The Red Green Show

Season 15 Episode 17

Love Is In The Air

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Mar 24, 2006 on CBC

Episode Recap

Red shows how to make a man sized submarine sandwich that won't spill all over the place when eaten. Red takes a caulking tube and after emptying it, he fills it with the sandwich ingredients. After drilling a hole into the bun wide enough for the tube, Red fills up the bun with the ingredients. Plugging the hole with a gherkin, Red takes a bite out of the sandwich and the gherkin flies out across the yard and knocks the rear view mirror off the Possum Van nearby. At the lodge, Red says Harold has been asked to meet Bonnie's family and Red has made a gift for Harold to give them. Harold enters and says he shouldn't have to take a gift to make a good impression but Red says he put a lot of work into the gift and points at a previously owned barbecue that has a big red bow around it. Harold states that Bonnie's family already has a barbecue but Red says this barbecue can be remotely started. However, when Red demonstrates this aspect, the barbecue falls apart in a cloud of smoke. For the Word Game segment, Red tries to get Mike to say the word ' Parent ' for the prize of a coupon for one free anger management class. Next, Red, Dalton and Mike are out in a fishing boat and Dalton, reading the paper, talks about a story of a ninety pound dwarf newborn and a beagle who is a sheriff in a small town. Red says Dalton try reading a real newspaper instead of a tabloid but when Dalton reads a few headlines from the newspaper, Red gets him to switch back to the tabloid as both have headlines that are hard to believe. In the next segment, Red looks to make parallel parking easier. He takes a box of caster wheels and attaches them to a heavy duty piece of plywood with the plywood cut to be the same distance between the front and back tires of a car. Red mounts the plywood to the underside of the car with a car jack in each corner powered by cordless drills that are connected to the car's cigarette lighter. With separate wires rigged to raise and lower the jacks, Red demonstrates the finished project by driving the car into an area for parking, stopping, raising it and shoves the car into place. On his advice corner, Red talks about middle aged guys who complain about not being able to find a decent conversation. He says this is due to the fact they try to dominate a conversation rather than listening to what the other people have to say and Red says the middle aged guys should also think before saying anything as well. Back at the lodge, Red shows a bottle of animal musk Dalton wanted him to get and he's scared to think what Dalton wants it for. Harold enters and is a little nervous about meeting Bonnie's relatives and splashes on after shave recently advertised on television. As Harold leaves, Dalton enters and tells Red he uses the animal musk to attract animals to his store's parking lot with the idea that they distract customers from thinking too much about his prices. However, Dalton discovers the animal musk is actually after shave and Red, realizing Harold must have put on the animal musk, runs out of the lodge to catch Harold. For the black and white segment, Bill and Red look to retrieve a boat that has been in the woods for some time. Finding that a number of trees have grown around the boat, Bill looks to cut them down with a variety of tools bur only succeeds in destroying the boat. In the end, Bill puts together parts ranging from an outboard motor to an old boat ramp and gets Red to drive down to the lake. Next, Red shows how to turn an old electric blanket into something useful. Red cuts one side into one foot strips and attaches them to the edge of the other half of the blanket with the idea that the blanket can be used as a table cloth. The cloth keeps the food on the inner half hot and the items where one eats warm via the blanket controls. At the lodge, Red says Harold has been over at Bonnie' place for a while and he hasn't heard of any emergencies yet and figures the musk wore off. Moments later, with the sound of a wolf howling echoing in the background, Harold runs inside and says a wolf chased him all the home. To solve the problem with the wolf, Red suggests Harold douse his jacket with more animal musk and toss it outside. A short time later, the sounds of an amorous wolf can be heard in the background as Harold says the musk wasn't a big problem other then Bonnie's dog proposing to his leg. At the lodge meeting, Red says the labeling mix-up means the men should spreading the liquid over the nearby trees as it's starting to smell like Buster Hadfield's car.
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