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  • Fistful of Philly: The Real World Philadelphia Reunion
    Season 15, Philadelphia cast reunites
  • Losing You
    Losing You
    Episode 26
    The roommates go to Shampoo with Willie and when a drag queen comes out on stage, MJ looks shocked and proclaims "I'm straight." At lunch the next day, Willie tells Mel that he thinks MJ and Landon think of Willie as a character, not as a person. Willie does admit that part of that is his fault because they haven't spent a lot of one-on-one time together. So Willie has a drink with MJ, Mel and a friend and opens up about how his parents are not accepting of his lifestyle. It's clear that through this conversation, MJ comes to understand Willie better and even looks at him differently. With only a day or two left, the roommates pack their things, but most say they are in denial that they are actually leaving Philly. Landon explains that since Fiji, it has been hard for him to resist Shavonda. He now worries that when they go their separate ways they won't be left with anything: a friendship or a physical relationship. Meanwhile, Shavonda just wants to hook up with Landon, but that's it. Landon has told Shavonda that's not a good idea because he can get emotionally attached. Shavonda doesn't understand this saying, "If you tell yourself not to get attached, you won't get attached." You know the ol' if you say it, you can do it approach. Despite Landon's honesty, Shavonda won't hear any of it. MJ comes up with a brilliant idea and tells Landon to bring a girl home. That will send a message to Shavonda. It might also send her to the bathroom in tears, but at least she'll get the message, right? Landon goes through his phone book and calls this chick Mackenzie who once waited on him in a bar. He brings the waitress home and Shavonda is shocked. Mackenzie is all, "Landon, I've never, ever been in a hot tub before; will you show me what it's like," Landon cannot resist the temptation. In the morning, Landon hustles Mackenzie out of the house so that Shavonda doesn't feel more awkward than she already does. The morning after is a fine time to start considering Shavonda's feelings. Landon feels badly about his behavior. When Shavonda snuggles up to him, he tells her that he didn't have sex with Mackenzie and Shavonda narrates that she is relieved. Somehow we think there is more to this story than he is letting on. Shavonda realizes that her emotions have caught up with her and she really does care about Landon. Landon writes a really sweet card to Shavonda about how he hopes for good things for her and asks her to be open to possibilities. Shavonda feels fortunate to have made such a strong connection with Landon. "It's gonna be weird not seeing you every day," Landon says on their last morning in the house as they cuddle in bed. "I could fall in love with Landon," Shavonda says. "But it's kind of hard to do that when they are in two different parts of the country." Mel's cab arrives and they all share a group hug before they send the first roommate on her way. When Karamo leaves, MJ notes that Karamo is more accepting than he was when he first came into the house. Willie and Sarah will take the train back to New York City and there are more tears when they leave. "I fell in love with six people," Sarah cries. "MJ gave me a kiss," Willie smiles as he and Sarah ride to the train station. "He's come pretty far with his comfort level for gay people," Willie notes. MJ says he learned from Landon that you can be a man and still have a "sissy conversation" and it actually makes you feel good. As MJ rides off in a taxi, Shavonda and Landon can't stop hugging, crying, and hugging and then they finally say goodbye. "My eyes have been so open to what their eyes were already open to and I just pray to God that I've done the same for them," Landon narrates.moreless
  • Motherly Love
    Motherly Love
    Episode 25
    Sarah admits that since she was 15 or 16, she has had an unhealthy attitude towards her body, which has lead to eating disorders. At dinner, the roomies tell Sarah she needs to eat and they worry about her negative body image. The roomies do their best to support Sarah but they know there is only so much they can do to help. Later, at the gym, Sarah works out and narrates that she has been working out really hard to try and lose some weight she gained in Fiji. When Sarah's sister Rachel calls to tell her that their mom thinks Sarah should start the South Beach diet again, Sarah is crushed. Sarah's mom thinks Sarah has been eating and drinking too much, but doesn't know how to tell her, so she has her other daughter deliver the message. Way to go mom. Sarah already has plans to see her mom and dad that night in Philly, but changes her mind. When Sarah's mom calls to find out what happened to Sarah, Melanie answers the phone and gets an earful. Sarah calls her mom right back and tells her mom off. Sarah's mom's response? "You don't look good." At the Northern Home for Children, the roommates put the finishing touches on the playground. Karamo has decided that he wants to give Landon a tangible gift for all of the extra work he has put in on the playground. That gift will come in the form of a special plaque he has ordered. Karamo is also making plaques for their bosses Laura and Donna. Proving that he has come a long way, Karamo comes to MJ to tell him about the plaque he got for Landon. Karamo doesn't want MJ to feel left out and MJ appreciates the respect Karamo has shown for him. At work, Sarah can't focus, so she decides to talk their boss Donna who she looks up to. She confides in her about the recent problem with her mom. Donna tells Sarah that it's her mom's issue and Sarah needs to look in the mirror and realize she has control of how she lives her life. During this conversation, Willie calls out to Sarah, saying they need her help. Willie narrates that he is tired of Sarah talking about her weight because, really, it's a "non-issue" and such a "girl thing." This hits a major nerve with Sarah and leads to a major screaming match between her and Willie. When they finally talk it out, Willie has a better understanding of Sarah and what she is going through. At dinner that night, Sarah is distant and there is some major tension between her and her mom. Eventually, her mom apologizes and even admits that she was wrong. The next day, as the roommates put the finishing touches on the playground, Jon Bon Jovi comes to check out the new playground. He is very pleased with what he sees. IKEA has given a large donation to the Northern Home, so the housemates go shopping for items for the day care center. At the dedication ceremony, Karamo presents the plaques. He calls Landon one of the "most amazing people" he has ever met in his life. Landon is clearly surprised and even a little choked up as Karamo presents him with the plaque. He appreciates that his roommates value his dedication and hard work. After the ceremony, Donna offers them a hug and some heartfelt thanks.moreless
  • Ashley's Visit
    Ashley's Visit
    Episode 24
    Previously, MJ didn't want to be "walking on egg shells" wondering if something he did in Philly would hurt his gal Ashley, back home. Now, MJ has come to the realization that no one compares to Ashley and he is willing to give up the Philly nookie so that he can be in a committed relationship with her. "I cannot wait to make out with you," MJ says to Ashley, anticipating her arrival in the City of Brotherly Love. Turns out the same time Ashley is going to be in town, one of MJ's best friends, David will also be in town. David is just "blowing through", while Ashley has planned a trip. Does anyone see where this is headed? Ah, Landon does. "It just doesn't work very well to have your buddy and your girlfriend in the same place," Landon warns. After a serious of unfortunate events, Ashley finally arrives and she and MJ have some quality kissy time together before David arrives. The first night David is in town, Ashley is beat from all her traveling and just wants to go to bed. Meanwhile, David wants to go out drinkin'. MJ doesn't know what to do, so he drags his girlfriend out drinking with his best friend. She pretends like she's okay with it, but she is not. And, by the way, MJ does an excellent job of ignoring Ashley while they are out drinking. MJ and Ashley spend some time alone the next day and see the sights of Philadelphia. Ashley asks if he has done anything more than kissing with anyone in Philly and MJ owns up to the fact that he has and, according to him, Ashley takes this news well. Hmm, that doesn't sound right. The two lovebirds must say goodbye and when Ashley arrives home, Ashley complains that she wants to talk to him without being recorded. "I just have some questions for you," Ashley says, while she giggles nervously. MJ is frustrated that Ashley can't just talk to him about whatever is on her mind, so he hangs up on her. The next day, MJ learns that now Ashley wants to go out and date other people. She explains that her heart was there for him four months ago when he called her saying he needed his space. With three weeks left in Philly, MJ is bummed that he won't have someone waiting for him back home. His safety net is gone and it's scary. During their night out, Landon learns from David that the MJ he has known in Philly is totally different that the MJ at home. Landon is shocked that he has learned more about MJ in five minutes with David than in the entire time they have been in Philly together and this has him questioning his bond with MJ. In bed, in their underwear, Landon and MJ have a heart to heart about their relationship. MJ explains that the only thing he hasn't shown in Philly is his anger, then he admits that he could do a better job of opening up and letting people in. At the end of their conversation, both understand each other better.moreless
  • Willie's Love Triangle
