The Real World

Season 11 Episode 27

The Real World: The Lost Season

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Aug 06, 2002 on MTV - Music Television

Episode Recap

Right off the bat, privileged jock ADAM (played by John Henry Reardon) butts heads with argumentative and intelligent African-American OMARA (Shani Pride); skater BOOMER (Michael Leisen) longs for virginal MELINDA (Julie Patzwald) who has a crush on sensitive CASH (Matthew Currie Holmes); narcissistic LIZ (Laura Jordan) mugs for the cameras; and loner KEITH (Peter Shinkoda) is rarely around.

House dynamics are already starting to heat up when the group is invited to participate in The Real World All-Star physical challenge competition against a handful of memorable Real World cast members from seasons past, including David (Los Angeles), Rachel (San Francisco), Amaya (Hawaii), David (Seattle), Melissa (New Orleans), Mike (Return to New York) and Aneesa (Chicago), who all play themselves.

When the Real World Vancouver cast is picked up at their house to head out to what they think is the challenge, they are unaware that the two young men picking them up, ROLAND (Bryan Kirkwood) and JAKE (Will Sanderson), are imposters posing as Real World producer and cameraman, respectively.

Still in the dark as to what is happening, the cast arrives at their destination to find themselves at a new Real World house in a remote location. ROLAND announces to the confused cast that he is their new housemate.

After repeatedly auditioning for The Real World to no avail, ROLAND has decided to take matters into his own hands. An obsessive fan, he has outfitted his own elaborate house with high-tech surveillance camera technology in order to create his own definitive Real World season...with the actual cast!

And he's added a twist. ROLAND tells the cast that he has outfitted all the cameras with bombs - and if they don't play along - he will blow up the house.

After getting rid of "extra" housemate KEITH, ROLAND takes his place as the new roommate and sets out forcing the cast to live out his Real World fantasies. Battling over bedrooms, playing revealing games, using the confessional - he wants it all!

The cast fearfully complies - especially when it is revealed during a game of "truth or dare" that ROLAND has killed KEITH, and will do the same to them if they don't start "getting real" .

Although they desperately want to escape, ROLAND's close watch, impenetrable security, and their own personality conflicts keep The Real World kids from getting anywhere. And as life or death circumstances begin to take their toll on the weary cast, secrets and revelations come to the surface at an accelerated rate.

CASH is forced to question his sexuality, which leaves MELINDA distressed - BOOMER reveals his feelings - and ADAM and OMARA channel their hostility into passion.

Finally, after cast member BOOMER is "removed" from the house for hitting ROLAND (breaking an actual Real World rule), The Real World kids learn to cooperate if they are to find a way out of their reality television nightmare. The final scenes make for the most surprising end to a season of The Real World yet.