The Real World - Season 21

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Episode Guide

  • 4/1/09
    The cast reunites to dish about their season and each other.
  • Saying Goodbye
    Episode 13
    It's time for the eight roommates to say goodbye to the Brooklyn house and each other. Chet plans a final dinner with the roommates that causes a bar brawl with the guys. The girls decide to play last time pranks on the boys. Scott, Baya and Devyn decide to live together after the show.moreless
  • 3/25/09
    Ryan has been called back to Iraq and tells his roommates that he will be deployed shortly after his time in Brooklyn. The roommates head to Atlantic City for some fun and gambling. Scott keeps quiet when Katelynn gambles away the money he lent her.
  • 3/18/09
    Ryan deals with the possibility of returning to Iraq. The roommates celebrate the election, but Scott and Chet feel out of place since they voted Republican. Chet makes a life-size cutout of himself to use for pranks.
  • 3/11/09
    The housemates are invited to a special screening of Pedro, about castmember, Pedro, on the Real World, San Francisco. Katelynn works on getting a job as a go-go dancer. Later, Katelynn and Scott plan prank after prank with each other and come to blows again.
  • Hey Mr. VJ
    Episode 9
    Chet continues to be curious about Katelynn's surgery and asks her about the procedure. Chet lands an audition with a casting director. Devyn lands a job with dress designer, Jovani. Baya tries dancing again.
  • 2/25/09
    Tensions are running high in the house as the boys don't like the fact that the girls are slobs. JD puts up a chore list, but that doesn't really help. JD and Sarah have an argument and Sarah is called out for talking about the boys behind their back. A house meeting is called. Also, Ryan pursues his dream of working behind the camera.moreless
  • 2/18/09
    A mice problem in the house makes it easy for the boys to play a joke on Devyn and Sarah. Devyn juggles two men both of whom want to be the only guy in her life.
  • Battle of the Sexes
    Ryan and Chet continue to wonder about Katelynn's sexuality as she flaunts her body around the house. Later, Katelynn comes out to Devyn and also Ryan. When the housemates travel to Gettysburg for a charity event, it's evident that the boys are annoyed with the girls.
  • Friends and Enemies
    Chet pursues his dream of being a TV host and lands a gig interviewing Pete Wentz of Fall Out Boy. Scott starts to date around after coming to terms with the fact that he broke up with his girlfriend before he moved. Ryan talks to his roommates about his time in Iraq and remembers September 11.moreless
  • Daddy Dearest and the Dueling Divas
    Sarah gets disturbing phonecalls from her estranged dad and she opens up about her past. Devyn is engaged in a singoff with a transexual. Chet continues to pursue Alex.
  • The BFF-O-Meter
    Episode 3
    Relationships in the house become more interesting as crushes continue to develop between Devyn and Scott and Baya and Ryan. Elsewhere, Katelynn worries about her relationship with her boyfriend.
  • The Outs & Ins of Brooklyn
    Chet becomes the prankster of the house and later he and JD come to blows while JD is drunk. Katelynn admits her transgendered status to Baya and Sarah. Baya pursues her dream of dancing.
  • Brooklyn Bridging
    Episode 1
    The new season of The Real World is set in Brooklyn, New York.
  • The Real World: Secrets Revealed
    Take a behind-the-scenes look at the process of filming The Real World.