    Willie is still committed to Dan even though they have a long distance relationship and technically aren't exclusive, but recently it's been harder for Willie to stay away from other hot guys. On the phone, Dan tells Willie that he wants him to be able to date other people if he wants to and get the most out of his Philadelphia experience. Willie is a bit hesitant, but Dan is never around and Willie is getting lonely. Cut to the club where Willie hits on a curly headed boy named Neil and they exchange numbers. "He's hot," a drunken Willie mumbles to Sarah. "I think I need to get laid." Willie has dinner with Neil and tells him about Dan and while Willie thinks he is being honest, he says he and Dan are not together. This could be interpreted in a few different ways and Neil takes it to mean that Willie and Dan are not currently dating. Willie calls Neil a "sexy, guy, guy" and Sarah notes that everything she's heard Willie say about Neil has been about his looks. Sarah and Shavonda both tell Willie they want to see him with someone like Dan, not Neil. Willie admits that Neil is a bit of a snooze, but he's still hot. During this conversation, Dan calls to let Willie know he'll be in town tomorrow, and the juggling begins. Unsure about what he is supposed to do, Willie decides to break his plans with Neil just a few hours before their planned date. On his date with Dan, Willie tells him about Neil. For a minute it appears that Dan is unhappy, but then he assures Willie that he should be doing whatever he wants to in Philly. Willie bumps into Neil at the club with Dan and Neil is pissed that Willie has not only broken his date with him, but Willie wasn't totally truthful about his situation with Dan either. Willie is sure he explained his relationship situation clearly and can't understand why there is steam coming off of Neil's curls. The next day, Willie calls Neil to explain further, but Neil isn't hearing any of it. Neil's main beef is that Willie made it seem like he used to be dating Dan. It seems that Willie won't be getting any nookie from Neil anytime soon. "Weird" is the word the roommates are using lately to describe Karamo. Karamo tries to explain his odd behavior by telling Sarah he has a mischievous and vicious mind, but his soft side always wins out. Then, he alludes to the fact that he likes to mentally harm people. Weird. Mel talks to Karamo about how all of the roommates think he's weird and Karamo notes that the roommates just don't get him and most of the time his strange comments are taken seriously when he's really just joking. "The thing that I have not tried to do here is try to get these people to understand who I am," Karamo explains to his boyfriend Ed. Ready to get things back on track, Karamo talks to Landon first. Landon would like to see more communication from Karamo so that they all can understand him better. In an effort to bond with his roommates, Karamo comes up with the idea to go play a game of dodge ball. The housemates all have a great time together. Karamo narrates that after his conversation with Landon he has decided that he is ready to make an effort to be more positive and get to know his roommates better in the time he has left in Philadelphia.moreless
  • Intervention
    Episode 22
    At dinner, the roommates gossip about Mel. "She is one of the most self-righteous people I've ever met," Sarah says. Shavonda says Mel's personality is abrasive and annoying but isn't sure how to tell her this. Mel narrates that she likes a bar setting more than a club setting and she likes the people who go to Drinker's a lot because they have tough exteriors and soft hearts. When Mel comes home drunk from Drinker's and repeatedly tells everyone how much she likes the people at her bar, her roommates want to ring her neck. MJ wants to know why the rest of the housemates aren't "allowed" in her bar. Mel says she never said such a thing. Meanwhile, Shavonda wonders why Mel doesn't try to bond with her roommates and would rather bond with guys at Drinker's. Mel gets in Vonda's face and claims she has done everything to bond with Shavonda. Shavonda busts out with straight up honesty, saying that the reason why she doesn't ask Mel to hang out is because Mel won't let her get a word in edgewise. "You are a f--king know-it-all," Shavonda says. "You don't listen to save your life." Shavonda narrates that she has tried numerous ways of dealing with Mel, but this was the last straw and that's why she went off. After the conversation, Mel calls her dad in tears to tell him that her roommates hate her and think she's a horrible person; she wants to come home. She talks to Andy the next morning and he advises her to show her strength. "I don't think the roommates necessarily understand who I am," Mel says. Mel decides to talk to everyone about how they feel about her. Willie says he doesn't have issues with her, but she does have a way of delivering information that makes others feel like she is judging. He advises Mel to make an extra effort to be more conscious of this. Next, Sarah tries to explain what bothers her and hopes that Mel can change because she wants her roommate to stay in the house. The ball is now in Melanie's court and she knows it will be hard, but she is willing to try to improve her relationships with her roommates. The housemates arrive at the Philadelphia Soul offices and learn they have a lot to do in the next five and a half weeks. Karamo has made a personal decision that it would be better for him to be a mentor to the children rather than be involved in the execution of the playground like the other housemates. He is so not interested in helping put together 5,000 playground parts by hand. The following day, Karamo, Landon and Melanie decide not to show up for a three hour work day and the other roomies are annoyed. Landon claims he informed Laura that he would be hanging out with his mom and sister who are in town. Karamo and Mel just decide not to go. The next day, the playground pieces come in and all the roommates help unload and unpack. On a break, Laura sits them all down and explains that they all need to be at work from here on out and cannot be late. If they are late, they will be terminated. If they are terminated, they will have to go home. While they work on the playground assembly, the housemates get a call from ING Direct and learn this company is donating $5,000 to the Northern Home, but wait, it gets better. If the Real Worlders complete this playground project successfully, they will each receive an ING Direct Savings account with $1,000 already in it. That sure sounds like some extra motivation to show up to work on time.moreless
  • Back to Reality
    Back to Reality
    Episode 21
    After their amazing adventure in Fiji, the roommates are adjusting to life back in Philly. Once back at the house, it doesn't take Karamo and Mel to start gossiping about Landon and Shavonda. Karamo believes that Shavonda's actions are disrespectful to her kinda-sorta boyfriend Shaun. Shavonda calls Shaun and uses her cute voice and he is so excited to hear from her. Too bad, he's about to get some really upsetting news. "Did you think about me a lot; did you miss me; do you still love me?" Shaun quizzes. Shavonda tries to deliver the bad news with a soft touch, but that only freaks Shaun out and gives him a stomach ache. Finally, she admits to kissing and hooking up with Landon. "You seriously just threw away everything that we had," Shaun cries. Shavonda tries to explain that she still loves him, but she is confused by these new feelings she has for Landon. Meanwhile, Landon believes that Karamo doesn't approve of Landon's relationship with Shavonda because Landon is white. Karamo denies this. Landon and Shavonda talk about their Fiji hook-up. Landon sweetly explains that their last night in Fiji was a climax of emotions for him. Shavonda can't think of anything sweet to say back and tells Landon she isn't sure if she regrets their hook up. It's uncomfortable for her to talk about their relationship. Landon says whatever happens between them from here on out is totally up to Shavonda and whatever she decides he will respect her no matter. Shavonda finally admits that what they had in Fiji was cool. "Is that where you want to leave it?" Landon asks. Shavonda doesn't know. Karamo has been missing the more urban side of life, so he hangs out with his Puerto Rican friend Ed. They dance and get close at Pure, then take it back to the house. Karamo's roommates are surprised that he has brought back a guy to the house who is not black. Most of the roommates believe Karamo is full of crap at this point. Karamo admits that it is new for him to date someone outside of his race. Part of Karamo really wants to get to know his roommates, but the other part is jaded and really could care less. Ed is helping him get over the part that is jaded. Outside the house, Sarah explains to Shavonda and Willie that Karamo recently said that he "hated" Shavonda and the three of them don't understand why Karamo is speaking so hatefully of his roommates. Shavonda and Shaun talk again and poor ol' Shaun tells Shavonda that he understands what she is going through, but he is ultimately shocked by what happened. Shavonda apologizes and says it is scary for her to make a life long commitment to Shaun. Feelings are changing, Shavonda says; she likes being independent. It doesn't seem that there is a chance for them to get back together. Shavonda thinks that she and Landon were both lonely and that's part of the reason why the two got together in Fiji. Shavonda says she doesn't give herself to guys that easily and if Landon wants to hook up with her, then she will be the only person he is hooking up with. If Landon is not cool with that, that's fine, they can still be tight, but they won't be hooking up at night. At a night club, Shavonda dances with a bunch of guys and Landon dances and kisses girls. Shavonda finds an excuse to make her way over to Landon. "You go work it, I'll go work it and we'll meet each other at 2 a.m. and we'll go home," Landon smiles. Back at home, Shavonda and Landon bicker about dancing and kissing other guys. Shavonda then narrates that intimately, she and Landon are very compatible, but she doesn't know if there is anything more to their relationship. She's afraid to delve into that part because she doesn't want to get hurt. Meanwhile, Karamo says he no longer has a problem with Shavonda and Landon hooking up. Everybody goes to bed happy, some happier than others.moreless
  • Romantic Getaway
