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  • The Real World Reunion 2000
    Members from multiple season reunite
  • The Real World You Never Saw: Hawaii
  • Hawaii: Episode 23
    Hawaii: Episode 23
    Episode 23
    Feeling empowered, Amaya corners Kaia to defend herself. Amaya admits that although she may be guilty of some of Kaia's accusations, she is no more guilty than the other roommates. The next day, the roommates wake up early to pack for their trip home. At the airport, Teck and Colin give each other a final goodbye hug as the other roommates share their memories and feelings of their time together in Hawaii.moreless
  • Hawaii: Episode 22
    Hawaii: Episode 22
    Episode 22
    In the van, Ruthie tells Colin she feels bad about the house ganging up on Amaya. In response, Colin believes that their confrontation will help Amaya become a better person. Feeling the effects of the roommates' animosity towards her, an emotionally- charged Amaya explains to Pam her desire to confront Kaia.When Kaia corners Matt in the kitchen, he's at a loss for words. The roommates decide to produce their own talent show for the final performance at Local Motion. Teck and Matt get in touch with their "feminine side" when they spoof the daytime talk show, The View. Kaia also plants a big wet one on Matt during the show. While the roommates throw a farewell party outside, Kaia invites Matt to sleep in her bed. There, Matt confesses that he is confused about his feelings towards both her and Ruthie's sister, Sara.moreless
  • Hawaii: Episode 21
    Hawaii: Episode 21
    Episode 21
    Amaya takes a liking to Colin's friend Tony, who is visiting from the mainland. Could Amaya's flirtatious behavior with Tony be just another plot to make Colin jealous? In a confessional, Colin shares a piece of advice to his friend, Tony, regarding Amaya. Although she and Tony spent the night together, Amaya insists that nothing happened. The next morning, the roommates question Amaya's actions while Colin coldly says goodbye to Tony. Over lunch, Kaia, Matt, Ruthie and Colin discuss Amaya's attitude in the house. The roommates are tired of her talking behind their backs and being two-faced towards them. "I just assume people are smart enough to see through Amaya's crap," says Colin. Later in the kitchen, Amaya corners Colin in an attempt to set the record straight about Tony. Colin, clearly upset with Amaya, ignores her and escapes to the confessional. Feeling isolated, Amaya breaks down to Pam on the phone, telling her that she feels alienated by the roommates and wants to go home. In an unlikely move, Amaya turns to Ruthie, who knows all to well what it's like to be an outcast. After apologizing for her past attitude towards Ruthie, Amaya takes some tough criticism and decides to make peace with the roommates. Amaya's attempt to clear the air with her roommate's backfires when pent-up anger towards her turns into an ugly confrontation.moreless
  • Hawaii: Episode 20
    Hawaii: Episode 20
    Episode 20
    During a performance at Local Motion, Amaya has her sights set on Michael, the keybord player from The Hawaiian Style Band. When Kaia learns that Colin has asked Ruthie to join them on a trip to Maui, she decides not to go. Colin and Ruthie, clearly not bothered by Kaia's action, look at this as an opportunity to get to know each other better. Later that evening Amaya and Michael go out for Cinco de Mayo. At dinner, Amaya can't take her eyes off Michael as they kiss and later take a midnight stroll along the pier. Can lightning strike twice? Ecstatic over her date with Michael, Amaya can't wait to see him again and invites him over for drinks. With Matt's help, Amaya gives the house a well-deserved cleaning--and her sheets a fresh wash. Matt confronts Kaia about Amaya when he overhears her talking to a friend about a medical problem. Kaia tells him not to jump to conclusions, but when he finds a magazine opened to an article on STDs, he can't help but wonder if someone in the house has one. During a conversation with Matt about Michael, Amaya comes apart as she is faced with issues of intimacy due to her recent medical scare. Kaia confronts Amaya because she wasn't told that Amaya's tests came back negative. After all the drama, Kaia wonders if Amaya was being a fair-weather friend.moreless
