbor, they are scolded for being 45 minutes late. Frankie notes that due to her Cystic Fibrosis, she has difficulty doing some of the things on the boat because she gets out of breath easy. And by the way, she hates the job too. Brad thinks that the main reason they don't like their job is cause of their boss Brian. Brad says Brian treats them like little kids who don't know what they are doing. The roommates consider about planning a little mutiny. Randy calls up his new friend Erin and invites her over to the house. Turns out she has a fake front tooth that she is more than happy to whip out while they are all sitting around the fire pit. Jacquese thinks this is poor first date behavior. Others would probably agree. Randy gets Erin up to his room so he can get his mack on in private, while the other roommates peak in on the two kissing birds and Jacquese just hopes that Erin's tooth doesn't fall out while she and Randy are smooching. Apparently Erin also has hair extensions, which sends up another red flag with Cameran. After Randy puts Erin in a cab and returns to the house, the roommates cannot stop laughing about Erin's dental deficiency. The next morning, Jaime is waking everyone up in hopes that they can get to work on time. That afternoon on the boat, Frankie is coughing a lot more and brings her concerns about being on the boat with her condition to Brian. "It's not like you're running a marathon," Brian cracks. Frankie handles this insensitive remark surprisingly well, but doesn't want to tell him what she goes through on a daily basis, because she doesn't want to appear to be weak. That night, the roommates have a group meeting about the job and what they should do. Frankie says she'll stick it out, but she still worries about how it will affect her Cystic Fibrosis. Cameran is the most outspoken about quitting and disliking the job. The vote to quit the job is not unanimous because Jacquese says he is not a quitter and is fine with sticking it out. Jacquese tells him mom about what went down and explains that he doesn't like the job, but he knows he's not doing it for the rest of his life and he's okay with continuing to work there as long as he's in the Real World house. He also thinks that Frankie's smoking will probably harm her more than being on a boat. Brad has an enlightening realization that everyone's complaints about the job, day in and day out, just might be making it worse. He thinks he should try having a more positive attitude toward it, hoping that will help him get through it. Jaime talks to Brian about the seriousness of Frankie's disease and later Brian approaches Frankie later to ask how she is doing and what kind of solutions they can find to keep her warm and feeling okay. Frankie narrates that she hasn't given anyone in San Diego enough credit about being supportive and caring and she didn't realize this until now. Erin, Randy's dentally-challenged gal pal, calls and sober Randy has Frankie make up an excuse as to why he can't take her call. Frankie hangs up the phone saying she almost felt bad about lying to poor Erin. Randy legitimately wonders what the proper etiquette is for dealing with someone you don't want to hang out with. "Well, what did you say to Robin," Jamie inquires. Randy explains his tactic was avoidance until it becomes a problem. Works like a charm.moreless
  • Fakin' the Funk
    Fakin' the Funk
    Episode 12
    Brad's ex-girlfriend Andrea is headed to San Diego for a visit. Frankie is certain that Cameran is going to freak out when his ex is around. Brad has mixed emotions about Andrea's visit, but doesn't linger on them long and decides to go party with his roommates the night before her arrival. Brad sets his alarm clock for 9:30 a.m. so he can pick up Andrea at the airport, but that won't matter if he never makes it home to hear it ring. That night Brad goes through every drunk cliché in the book. His roommates note that he has zero self control when he gets drunk. It's 3 a.m. and no one has any clue where Brad has ended up and it turns out he spent the night in the "drunk tank" again. Cameran can't believe that he's almost 23 years old and he's still ending up in jail. She also can't figure out if Andrea is incredibly dumb for putting up with Brad's antics or incredibly nice. When Brad finally makes it to the airport, Andrea is very cool when he tells her what happened last night. Back at the house, Cameran gives Andrea a hug and notices that Brad introduces him as his girlfriend, while Andrea claims she is his friend. Cameran then runs to the bathroom, holding her stomach. In fact, Cameran is running to the bathroom every few minutes claiming that the burrito she ate earlier today is wreaking havoc on her system, but Jacquese (a well known Bootyologist) thinks that Cameran could be "faking the funk" just to get some attention while Andrea is here. Jacquese's associate, Frankie, notes that Cameran eats these burritos every day, sometimes two a day, and she has never had a problem like this before. She too is suspicious. Over dinner, Andrea and Brad talk about their relationship and where it's headed and they both agree five months is long time to be apart. Later that night, Randy brings over some girls to hang out and Brad gets crazy, while Andrea looks embarrassed. Andrea tells him that he seems to be paying more attention to Randy's girls than her and when Randy, Brad and the girls get loud near the confessional room, Andrea walks into the guest bedroom and slams the door. When Brad enters to find out what she's so pissed about, she tells him she can't believe he picked her up drunk and now he's hardly paying any attention to her. After bitching to his roommates, Brad crawls into bed and hugs Andrea, probably looking for some nookie. Too bad, cuz it turns out that Andrea is not interested in "getting it on" while she's there and Brad is trying to be cool about it. The next morning, sweet little Andrea is saying she felt dumb about the way she acted last night, while Brad owns up to nothing. This Andrea chick is way too nice. Brad realizes this is the not the best environment for them to be seeing each other in. He says they both know how they feel about each other and these things work themselves out over time. Translation: He's too lazy to work them out now. Brad says he is still happy that he and Andrea are taking some space. As far as Cameran goes, he admits to having no clue how to figure her out. Meanwhile, Cameran realizes she misses being someone's girlfriend. In the kitchen, Frankie tells Brad he needs to pay up on their earlier bet about Cameran freaking out when Andrea is in town. Brad thinks that Frankie is dead wrong, but doesn't want Cameran to walk in during the conversation, so he just gives Frankie the 10 bucks just to shut her up. Cameran walks in all sweet and innocent wondering what just went down, having no clue it had to do with her.moreless