    Romantic Getaway
    Episode 20
    The roomies continue to enjoy their time in Fiji by jumping off waterfalls and frolicking in the ocean. The romance of the islands seems to have finally gotten to Landon and Shavonda, as they dance in the restaurant. "Landon really cares for Shavonda deeply," Sarah observes. "He looks at her like she is a goddess." While Sarah goes topless on the beach, Shavonda tries to muster up the courage to get naked, but she can't quite do it. Landon decides he should get some sun on his ass, and suddenly, Shavonda begins to pay closer attention to Landon's hot body. Landon plops down on the sand bare-assed and Shavonda sprays him with oil. Back at the hotel, the roommates play truth or dare. Shavonda and Sarah French kiss. Shavonda and Landon make out for 30 seconds and Landon drops trow. Karamo does not approve of the lust that seems to be boiling over between Shavonda and Landon. Eh, Karamo's probably just bitter that he isn't getting any. On a boat out the ocean, the roommates dive into the deep blue water. Shavonda is hesitant because she is scared of large bodies of water and monsoons. Her roommates try to encourage her and finally they all hold hands and jump in together. Their sunny day quickly turns into a major rainstorm, so the seven strangers must get back to land. Back on the island, Landon and Shavonda make out in the rain and then hop into bed together. The next morning, Karamo glares at Landon and Shavonda as they oil each other up. Good news! Shavonda finally gets the courage to take off her top, while Landon tries to play it cool. "I wouldn't mind seeing Vonda's chest," Landon gulps. Their last night at Sonaisali Resort, Landon watches Shavonda get ready for dinner and he is clearly enamored by her. "I haven't sat and watched a girl get ready in so long," Landon muses. At dinner there is more glaring from Karamo. MJ asks a stupid question at dinner about who would procreate with who if they were all stranded on an island together. This stupid question leads Karamo to ruin the mood by saying he would become a hunter and slit Landon's throat. The roommates try to laugh this off but are clearly disturbed by Karamo's harsh statement. After dinner, Landon and Shavonda dance and then head back to their room. The next morning, the roommates tease Landon and Shavonda about how they look so refreshed. "Something did happen," Shavonda narrates about last night. "But I'll let Landon tell you if we did it or not." Huh? Landon, what happened? Please tell us! The roommates discuss Karamo's inappropriate behavior and his judgmental attitude. Has he been taking lessons from Mel? Meanwhile, Shavonda says she doesn't feel bad about hanging out with Landon because she is not committed to Shawn right now. Either way, Karamo still believes Shavonda is playing Shawn.moreless
  • Fiji
    Episode 19
    As the roommates pack for Fiji, Shavonda asks Shaun via phone what he would think if she and her roommates all went skinny dipping together while on vacation. He is not pleased, but it doesn't matter because Shavonda narrates that while in Philly she is living her life as Shavonda, not as "Shavonda with Shaun." "What happens in Fiji stays in Fiji," Landon grins The roommates finally arrive on the beautiful Robinson Crusoe island. Shavonda wrinkles her nose at this "rustic, primitive" resort that does not feature hotel rooms or individual bathrooms. It sucks to be on a private island with crystal clear water and white sandy beaches. Boo hoo. Sarah wastes no time flirting with some British guys staying at the resort. Willie notes that she is on a mission to get some kind of action from the most willing cutie. While the roommates watch a Polynesian show, Sarah brings British cutie Freddie back to her bungalow. Sarah cannot believe it when he tells her that he doesn't want to have sex. When relaying the story to Shavonda, Sarah decides the next best thing to do is have sex with one of his friends and off she goes. British guy #2 runs away scared from Sarah's bungalow, while Sarah collapses in giggles. Before the night's end, Sarah is at least making out with British guy #3, but that's it. Meanwhile, Landon and Shavonda look cozy talking on the beach together and back at the bungalow, Landon tells Shavonda that he likes her and he's not looking at her as just a hook up. "All I wanna do is kiss you," Landon says. See ya tomorrow, Shavonda offers as a response. The next morning, Mel worries that Sarah is mad at her because she told Sarah that the British guys were saying bad things about her. Sarah tells Willie that she just wants to do what she wants to do and she doesn't want people standing over her shoulder telling her what she should care about. When Mel returns to the main part of the resort after watching a traditional ceremony with Landon and Shavonda, Mel goes right up to the British guys and acts all "cutesy and fun" around them. Sarah is seriously offended and vents her frustrations to Shavonda. Mel walks in on the conversation and asks Sarah what's wrong. Sarah explains she was hurt by Mel's actions. Basically, if people are talking sh*t about Sarah, Mel shouldn't associate with them in such a friendly way. Meanwhile, after a romantic evening, Landon and Shavonda make out under the covers, but she ends up leaving his bungalow before anything more happens. The next day the roommates arrive at another resort on Fiji, which is more upscale, with real hotel rooms. Mel and Sarah try and work out their differences so they can enjoy the rest of their vacation. Landon tells MJ what happened with Shavonda the other night and explains that he boldly told Shavonda (before their trip) that he thought they would hook up in Fiji. There's still time...moreless
  • Ew, Scabies!
    Ew, Scabies!
    Episode 18
    Melanie discovers little red, itchy bumps all over her body and has no clue what they are. She supposes she might be having an allergic reaction to working in the weeds at Northern Home. Dr. Landon advises Mel not to wear a bra or underwear for a day to, like, "air it out." Brilliant advice. Remember this later when Landon says Mel is always talking out of her ass. Mel goes to the doc and learns she is stricken with scabies, a.k.a. body lice. Mel just wants a little sympathy, but the roomies are enjoying making fun of her way too much. Plus, they become concerned about their own risk of developing scabies. Because they all live in close quarters, Mel's doctor comes over to the house to examine the other roommates and give them some treatment lotions. Willie is freaked out and does not want to get body lice, while Sarah thinks that scabies is the best thing that has ever happened to the house because this will finally motivate everyone to clean up. The roommates wash all of their bedding and clothing and spray down areas of the house and cross their fingers that they don't get it. The roommates also learn they have to put a "funky, sticky, honey-like medication all over their bodies" per the doctor's orders. As Landon reads the instructions for the medication, Mel decides to impart her "considerable" scabies knowledge to him and he becomes quickly fed up. Once again, Landon believes Mel is talking out of her ass. See above for proof that Mel isn't the only one who talks out of her ass. Later that night, Shavonda, Landon and MJ complain about Mel's behavior and her lack of consideration for the other roommates. Shavonda recalls how every sentence Mel utters starts in the middle of hers. "How do you sit someone down and say, your personality annoys me," Shavonda wonders. At the Philadelphia Soul offices, the roommates learn they must draw up plans for the playground and then make a presentation to the Philadelphia Soul and Northern Home and hope it gets approved. Now, two days before the presentation, Landon becomes annoyed with the roommates when he doesn't agree with their input for the presentation. Sarah does appreciate the fact that it seems to be "Landon's way or the highway". Meanwhile, worker-bee Landon just wants the roommates to trust him and his skills and he wants their bosses to be blown away by their product. The day of the presentation, the roommates are all nervous as they drive over to Northern Home. And when Jon Bon Jovi shows up unannounced, they giggle and try not to act stupid. In the end, the housemates do a stellar job and Jon Bon Jovi is blown away by the work the Real Worlders have put in. The rock star announces that the seven strangers will receive a special surprise when they return to their house. When their surprise arrives in the afternoon, the roommates can't contain their giddiness and they can't open the door because it appears to be broken. They are resourceful and finally bust it open. Each person receives a suitcase and as they rifle through their bags, trying to find a clue about where they will be headed, they mutter various, "Oh my Gods" and finally it's Willie who screams, "Fiji!!!" Oh my God, they are goin' to Fiji and takin' the scabies with them. Somebody warn the Fijians.moreless
  • Altercations
    Episode 17