  • Hawaii: Episode 19
    Hawaii: Episode 19
    Episode 19
    Ruthie and Colin get down to the business of silk screening T-shirts as the roomies prepare for an upcoming charity boat cruise sponsored by Local Motion. Later that day Amaya and Colin take a tour of the children's hospital to see who will benefit from their cruise. While on the phone with a friend, Amaya talks of Ruthie's return. Amaya feels that Ruthie is faking a sunny deposition. Over lunch, Ruthie and Colin talk about her time away from the house. Colin feels that Ruthie has changed for the better. Ruthie tells Colin that she has no regrets but can't understand Amaya's "attitude" since her return. At the airport, Colin can't wait as he holds a sign up for his friends and former casting rejects Mike and Trevor, who are coming to visit. In a confessional, Colin and his boys talk about their brush with the law. Tensions mount as Ruthie confronts Amaya about a shirt that she wanted to borrow. Amaya gives her attitude and Ruthie storms out of the room. "My roommates are such bitches," exclaims Ruthie. After a successful charity cruise, Colin and the roommates present a huge check to the children's hospital.moreless
  • Hawaii: Episode 18
    Hawaii: Episode 18
    Episode 18
    Ruthie's coming back to the house and Teck is unsure if she still likes him. It seems that Teck and Ruthie are seeing the same girl, Malo. Still troubled over her breakup with Colin, Amaya has stopped eating. At lunch, Amaya's friend Pam becomes concerned. Amaya then tells Pam that after her last breakup, she couldn't eat for a month. Ruthie's back and is greeted with open arms by Colin and Matt. But Amaya isn't quite as warm. Teck is surprised when he finds out that Ruthie has brought Malo back to the house with her. While Ruthie connects with the rest of the roomies, Malo faces off with Teck.moreless
  • Hawaii: Episode 17
    Hawaii: Episode 17
    Episode 17
    Colin has the Bay Room to himself and is happy to take the bottom bunk. Amaya has other plans. After arguing and then asking nicely, Colin allows Amaya into the Bay Room, occupying the top bunk. When she begins hitting on Colin again, he gets angry. Matt and Kaia wonder why Amaya puts up with Colin's verbal abuse and confront her, telling her to be strong and stand up for herself. Amaya takes the initiative and confronts Colin in the van in front of Kaia and Matt. Colin storms off. When Amaya approaches him the next day, he walks away and she cries. Amaya goes skydiving with Matt and Teck and gains some confidence about herself. Amaya writes Colin a letter, saying she is through with him. Meanwhile, Teck's clubbing with his stream of women leaves the roommates wondering whether this will catch up with him. Teck returns home at night with a woman and kicks Kaia out of their room. Matt and Teck go to a strip club, where Teck gets his underwear ripped off. On the phone with Ruthie, Kaia finds out that a girl named Malo dated both Ruthie and Teck. Ruthie reports that that Malo said Teck called one of the women in the loft a bitch. Kaia tells this to Teck, who feels upset that he is slipping. Matt finds out from Ruthie that she will be returning to the loft soon.moreless
  • Hawaii: Episode 16
    Hawaii: Episode 16
    Episode 16
    Amaya tells her friend Pam that Colin was nasty to her in India. To make things worse, she has planned an island-hopping trip with Colin. Pam thinks she's crazy to go with Colin so Amaya decides to have a chat with him. On the sea wall Amaya learns that Colin's behavior towards her was influenced by Justin and Kaia. Surprised, Amaya tells Colin that Justin made negative comments about him as well. "Why would someone like Justin want to create fights in paradise?" Colin wonders. Later, Colin confronts Kaia about Justin's behavior. Kaia tells Colin that she can't stand around and watch Justin hurt others, so she decides to distance herself from Justin. Meanwhile, on the phone with his mother, Justin learns that his great aunt is dying of cancer and decides to leave.moreless
  • Hawaii: Episode 15