  • House of Fun
    House of Fun
    Episode 11
    Robin is wondering why she ever had a crush on Randy. The roommates go to a beach party and Robin explains that when she goes out, she is not interested in dating anyone else. When they are ready to head home, the roommates can't find Robin and it turns out she's hanging out with Mike, a Marine who she met at the party. When she gets into the taxi, Randy goes off on her about how she shouldn't have wandered off by herself with a strange guy. Cameran says she has trouble meeting guys because she thinks they are somewhat intimidated by her. Ryan, who she met in da club the other night was one of the first guys who ever approached her first. Ryan invites Cameran and her roommates to the "most amazing Playboy mansion style house." He will come by the next day with a limo to pick everyone up. Upon hearing this story, Jacquese thinks that Ryan is somehow involved in the porn industry and the other roommates laugh and giggle about what kind of a situation they girls could be getting into. Cameran doesn't know what to do and thinks maybe Ryan is just talking to her because he thinks she's naive. Out on the deck, Robin tells Randy that they have to talk. Embarrassed to be discussing their situation, Randy says he can't be part of this "equation" because he doesn't want to be part of her ongoing drama. Robin calls Mike and asks her out to dinner. They stroll the streets of San Diego hand in hand and they say goodbye with a quick goodnight kiss. Apparently the fact that he's a Libra bodes well for their relationship. Robin comes home a smitten kitten. The next night, Frankie, Jamie and Cameran are all giddy about the stretch limo that is about to pick them up to take them to the "House of Fun." Either the boys are jealous or they are genuinely worried about their girls. Brad thinks they are falling into a trap and Jacquese is also concerned, but the let the girls go anyway. Cameran knows she could be walking into a shady situation, but her curiosity wins out. The girls party it up in the limo, but Cameran shrieks when she sees girls getting freaky with some older men in the back of the limo. When the girls get out of the limo, Cameran curses out Ryan before they even get into the house. Frankie chums with Adam while Cameran wanders around with Jaime. Soon after they arrive they are all ushered out the back door and asked to leave by the owner of the house. Cameran is pissed that they even got themselves into this shady situation, so they all climb over the front gate and bolt. Adam informs the girls that someone crashed the house owner's expensive Mercedes and he's pissed and that's why he asked them all to leave. Cameran officially decides that she will never go anywhere with Ryan again. Meanwhile, Robin and young Mike have another sweet date on the beach and they talk about her recent arrest. Mike completely changes Robin's impression of the Marines. (i.e. He doesn't seem like the type who would have her arrested if she slugged him in the arm.) Robin is just happy to have Mike in her life right now.moreless
  • Excuses, Excuses
    Excuses, Excuses
    Episode 10
    While they're working on the sailboat, Cameran and Robin talk about how they can't believe Frankie kissed Adam the night before. What's more, they don't like the weird lookin' dude (Adam). Robin's tired of hearing how much Frankie loves Dave when she's kissing on Adam. Later, on the phone, Adam assures Frankie that she hasn't done anything too terrible in San Diego, but she still worries her honey Dave will be upset. Oh, he won't be happy. That night, as the roommates begin their evening of going out, Robin tells Cameran that if anything happens to her, Robin will be there for her. Randy explains that the other roommates feel like they have to baby-sit young Cameran because of her naiveté. Cameran meets a guy and they pal around the club together until Cameran realizes that some people there might be doing drugs. When she looks around for Robin, she can't find her. The roommates are pissed that all Robin can think about is herself. But Robin doesn't like feeling responsible for Cameran when she gets in trouble. Off on their own, even Jamie and Jacquese talk about how Robin has a difficult time recognizing her faults or taking responsibility for certain actions. On the way home, from the backseat of the car, Robin slugs Brad four times, yes, FOUR times. She's not happy that he's coming down on her about the whole Cameran situation. He jokes that he's going to press charges. When they get home, Robin goes straight to bed because she doesn't want a big fight to erupt. Robin thinks Brad is taking his anger out on her because he was really jealous of Cameran going around with another guy. The next day Brad tells Robin he did not appreciate her being violent last night and she apologizes. Randy is tired of Robin's less than sincere apologies. On the phone, Frankie tells Dave that she is lonely and scared and feels like she is losing him. Frankie narrates that she feels like she met Adam so she could realize that Dave is the one for her. Frankie worries that Dave will see her doing something in The Real World house that he does not approve of and then he'll walk away from their relationship. Frankie apologizes for saying some things that have hurt him while she's been away, but promises things will change. In confessional, Frankie admits that she doesn't even care enough about herself to take medicine that will help keep her alive. Frankie admits that she could never bring herself to tell Dave that she has cystic fibrosis, but she has told her six new roommates. She knows in the back of her mind that cystic fibrosis will probably end up taking her life long before she's ready. She weeps, saying anything that's good for her, she tends to push away. When Frankie calls Dave