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Plot or Lack Of

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    As I've been watching some of the older episodes on DVD, I've noticed something. These episodes all seem to have some sort of unifying plot that goes on throughout the episode and is almost always mentioned in the various segments (outside of something very short such as a campfire song segment, or a poetry reading.) In later episodes, it seems that they pretty much dropped this and the "plot" portion of the show was only ever mentioned during the segments with Red (and often, Harold) inside the lodge itself. For example, on the "No Duct Tape" episode, there was a segment (I think it may have been a Handyman Corner spot) in which Red clearly had rolls of duct tape all over the place. I'm thinking they dumped the idea of having a unifying plot because they realized that, well, they simply didn't need it.
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    Yeah I noticed that. It's funny seeing how the show changed over the years. I think I like it better when there is continuity between the segments, but the didn't really need it to work.
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