The Red Green Show

Season 2 Episode 2

Doc's Loan

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Unknown on CBC

Episode Recap

Red starts the episode by saying that Doc Render is acting nice to the other lodge members during the past week which is out of character for him and bothering the other lodge members.

In another part of the lodge, Doc tries to get Douglas to loan him five hundred dollars for an ' investment opportunity ' but gets turned down. Red enters and is told by Doc that he's trying to avoid selling stock in an oil company by getting the money but Red doesn't bite. Helmut enters just after Doc leaves and Harold learns that Doc owes Helmut five hundred dollars as Doc was loaned four hundred by Helmut earlier and promised five hundred in return.

On Handyman Corner, Red shows how to make furniture out of odds and ends. For it, he builds a makeshift lathe by placing a power drill in a vise and takes a piece of teak wood to mold into a chair leg. To control the speed of the lathe, Red uses a pedal from a sewing machine and secures the other end of the wood to the table. However, when Red goes to start the lathe, the wood breaks free from its secured holding and flops around wildly.

After Reads an ode to spring, the scene shifts back to the lodge where Red says that Doc is trying to get money from everybody at the lodge while simultaneously hiding from Helmut.

Next, Red talks with Douglas about Doc's financial problem. Douglas is extremely skeptical about Doc in every way and suggests he try being a doctor to get the money. Douglas goes on to say that there's no money in the lodge coffers and Doc himself is in arrears for membership dues.

On Adventures with Bill, Bill demonstrates various type of safety equipment for people who are on the water. He demonstrated the various types with little success and winds up under water more often than not.

In the next segment, Red and Harold are out in a stream fishing and Harold starts talking about the temptations faced for teenagers such as the pressure to have sex. Red doesn't seem too concerned with what Harold says and tells him to go along with what he's offered.

At the lodge, Red says Doc has just about given up getting the money needed for paying Helmut back as all his ideas have failed. At the lodge meeting, Helmut wants to know where his money is and he starts to talk about what he'll do to Doc if he doesn't get his money. Doc enters and says he has good news for Helmut and everybody as an investment he made with loans from other members happens to need five hundred more dollars or a forgiveness of the loan Helmut. After receiving a red bow from Doc, Helmut agrees to wait another twenty four hours for his money.