that night, she can tell he's feeling sad. He tells her to go outside and look at the moon and think about how he's looking at the moon too. Frankie climbs on the wall of the deck and strains her neck to find the moon, while Jacquese wonders what she is up to. But it's overcast and when the moon is not visible, she freaks out because she believes in omens and signs and such. Frankie tells Jacquese that she will sit outside until she sees the moon, no matter how long it takes. Finally she sees the moon peer out from underneath the clouds and everything is right in her world. All of the roommates are officially fed up with Robin, so Frankie takes Robin outside to tell her that everyone is tired of hearing her excuses. Robin admits that she has to work on some things while she's in the house. She is finally starting to realize that her actions have hurt others. Later, Brad shoots it straight and tells her the problems he's been having with her. Robin is happy when they have resolved their issues and says she doesn't want to be the "black sheep" of the house. Brad says they all are the "black sheep" and it's the "white sheep" that would stand out.moreless
  • Crossing the Line
    Crossing the Line
    Episode 9
    Frankie meets up with her "friend" Adam. Jacquese thinks that she should be careful because one thing can lead to another and Boom, Bazooka Joe, you're in a sticky situation. While Frankie innocently bats her eyes, Adam tells Frankie he can hook her up with some free tattoos while she's in San Diego, but she explains that she has to okay any tattoo artists with her boyfriend Dave, since he is also an artist. Frankie thinks that Dave would be more upset if she got a tattoo from someone else, than if she slept with someone else. The girls ask Frankie about whether or not she likes Adam and she claims they are just good buds. The girls don't buy it for a second. Meanwhile, Brad and Randy talk about how Cameran is a "stand up" girl. Brad isn't sure if he can picture them getting romantic. Randy maintains that Cameran has an innocent crush on Brad. Robin's friend comes over to the house with a bunch of other "friends" and everyone gets a little silly. Brad meets one of the houseguests named Kristen and they get cozy on the deck, while Cameran gets jealous. Randy narrates that he and Brad are being "cautious with the female situation" in San Diego and they are trying to experience things without getting really involved. After the girls leave, Brad goes into Cameran's room and coaxes her out. Cameran is still annoyed with her crush and tells him that he's such a typical boy. "You are misinterpetating the situation," Brad mumbles. Jaime, Robin and Frankie discuss the definition of cheating over dinner. Frankie says that if your judgment is impaired by say, alcohol, and you hook up with someone who is not your boyfriend, that's not really cheating. It's more, like, forgivable, than intentional cheating. When there are feelings involved, then it's cheating. Oooooh, okay. Turns out Frankie has "not" cheated on almost every boyfriend she has ever had. Adam arrives at the house a little later and by that time, Frankie is already tipsy. Sure enough, Frankie starts kissing and hugging on Adam. He tries to hold back, but that doesn't last for long. Eventually he goes home even though he wants to "stay forever." As soon as he leaves, Frankie runs to the phone to call Dave to tell him that she loves him. And then passes out. The next morning, Jacquese asks Frankie if she knows what happened last night and she puts on her Little Miss Innocent act. A well-respected Bootyologist, Jacquese thinks that something more than just kissing happened out on the deck last night. He gets down on the ground and starts sniffin' around. Eww! Frankie doesn't remember vivid details of last night (big surprise). She resolves to talk to Dave about what's happened since she's been in the house. The gang goes out and Brad is being exceptionally cozy and cute with Cameran, who is surprised by his actions. Cameran pulls Brad into the bathroom and he tries to kiss her, but she gets embarrassed and flips out. Not happy he was turned down, he says that he was only pulled into a bathroom by one other girl and it wasn't so they could smooch in the loo. Cameran claims she's over Brad and doesn't want to be his sloppy seconds. Brad thinks Cameran needs to figure out what she wants before she starts pulling dudes in the bathroom.moreless
  • Insult to Injury
    Insult to Injury
    Episode 8
    Robin thinks that she and Randy have a connection (they can, like, talk about the nightclub industry) but their relationship hasn't crossed that boundary yet of getting more intimate. They playfully snuggle, while Jacquese and Cameran can't believe the two of them haven't even kissed yet. Randy explains that both he and Robin need a certain amount of attention from the opposite sex, but he's not looking to get into a relationship and he hopes that Robin won't hold that "no strings attached" edict against him at some point. Frankie asks her mom on the phone if she would "kill" her if she just came home. Her mom tells her to buck up; it's only four months out of her life. But Frankie worries that by coming to San Diego she screwed everything up. Frankie complains that she has no friends here and she's not like any of her roommates. Her mom reminds her that she's smart and can figure this out herself. Cameran notices that Frankie seems upset and depressed, so she invites her to come out with them tonight instead of sitting home and feeling "sorry for herself." Cameran probably could have done without adding that last bit because that comment makes Frankie storm off. While at the club, Frankie sees a guy that looks interesting and goes over to talk to him. What drew her eye to him? The inch gages he has in his ears, of course. You know, standard stuff. Frankie says it's nice to have someone she can connect with. Meanwhile, Robin is upset that Randy is shaking his bon bon with other girls. Randy gets pulled out of the club before he was ready to go and a drunk Robin lays into him, calling him a bad person, among other things. Randy is flawed (make that floored) by how Robin is reacting. Robin continues to insult him even when Brad tells her she better chill. Randy gets pissed and can't believe Robin has the audacity to insult him like that when he's