    Landon and MJ head out for a guys night out and stop by Mel's favorite bar, Drinker's Tavern, to watch the game. As soon as they walk in, they get heckled by other patrons, so they decide to leave. Back at home, they tell Mel of their experience and she is bummed that they invaded her special place where she goes to get away from the other roommates. Shavonda is offended that Mel even needs to get away from them and Landon thinks Mel just flat out doesn't like him. MJ and Landon head out to party and Landon explains that the reason why he goes out so much (i.e. drinks SO much) is that he wants to enjoy his time in Philly to the fullest. MJ narrates that Landon doesn't seem to know when to stop drinking and that is becoming a problem. As MJ and Landon get home that night, they encounter Mel's friends from the Drinker's Tavern and Mel and Landon have an altercation in front of the house. Mel maintains that she is just playing around, while Landon utters a powerful "step the f-down." One of Mel's friends doesn't help by saying to Landon that he'll break his jaw, so MJ pulls Landon inside the house to get him out of the potentially volatile situation. Mel is offended by how rude Landon is acting. MJ comes back outside to smooth things over and invites everyone back into the house. "There's going to be fights," Landon drunkenly promises as Mel hangs out with her friends in the house. Mel instructs her friends to leave Landon alone, but Landon can't leave them alone. He hangs out in the kitchen with a knife in his back pocket while Mel and her friends play pool. Karamo keeps Landon away from Mel and her friends while Landon talks about cutting Mel's friends with the kitchen knives. Creepy! After Mel's friends leave, she says she is way over "drunk Landon." "Mel your friends are so nice," Landon says sarcastically the next morning. Mel reminds Landon that he told all of her friends not to come in the house and that is what started the previous night's conflict. The two have a good talk and Landon apologizes for not respecting her. Karamo wants Shavonda and him to hang out, but he feels that he has been unable to connect with her because of their differences. "I am aware of my surroundings. I'm aware of my past; I'm aware of slavery; I'm aware of where we've been as a people; I just don't let it run my life," Shavonda says. She hopes she can help open Karamo's mind a bit while he's in Philly. A couple days later, at dinner, Karamo and Shavonda continue to learn more about each other. Karamo narrates that Shavonda is really opening up his mind and he is beginning to see things differently. Meanwhile, Landon realizes he needs to worry about how he's acting when he is blacked out. Landon listens as Karamo tells Landon how he put a knife in his back pocket the other night and Landon is sickened by what he hears. Back at home, Landon talks to Mel again about his drunken habits. Mel is glad Landon is starting to realize it would be best if he was a more responsible drinker. Landon enlists the help of his roommates to let him know when he has had too much to drink so that he can start ordering a double water on the rocks.moreless
  • MJ's Having Trouble with The Ladies
    Sarah and MJ get into a heated discussion about Mel Gibson and The Passion of the Christ. She feels the movie is anti-Semitic and becomes frustrated that MJ does not appear to be informed on the subject. Meanwhile, MJ is frustrated by Sarah's frustration. Sarah believes MJ is taking the conversation too personally and can't appreciate hearing someone else's views. This makes for some major tension between the two. Angry, Sarah narrates that she thinks the ideal woman for MJ is a blond who doesn't have much of an opinion because she doesn't believe MJ has respect for strong females. In da club, MJ meets Kim, a girl who knows some of the girls he went to college with. MJ says goodbye to Kim, but struggles with whether or not he should hit on her further. He decides to go for it and buys her a rose, but he leaves before she can even say thank you. In the cab, he is proud of himself for being able to resist Kim, since he has recently decided to remain committed to being with Ashley. Back at home, MJ wants to tell Ashley how much she means to him, but he can't get on the phone because Shavonda is hogging it again. He presses his face against the phone door to get Shavonda to hurry it up. Eventually he comes in and sits down next to her and asks her how much longer she will be. When Shavonda tells him ten more minutes, he says he's not going to be rude, but in ten more minutes she better be off the phone. "Is that a threat?" Shavonda wonders. "Yes it is," MJ says. Shavonda bursts into tears because she doesn't like being disrespected. "White a-country bleeping bleep," Shavonda curses. Two wrongs don't make a right, Shavonda honey. Shavonda then goes to Sarah to relay the story. Turns out Vonda had a combative relationship with her ex-boyfriend and MJ's drunken "threat" rubbed her the wrong way. MJ comes up to her room to find out what's bothering her. Shavonda explains and he apologizes, adding that it's not a big enough deal for her to cry about. "Don't dismiss my feelings," Shavonda snaps. Eventually they hug it out and all is well. Meanwhile, Willie gets trashed at Pure, but has to wake up at 7 a.m. for work. When his taxi arrives at the house, Willie doesn't have enough cash to pay the bill, so he calls to Karamo to help him out. Next thing they know, the cops are knocking on the door to make sure Willie will be paying the bill. Karamo takes care of it. The next morning, Willie decides to blow off work because he is still drunk and can't manage to even get out of bed. The rest of the crew goes to the Northern Home to do some yard work. While they are working, the gang bitches about Willie's irresponsibility. Later when the gang meets with Laura, Willie tells her right out that he had a late, drunken night and he apologizes. On the bus ride back from a meeting for their job, Sarah is offended that MJ refers to her as "sweetheart." "I just never have had anyone talk to me that way," Sarah says as she stirs the pot. MJ has no clue where all this animosity is coming from and it completely baffles him. Over lunch, MJ asks Sarah to just be upfront with her about when says anything that offends her. Sarah agrees and knows that deep down MJ's a good person and just wants everyone to be happy.moreless
  • Gone Sour
    Gone Sour
    Episode 15
    Karamo tells Dorian that he doesn't have any "real" white friends due of his upbringing. His distrust of white people has caused him not to pursue friendships. While Karamo enjoys having deep discussions with Dorian, Karamo narrates that he needs a mate who embraces the hip hop culture and isn't so...Banana Republic. It's clear that Karamo is losing interest in Dorian. Sarah's mom has been diagnosed with CLL, a type of leukemia. She is currently going through chemotherapy, yet seems to be in good spirits. Sarah explains to MJ that her eating disorder started when her mom got cancer. Sarah's sister Rachel calls unexpectedly to let Sarah know that she and Sarah's mom will be in Philly shortly. Sarah is afraid to see her mom so soon after she has completed chemotherapy, so she tells them she is not sure she'll be able to see them. Sarah says being in the Real World house is kind of like being in a bubble which allows her to keep things out that she doesn't want. With her family in town, that bubble could be bursting. Realizing it will ultimately be good for her to see her mom and confront her mom's disease. Sarah meets her sister, mom and dad for dinner. Rachel confronts Sarah right in the middle of dinner about whether or not Sarah has "thrown-up" in Philly. Sarah maintains that she has been eating and staying healthy. Because Sarah can't control her mom's cancer, that's what ultimately drives her obsession with her body and her criticism of herself, she explains. Sarah believes it was good to see her family and she now knows she should stop bottling up her emotions. Meanwhile, Dorian calls the house to see if he can stop by, but Karamo is sleeping. Willie wakes Karamo up enough to learn that Karamo will call Dorian right back. Rather than waiting for that phone call, Dorian comes over anyway, which Karamo does not appreciate. So Karamo does what any mature person would do in a relationship. He says he has a headache and can't go out. MJ and Landon decide to hang out with Dorian and his friend. As soon as Dorian leaves, Karamo sneaks out with Willie. Shady, shady, shady! Dorian comes back to the house at 2:30 in the morning and wonders where Karamo could be. Just a few hours earlier, Karamo was "sick." Willie advises Karamo not to lead Dorian on. When Dorian confronts Karamo about his dubious actions, Karamo insists he is not "playin'" and promises to clear some things up face to face. Karamo narrates that he and Dorian aren't even in a relationship; they are "just talking." When Dorian comes over for their DTR (define the relationship) talk, Karamo doesn't handle their conversation in a mature way. He becomes defensive and gets up and walks off in the middle of their talk. "Things go sour sometimes when you think they are going to be sweet," Karamo shrugs. Karamo narrates that he wants companionship, but he doesn't want a relationship right now and he knows he needs to be clear about that with the next guy he meets.moreless
  • Forbidden Affair
    Forbidden Affair
    Episode 14
    On the way back from watching a Philadelphia Soul game in NY, Landon gets to know Gina, the team accountant for the Soul. Unfortunately, there is a "no fraternizing" rule in their intern contract, but that doesn't stop Landon from flirting or inviting Gina back to the house. The question of the day is: What exactly does fraternizing mean? Does it mean you can't have coffee with a Soul staffer? Or does it mean you can't dance seductively at Glam with a Soul staffer and then kiss her? The gang learns they will participate in the Easter Seals walk-a-thon, but Shavonda is not happy because since she was little, she has been uncomfortable around disabled people. The Special Ed kids were mean to her when she was a child and she still carries this discomfort with her. Soul staffer Laura tells her to give the walk-a-thon a shot and see how she feels. Sarah also educates Shavonda on what cerebral palsy is so that she goes into the experience more informed. Of course Melanie weighs in with her judgment and pisses everyone off, as usual. Landon decides to make his own fraternization rule: as long as you can conduct yourself in the office in a professional manner, everything is cool as hell. So he promptly invites Gina to come out with them that night. In the club, Gina tells Landon that she just can't hook up with someone; she is looking for someone to go home to, like, on a regular basis. Gina makes it clear that no one can know about their "relationship" and then they dance seductively and kiss. They party until the wee hours of the morning. In the back of his mind, Landon knows that if he were to get fired from his job, he would have to go home. The next morning the gang rises early to go to the Easter Seals walk. Shavonda is assigned to hang out with five year old Olivia and her ambassador family. She is nervous, but hoping to tackle her fears. She eventually begins to realize that Olivia's family treats their child just like any other child. "It was a good day and I felt good about it," Shavonda sums up. After the walk, Gina and Landon talk at her car and Landon wonders if it would be appropriate to kiss her goodbye. Don't kiss her in public you, fool! Apparently thinking no one is looking, Gina allows him to give her a smooch. Oh, geez. Bad move. Cut to the next day where the seven roommates are requested to attend a special meeting at the Soul offices. Uh oh. Turns out the meeting has been called so they can review the fraternization rule. Landon squirms in his seat and avoids eye contact with anyone. "Landon's scared sh-tless," Shavonda observes. Although the rule has been breached, no one gets fired and Landon gets the message. When Landon and MJ discuss the meeting, Landon tells MJ that Gina would like to continue the relationship, despite the fact that she could potentially get fired. Then, the conversation turns serious when MJ asks if Landon has seen our touched Gina boobs. He has touched, but not seen them, if you are keeping score. Trying to do the right thing, Landon calls Gina when he gets home and tells her answering machine that they "need to talk." He thinks they should end their relationship and sever all ties.moreless
