The Red Green Show

Season 2 Episode 2

Doc's Loan

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Unknown on CBC



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    • Red: You know, Harold, drugs will fry your brain. You can't afford that.

    • Red: When do the members pay their dues next?
      Douglas: Same time every month. Never!

    • Douglas: Red, one box of coffee stir sticks does not a doctor make. Did you know Doc Render once took my temperature with an indoor/outdoor thermometer?
      Red: He told me it was a rectal/oral.

    • Red: Well, Doc has hit on just about everybody here looking for money while he's all the time trying to hide from Helmut. In fact, he even disguised himself as a shrub, which was an unfortunate choice for the dog days of summer.

    • Red: (talking about Helmut) I, one time, saw him pull a guy through a drain pipe by the lips.
      Harold: Ooowwwwhh, that's horrible. Did you get it on film?

    • Red: (referring to Doc's current activities) When you get one of the guys sucking up to everybody and ingratiating himself and everything, it reminds them of work.

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