been nothing but a good friend to her. He reminds her that he took a cab to pick her up from the clink and she just can't believe he didn't know she felt so deeply for him. Back at the house, the guys razz Randy for the situation he has gotten himself into. Jacquese theorizes that it had something to do with his famous "Boom Bazooka Joe" utterance. He also thinks that Robin wants to take the relationship to the next level, while Randy is hesitant to do that with a roommate. Frankie comes out on the deck to announce that Robin is running around naked. When the guys come in the house, they see her peeing in the shower. Next thing they know, naked Robin is in Randy's bed. Randy decides to play it safe by sleeping in Cameran's bed since she's sleeping on the Love Sac. And the two lovebirds go to sleep without resolving any of their issues. The roommates decide to go out to a bar where a metal eight's cover band is playing. Jamie says they were warned that the bars in the Pacific Beach are very strict on IDs, but they decide to take a chance. Turns out Cameran and Jamie's IDs are snatched up right away. Cameran insists that the others go inside the club, but Randy insists that they pack up and go somewhere else where they can all get in. Robin takes this personally and thinks Randy just doesn't want to hang out with her, so she throws out a few more harsh words Randy's way. Robin gets out of the car and goes into the club with Frankie, while Randy is pissed that Robin is misunderstanding his reasons why he wants to leave the club. Frankie has a good time with Adam and she asks him to come back to the house to hang out. When Robin arrives home, Randy heads straight for his bed and hides. Meanwhile, Frankie is on the deck with Adam and when he asks her what she's going to do when she's done with The Real World, she says it depends on her sister and her boyfriend, who has (BTW) already said he wanted to split. Adam looks a little shocked that Frankie has a beau back home, but our guess is that this won't be the last we see of him. Frankie is glad that Adam's not a tool and sees a budding friendship with him. Ah, but don't forget she says this when she is stone cold sober. Robin skips over to Randy's bedroom and asks him why he's not talking to her. Randy is trying to establish to her that he's an independent person by being passive aggressive. "I'm trying to go to bed," he says. Not giving up, Robin tries to get into his bed, but her attempts are thwarted. He admits it's hard being tough on her like this, but he thinks it will prevent a big blow up in the end. Smart man. Later on, Robin has dinner with Cameran and admits that she might have been clinging to something that wasn't there. She doesn't really like Randy anymore and doesn't know why she liked him in the first place. Blabbity, blah, blah. You know, the usual things that girls say when their romantic overtures are being rebuffed.moreless
  • Free At Last!
    Free At Last!
    Episode 7
    It's 3 a.m. that same night and Jacquese tries to wake up Frankie to tell her that both Brad and Robin are "locked up." Jacquese and Jamie see if they can pool their money together so they can go to a bail bondsman to spring Robin from the clink. Frankie wakes up and calls her boyfriend David, who can tell she is feeling guilty about something. Frankie claims she has no recollection of the evening's events, but she does feel a nagging twinge of guilt. Hmm, maybe that's cuz she was rubbing Randy's stomach and blowing on his neck. Meanwhile, Robin calls the house because she does not want to be in jail overnight. Through this conversation, Jacquese learns that Robin hit a Marine. Jacquese tries to help her understand that she's probably going to spend the night in jail cuz they don't have $800 to post her bail. Jacquese then calls Robin's father to give him the lowdown on the situation and explains that she is in need of some funding in order to get out of jail. Turns out Brad will just be held until he sobers up, but Robin's situation is a whole different story. The next morning, Brad is finally freed and he calls Randy, saying, "Dude. Randy, let's party man." Randy informs him that Robin is also in jail. Brad tells Randy that jail sucked, but he doesn't have any charges, so he's cool. Later, Robin calls the house and is touched by the fact that Randy slept by the phone because he was waiting for her call. Ya think she's reading a bit too much into his consideration? She wasn't the only one locked up last night. Just as Brad gets out of his cab near the house, Randy gets into a cab to go pick up Robin. Back at home, Brad relays the story of the disgusting jail cell to his roommates and they learn this is not the first time he's been locked up. He is resolved to not talk like a "hard ass anymore." No more fights. Peace, not war. Meanwhile, the roommates can't believe that Randy is riding 50 miles round trip to pick up Robin, when she can just hop in a cab and get home on her own. Jacquese thinks she's got Randy wrapped around her finger, big time. Robin calls her dad after she posted bond and cries, worrying about how she hurt her family. When Randy arrives, Robin tells him she loves him for coming to get her. Despite her anger issues, Randy still maintains that Robin is a loving, positive person. Frankie is on the phone to David again, telling him she doesn't remember a thing about last night. Ixnay on the no emember ray, Frankie! He says he's been really good about being faithful to her and he's not sure he wants to tolerate her San Diego antics. Frankie tells him she wants him to do what makes him happy, even if it makes her sad. He tells her that if she cheated on him, he will probably break up with her. He also doesn't like her "blacked out" excuse for not remembering what happened. He suggests they split for a while even though that's not what he wants to do. Frankie comes downstairs and falls into Brad's arms and he tries to comfort her. But Brad does not understand Frankie, no matter how hard he tries. Brad sends one of the girls out on the deck to comfort Frankie. Cameran notes that there is a lot of drama between Frankie and David and thinks that Frankie is suffering from a lack of confidence. She clings to David to make herself happy, when she is really the one who has to create happiness for herself. In an effort to teach Frankie The Rules, Cameran makes a humorous sign that reminds Frankie not to call David and puts it by the phone. Robin arrives home and the roommates gather to hear her story. She breaks into tears, while Frankie is still on the verge of tears herself. Jacquese jokes about her first time getting set to jail is no biggie and it's just a part life. They all laugh at his feeble attempt to make Robin feel better.moreless