  • Switchin' Teams
    Switchin' Teams
    Episode 13
    Sarah is very vocal about how she is in desperate need of some good ol' sexual pleasure. She's not looking for a soul mate; she's just looking for some fun. Sarah becomes attracted to a guy from the club, Jason, and warns him that she is picky. It's a moot point because he's gay. When Jason and Sarah talk about what they like in a partner, Sarah says she should respect Jason's homosexuality, but he is just too cute to resist. Jason says he would never sleep with a woman, while Sarah secretly hopes that Jason is bisexual. Meanwhile, Landon and MJ are at glam hitting on girls. MJ notes that when he gets drunk, he views girls differently. MJ slobbers all over one blonde girl and she invites herself back to the house. MJ takes his gal-pal Nicole into his closet and Shavonda suspects some canoodling is going on. After their romp in the closet, poor Nicole doesn't have enough money to get back to Jersey. To make matters worse, she writes her number down even though it seems clear MJ won't ever use it. Not taking any chances on missing any phone calls from this hunk, she leaves two phone numbers. Good idea, honey. Willie and Sarah joke about the "skanky" gal that MJ was in the closet with and MJ is slightly offended, but mostly takes the ribbing in stride. Later, MJ opens up to Landon saying he still worries about what Ashley will think about all of his Philadelphia antics. MJ doesn't want to bring girls back to the house anymore and will draw the line at kissing, because he really doesn't want to mess things up with Ashley. Putting more thought into it, MJ realizes he tried to cut off something he really wanted. Ashley is constantly in the back of his mind and distance is making the heart grow fonder. So MJ calls Ashley to tell her that he has tested the waters, but his heart belongs with Ash. "Stay strong for me, baby, cuz I know that I am," MJ coos. Still confused about what to do, Sarah contemplates calling Jason and asks Diana, her male hairdresser for advice. Diana thinks it's a bad idea, but Sarah feels like there are enough signals being sent her way to give her the green light to pursue Jason in a sexual way. Sarah and Jason meet for coffee and talk about the weirdness between them. Jason tells her he doesn't want to be inhibited in any way. Sarah knows it was probably a bad idea to call him, but truthfully, she would like to "conquer" a gay man. Willie advises Sarah to only sleep with him if she has some deeper feelings for him. It's doubtful Sarah will heed his advice. Turns out Jason is more into Sarah than she anticipated, so they set up some pillows and start making out. But Sarah felt a strong internal conflict when they were being physical with each other. The next day, Sarah tells Willie, who can't stop from giggling, that she has never really been in contact with a confused penis and she would rather not deal with that again.moreless
  • Passive Aggression
    Passive Aggression
    Episode 12
    Willie claims that if wasn't for him, the house would be much more dirty than it already is. This neat-freak lists off the names of roommates who don't clean and Landon hears his while in the hot tub. Upset, Landon prefers that Willie come to him if he has a problem with him. Sarah decides to clean the house because it has become too disgusting for her to walk around in. It is spotless when she is finished and she retires to her bedroom. When MJ and Landon arrive home at 3 a.m., they proceed to be loud and Sarah wakes up. Instead of piping down, Landon complains that Willie kept him up until 5 a.m. the previous day. Landon chose not to say anything about that incident it because "It's not him" to confront like that. Landon doesn't handle the situation with Sarah any better and tells her to "F-off", which leaves her in tears. MJ notes that Landon lets a lot of things built up when it comes to people or problems in the house. The following day, the roommates head to Northern Home to work on their playground project. They receive an assignment with a deadline. Willie notes there is a lot of research they have to do and they are not sure where to start. Fourteen hours before the assignment deadline, Mel, Shavonda, MJ and Landon go into the office because they want to finish the project. Back at the house, Sarah is upset that she has no input in the project and that Landon has implied that she Willie and Karamo are slackers. Willie says he asked Landon if there was anything else he could help with and Landon said it was all taken care of. The morning of the meeting, Landon tells everyone that he's leaving at 8:35 a.m. whether they are ready or not because he is tired of being late. Willie and Karamo are the last to arrive to the meeting at 9:05 a.m. While not impressed with their tardiness, the bosses at the Philadelphia Soul, are impressed with the work the housemates did and ask each of the roommates which area they focused on. Sarah, Willie and Karamo explain they were not asked to participate in the project and their bosses instruct all of them to work together more as a team next time. After the meeting, when the roommates confront Landon, he feels unjustly attacked and later he says he is starting to feel that he is not liked by the roommates. Landon decides to explain himself to Sarah and apologize. "I was trying to make us all look good," Landon says. This Wisconsin boy realizes he needs to be more upfront with people about his feelings, otherwise he will be seriously misinterpreted. "Be yourself," Sarah says to him.moreless
  • Happy Birthday MJ!
    Happy Birthday MJ!
    Episode 11
    On the phone, Shavonda continues to fight with Shaun, while Landon requests the usage of the phone. Instead of getting off the phone, Shavonda bitches at him. Landon doesn't understand why Shavonda continues to call Shaun and talk with him for hours even after they are broken up. Landon surmises that while Vonda may have a crush on him, Shavonda is scared to give up things between her and Shaun. It's MJ's birthday and Sarah brings him breakfast in bed. Apparently, he had a traumatic experience when he was in fifth grade. He invited 25 kids to the roller rink for his party and only five came. MJ appreciates the effort, but doesn't have the heart to tell her that he's not hungry. Turns out MJ has been dubbed Muja Star by his roommates because of his giant star tattoo on his back. Willie came up with "Muja" and then MJ created a super hero out of this term. This alter ego tends to come out late at night. The gang eats at Dave & Busters for MJ's birthday, but while they are eating dinner, Landon sits off by himself and thinks about what to do about his situation with Shavonda. He decides if Shavonda won't hook up with him, he'll bring other girls home and she'll have to deal with it. Cut to Coyote Ugly where Landon and MJ continue the party. Landon meets a bartender and brings Graphic Tee Girl back to the house. When MJ returns home, the roommates surprise him with a cake, and later, MJ surprises the roommates with Muja Star. In his grey undees, blue cape and black mask, Muja Star will protect the house from all intruders. Guys are weird, seriously. Shavonda is not impressed with the girl Landon brings back to the house. After some making out in the hot tub, Landon and the Coyote Ugly girl retire to the shower where MJ suspects some hanky panky is taking place. Shavonda is disappointed in Landon and decides this Wisconsin boy is nasty and she will not sleep in his bed anymore. Probably a good idea since three's a crowd. The next morning, Landon claims he didn't have sex the previous night, while all of the other roommates wonder if he is really telling the truth. Meanwhile, desperately in need of redemption, Shaun sends Shavonda some red roses. The card says "I'm so sorry and I love you." Shavonda eats this little flower delivery up. Landon hooks up with a Coyote Ugly girl and Shaun sends her flowers and suddenly everything is great with Vonda and Shauny boy. Back on good terms, Landon tells Shavonda that he is not really a one-night stand kind of guy. And when Shavonda says Shaun takes care of her, Landon says, "lots of guys can do that, just to let you know." HINT, hint. Landon narrates how Shavonda just blows him away with her sweetness and overall greatness, but Shavonda narrates that Shaun is the only person in her life that unconditionally loves her.moreless
  • Things Change
    Things Change
    Episode 10
