The Red Green Show

Season 2 Episode 17

Job Security

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Unknown on CBC

Episode Recap

Red says that there has been a theft at the lodge as Douglas had his lime green polyester pants stolen and Douglas has put Noel on the case to recover them. Red goes on to say that Noel is using this incident to buy five thousand dollars worth of security equipment.

In another part of the lodge, Harold is helping Noel set up part of his new security system but it malfunctions. Douglas enters and is angry over the five thousand dollar expenditure that Noel made. Douglas invokes clause 333G of the lodge charter and replaces Noel as head of security with Helmut.

On Handyman Corner, Red shows how to make a grandfather clock out of a metal canoe. He takes an acetylene torch to cut up the canoe and stands up one end atop a wooden base which he secures with nails. Next, Red takes the workings from a lodge clock and hangs it near the top. For the chains and ropes, he uses bicycle chain and an old paddle that he spray paints gold in color. Red attaches a fishing boat anchor to the interior and finishes by running saran wrap over the exterior to finish the project. However, the clock falls apart when it first chimes the arrival of the next hour.

After Red reads an ode to spring, the scene shifts back to the lodge where Red states that things are weird around the lodge with Noel's paranoia and Helmut is a worse security guard than Noel with the aid of Douglas. Red figures he has to have a word with Helmut about what has been going on.

When Red speaks with Helmut, he asks him about lodge security but Helmut is reluctant to talk about that although he talks about his mother at length. Helmut thinks the rules are necessary though he admits he misses doing his normal repair work. He says that Douglas told him that if he failed as a security guard, it would bring shame to him and his family.

On Adventures with Bill, Bill builds a catapult with a doghouse as the fulcrum, a long piece of wood as the plank, a children's playpen filled with rocks on one end and Bill sits inside a garbage can attached to the other end and tied down with a rope. However, when the rope is cut, Bill goes up and back down on the catapult which results in the rocks landing on him.

At the lodge, Red, who is operating Harold's equipment while Harold is away, says that the rules are going way overboard under Helmut. Harold returns and asks for his equipment back but Red doesn't think they need his input. At the lodge meeting, Douglas think that Noel should repay the five thousand dollars he spent on the security system or be expelled from the lodge. Noel retorts that due to the large number of complaints about the rules introduced by Helmut as head of security, he proposes that everybody return to their former jobs. Douglas demands his pants be returned but Helmut took the home for his mother. When Douglas and Helmut go outside to resolve the matter, Noel, Red and Harold are restored to their former jobs. Helmut returns and is reinstated to his job with Douglas, looking like he has a straitjacket wrapped around him, calling this meeting democracy in action.