  • San Diego Slammer
    San Diego Slammer
    Episode 6
    Jacquese is 19 years old, carrying a fake ID. Never a good idea, bro. He's turned away from a club that some of the other roommates easily get into. Inside the club Brad and Randy press the female flesh and get their drink on. And get their drink on. And get their drink on. Meanwhile, Jamie calls home to warn Cameran that the doorman is being strict with IDs. When she gets to the club Cameran is denied entrance as well. While Cameran and Robin are standing outside the club, some guys behind the girls starting ragging on them. This behavior pisses Robin off, especially when they say, go back to the "fake world". This insult prompts her to cock back her right arm and slug one of the guys in the arm. Afterwards, even drunk Robin knows she shouldn't have hit him, but the guy is laughing at the situation, so she figures everything is kosher. She puts Cameran in a cab and then goes into the club. Soon after she gets comfortable, the bar manager tells Robin someone is looking for her outside and as she walks outside, she sees three cops waiting for her. They ask her what happened earlier and she demonstrates to the cops how she hit the guy. By demonstrate, we mean… she gave the cop a shove. A couple of times! But the coppers say that the guy she hit is actually alleging that she hit AND scratched him. She has no idea how he got scratches on the back of his neck, but it certainly wasn't from her. The cops tell her she's being arrested and haul her drunk ass down to the station. It's not long before Brad and Randy get thrown out of the club. As they walk down the street they have no clue that Robin is in the cop car not more than a few feet away from them. But they have bigger problems to worry about. Brad starts to rant and rave about how he just wants to go back to Chi-town. Then, Random guys start making insulting comments at Brad and Randy. Randy tries to tell Brad just to ignore it, he doesn't and the cops get in Brad's face and arrest him for being drunk in public. Reverting back to junior high in his drunken stupor, Brad giggles when the cops say penal code. Heh, Heh. He said penal. Randy and Frankie arrive home and they attempt to tell the roommates what happened, but they are wasted and it's difficult to get the gist of what the hell they are talking about. A sober Jacquese calls the police station, but Brad isn't in the system yet, so they have to wait. Jacquese wonders where Robin might be, but everyone assumes she's still at the bar. Drunk Randy talks non-stop about how Brad wasn't doing anything to warrant getting arrested and he decides he's going to take a stand and not sleep until Brad is freed. Jacquese chants, "Free Brad," while he and the other roommates tape "Free Brad" sings on their shirts. While Jacquese works feverishly to locate his roommates, Frankie and Randy are all snuggled up together on the bean bag. The other roommates gossip about how Frankie is doing to Randy what she did to Brad the first night. While Randy continues to rant about getting Brad out of jail, Frankie kisses his neck and rubs his stomach. He doesn't protest. Jacquese checks his voice mail and Brad, still drunk, screams into the phone saying he's been "locked up, bitch." Just as Jacquese was getting ready to go free Brad, Robin calls and she's doing the drunk-ranting-and-raving-and-crying-thing. She tells Jacquese that she's in jail in Mexico. Thinking his roommates have all gone nuts, Jacquese questions her further and finds out which San Diego jail she is hold-up in. He learns they are holding Robin for battery and her bail is set at $8,000. Looks like Robin will be spending the night in jail while the roommates free Brad.moreless
  • Pass or Fail
    Pass or Fail
    Episode 5
    The boat crew trainees learn that after only three days on training they will be given a test to see how much they have digested so far. As soon as their instructors say "test," Jaime starts to ask a lot of questions and really puts an effort into learning everything about sailing. The seven strangers are told that if they pass the test, they will earn their salary for the last few days, which will work out to be about $200 each. Star student Jaime is concerned that Robin is going to fail the test because she has not been showing much interest in the sailing. But Robin comes to Jaime for some study help and Jaime is more than willing to tutor her. It's the night before the test and Cameran, Brad and Randy have not studied and decide to put that off until after they go out and party. Besides, Brad is pretty confident that he already knows the "bull---t terms" that they've been asked to memorize. In the car on the way home from the bar, someone said something about how Cameran and Jaime have never kissed a girl. Not waiting for those girl kissing virgins to start making out, Frankie and Robin do a little smooching to get things rolling. Cameran and Jamie are clearly uncomfortable going in for a big kiss, so they agree on a nice, respectable peck. If people paid to see this, they'd definitely be asking for their money back. And that's when it all becomes about Brad's penis. Not wanting to miss what goes down (or up), Jacquese pulls the car over. Apparently getting over her initial embarrassment, Cameran and Robin share a pretty intense kiss and then request that Brad pull out his prize-winning penis, but he's feeling violated and asks that they continue this negotiation at home. The girls agree, knowing it would be better if they gave Brad the chance to get it to its fully functioning size. Jacquese tells a somewhat oblivious Brad that Cameran wants to have the sex with the guy attached to the eight inch penis. Brad doesn't know what to do about that, so he comes back into the house and says they are getting this game over with right now. He reaches into his pants and pulls it out for Robin and Cameran to see. Cameran lets out a squeal, while Robin is impressed that Brad is a man