The Red Green Show

Season 11 Episode 2


Aired Friday 8:30 PM Oct 19, 2001 on CBC

Episode Recap

Red shows a way for a fisherman to cast into the middle of a lake even if he doesn't have a boat. Red suggests taking an old flintlock musket with the ball inside a sinker attached to a fishing line and the line attached to the reel that is mounted onto the musket. With that, Red fires the fishing line into the middle of the lake and starts to fish musket style.

At the lodge, Red says the plumbing store/community theater was jammed as they were auditioning people for the latest play that is being staged. Dalton enters and states that he is trying to get into shape for the upcoming auditions for the stage version of " Gladiator and he wants the lead particularly since Flinty MacLintock's wife is playing the love interest. Red asks Dalton what his wife thinks about all this but Dalton says that's a matter he'll deal with later.

For the Word Game segment, Red tries to get Dwight to say the word ' Busy ' for the prize of a coupon for two free bunnies.

Next, Red shows to build a mobile wheel changer for your vehicle. First, Red takes two ladders with wheels already on one end and attaches baby carriage wheels to the other end. Next, Red takes a couple of mini hydraulic jacks and attaches the ladders to both sides of the car. With that, Red takes the car out on the road to test the project's ability to change a tire while still moving. On a flat stretch of road, Red puts a brick on the cruise control pedal and jacks the ladder down. Removing the deflated tire, Red replaces it with the spare and secures it with one nut before getting back in the car.

On his advice corner, Red has an idea for middle aged guys: with fake id's purchased by youths to get into bars and such, he suggests fake id's that show a person is seventy three when they are actually fifty six.

Out on the fishing boat, Winston says that his self help guru told him that men don't communicate well each other and this is initially met with few words. To change that, Winston wants each of the guys to say something about themselves they normally wouldn't say and Winston starts by saying that he's never been with a woman. For his thing, Mike says he once emptied the church collection plate into his pocket and Red confesses that he has never changed the oil in the Possum Van.

Back at the lodge, Red enters followed by Dalton, who is dressed in a Roman style toga. Red is baffled by Dalton's look but Dalton says he is going to get the lead in the play but he wants Red to be his agent and will give him fifteen percent of his paycheck.

For the black and white segment, Mike meets Walter and Red behind the lodge to build a sailboat with various odds and ends attacked to the shell of a used van missing it rood and sides. Assembling it all together, the trio head out on the road but a low bridge wrecks part of the rig. Red and Walter bail out but Mike stays with it as the whole unit crashes into a nearby quarry.

On the Experts segment, Harold advises a letter writer who is married but has fallen in love with another woman who happens to be Queen Elizabeth and wants to know whether he should tell his wife now or wait until he's king. Red says wait until he's King but Harold suggests he should rethink his plan and treat his current wife like a Queen in the mean time.

At the lodge, Red says that the auditions have concluded and he was kicked out for making demands in his role as Dalton's agent. Dalton enters and says he got the part but Flinty's wife canceled for the lead female role and Mike Hamar is now playing it, to the chagrin of Dalton and Red both. At the meeting, Red says Dalton is bowing out of the play and asks for volunteers to replace him but the lodge members' enthusiasm dies quickly when Mike, dressed for his female role, says he gets to pick.
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