    Hawaii: Episode 15
    Episode 15
    When the roommates arrive in India, they are greeted by their tour guide, Romesh. The surprise comes when they learn that they will be traveling aboard the "Palace on Wheels," India's most luxurious train. Later in their hotel room, Justin has "Cruel Intentions" and tells Kaia of his plot against Amaya. Aboard the "Palace on Wheels," Colin and Amaya decide to share a room. Could their romance resurface? In the city of Jaipur, a group of local kids get a taste of Western culture. Teck delivers an impromptu beat box, as one of the kids busts out with his version of street dancing. On the train, Justin has some advice for Colin. With some subtle coaxing he persuades Colin that Amaya isn't stable enough to have a relationship with him. Reacting to Justin's comments, Colin turns on Amaya. In a strange twist, Justin meets with Amaya as he asks about her newly broken relationship with Colin. Acting surprised, Justin wonders why Colin is acting so strange. As the roommates say goodbye to India, Justin just wants to say goodbye to his roommates.moreless
  • Hawaii: Episode 14
    Hawaii: Episode 14
    Episode 14
    Several days have passed since Ruthie's departure and Matt is worried that no one knows what she is up to. At Local Motion, an emotional Ruthie says goodbye to Calvin. He comforts her by saying that he's there for her but is also is concerned for her well-being. Later that day, Calvin tells the group that he understands what they are going through but feels they are slacking. The group agrees and in an attempt to pick up the pace, they decide to put on a talent show. At a local radio station, Teck freestyles a radio spot for the Local Motion talent show. While on the air, Teck gives a shout-out to Ruthie. After several messages from Matt, Ruthie agrees to meet him for dinner with Sara. When asked if she will come back, Ruthie says, "They need to miss me." Since their dinner, Matt and Sara have become inseparable. While out one evening Matt tells Sara that he wants to write a book about their situation. He says flirtatiously that he wants her to fall for him as a happy ending. As the roommates prepare for their inoculations for India, Teck takes charge: "I gotta be the man, I'm John Wayne. As they leave for India, Matt receives a disturbing call from Sara. She tells him that Ruthie feels betrayed. At the airport, he calls Sara trying to explain that his actions were for Ruthie's own good but his plea falls on deaf ears.moreless
  • Hawaii: Episode 13
    Hawaii: Episode 13
    Episode 13
    In her scheduled meeting, Ruthie tells the roommates she is aware she let alcohol take over her life during her stay in Hawaii. She makes no promises to quit drinking, but swears to make a positive change. Knowing that Matt told Ruthie about their planned intervention, an angry Colin confronts him outside. Later that night, the roommates agree that Ruthie really needs medical treatment for her alcohol problem. "This thing can't linger," says Colin. They decide on a firm ultimatum: Check into a treatment facility or leave the house. Overwhelmed by the pressure of saving Ruthie, Matt breaks down in tears. Ruthie can't believe what she's hearing when the roommates announce their strict ultimatum. The next day, Ruthie meets with the roommates and tells them their decision was too extreme. Proposing a compromise, she agrees to quit drinking for the rest of her stay, and agrees to visit the clinic, "but not for 30 days." When the roommates refuse to negotiate, Ruthie voices her anger to her twin sister. "It's not like I'm being stubborn in the way that I don't want to change," she says. "It's just, I'm changing on my own terms." Not willing to voice her plans, Ruthie packs up her things and moves out. "Hasta pasta," she says. "I'm out."moreless
  • Hawaii: Episode 12
    Hawaii: Episode 12
    Episode 12
