The Red Green Show

Season 15 Episode 19

Do As I Do

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Apr 07, 2006 on CBC

Episode Recap

Red shows how to use a pasta maker for other uses such as a paper shredder at the spaghetti setting. He changes the setting on the maker to rigatoni and when an ordinary pair of pants, they resemble corduroy pants when they come out. Adjusting the setting to fusiilli, Red shows how a wig of straight hair can be made curly for women who want the latter. Adjusting the setting for lasagna, Red starts making some from dough but finds the zipper from the pants he had earlier put through in the middle of it. At the lodge, Red says it's a huge day at the lodge and this is the three hundredth episode of the series. Harold enters and mentions he is getting married that day in addition to the episode celebration and asks Red to be his best man at the ceremony of the Church of the Wholly Unnecessary. Harold says the church is located in the basement of a welding shop and Red says that's a good thing as it means Harold and Bonnie will be together forever. For the Word Game segment, Red tries to get Dalton to say the word ' Finale ' for the prize of a coupon good for a large canister of pure oxygen. Next, Red decides to create his version of a perpetual motion machine outside. With several stalks of corn growing in the ground, Red sets up a ceiling fan attached to a long rod next to them and a kitchen sink, with a garbage disposal unit under it, set up in a barrel next to it. Red explains that with a lawn mower he's using, the blade on it is replaced with a pulley and strung a drive belt to a nearby alternator with the idea that when the motor is started, it'll provide power for the fan and the garbage disposal unit. Red goes on to say that the fan is set to cut the corn when it gets high enough to indicate it is ready for harvest. The corn stalks drop in the sink and after it is mulched, it ferments in the barrel and becomes ethanol. The ethanol flows through an attached garden hose back to the lawn mower and completes the cycle. Red points out that the down spout attached to the disposal unit funnels some of the corn seed down into the ground to grow corn in future years and keep the cycle going. At this point, Red goes to start his perpetual motion machine but finds the lawn mower won't start even after repeated attempts by Red. For his advice corner segment, Red talks about saying good bye and how people who are friends never really say good bye. Red goes on to say that life has phases and one has to say good bye to one to move on the next one. At the end of the segment, Red finishes tying his fishing lure and leaves the room. Back at the lodge, Red says he's been researching for this three hundred episode celebration and figures the show should get a special Emmy for being on for fifteen seasons even though it's not very good. Harold enters and says the church burned down and he and Bonnie don't have a place to get married. Red suggests the lodge for the ceremony and after Harold agrees, Harold mentions the minister is unavailable, and wants Red to perform the ceremony in his capacity as head of the lodge, which Red agrees to do. For the black and white segment, Red agrees to meet Bill at the back of the lodge. Bill arrives with a wheelbarrow full of items and the two recall some of Bill's past adventures. After various highlights are shown, Red and Bill shake hands and Red is shocked when he learns that Bill is going to spend the rest of his life with a nurse, who drives off with Bill in an expensive looking car. At the lodge, Red, with Mike, Dalton and Winston standing in the background, says the wedding ceremony is almost ready to start. A few moments later, a nervous Harold enters and Bonnie enters shortly thereafter. Red starts the ceremony and Red and Bonnie recite their vows. When Red asks if anybody objects to the wedding, the sound of the lodge meeting being called is heard. With that, Red declares Harold and Bonnie man and wife and the two run out the door. Red's parting words to the audience are interrupted by Harold returning for the meeting with Bonnie's permission and Red gives Harold a wedding gift: an enormous roll of duct tape. At the lodge meeting, the members recite a modified version of the Man's Prayer before waving good bye to the audience. During the closing credits, Red relates what has happened to certain members of Possum Lodge in the years afterwards: - Mike Hamar became the police chief of Possum Lake and the local crime rate dropping to zero at the same time. - Winston got a job investigating government corruption. - Dalton and his wife renewed their wedding vows. - Ed Frid became the leader of a local animal rights group. - Hap told the lodge members that he'd been made ambassador to Guam and the members hope it is true. - Edgar atempted to make his own heated recliner with plastic explosives and hasn't been seen since. - Bonnie and Harold are shown with two children and Red, dressed in a tuxedo, ends the recount by saying he was the only one not to change.