The Rebel Billionaire: Branson's Quest for the Best

FOX (ended 2005)


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The Rebel Billionaire: Branson's Quest for the Best

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Welcome to "The Rebel Billionaire" guide at Sir Richard Branson, the colorful founder and Chairman of the Virgin Group of Companies, teams with award-winning Bunim-Murray Productions (The Simple Life, Real World) to lead a group of young entrepreneurs on an epic journey around the world, testing their mettle by having them relive some of his own colorful adventures. If they make decisions that impress Branson, they will continue. But each week, one candidate will be left behind on the tarmac as the rest of the group jets off to the next adventure. -FOX press release Episodes started to air in November 2004. The contestants competed to become work alongside Branson for three months as Branson worked as president of Branson's Virgin Co. and also to win a million dollars. However, the contestants did not know the full prize until the winner was chosen. Branson wass looking for a young, charismatic individual to follow in his footsteps. The show is the first ever reality show to be simulcast in HDTV. Here's a brief summary Branson, the thrill-seeking founder of the Virgin Group of Companies (including airline, publishing, music and hotel empires), will whisk 16 lucky Americans to a variety of international destinations that have some sort of significance to him as they learn some sort of lessons about what it takes to be a billionaire. Along the way they're perform some kinds of challenges and Branson will judge them on some sort of criteria and those who don't meet his high standards will be eliminated, no longer in the running for some sort of prize. Timeslot History on FOX November 2004-Current... Tuesday at 8 PM (Simulcast in HDTV) Special Presentations Tuesday, November 9: Series Premiere, 8-10 PM on FOX Friday, November 12: Condensed One-Hour Encore of Premiere, 8-9pm on FOX Encores normally aired on Thursday or Friday at 11:00pm ET on the cable channel FX.moreless


Himself (Eleventh Place)

Sara Blakely

Sara Blakely

Herself (Runner-Up)

Richard Branson

Richard Branson


Aisha Krump

Aisha Krump

Herself (Fifteenth place)

Candida Tolentino

Candida Tolentino

Herself (Seventh Place)

Erica Vilardi

Erica Vilardi

Herself (Fifth Place)

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  • Yet another Apprentice rip off. This time featuring British Billionaire Blowhard Branson.

    Since the guy is a billionaire hes obviously got a head for business but this show was just a Survivor/Apprentice clone making contestants jump through hoops to be CEO of Virgin for a year.

    Branson did one up Mark Cuban though, actually managing to finish the series without having to end it early. Dont remember much about it other than it was dull. Branson is one of those goofs to talks about how we all need to cut back on CO2 emissions while this clown spews tons of the stuff into the air from his enormous fleet of jets. Maybe he should convert them all to solar power or have passengers pedal to move propellers to get them across the ocean.

    Onward and upward towards LEVEL 20!moreless
  • Cool stunts, bad show.

    Rebel Billionaire is far better than fear factor, but not compelling enough to be a nice show. Like fear factor, it features cool death defying stunts but the premise itself feel like another survivor spin off. It's not a very nice show to watch, it could have been better if Richard Branson filmed his record breaking flights around the world instead of making a survivor like show. Survivor have several clones out there, most if not all are horrible. Rebel is no exception, it lacks that must see factor of a tv series, it feels like another survivor inspired reality show. Not a good concept.moreless
  • A reality type show set upon the premise that the winner will run Bransons companies for a year. They are given fear factor type challenges with trump like tests in between.moreless

    I loved this show.

    I dont care if it was all scripted like other "reality" shows it was very entertaining.

    And to see the old salt himself branson out there taking the "risks" along with the rest of them was outstanding.

    Sir Richard is a very personable,marketable entity and needs more exposure.

    Although he would both Love * hate that wouldnt he.

    A no nonesense guy like trump but can put his money where his mouth is.

  • Once again, Fox has managed to mimic another show only to produce a sub-par piece of entertainment, this time in the form of another reality show where the winner gets to run part of a major company. Not a terrible show, but definately not good either.moreless

    only to produce a sub par piece of entertainment, this time in the form of another reality show where the winner gets to run part of a major company. Not a terrible show, but definately not good either. It was interseting watching some of the "adventure stunts", but that's pretty much where the entertainment stopped. This show tried to be a cross between the Amazing Race and the Apprentice and did blend them semi-nicely, yet the concept of the show is so familiar that it just doesn't carry that flair of originality that keeps people talking about it the next day. Interesting at times, yet not enough to keep me watching, this is not something I would recommend unless there isn't much else on TV.

    My final review: An interesting concept of mixing adventure with business to produce a reality show, but these aspects seem all to familiar, ultimately resulting in a less than spectacular and attention catching show.moreless

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