    Happily reunited with her family, Ruthie introduces her older sister, Rachel, and twin sister, Sara, to the roommates. Out on the town, Rachel warns Matt about Ruthie's party habits: "She is the life of the party. She just tries harder and harder to impress people, and I'm like 'Girl, you've gotta slow down, because you're gonna crash.'" After Ruthie has too much to drink at the club, embarrasses Teck on the ride home, and shatters a glass on the kitchen floor, Teck decides to give Ruthie a piece of his mind. In tears over Teck's outrage, Ruthie runs off to her sister's hotel. As she stands on the balcony contemplating suicide, her sisters manage to talk her out of it.Later that night, the roommates discuss Ruthie's behavior and decide she needs to either get help for her alcohol problem or leave the house. Going behind the roommates' backs to "do what's right," Matt tells Ruthie about the planned intervention. As a result, Ruthie refuses to show up, and schedules a meeting on her own terms instead. Just prior to Ruthie's meeting, Justin questions Matt's methods and motives for helping her. Seated in the living room with her roommates, Ruthie takes a deep breath. "I have something to say and I would appreciate it... if you guys would listen," she says. "There's some things that I want you guys to know."moreless
  • Hawaii: Episode 11
    Hawaii: Episode 11
    Episode 11
    Admittedly picky about men, Kaia is pleasantly surprised when she meets and instantly connects with Trey, a rap artist from The Pharcyde. At a viewing of the AIDS quilt, Kaia has a quiet moment as memories of her deceased father resurface. Having lost her father to AIDS, Kaia reveals to Justin that her awareness of the disease has caused a fear of intimacy. Running into the kitchen with an envelope in hand, Teck is the bearer of some very good news. The roommates gather to unanimously decide their vacation destination. And the winner is...India! Teck and Kaia are excited for their vacation. To get away from the city life, Kaia and Justin make a trip to The Big Island for a touch of nature and some soul-searching inspiration. Upon returning from island-hoppin', Kaia recounts to Trey her moment of self-discovery.moreless
  • Hawaii: Episode 10
    Hawaii: Episode 10
    Episode 10
    Matt and Colin share a boys' night out...and Amaya comes, too. Amaya's hit with some bad news from home when she learns that her father might have cancer. Feeling guilty that she is so far away, Amaya breaks down in tears. "I'm all about fascinating the people out here, and hopping on the radio behind a microphone is how I'm gonna do it," Matt says upon scoring a job at KCCN. At a Mardi Gras charity event, Amaya decides to tell Colin she's had enough of his cold shoulder. Colin thinks she's being overly dramatic. On the van ride home, the roommates voice their own opinions about Colin and Amaya's relationship. Later that night, Colin breaks the news to Amaya: She is becoming too dependent on him, and he needs some space. Upset about her sick father and Colin's latest request, Amaya checks her pulse in the midst of a major anxiety attack. After one week of "space" from Amaya and one night of margaritas with Matt, Colin invites Amaya back into his arms--and bed.moreless
  • Hawaii: Episode 9
    Hawaii: Episode 9
    Episode 9
    Overhearing Justin encourage Ruthie to drink before they go out, Colin vents his anger to Matt. Out on the town, Ruthie's had too much drink and Matt offers to pay for her cab ride home. She turns him down and takes her friends on a drunken joy ride instead. Back at the house, Colin questions Justin's approach to Ruthie's drinking. The next day, the supervising producer and director step out from behind the camera to call Ruthie in for a private meeting. Her drunk driving cannot be tolerated so they require that she start seeing an addiction specialist. When she hesitantly tells the roommates that she has to meet with a counselor in order to stay, Ruthie gets nothing but support. Ruthie is wary in her first counseling session with Dr. Alathea: "I don't really take to telling deep s*** to a perfect stranger. No matter how professional they are." Kaia tells Justin she wants to be there for Ruthie as a friend, but she distances herself when Ruthie is drunk. Tired of the nighttime club scene, Justin and Ruthie spend the day hiking to Manoa Falls. "I really enjoy the time I spend with Ruthie," says Justin. "I think she's a great little positive light in the household."moreless
  • Hawaii: Episode 8
    Hawaii: Episode 8