of his word and kept his bet. The roommates drink and talk the night away and before they know it, it's 6 a.m. and they've got a test on their sailing skills in just a few short hours. A few of them study and then hit the sack only to be woken up a few hours later by their alarm clock. The roommates cram for the test while they get ready and Cameran goes down to the dock a few hours early to make sure she knows all of the things she had learned over the past couple of days. On the boat, the housemates are given a multiple choice test and Frankie is confident that her excellent memory will help her ace the test. Brad, on the other hand, claims he knows what each of the terms mean, but he has trouble matching the term to the proper definition on the test. Whatever, Brad. Cameran says at first she is confident answering the questions, but then it starts to go over her head and she begins to get lost. After they turn in the written part, they each have to take a practical exam. It looks like Brad, Jaime and Jacquese do really well. Cameran has the most difficulty and wonders what the consequences of not passing the test will be. The scores are given on the boat and Frankie and Jaime both learn they got a 95 percent. Jacquese, Randy, and Robin all receive scores in the 80s. Brad learns that he did well on the practical test, but he didn't pass the written test. Cameran didn't pass either and they learn they can take a re-test in a couple days. Cameran is embarrassed that she didn't pass, while Jacquese is quite happy that he's got some cash to put in his pocket. Cameran calls her dad to tell her she failed and won't get paid until she passes the test. She asks her dad how much is in her checking account and learns she only has $40. She whines, tell him she needs money. "What am I, Wells Fargo?" he twangs. While the other roommates plan to go out to a movie, Cameran and Brad become study buddies. The next morning the duo heads to the dock, takes the test and both learn they passed with a stellar 99 percent. They are stoked and bring a box of uniforms back to the house for the rest of the boat crew. Apparently not stylish enough for seven trucker-hat-wearing strangers, the roommates try on the baggy shorts and polo shirts and make fun of them.moreless
  • Boom Bazooka Joe!
    Boom Bazooka Joe!
    Episode 4
    Randy and Robin shoot some hoops. Randy thinks Robin is sweet. Robin thinks Randy's a big teddy bear. Randy thinks Robin has a great personality. Robin says she is drawn to him because they have similar backgrounds. But they are roommates. When has being roommates ever stopped anyone from hooking up. Looks as though pretty soon they are going to be swapping schmoopies, while they coo like love birds. When the roommates' conversation turns to sex, Randy says he is not into casual sex. If he likes some body he "can't hold nothin' back." The roommates receive some information about their job. All they know is that it involves water and a boat and the rest is up to speculation. Jacquese is not happy because he doesn't know how to swim. Frankie is not happy because she is deathly afraid of large boats. When she spots a big cruise ship in the harbor, Frankie gets a panic attack and explains to her confused roommates that basically she has a phobia of large metal structures, especially large boats. Boat phobias are not funny. Don't laugh. I know you're laughing. Dude, seriously. Don't laugh. Cameran, the naïve Southern belle, shares that she has never met anyone who is afraid of a large cruise liner. Of course it's not long before the girls are joking again and Robin wonders if Frankie is scared of Brad's large, ahem, package. Robin and Randy engage in a deep conversation on the deck. Too bad Robin doesn't know what the hell he's talking about. Ready for a change of pace, the two potential love birds hop into the hot tub and get cozy, while the other roommates peak in on them and giggle. Cameran thinks Robin is more mentally attracted to Randy than physically. After the hot tub, they get in the show and Randy gets naked, while Robin cautiously showers in the individual shower. Busybody Cameran makes sure that Brad and the other roommates are informed about the fact that Randy is naked in front of Robin. Brad, who hasn't stopped thinking about sex since he got to the house, wonders who's going to have sex first. Robin and Randy cuddle up in bed, while Cameran continues to gossip about them to Brad and Jacquese. Getting hooked on the scandalous nature of their relationship, Jacquese listens in at the doorway and hears Randy say, "Boom! Bazooka Joe." The other roommates crack up upon hearing this. The next morning, the roommates are excited about going to their job. As they walk down the pier, Frankie begins having a panic attack. The guys suggest she close her eyes while they lead her up to the boat. Cameran starts singing a random song about work to take Frankie's mind off of things. They meet Brian and Matt on the boat and find out they will be taught how to sale. It turns out Jacquese is the only roommate who does not know how to swim, so they give him a life vest to wear on the boat. Their instructors explain that this is a very serious job and they expect them to come to work ready to go. The roommates get right to work and learn the aspects of sailing. Frankie helps out a little bit, but soon she has her head between her knees. Even though she had a rough time out in the ocean, Frankie says she is the kind of person who will try her hardest at anything to prove to herself and other people that she can do it. As far as the two love birds go, Robin says that Randy and her only cuddled and did "G" rated things. Yeah, right. Jacquese tells Randy that he said "Boom! Bazooka Joe" last night and he wonders what he said it in context to and laughs about how he said such a random thing that he will probably be teased about the entire time he is in the house.moreless
  • The
    Episode 3
