The Red Green Show

Season 9 Episode 5


Aired Friday 8:30 PM Unknown on CBC



  • Trivia

    • Possum Lodge Word Game:

      Prize: Keys to an RV (Red's van...for a day...needs gas)
      Player: Mike Hamar
      Word: Hurry

  • Quotes

    • Red: Cross country skiing is kinda like downhill but with the fun removed.

    • Red: When you're married as long as I have, you accept that your wife's decisions are not only final, they're also relentless.

    • Red: Just had a brush with death and I don't mean my wife finding out how much I spend on fishing gear!

    • (Dalton is trying to convince Red about the supernatural).
      Dalton: And then there's that other thing...what is it that thing I'm thinking of?
      Red: ESP?
      Dalton: Yeah, that's it, ESP. And then there's that spiritual-mental-physical thing, moving objects just with your mind, ummm, yes! TELEKINESIS! You mean to tell me you don't believe in telekinesis, either?
      Red: Well, now, yes, that I do have some confidence in, because I once saw Junior Singleton do that. He just thought about it, and he got his wife to move to Port Asbestos!

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