    Episode 8
    When Local Motion comedian Auggie T. performs his act, Justin responds with disgust. Matt, on the other hand, thinks the gay jokes are hilarious. While visiting KCCN to promote Local Motion, Matt and the DJ banter on air about women. Justin is embarrassed to be there. Matt confronts Justin regarding his obvious disapproval while at the radio station. He accuses Justin of being heterophobic, prompting Justin to storm off. Kaia and Justin decide to try a seven-day fast. Amaya is in tears after Justin kicks her out of his room. He's tired of Amaya and Colin "rocking the bunk" every other night. Colin feels that Justin's prejudice against the heterosexual males in the house is the real problem. Justin opens up and reveals his past to Kaia. He was accused of "turning" his first boyfriend gay at age 16, and was almost arrested. Justin proposes a new plan for future Local Motion comedians. Teck disagrees, but the group ultimately sides with Justin.moreless
  • Hawaii: Episode 7
    Hawaii: Episode 7
    Episode 7
    Colin's incessant teasing is starting to get a little old for Amaya. "Sometimes I just want to smack him," she says. When Teck brings a scantily dressed woman back to the house, eyebrows and questions are raised. "Is that a prostitute?" Amaya boldly asks. Matt snickers in disbelief. Meanwhile, Colin admits he's ready for love but fears he'll never have it. Teck doesn't think he'll ever get tied down, but his soft side comes out when he meets Andrea, a strong, charismatic woman from California. Knowing his visiting father would wholeheartedly approve, Teck makes sure to introduce them. Colin is at a loss for words when Amaya asks him to be nicer to her. He agrees to do so, but when Amaya also wants him to show his sweet side to the others, Colin admits he can't open up to just anyone. Andrea kisses Teck goodbye as she heads back to the mainland. Could Andrea be the one to tame Teck's wild side? Sitting alone on the seawall, Colin realizes he pushes people away to avoid getting hurt. Admitting he has done the same with Amaya, he decides to make a change. Colin's emotional walls come down as he takes Amaya out on their first date. Could love be in the air?moreless
  • Hawaii: Episode 6
    Hawaii: Episode 6
    Episode 6
    At the cast's first barbecue, Ruthie steps up for an impromptu freestyle rap. A huge hit with the guests, she proves her knack for pleasing a crowd. Amaya lets out her sexual frustration in a kickboxing class, then goes home to try out her new moves on Colin. It's Calvin's girlfriend's birthday and the roommates all join in the celebration. When it comes to gift giving, Ruthie gets creative. Nothing says "I care" like a lap dance. Later at Local Motion, Ruthie apologizes to Calvin for her birthday dance the night before. Calvin accepts her apology but admits he was shocked. Colin and Amaya's playful antics move to the hottub, where he sarcastically tells her that women are ranked fourth in importance after guy friends, Pez and toilet paper. In a confessional, Colin tells it like it is. He likes Amaya, but it seems that Amaya more than likes Colin. Who says they're ready for sex? Emotionally exhausted, Kaia cries tears of frustration after confronting Ruthie about her drinking. At dinner, Matt voices the roommates' growing concern about Ruthie's behavior. She's not her normal, sweet self when she drinks. Ruthie remains in denial.moreless
  • Hawaii: Episode 5
    Hawaii: Episode 5
    Episode 5
    Love is in the air in Hawaii…some of the roommates have the requisite sex talk. Amaya declares that while sex is good, making love is beautiful. Let the games begin! Amaya and Colin are sharing the sack--and apparently nothing more. But we're just getting started. In other pairing off news: Kaia meets a gentlemanly fellow who asks her to a Janet Jackson concert. Kaia, a fan of Janet's, readily accepts. Colin and Amaya have a fight, but don't know exactly what it's about. Nevertheless, Amaya kicks Colin out of his own bed. Colin, confused, tries to get some shut-eye. Suddenly all is right with the world again. Amaya and Colin make up and Kaia is off with her new friend to see Janet. They have a blast. Could this be courtship? Amaya and Colin then take a hand-holding stroll on the beach, where they (gasp!) kiss. Ladies and gentlemen--we have a romance!moreless
