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The Possum Panderosa

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    I'm a huge fan of this show and watch it one TV everytime it's on! I was so excited to see that the 1997 Season is coming to DVD in May!

    Though I'm definitly going to buy it I was kind of hoping that the one episode I want the most would be on the set, "The Possum Panderosa". I didn't realize till looking through here that it ran in such a late season.

    I probably should explain why I want this episode so bad.I'm the owner and designer of a popular and fast growing Bonanza website and message board called Ponderosa Brand ( ). I also have been a fan of Lorne Greene's work since I was 5 years old, and collected almost everything he's ever done. I'm an influential member in the Bonanza Community and do a lot with the people involved in the higher-ups of Bonanzaventures.

    I really want this episode to share with some of my Canadian television deprived friends at my site. I told them about how awesome Red Green is and how muchthey'd all love this particular episode now they all want so badly to see it.

    I've only seen this episode once and though I've tried to find it since then I've had no luck. Can somone please help me out with this search? It'd mean a lot to me. You can email me at:

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