    While the roommates party in the hot tub, Robin asks Jacquese if he is from the ghetto and he wonders "what does someone from the ghetto look like?" He thinks Robin's opinions about people from the ghetto are based on things she has seen on TV and not in real life. Jacquese talks to his cousin Calvin about the incident in the hot tub and explains that respect is really big with him. When Jaime and Jacquese are together, they talk about how the two of them and Frankie are not in a clique in the house, but the others have formed a clique. Jaime wants everyone to be one giant clique, but it's not quite working out that way. Jacquese is upstairs using the computer and no one tells him they are going out and he's upset that people aren't including him. Cameran thinks that Jacquese is very sensitive and doesn't think anyone meant anything by not telling him they were going out. Randy notes that Jacquese is a little more introverted than the rest of the group and is being left out because of that. The gang heads out to downtown San Diego and outside the club, a local San Diego black man calls Robin a bitch, so she calls him what she describes as "probably the most hurtful thing you could say to somebody of color". Jacquese asks her what she said and he can't believe it when she tells him. The have a conversation outside the club about why what she said was inappropriate. Jacquese stays totally calm, while Robin points and gets in his face. He asks her to get out of his face, but she doesn't back down. Upset that he's not getting through to her, Jacquese heads home. Robin tells Randy that she didn't mean any disrespect and she's upset that she offended one of her roommates. Randy says the situation is a misunderstanding and she is not the type of person who wants to hurt people. Brad says even though he is not even a part of that race, he is offended. Jacquese calls his mom when he gets back to the house and she tells him not to become an angry black man. She says it is his role to educate the others on how hurtful that word is. She tells him to be tolerant of their ignorance and does not want him to rush to judgment. Jacquese thanks his mom for calming him down and giving him advice on what he should do. When the rest of the group arrives home, Brad tries to explain to Robin that there is no excuse for ever using that word. Robin cries a lot and says she would take it back in a heartbeat. Cameran steals Jacquese away and tells him that Robin is really upset about hurting him and they decide to all sit down and talk. Jacquese says he feels like he is not getting much attention in the house. Robin interrupts him and asks him if he was raped by someone who was white. Robin tells Jacquese that he doesn't understand where she comes from and Jacquese hugs her to calm her down. Robin sits down with Jacquese to tell him that she had one negative experience with a person of a different background. Jacquese tells him to try not to use that word and she should try and be the bigger person. As roommates, they need to respect each other's feelings. Later, Jaime comes to Jacquese and tells him that he can always come to her and since they are both minorities, they are going through a similar situation. Robin says she is glad people forgive, but she'll never forget. She hopes to come out of this a better person. Everything seems to be water under the bridge when Robin wakes up Jacquese the next morning and they go outside to shoot some hoops. While Brad, Camera, Robin and Randy hang out on one deck, Frankie, Jaime and Jacquese hang out together on the other deck. Frankie thinks that they are just on the outskirts of the clique. Brad comes over to see them and they tell him they feel like outcasts. Brad says that everyone in the house is an outcast. With Brad and Cameran now on their deck, Jaime opens up about how there have been numerous occasions when she has been uncomfortable about her ethnicity. Cameran says she has put labels on people in the past and she feels bad about her previous behavior. Cameran believes she is going to learn from this experience and grow from it. Jacquese says no matter what race they are, they all want the same things in life. Robin explains that even though they went through an ugly situation yesterday, it brought them all closer together.moreless
  • Rockin' the Relationship
    Jacquese wants to know what happened with Frankie and teases Brad about last night. Brad notes that he has a great relationship with his girlfriend back home and he's never felt that way about a girl. Randy, the observant artist, suspects that Brad has some unexpected trouble headed his way while in the house. Frankie calls her boyfriend Dave and he asks if there are cute boys in her house and he wonders if she made out with any of the boys while she was drunk. Frankie says she doesn't remember exactly what happened last night. On their second night in the house, Cameran notes that Brad is everything she doesn't like in a guy, but for some reason, she is attracted to him. Jamie, the sharp cute chick, smells a hook up. Boisterous Brad causally mentions that he's got a large manhood and suggests they call his girlfriend to verify. Too drunk to realize he's calling her at 6:45am, Brad calls while Cameran listens in. She confirms that Brad has a right to brag about what's in his bag. During the day, Frankie worries that she kissed Brad while she was drunk. Meanwhile, Brad seems to be fighting on the phone with his girlfriend Andrea about his flirtation with Frankie, but they are actually talking about something that happened between him and an entirely different girl a while ago. Robin, the dancing bartender, gives him some very good advice about how to handle the situation with his girlfriend, but even Robin doubts Brad can be faithful to his long distance love. Brad agrees and thinks maybe he and his girlfriend should take some time apart while he is living with four hot girls in a posh house at the beach. To further rationalize breaking up with Andrea, Brad admits that five months is a long time to go without sex. Dude, his sex life has never taken a hit like that. Cameran, who's developing a crush on Brad and is far from neutral, encourages him to break up with Andrea. Then sweet Cameran surprises everyone when she tells them she brought her vibrator. Frankie decides to call her boyfriend Dave and tell him she might have been flirtatious the other night. Her soul mate says if they make it through this, then they'll know their relationship is forever. Brad calls Andrea and suggests they love each other as friends (he did not just say that!) and he feels good about his decision. It's not long before Brad wonders what's going to pan out between him and Cameran over the course of the next few months.moreless
  • Hello, San Diego!