  • Hawaii: Episode 4
    Hawaii: Episode 4
    Episode 4
    In this episode, Ruthie and Kaia become really good friends when their mutual admiration heats up into a smooching session. This goes over really big with some of the guys in the house. The next morning, Kaia, now sober, has second thoughts about her lip-locking session with Ruthie. Ruthie claims she doesn't even remember the smooching. Meanwhile, Amaya, the house sorority chick, suggests they promote the club at frat houses and sororities. This goes over like a lead balloon. She's also having problems with one of the surfboards in the house. Colin and Matt make mandatory flip remarks, hurting her feelings. Amaya has a good cry in the hot tub. Ruthie hops in to give her a pep talk. As Colin and Amaya grow closer together, they deny that smooching has taken place between them. But hey, there's always next time...moreless
  • Hawaii: Episode 3
    Hawaii: Episode 3
    Episode 3
    In this get-to-know-Teck episode we learn: Teck is John Wayne; he's a lover of the ladies but not so much a lover of homosexuals; and he loves being black, unpredictable and the cheese with women. The roommates get a call from their new boss, Calvin, at Local Motion--a surf shop/cafe. Oops...they're running late for their first meeting with bossman, where they learn their job is to book talent and work in the new cafe. And--Calvin gives them a set of wheels! They celebrate in song. Ruthie books an act she knows called 3-2-1. The cast heads out to promote the show at the college campus. At least 100 people have to come so they can get their big bonus. The show is a big hit with almost everyone, and the roomies get their big bonus. Now they just have to pull it off again next week.moreless
  • Hawaii: Episode 02
    Hawaii: Episode 02
    Episode 2
  • Hawaii: Episode 2
    Hawaii: Episode 2
    Episode 2
    Colin, Teck and Kaia head home from the club and discuss Ruthie's alcohol problem. When Amaya and Justin return from the hospital, Amaya confronts Teck, telling him how pissed she was at the other roomies for bailing on the Ruthie situation. Teck appreciates her honesty and gives her a hug. Matt brings Ruthie home from the hospital. She has no recollection of what happened to her. As the sun rises, Ruthie tells Matt and Amaya that nothing like that ever happened to her before--she thinks her drink must have been spiked. Amaya tells Ruthie that she just drank too much. There is much concern in the house for Ruthie's well-being. Ruthie says that this incident is a wake-up call, but there's no way she's going to 12-step it. She says, "I'm not saying that I'm going to quit anything. I'm saying that I'm going to do it in moderation from now on."moreless
  • Hawaii: Episode 1
    Hawaii: Episode 1
    Episode 1
    Ruthie and Teck meet up and click right away. Ruthie reveals to Teck that she has a girlfriend, and he guesses that she likes guys, too. They're the first to arrive at the house. It's locked, so they strip down and go skinny-dipping in the pool. Meanwhile, looking-for-love Matt and Amaya show up. They're a bit shocked by their new, uninhibited roommates. Kaia arrives at the house, and Matt says that Ruthie is everything he looks for in a woman. He's disappointed to learn that she has a girlfriend. When Justin arrives, Teck gets right to the point and asks him if he's gay. Justin is put off, but says yes. Colin, the former "reject" from the casting special, is last to arrive with the key. Everyone pours into their new island abode and selects rooms. Ruthie, Amaya and Matt decide to share, Teck and Kaia pair off, and Colin and Justin get the bunk beds. Kaia joins the naked brigade by peeling off her shirt. The next night, the cast goes clubbing. They boogie down while Ruthie slams back the drinks until she passes out. Amaya, Matt and Justin decide to take her home in a cab. They try unsuccessfully to sober her up and decide to call an ambulance. Amaya is crying and upset that the other roommates aren't there to help.moreless
  • The Real World Hawaii Casting Special