The Red Green Show

Season 6 Episode 11

Maxi Golf

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Unknown on CBC

Episode Recap

Red says that the annual tournament starts that day for the Possum Golf Association and the members will be out whacking their niblets on the links. Harold says he thought the lodge members were banned for life from the local golf course for playing polo on it but Red says that isn't true as they were on all terrain vehicles and not horses. A short time later, Red enters and says the annual tournament is still going to go on and it's being held at the mini golf course, much to Harold's amusement. On Adventures with Bill, Bill takes a shot at glass blowing and refers to a book for the details. Bill breaks down a number of different pieces of glasses to work with in a sack though he keeps losing his grip on the sack. For the Word Game segment, Red tries to get to say the word ' Imaginative ' for the prize of a free oil/lube fluid check. On Handyman Corner, Red looks to restore Old Man Sedgwick's coffee table to something resembling its original condition. To that end, he goes to make four new legs for the table on an electric lathe. Red starts up the machine but is unprepared for the speed at which it operates. He suggests using safety goggles, helmet and gloves but forgets about the fact you shouldn't wear loose clothing around it until it's too late. Ultimately, the legs are the tools Red was planning to shape the wood with that shoot out of his hands and impale themselves on the nearby table. For the Auto Biography, Winston talks about his first car as the Country Squire station wagon and it was the car he started running his sewage and septic sucking business in with the car holding the sewage. At the lodge, Red enters followed by Harold, dressed as a Scottish golfer. Red says the tournament was held and the lodge was banned from the miniature golf course as a result. Red says the lodge is going to go with a new type of golf: " Maxi Golf " which has bigger clubs, balls and holes. For the Possum 911 segment, Red and Harold take a call from Dave, whose emergency is that his wife wants to buy a mini van as a new vehicle for the two of them. Red suggests dressing the van with male themed accessories and all the items Harold lists as being bad. Back on Adventures with Bill, Bill looks to use plastic now for the blowing and melts down a number objects for the project. Bill takes a long copper tube and extracts a plastic clump from the pot for blowing. However, Bill blows too large a bubble of plastic and it explodes with Bill, coated in plastic, thrown a good distance away from the explosive force. Back at the lodge, Red enters carrying a lime green toilet and asks Harold if he wants to participate in the Maxi golf tournament. Red says the toilet is the golf tee with the golf ball being the planet figure from a local drive-in theater sign and the Possum Van serving as the club to try and put the ball in the holes, which are the potholes on the road to town. For the Experts segment, Buzz advises a letter writer who wants to know if there is much crime in the Possum Lake area. Red says there isn't very much crime but Buzz says the clothing choices are definitely a crime. Harold starts to ramble on about the America's Most Wanted show and Robert Stack and Buzz leaves in contempt at the end. At the lodge, Harold limps in followed by Red and Red says the Maxi golf theme was a big hit and Harold says he was hit by Red in a Dodge. Red says Junior " whiffed " on one shot and rolled his car into a ravine.
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