    Landon tells Sarah that he wishes he was in love again and recalls how his ex-girlfriend Becky treated him with such respect. Landon and Becky were high school sweethearts and they dated for seven years, but now Becky is dating his old roommate who Landon does not approve of at all. Shavonda says that even though she and Shaun are still broken up, they still love each other. Shavonda is okay with Shaun dating others, as long as it's not his ex-girlfriend. Shaun still talks to his ex all the time and it's a touchy subject for Shavonda. Shavonda emailed Shaun a "cuddle card" and since he didn't mention receiving it during their conversation, she decides to log on to his email and see if he got it. What she found were a bunch of travel confirmations and she soon came to the conclusion that his ex-girlfriend had bought a ticket for him to go to Texas that day. Shavonda immediately gets on the phone and casually asks Shaun what he's been up to and when he doesn't come clean she tells him what she found. Shaun says he didn't tell her because he knew she'd freak out. He also claims that nothing is going on between him and his ex, but Shavonda doesn't buy it. "I have a temper and I'm irrational, but I don't lie about sh-t," Shavonda angrily narrates. Shaun says he feels sick for lying and apologizes profusely, but Shavonda doesn't accept it and now does not trust him. She cusses him out pretty good on the phone and basically tells him to not come out and see her in Philly, blah, blah, blah, and BTW, "kiss my ass." Random coincidence struck when Becky calls the house and says she is in town for the night. Nervous and excited, Landon doesn't know what to expect, but admits her call brings back a lot of feelings of possibilities. He hopes that Becky called to reconnect and rekindle and old flame. Meanwhile, Landon is happy to see a familiar face in Becky when he picks her up. "She still gives me butterflies in my stomach, I can't lie; I'm still in love with her," he says. Since they broke up, Landon has always thought Becky still had feelings for him, too. As he, Becky and her friend are about to go on a Booze Cruise, Becky's friend gets mad sick and pukes on Landon. While Becky's friend pukes in the bathroom, Landon tries to talk to Becky about their relationship and friendship, but Becky just tells him that she is with Jason and she's happy with it. Landon just wants Becky to be able to act the same way around him as she does her friends. To make matters worse, Becky does not seem to care about her friend Sabrina who is sick, while Landon is tending to Sabrina and worried that she needs to go to the hospital, Becky just wants to put her friend in a cab and Landon cannot believe how Becky is acting. Landon worries that Becky's new boyfriend is having a negative influence on her personality. After the girls leave, Landon goes upstairs and cries and tells Sarah that it hurts him deeply that a girl he knew so well has changed so much. It's hard for him to just let it go and he is not sure if he's ever going to get over her. Shavonda talks to Shaun again and he tells her that he really, really needs her. He made a mistake and he's sorry, but Shavonda doesn't think their relationship will ever be the same. She says she is convincing herself that she doesn't need him and will be okay without him. "I love you," Shaun whimpers before they hang up. "Don't f--kin' say that to me," Shavonda shouts. After their convo, Mel advises Shavonda to not talk to Shaun for a while and Landon suggests they draw some lines in the sand. Landon invites Shavonda to go for a walk for him to clear her head. Both open up to each other about their relationships. "Who am I supposed to go to now when he's [Shaun] the one who f--ked me over?" Shavonda wonders. "Us," Landon says sweetly.moreless
  • Landon & Leo
    Landon & Leo
    Episode 9
    Normally a prude, Shavonda is learning that she enjoys reading the books in the house on Eroticism. So much so that she calls Landon into her bedroom to read him some passages. When she is finished, Landon walks out feeling more sexually frustrated than ever. It's been quite some time since Landon's had sex and believes that things are pretty close to breaking down between him and Shavonda. Pretty soon their relationship it's going to go one way or the other. "He ain't getting' nothing from me," Shavonda narrates. Meanwhile, Karamo is counting down the days until they sleep together, while Sarah and Mel think Shavonda won't cross the line. The guys and gals hit Pure, a gay club. Landon drinks a few two many martinis and becomes wild-frat-party-boy and dangerously flings Sarah around the dance floor. "Landon doesn't act right when he's drunk," Shavonda says "And it's starting to get old." Could her crush be fading? The next morning, Landon says he doesn't remember the walk home where he got in Shavonda's face. Mel, who doesn't always like to do what the other roommates like to do, went off by herself last night to a bar where everybody knows your name, called Drinker's Tavern. Everyone was, like, sooo nice to her and she found "serenity" in this little bar. Apparently, being in Philadelphia is not enough of a vacation for this Santa Cruz girl and she needed to get away from the house. When Mel talks about her night, she refuses to tell the roommates the name of the bar and MJ is offended that she is trying to make them feel like the rest of the house is not welcome there. When Sarah talks about her bulimia, Mel chimes in that she could "never do that to herself." Sarah says she has learned that not everyone has a right to have an opinion on everything, especially actions that don't affect them. Sarah recounts Mel's reaction to Willie and they both agree that she is very one-sided and it is hard for her to understand why someone else is why the way they are. Karamo, once again the voice of reason, says if they would just talk to Melanie, they would understand why she has sort of an abrasive tone. It's not always coming from a malicious place, he theorizes. The next morning, Mel is seriously hung-over from another night out at Drinker's Tavern, but she and Sarah have to volunteer at the PSPCA with animals. Sarah notes that there is tension between the two, but they are both trying to understand one another. Back at the house, Sarah asks Mel about how she was adopted. Mel's mother was seventeen when she had her, so Mel was put in foster care for six months and then was adopted. Mel talks about how her parents fought all the time when she was young and explains that was her past and it's something she went though, but she is stronger for it. Shavonda and Landon go for a walk and she opens up about how his drunkenness is scaring her. Landon is glad Shavonda is talking to him and feels bad about getting in Vonda's face and making the roommates uncomfortable. He vows to change his ways. When they arrive home, Landon suggests he and Vonda sleep in the confessional where it's cooler. Lying next to Shavonda, Landon asks her if she is interested in her at all. "As a friend," Shavonda says. Shavonda explains that even though she and Shawn broke up, she appreciates him more. "I do not have a crush on Landon anymore, solely because of his drinking." Shavonda states unconvincingly. Either way, Landon is cool if friendship is all Shavonda wants...moreless
  • Frustrations
    Episode 8
    Karamo tells Willie that he is sexually frustrated, but things are looking up when Karamo notes that he might have a crush on Dorian, who signed the housemates up for the nearby gym. On the job front, the roommates will be building a playground for kids who are part of the Northern Home for Children programs. The organization is a non-profit that works with kids in the community, so the gang meets their new bosses and gets to know the kids there. In the car on the way home, Melanie orders Landon around. Landon is not pleased and Melanie doesn't understand why he gets so "pissy" with her. Later, Landon tells MJ that he is mad at Mel because of the way she attacks him sometimes. Admitting he s more sensitive then the Average Joe, Landon wonders how he should handle the situation. MJ narrates that he and most of the others are fed up with Mel and wish she could just go with the flow a little better. That night at a club, Karamo runs into Dorian. Karamo is surprised because originally he didn t think Dorian was gay. Apparently Dorian wasn't sure if Karamo was gay either. They dance seductively and Willie is excited for Karamo s potential romance. Landon is excited because he and the roommates are responsible for assisting in building a playground on the grounds of Northern Home. This is what he has gone to school for. But when Landon expresses his ideas for the playground, Melanie mumbles numerous times that she doesn't like them. Then, Mel is fully offended when Willie tells her to pipe down and give Landon a chance state his ideas. "Mel needs to find that happy medium between being a strong female and being overzealous," Sarah advises. Remember Dan, Willie's man? Well, he has been traveling for his job and finally has time to come back to Philly for a visit. Willie narrates that he adores Dan and looks forward to seeing him. Meanwhile, Karamo has a first date with Dorian. They both talk about their coming out experiences and Karamo explains his family had a difficult time hearing and understanding that he was gay. As the date ends, Karamo seems shy and awkwardly shakes Dorian's hand. Back at home, Karamo reveals to Dan that he cannot be himself with the cameras around. Willie narrates that it appears Karamo is not that comfortable with his sexuality and therefore feels the need to hide it. Dan has a really simple response for Karamo s seemingly complex problem. "You have to deal with some sh-t," he says. "That is life." Karamo decides that it would be easier if he wasn't intimate with any guys for the duration of his stay at the Real World house. Dan reminds him to keep an open mind before he makes any rash decisions. Sitting in traffic again with the roommates, Melanie wonders who is going to explain to their boss that they are late and constantly complains about the fact that the traffic is making them late. And again, the roommates become annoyed with her comments. Karamo and Dorian go out again and Karamo strives to be more himself and open up this time around. Karamo realizes that Dorian is an outlet for him in Philly and someone he can share his dreams and fears with. Karamo narrates that what Dan said inspired him to be more affectionate and be simply who he is. He doesn't want to worry about what his family or someone else will think about him. That being said, Karamo and Dorian make out on the couch back at the house and Karamo says he can see himself being with Dorian for a long time.moreless
  • Ivana Have Some Fun!