    Hello, San Diego!
    Episode 1
    Brad, a sleeveless-shirt-wearing dude from Illinois says goodbye to his girlfriend of four years, jumps on his motorcycle and heads to beautiful San Diego to pick up his new roommate and the keys to the Real World house. He's hoping it's a chick because he doesn't want some dude riding on the back of his bike. Cameran, a 19 year old from South Carolina, waits near the harbor to meet her new roommates and stresses how much she does not like Yankees. No, not the baseball team. This southern belle is talking about the loud people from "up north" who wear sleeveless shirts and ride motorcycles. Frankie, a massage therapist from Kansas City, Mo., is 21 and is drawn to skinny, tattooed white boys. Guess there's no chance of a hook up between her and buff Brad. Robin, from Tampa, Fla., is a 23 year old looking to have a good time. Brad rides up to a scenic lookout near the beach and he meets Jaime, a petite girl from San Francisco, and she is immediately struck by his cuteness. She gets on the back of his hog and they set off to find the house. Jacquese, a 19 year old business management major, hails from what he calls a bad neighborhood in New Jersey. He meets up with Frankie in the park and is struck by her punk rock style. Frankie tells him she left a boyfriend back home and he's not taking her departure well. She and her boyfriend met where most people tend to meet (if you are a tattoo artist and a punk rocker massage therapist) the back of a porn store. Randy says Southern Cal is very close to his idealistic place to live and a stark contrast from Boston. Robin notes how she has always lived a short distance from her family and she has always depended on them when she has needed something. It's going to be hard for her to start over on her own. Randy and Robin meet up and find that they both work in the nightclub industry (No way! Get out!) and they instantly have a bond. Randy works as a head of security and Robin is a dancing bartender at Coyote Ugly. (Dude, I can't believe we both work at bars. That's so cool.) Back at the park, Jacquese helps Frankie with her luggage as they get on a San Diego Trolley, while Robin and Randy opt for a water taxi. When Brad and Jamie arrive, they, like many Real Worlders before them, can't believe how cool the house is. Jacquese and Frankie are the next to arrive and Frankie is struck by Brad's contagious smile. Cameran gets on the water taxi and meets Robin and Randy. Once in the house, Cameran finds a book on sex tips and mentions that sex is not a big deal for her at all. On a beer run, Brad and Frankie talk about their significant others. The rest of the roommates get to know each other on the deck and learn that Randy went to art school and sculpts and paints. In confessional, Cameran says when she first met everyone, she was sure none of them would hook up. But then, she adds that there is a little something that is attracting her to Brad. At night, out on the deck, Frank talks about how she has a lung disease called Cystic Fibrosis and how she really shouldn't smoke. The rest of the roommates are concerned about her condition even though Frankie tells them it's not a big deal. Professor Frankie explains that alcohol can make you do some really stupid stuff. Can you say foreshadowing? Cut to Brad and Frankie talking alone outside. Frankie says Brad reminds her of this guy she used to have a crush on. Brad tells her that that he loves the color of her hair and Frankie says she feels like she just bonded with Brad. Brad concludes their meaningful talk by saying the boat in the harbor makes him want to pee. How sweet. It's not long before everyone dons their skimpiest bathing suits and ends up in the hot tub with their drinks. Cameran notes that Brad is the epitome of a loud-mouth Yankee, but she thinks he's an awesome guy anyway. But it's Frankie who starts stroking Brad's hair and it's not long before she's hugging on him. Jacquese, the astute college student, realizes they are about to hook up. But ol' faithful Brad knows if he does anything with Frankie, he's dead, so dead (DSD). Brad looks embarrassed and nicely encourages Frankie not to do what she's doing, especially since they both have partners back home. Randy admires the way Brad handles the situation. Frankie gets out of the hot tub and stumbles back into the house. She crawls into her bed in her wet bathing suit and throws up on her pillow. Later, she doesn't respond when Jacquese asks if she is okay. He goes to get Robin and Cameran and they help her get out of her wet clothes and get her feeling better. Cameran later tells Brad that Cystic Fibrosis is a deadly disease and he is surprised to hear how serious it is. The next morning Frankie feels stupid for drinking so much.moreless