The Red Green Show

Season 7 Episode 8


Aired Friday 8:30 PM Unknown on CBC
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Red mulls over buying a piece of land that is essentially worthless with the idea of making a big profit on it when the government buys it.

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      • Red: Now, see, adults can't admit they're over the hill. They want to be young again because they realize how badly they blew it the first time around. They want a second chance. They figure as long as they dress like teenagers and act like teenagers, nobody'll notice that they're old and wrinkled and out of it. You guys started wearing the spandex. So did adults. Yesterday, I saw a 250-pound jogger look like a 3-D neon map of the former Yugoslavia, and Bosnia was infringing on Serbia.

      • Red: So remember, if the women don't find you handsome, well, get a convertible.

      • Red: (about to cut the roof off a van to build into a convertible) Now, to do the cutting, I would suggest you need something heavier than, uh, than a hacksaw, unless you've recently retired and are looking at some way to fill up your days. But I would say, go with the torch on that, and if you don't have a torch, well... I'd say get one!

      • Red: (trying to get Arnie to say the Word Game word) All right, Arnie, a special ability...
        Arnie: Contortionist.
        Red: No, Arnie, being a contortionist is not a special ability.
        Arnie: I guess you've never made out on a roof in that area, Red.
        (Red and Arnie both laugh)

      • Red: (singing) Oh, having respect for nature/Is a sport that's always in season,/Like when something is called a stinkbug,/There's probably a pretty good reason./When you step on a stinkbug,/It's not like a slug or snail./That's why my eyes watering/And that's why my shoes are for sale.

      • Harold: Did I miss something?
        Red: Well, you're missing so many things, Harold.

      • Harold: This big scheme of yours is supposed to be what happens to a person after fifty years of unattended head injuries.

      • Red: I guess then, Harold, either I have a plan or I'm an idiot.
        Harold: Oh, ok, then 'cause usually you have a plan and you're an idiot.

      • Red: I'm thinking about buying that chunk of land that Fuzzy Norton has for sale down by the Mercury Creek bridge.
        Harold: Heh! Uncle Red, that's not land! Land is dry! Land is often times square. You know, that's triangular and wet. It's like a big diaper. Smells like one, too...

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      • Rambo

        When Bill hits his head during a paintball fight and starts arming himself/puts on a muscle suit, Red refers to him as 'Hambo'. Rambo was a movie trilogy made in the 1980's that starred Sylvester Stallone as a highly trained fighter capable of defeating enemies single handed.

      • Red and Harold: Red:How did you learn so much about money? Harold:I watch that show Traders.
        An inside joke that refers to when Patrick McKenna was playing Harold on The Red Green Show and Marty Stephens on Traders at the same time.

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