    Sarah and MJ flirt in the kitchen, yet MJ narrates that while thy have fooled around while intoxicated a couple times, there are no true feelings between them. Sarah is on the same page. Sarah gets into the Jacuzzi in a white bikini and a furry white and calls herself Ivana, her Swedish alter ego. Melanie notes that Sarah is wild when she is sober, but her drunken exploits are over-the-top. Sarah knows she has good reasons for her issues for sex and explains to Melanie that she was once raped. After gaining this knowledge, Melanie now has a better understanding of Sarah and her actions. Meanwhile, Shavonda and Landon enjoy each other's company and flirt. Landon narrates that he is trying to figure out exactly what is between him and Shavonda. He definitely has a crush on her, but he also knows she has a boyfriend back home. Shavonda tells Shaun on the phone that she might be crushing on Landon. Bad move, honey. Honesty is not always the best policy. She wonders if they could take a break and Shaun wants to understand what she defines as "a break". Shavonda basically picks a fight with him and since he says he might not be able to trust her again. They decide to break up, but Shavonda can't believe it when Shaun says he won't talk to her then. Karamo, the voice of reason, does not think that Shavonda should disrespect her relationship with Shaun just so she can hook up with Landon. That night at the club, Shavonda and Landon dance close. The bartender offers the gang free drinks all night if Shavonda licks whip cream off a banana. Shavonda has no qualms and her roommates cheered her on. On the way home, Landon admits he was turned on by her banana licking skills and he even admits he has a crush on her. When Shavonda talks to Shaun again, he tells her he is willing to give her space and he would be okay if she kissed someone, but if it goes beyond that or if she hooks up with Landon he will not be pleased. Shavonda doesn't like the "limits" his is putting on her while she is in Philadelphia and they both hang up the phone angry again. After a night out, MJ makes a drunken phone call to Ashley, his girl back home, and tells her that there is a girl in the house who constantly throws herself at him. Sarah listens in on the conversation. Sarah reminds us that MJ has said that when he's drunk, Sarah should watch out for him, but of course she doesn't. She welcomes the attention she gets from drunk MJ. After the phone call to Ashley, MJ crawls into bed with Sarah and pulls the covers over their heads. Sarah still maintains that they haven't had sex. The next morning, MJ calls Ashley sober. Ashley reminds MJ of what he said the previous night and they both laugh about it. MJ narrates that his feelings for her probably go deeper than he is willing to admit. Melanie takes it upon herself to inform Sarah that MJ would rather that Sarah not sleep in his bed anymore. Sarah is not offended when she learns this and, instead, sees it as a wake-up call. MJ is not happy that Melanie delivered this news to Sarah, but it saves him the trouble of having to be straight with Sarah. Realizing she was using MJ as a source of emotional support, Sarah knows now that he can't fulfill that right now for her, so she goes to sleep in her own bed.moreless
  • The Roomies Have Soul
    Still reeling from the other night's events, MJ still doesn't understand why Karamo feels like MJ has turned his back on his boy. Back at home, Karamo tells a friend about the incident with the police. Karamo relates that he can't believe MJ thought he was overreacting. All Karamo was looking for was a little understanding from MJ. Besides, Karamo is convinced that this incident would have never happened to any of his other roommates. As Landon and MJ walk the streets of Philadelphia, people yell out "you suck" and throw plastic bottles and CDs at them. While at a bar, a guy throws a stool at MJ. It appears the city of Philadelphia isn t treating any of the roommates that well. Back at home, Landon relates the chair throwing incident and Karamo laughs it off. Still hurt, he is finding it hard to be empathetic. "Some people will say Karma's a bitch," Karamo suggests. Differences are temporarily put aside when the gang receives their job assignment and learns they will be working for the Philadelphia Soul Arena Football team. They freak out further when they realize they could possibly meet Jon Bon Jovi. The Real Worlders take their new ride to watch the Philadelphia Soul play and Willie is pumped to finally have the opportunity to make money. They watch the game in a posh VIP suite. MJ notes that being around all the players and watching the warm up is hard for him because his football career ended recently when he wasn't drafted in the NFL. They meet their supervisors and learn that they will also be working within the community and with kids. On the way home, the gang gets lost with Karamo at the wheel and the other roommates are nervous about the neighborhood they are driving through. Karamo finds it humorous that his roommates are uncomfortable. Rumor has it that Karamo told Shavonda that he hopes MJ has four more chairs thrown at him, so it appears that Karamo and MJ are not going to making up anytime soon. When Karamo walks in the house, Willie asks him to come talk to MJ, but this approach doesn't fly because Karamo ends up feeling attacked so he shuts down. Karamo says he doesn't need resolutions to conflict and he's not good at forgiveness. Their next trip to the Soul arena, the cast gets to meet Bon Jovi and Shavonda notes that Landon is "cheesing from ear to ear." The rocker tells them that they will help build a playground in the city. At the game, the seven strangers hand out t-shirts with the cheer squad and have a blast. Karamo has decided he wants to figure out how to convey to his roommates that he is upset, but he doesn't want to come across as if he is angry and upset. After a night out and a few drinks, MJ and Karamo patch things up. "We are going to allow the future to see 'how we are'," Karamo says to MJ.moreless
  • Gunning for Karamo
    Gunning for Karamo
    Episode 5
    Karamo knows that his father might have influenced him in some ways that he's realizing now were not right. While playing pool, Landon tells Karamo that when he was younger he said the "N" word on a school bus and learned really fast that he shouldn't be uttering words like that. Landon narrates that he was brought up not to have prejudices against anyone. Karamo narrates that Landon makes what he would consider offensive comments and he lets them slide. Karamo opens up to Shavonda about being out of his comfort zone here in Philly and he is feeling like he is about to shutdown, but Karamo knows he doesn't need to be bullying anyone or causing any false problems. While Karamo talks to his mom on the phone in private, MJ wonders if everything is okay with his road dog and he hopes they haven't done anything to upset Karamo. Karamo tells his mom that things are not going well and he needs to reactivate his mind before he goes crazy. Shavonda calls her dad to tell him about her experience so far and asks him for money. When he doesn't put money in her account, like he promised, and dodges her phone calls, Shavonda calls her ex-stepmom to vent about her dad's inability to come through for her. Her stepmom offers to put some money in Shavonda's account to tie her over. Later, Shavonda tells Sarah she doesn't have a great relationship with her dad because he never intervened when her mom would hit her. Shavonda says she has learned that her dad just won t be there for her. On a guys night out, MJ tells a story about how he got hassled when he drove in the projects one time and Karamo takes the opportunity to explain to Landon that he didn't like to hear him use the N word. Landon feels misunderstood by Karamo and says he has a lot of respect for Karamo but doesn't feel the same respect in return. Karamo admits to being "borderline racist" and doesn't typically have white friends. Later that night at a club, four cops surround Karamo and when he calls out to MJ, MJ doesn't hear him. The officers tell Karamo that they received an anonymous tip that he had a gun and Karamo is furious. Outside, Karamo raises his voice to the policemen, while MJ tries to get Karamo to calm down. Karamo feels that MJ is badgering him and implying that he is overreacting to the situation. Karamo is frustrated because incidents like this happen to him and his friends all the time. "You don't listen to anybody, Karamo," MJ shouts while they walk home. MJ narrates that he just wants to be there for Karamo, but he doesn't know how, if Karamo won't let him in. When MJ and Landon return home, Karamo angrily tells them this sort of incident has happened to him more than 20 times and asks how many times it has happened to them. MJ believes Karamo is holding this incident against them. When MJ offers a handshake to call a truce, Karamo walks away and goes outside to pray.moreless
  • Boys Will Be Boys
    Boys Will Be Boys
    Episode 4
    "My breasts are an expensive accessory," Sarah purrs. Melanie likens Sarah's "graduation gift" to parents buying their kid a car and makes it clear that she does not believe in plastic surgery. Sarah narrates that Mel has a bad habit of telling other people in the house what to do or how what they are doing is wrong. During the same conversation, the roommates are shocked to hear that Sarah has had an eating disorder since she was 17 and was bulimic as recent as six months ago. Willie explains that he hasn't been romantically involved in the last two years. The roommates stumble onto a gay festival while they are out and about in the city and Willie bumps into Daniel, a guy he used to kiss, hug and talk with, but not date. When they steal a moment away together, both admit that they liked each other and Daniel even says he felt stupid that he didn't realize how great Willie was two years ago when they met in NY. Back the house, MJ wakes up from a nap and jokes that he suddenly has "gay pride America" in his living room and he's not quite sure what to do. Both he and Landon aren't quite comfortable with having a handful of gay guys at their house all at once. That night, Daniel and Willie go for a walk and Willie opens up about how he and his father have a better relationship now than they'd ever had, but his mom is unable stop judging him. Daniel comes back to the house and he and Willie get into bed and do some snuggling. Willie narrates that he and Daniel are happy to have reconnected, but they do want to take things slow. Willie shares his excitement about seeing Dan again the next morning when he talks to Sarah. The next day, the gang goes shopping and Sarah buys a $140 pair of jeans. When they arrive home, Melanie gossips to Landon and Karamo about how much Sarah spent on jeans. Sarah complains about Melanie's actions to Willie and MJ and MJ suggests she just straight up tell Mel. So Sarah pulls Melanie aside and explains that she was hurt and Mel is genuinely sorry and knows that sometimes her opinions make her come off as a bitch. Both are happy they talked it out and didn't let it fester. Willie and Daniel have another talk about how they want to take things slow and next thing we know, they are in the shower making out and then they are naked in bed together. Shovonda catches a glimpse of a naked butt and MJ and Landon crane their necks to find out if what they think is going on in Willie bedroom is, in fact, going on.moreless
  • Bed-Swapping Begins
    Sarah feels comforted when she is around MJ and as the both walk home from the gym, she grabs his hand. MJ definitely thinks Sarah is hot, but is confused about what she wants from him. Meanwhile, Shavonda already has a crush on Landon. She doesn't want to disrespect her boyfriend, but admits she'd totally go after Landon if she wasn't in a relationship. Landon even admits to crushing on Shavonda. This could get mighty interesting. Via phone, Shavonda tells her boyfriend she is worried that she might do something he might not approve of. He's like, long as you don't hook up with someone, we're cool, babe. That isn't good enough for Shavonda so she comes up with the brilliant idea that they should take a relationship break. But they are already apart, isn't that enough of a "break," he wonders. Shavonda narrates that she'd like to "date around" while she is in Philly and then she ll know if she and Shawn are meant to be together. After she gets off the phone, Shavonda tells MJ that she and the boyfriend just had a fight...MJ understands her situation since he has someone back home too, but explains that if he thinks he's going to do something to compromise the relationship, he will tell his girlfriend first and break it off. The AC broke in the house and this is the perfect opportunity for Sarah to hop into MJ's bed because he has the coolest room in the house, while Shavonda takes the opportunity to crawl into bed with Landon. Karamo, the voice of reason, says that "sleeping in another man's bed [while in a relationship], is never cool, whether it's sexual or not." In the morning, Sarah alludes to the fact that she and MJ kissed that night, but MJ uses the stock "I don't remember" as his response to her allegation. MJ narrates that cheating is something he doesn't do and doesn't want to do, but he realizes that he doesn't want to "walk on eggshells" the whole time he is in Philly just because he has a two month kinda-sorta relationship back home. He decides to tell Ashleigh that their timing isn't right and they should probably break up for now. Ashleigh takes the news well. Landon predicts that a newly single MJ will dabble "with the roommates"... ...but not before he dabbles with the hot blonde girls at the club. That night, MJ flirts with all the blond girls in da club, while Sarah watches in the wings. After a few drinks, Sarah becomes furious when MJ asked her what the house phone number is so he could give it to a blonde girl. Sarah decides to head home while MJ smooches the blonde girl at the club. "I just needed somebody to cuddle with; that's all I want," Sarah moans innocently. When MJ comes home, Sarah reads him the riot act. "She was chubby and she had bad roots," Sarah says about the blonde girl. When MJ and Sarah actually sit down and talk, MJ explains that he and Sarah didn't "hook up," they just kissed and it was one of them there friendly kisses. "I want you and it hurts me to see you wanting to get ass in another place." Sarah says sweetly. Sarah clarifies that she doesn't have boyfriend/girlfriend feelings for him; it's just purely sexual. MJ does not know what to do with this info, but reminds Sarah that he just broke up with a girlfriend. In the meantime, Landon runs around the house like a drunken teenager and Shavonda does not have any tolerance for his wacky antics. She doesn't even think it's cute when he tries to hit on her by asking her if she's hungry. But that's okay, because he heads straight for the confessional and declares his love for her there. "I could rock your world," Sarah says as she continues to pursue MJ. MJ narrates that Sarah puts him in situations that are very sexual and it s human nature that he's going to respond.moreless
  • "Out" In Philadelphia
    The new roommates head straight to the hot tub when they return home from the club and Sarah flirts with MJ, while MJ looks slightly uncomfortable. Sarah explains she thinks like a guy and wants sex without the emotional ties. Outside, Willie tells Melanie that he thinks there is a possibility that Karamo is gay, but he's not sure. Karamo narrates that he doesn't feel the need to come out to everyone just yet. MJ narrates he is very intuitive and would be able to tell if he was living with someone who was gay. MJ and Sarah stay up late talking and flirting. MJ explains he only likes blondes, not redheads, but admits Sarah is hot. "If there is a blonde girl in the room, I will probably approach them, even if they are really not that pretty," MJ narrates. Now MJ is a challenge and it's game-on for Sarah. Karamo talks to a friend back home and tells him that he is afraid MJ and Landon will turn on him when they find out he is gay. Landon and Shavonda look at pictures of MJ and Ashley and make fun of the fact that she is scrapbooking after only two months with him. Shavonda describes MJ's relationship back home as a "kinda-sorta." The second night out, Willie decides he wants to go to a gay club, so the girls go with him and MJ, Landon and Karamo go have a drink at another club. When MJ asks the guys if they would be comfortable going to a gay bar, Karamo finally reveals that he is gay and the Abercrombie twins are shocked. MJ narrates that Karamo has really blown any stereotype he had out of the water. "If Landon comes out, I m going to lose my mind," MJ teases. On their third night out, the group goes to a gay bar called Shampoo. After MJ is sittin' pretty with a few drinks in him, he tells Willie that this is the most fun he has ever had. Willie appreciates the compliment and says that if MJ wasn't having fun, he would leave with him. At the club, Sarah presses MJ to explain the situation with his "girlfriend." She does her best flirting, but he rebuffs her advances. But it seems clear that there is an attraction. Who knows what will happen while seven strangers get to know each other in Philly?moreless
  • Welcome to Philly!
    Welcome to Philly!
    Episode 1
    MJ from Nashville is the cute all-American football player. Melanie is the girl who always has the boyfriend, but wants to find her independence. Karamo is a buff guys' guy from Houston. Sarah, the redhead from Tampa, FL likes a sexual relationship without the emotions. Landon from River Falls, Wisconsin, claims to get a little crazy sometimes and he dubs himself as "off the hook." Shavonda from San Diego works at Hooters and is in an interracial relationship. Willie from New York City is gay and hopes to find a hot, fantastic, fabulous, sexy relationship while in Philly. Take these seven completely different people, add cheese steak, a gigantic house, and two hot tubs and you've got the 15th season of The Real World. MJ and Landon meet first and they are wearing the same pair of shorts and both have curly hair. Too cute. MJ explains he left a girl back home, while Landon just got out of a seven year relationship. When the boys meet up with Shavonda, she notes that it looks like the boys just stepped out of an Abercrombie ad. As the boys get to know Shavonda, they notice she is making it really clear that she has a boyfriend back home. Meanwhile, Sarah admits her nervousness about the experience to Willie when she meets up with him. Willie tells her that he's currently a personal shopper, but wants to create and direct Broadway shows. Because she seems "mad cool," Willie makes a pack with Sarah that if everyone in the house is lame, he's got her back and she's got his. Landon, Shavonda and MJ arrive at the house first and cannot believe their new pad. It has a giant tree in the middle of the house for Pete's sake! Sarah and Willie arrive and take a tour of their new palace. Sarah narrates that MJ has one of the best bodies she has ever seen. While these five get their drink on, Karamo and Melanie meet at the top of the steps of the Philadelphia Art Museum. When the last two arrive at the house, they, too, are stunned by its magnificence. Sarah tells her roommates that she likes to walk around naked and within moments she removes her bra underneath her tank top. "Ever since I was a little girl, I wanted to be sexy," Sarah purrs. Sarah announces that she's had a breast enhancement and invites her roommates to cop a feel, but Landon gets a little nervous and knocks over a painting as he backs away from her breasts. The first night out, MJ explains that he hasn't hung out with many gay people, but he respects Willie. While at the bar, in a shocking turn of events, guys' guy Karamo comes out to Shavonda. Her jaw drops and she feels burdened by this secret she now must keep.moreless